Report: Alex Boone won’t show for start of camp without new deal


49ers right guard Alex Boone wants a new contract.

And he’s reportedly set to stay away from training camp until he gets it.

Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area reports there is “no way” Boone is present when camp begins without a new deal.

The 27-year-old Boone has two years left on his current contract. His base salaries are $2 million in 2014 and $1.2 million in 2015.

Should Boone fail to report, the 49ers can fine him up to $30,000 per day missed, according to the CBA. The 49ers might also be reluctant to even discuss a deal with the starting guard if he doesn’t report.

The 49ers report for training camp on Wednesday, July 23.

66 responses to “Report: Alex Boone won’t show for start of camp without new deal

  1. The strength of his position purely rests with how his full game tape looks after careful inspection. If they don’t think he has it, then he’s a goner and an example, but if he can play, then they better figure out how to make him happy.

  2. “Now I get to complain again about how spoiled athletes are!” – Many People

    Boone’s only leverage when he signed that contract was to hold out. Now he’s grossly underpaid and he’s doing exactly that. It’s just business.

  3. For a guy that went undrafted and got his chance with and because of the 49ers, he is being a bit greedy. I say he should play out his current contract in good faith then either negotiate a better one or hit the free agent market. What the hell good is it to sign contracts if you do not intend to honor them?

  4. Alex is about to learn a hard lesson…Baalke’s made it clear, you report to camp, then we’ll negotiate. Boone’s on a slippery slope and it could cost him his job. Joe Looney would be the guy taking his place, IMHO. Should that happen, I don’t see any decline in the OL. I’ve been saying for a couple of years, all Looney needs is an opportunity and now he’s got it.

  5. We have too many draft picks, and to much talent at the offensive line positions. There is no way he gets a new deal if he doesn’t show up. The 49ers organization has done a lot to help Boone in his career, I bet they feel like this is a slap in the face.

  6. As a Rams fan, I hope they play hardball, make him mad, ruin team chemistry, etc. But, IMHO, the strength of the 49ers and the ONLY way they can challenge the hated ‘Hawks is keeping the OL intact. The ’49ers have perhaps the best OL in the entire league. This is what happens when a team achieves success. How often have we seen this?

  7. Come home to Cleveland like the King Alex. Obviously there are some delusional fans in San Fran. that think you owe them something, and would be easily replaced by some 7th round draft pick… Ray, please ship them a fourth rounder for Mr. Boone’s services.

  8. No different than the rest of us who hit the boss up for a raise when we out-perform, in our own opinion, the wage we hired on for. The big difference is the not showing up for work. He gets a daily fine, we get to immediately shop for a better wage elsewhere.

  9. The 1.2 million in 2015 is a huge problem for an established veteran starter in the prime of his career. Don’t break the bank but give the man a raise

  10. Not sure how these guys think they can just reneg on a contract…paid upfront bonus money that compensates for lower salary…tired of the me first athletes that’s make millions

  11. He really thinks Baalke will set a precedent by caving in to this lol?

    The 49ers would give him the extension he feels he’s earned AFTER this season (when he’d still have a year left on his deal) but with 2 yrs left on a deal? That’s not happening. Teams work so hard to field the best squad they can under the cap and they’re not going to have that all blown up by an offensive lineman with 2 yrs still left on his contract.

    Have fun sitting on your couch, buddy. The team will just approach it like you injured yourself in camp and will be out all year and proceed accordingly. What they WON’T do is let this guy boss them around in front of the whole league.

  12. You guys saying honor the contract are delusional. The teams don’t honor the contracts. Every year guys are cut because they underperform. Make all the contracts guaranteed like they should be and all this nonsense goes away.

  13. Unproven secondary, unhappy head coach, multiple holdouts, your best defensive player on crutches for anther 6 months, Aldon Smith facing jail time and suspension, your QB involved in a scandal and you’re $5million OVER the cap for next year.

    Get used to 8-8 for a while guys.

    “Who’s got it better than us?”

    THE SEAHAWKS, that’s who!

  14. Well let’s see. He’s an OG. The Niners have had a LOT of draft picks the past couple of years and have not been been afraid to spend a few of them on OL. And the Niners appear to have a very good OL coach.

    Bottom line, replacing Boone doesn’t seem like it would be that big of a deal. I would be very careful about overplaying my hand if I were him. He may not have as much leverage as he thinks.

  15. Unlike Vernon Davis, Alex Boone certainly deserves more than he’s currently paid. But like Davis, he’s not going to get it (from the Niners). You can’t bully the team into changing the reality of the salary cap, and the team already has considerable OL depth.

  16. Let him hang. And then if he returns sit him. I’m sick of these punks signing deals and then holding the team hostage because they’ve gotten better through coaching and experience.

  17. I think the difference between a player holding out (not honoring contract) and the team cutting a player for underperforming (or other reasons) is that the contract actually provides for the cutting of players. otherwise every cut player would be suing for breach of contract.

  18. The Niners saved this guy when he needed it most. He’s under contract. By todays standards, he is underpaid. He deserves an increase. The team has more pressing financial needs than him at the moment. He is holding out. The team has a number of viable options for his position – and time to exercise them,

    All true statements.

    Also true – the teams past precedence in these situations dictate he will get zilch, zero, nada, nothing from his current actions.

