Browns are 22nd in PFT’s preseason power rankings


The Browns are getting better.

That’s how the PFT staff sees it, anyway.

Cleveland checks in at No. 22 in our preseason power rankings, compiled by a vote of PFT’s writers. Overall, that’s a jump of nine spots from a season ago. As far as the AFC goes, the Browns are 10th in our rankings after being 15th entering 2013.

Much of the summer focus on the Browns figures to fall on their quarterback competition, with rookie Johnny Manziel’s progress the biggest storyline of all. However, Manziel wasn’t the only major roster addition the Browns made in the offseason. The club was active in free agency, signing linebacker Karlos Dansby, safety Donte Whitner, tailback Ben Tate, offensive guard/tackle Paul McQuistan and wide receivers Andrew Hawkins, Nate Burleson and Miles Austin.

This leads us to our poll question: which free agent signing will have the biggest impact for the Browns in 2014? Share your comments and vote, vote and vote again. You need something to do in the afterglow of LeBron James returning home, right?


28 responses to “Browns are 22nd in PFT’s preseason power rankings

  1. Now that the Browns have LeBron back though, I’m predicting a World Series championship for them this year!!

  2. .
    The Browns roster is definitely improved on paper. If Hoyer can manage the game without turning the ball over, they could be competitive.

    Both Pittsburgh and Baltimore are in retooling mode. Cincinnati scares no one.

  3. What!? OF COURSE this is the one ranking where there isn’t a poll for “Too high, too low, just right”….uhh, too high. Silliness. Brian Hoyer throwing the ball to Miles Austin and Nate Burleson…5 wins max.

  4. 6ball says: Jul 12, 2014 10:07 AM

    Both Pittsburgh and Baltimore are in retooling mode. Cincinnati scares no one.


    All three of those teams will finish better than the Browns, and it won’t even be close.

  5. Without Gordon the WR pretty weak. Besides Cameron they don’t have many good targets. Pettine will run the ball and Tate can be a good back when given an opportunity. But this ranking is way to hight! Journeyman QB and a Rookie. I would like to see the Browns do well but realistically they are 28-30.

  6. People will always whine about power rankings. Problem is Power Rankings are an opinion poll. Because of this you will always run into a couple of issues.

    1. You will always get fans of one team complaining that their team should be higher than another team even though it’s almost guaranteed the people complaining know VERY little about the team they swear their team is better than. Especially ones like the Browns who are rarely ever covered on National TV (pre-Manziel of course). How many comments on these power ranking articles have we read that the Browns should be ranked 32 (translated to wins that is 1 or 2 in a season) when they are consistently a 4 to 6 win team since coming back in the league (which puts them between 25 to 28 yearly IE this isn’t a stretch at all and is in fact a much safer and realistic bet than them being 32 since they should be much improved)

    2nd. Is many fans don’t understand the concept that teams aren’t the same from year to year and neither are schedules. Great Example being the Cincinnati Bengals who were ranked dead last on PFT’s pre season power ranking the year they became a consistent playoff team with the idea that Andy Dalton was no Carson Palmer. What a team did “last year” or in years past means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    A group who will be extremely wrong for the same reason is ESPN for example who lowered Cleveland’s ranking to 32 due to the rumor they started of Josh Gordon’s suspension. This completely ignoring the fact that Cleveland’s record when depending on his “talents” is much worse than what it is when they depend on a running attack (what they seem to be building this year) and that 3 of their wins last season out of the 4 they got was 100% based on having a quick mobile QB (which they now have 2 of) and most of Gordon’s record breaking games were losses.

    Biggest thing to remember. NFL doesn’t give points for receiving yards so until Gordon becomes a consistent end zone threat all his receiving yards were doing was pinning the opposing teams offense back further when the Browns eventually had to punt due to a lack of a running game.

  7. Both Pittsburgh and Baltimore are in retooling mode. Cincinnati scares no one.
    Pittsburgh have reloaded.

  8. everyone is focusing in on #22 when #8 is the pick that will make the most noise this year.

    No doubt this team is improving in talent collection/retention, but its got to translate on the field not just on paper a little too high IMO

  9. This team will be better than a lot of people think. Mike Pettine has a clear plan. The defense was already pretty good, but he will play more aggressively and there will be a huge jump in both sacks and takeaways. Offensively Kyle Shannhan will have the Browns running the ball and minimize the pass attempts that Manziel will have to make. Even if Ben Tate gets hurt, as he almost always does, the team has added a lot of depth at RB and should continue to run effectively without him. Manziel will also be a huge boost the to running game. Mobile QBs have a proven positive impact on RB numbers, as well as contributing themselves.

    I’m a Steelers fan for the record, just calling it as I see it. That opener against Cleveland scares me if Manziel is under center. If it’s Hoyer, I have no doubt Pittsburgh wins. So, if any of you Cleveland fans are wondering which QB you should start, there’s your answer. Has to be Johnny.

  10. WAYYYYY Too high!

    Plus we don’t even get to vote high or low on this scrub of team?

  11. coachbeck

    If you think the Steelers are coming in 3rd this year……lol dont quit your day job because the nfl isn’t your forte.

    The Steelers started 0-4 last year and how many games did they beat the Browns by? Not to mention the players they have added. Comical.

  12. Ben Tate will have the biggest impact on the Browns this season.

    Right up to the point when he gets injured and is out for the season.

    6 – 10 at best.

  13. It’s nice to see the Browns getting ranked higher than usual by the national media, since I’m a Browns fan. But I’m also a realist, and I’m not sure this team is ready to make any progress just yet. The QB situation is muddled; I like Hoyer but let’s face it, he’s basically a journeyman and he gets hurt a lot, while Manziel is a raw rookie, one of the youngest kids in the league. You can’t really expect those guys to outplay Flacco or Roethlisberger. The WR situation is even worse, thanks to Josh Gordon. And the supposedly stout defense was much worse in 2013 than most people realize; the 2013 Browns gave up way more points than even the woeful 2012 Browns. The running game has been improved significantly, but the running game is largely a relic in today’s pass-happy NFL. I still think the Browns are improving, but my guess is that, until we finally get a good QB in place, and until Pettine finishes building the defense, the Browns won’t be ready to make a significant move in the standings. It’s not likely that those things will happen overnight. Maybe in a couple of years, if the team will just stick to a plan and stop rebooting the entire organization every year.

  14. Yawn! 1st time I’ve said this in a while, but Browns are overvalued here. W/O Gordon they’re going to struggle in offense.

    All of the players they signed are either on the downsides of their career or haven’t lived up to their hype coming out of college.

    I’m thinking 5-11 for the browns this year. both the Cowboys & Redskins will be better when it’s all said and done and they predicted them to be worse… Huh?

  15. They will be hard pressed to win more than 2 games. They should beat the Raiders at home, only because its at home and the Texans because their QB is Ryan Fitzpatrick. 2-14 is what I see them going.

    No WRs equals Cameron will be double teamed. With no passing threat, teams will put 7-8 in the box. miles Austin, nate burleson are has beens, and andrew hawkins isnt any good.

    The Browns D is decent but they arent holding teams to less than 10 points, because the Browns O wont avg more than 10 points per game without Josh Gordon. Shame on Farmer for totally ignoring that position and passing on Sammy Watkins. Sure they needed another CB, they needed another WR, even if Josh Gordon was going to play. The fact that Farmer and Pettine knew about it, and still didnt take Watkins proves they are clueless.

  16. I think they’ll do better than 2-14 … they won 4 last year with Weeden and Campbell getting most of the starts at QB, and this year’s QB tandem should be better than those bums. The defense should be somewhat better too. The running game is MUCH better, though admittedly the running game is just about meaningless nowadays. The WR corps obviously is much worse. Add it up and they should win at least as many as last year. I’d guess 4 to 6 wins. I don’t expect a breakthrough to playoff contention until Pettine is given time to construct a strong defense and until the offense gets a really good QB (Manziel might become one in a few years). For the near future there really isn’t a whole lot of reason for optimism.

  17. I also think it is strange how the poll question is not too high or too low for the Browns. That has been the question for every team before and now the two team after as well. Why is this one team different? The Bucs had even more additions and their question was not about who is most valuable. I think it is because even PFT knows this pick is bad. They did not want to see 80-90 say too high. Chickens! Must read the comments. Many of the teams picked lower than the Browns had comments like how can this team be picked and not the Browns.

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