  19. Yes Boone has a better case than Vernon Davis because his 2015 salary of $1.2 million is much too low.
    However, missing camp should not be tolerated by the team. If he shows up he can press the ownership with his good effort and good attitude.
    No doubt he’ll make more money elsewhere if he quits the team, but if he’s got that idea in mind he doesn’t care about championships and the 49ers won’t want him anyway.
    A wealthy future and a ring are within reach, but it’s up the Alex to make the honorable decision.

  20. robert831…. Understand the contracts… They get signing bonuses and front loaded contracts…if you do away with all if that then I’m fine with guaranteed contracts but get a better understanding if how NFL contracts work!

  21. boone the team gave you a shot when nobody else wood. get your a$$ to camp as its your turn to show good faith to the organization. normally i side with the player but not this time.

  22. He probably saw the menu at the new stadium, which doesn’t offer hot dogs (there are “frankfurters” instead) and has 32 vegan dining options, and delicacies like “pulled jackfruit sandwich”, and assumes that with $2000 – $80000 PSLs and patrician dining fare like that, that there’s going to be plenty of money to go around.

  23. “What the hell good is it to sign contracts if you do not intend to honor them?”

    Yeah, that’s only OK for the billionaires. When the millionaires do it, they are “greedy.”

    That’s just how this business works.

  24. The Joe Looney Era will start quicker than we thought. He’s actually better suited to play guard than Boone, who’s 6-8 and should be a tackle like he was with the Buckeyes.
    The front office was understandably focused on the Kap extension. If Boone had waited a little longer, they probably would have given him a nice raise. Now they might just go ahead and trade him. Maybe this makes it easier to re-sign Iupati, who’s their best overall lineman next to Staley (who’s WAY underpaid for a LT and the guy who has the biggest beef with his very old contract).
    The numbers in long term contracts don’t change much. But markets change all of the time. So Boone and his hardball agents can make the case he is underpaid. But what leverage does he have? He’s a guard, one of the lowest paid spots on the OL in the NFL, and we have four guys who can realistically take his place, depending on who ends up at center (Looney, Kilgore, Snyder and the rookie Martin. Next year the guy from Clemson will be ready also, whom Baalke loves.).
    Boone caves or he gets traded. We need the draft picks, so just wait for the highest bidder to come along. We can get a 2nd or 3rd rounder for him, and another lower pick, which works. We win either way.

  25. The Niners didn’t “make” Boone, Boone “made” himself. He chose them, not the other way around. He deserves all the credit for turning himself around. He’s not gonna win a facedown with Baalke, but he deserves to make more than he’s getting.

  26. Dedicatedhawkfan…..why doesn’t anyone else understand that? The language of the contract says the team can get out of it! Abiding by that language is well within their rights! Glad to see at least one other person realizes this

  27. Boone has no leverage. We have too much young talent waiting in the wings to worry about his contract situation.

    Baalke has sent a precedent that no one gets a deal without being at camp..He will follow suit

  28. Kaepernick just got a new deal and he’s now the highest paid running back in football. If I’m Boone, I’m holding out for some of the big money too.

  29. It doesn’t say in his contract that he is unable to hold out….

    Just as it states in all NFL contracts that teams may cut ties with players at any given time…

    Contracts don’t really mean anything in the NFL

  30. Boone deserves a raise, but if Frank Gore couldn’t get dialogue started without first reporting. Neither will Boone.

  31. Nobody has a case for a new contract. That’s completely ridiculous! You signed the contact, now play it out. There’s no such thing as outperforming a contact. Guys get paid millions of dollars a year to play a sport, not risk there lives like a police officer or a firefighter or even a soldier at war. ALL players get paid plenty of money. This renegotiating of contacts 2 years or more in advance has got to stop and the only way it does is if the teams don’t give in to these silly demands and keep the fines in place (not waive them once everyone comes to an agreement)
    It’s nothing more than a pissing contest to see who has the bigger you know what. Every time one player signs a deal, somebody has to whine because they’re “better” than the guy who just got paid. The reality is you signed a contact, when that contact expires you’re free to sign a new one at the current market value. I’m not even suggesting that Boone doesn’t deserve more money, I’m suggesting he and everyone else play out the contact they’ve signed. It’s unbelievable! The league could control this if they wanted to, instead they’ll just jack up or ticket prices so they can pay all these whiny babies more money. Sorry for the rant.

  32. lurch61 says:
    Jul 12, 2014 11:41 AM
    For a guy that went undrafted and got his chance with and because of the 49ers, he is being a bit greedy. I say he should play out his current contract in good faith then either negotiate a better one or hit the free agent market. What the hell good is it to sign contracts if you do not intend to honor them?

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    And yet…. when Owners and GM’s tear up contracts and cut a player, no one has an issue right?????

    Jealousy is ugly… rise above.

  33. He’s only hurting himself by not getting to camp. He hired an agent to negotiate for him. The longer he sits out, the longer someone will have more snaps to prove they are better than him.

  34. @luz56 I Agree with your statement and I understand the contracts. I’d much rather see guaranteed contracts that aren’t an attempt to circumvent the cap with fake years on the back end. That way if you cut the guy you still pay the guy, and if you hold out it better be for damn good reason, such as vastly underpaid. This would drastically reduce this stuff and create more loyalty on both sides.

  35. this is what happens when you pay a certain qb over $60 mil gaurenteed when they dont deserve it, then the players who actually deserve to get paid actually want to get paid. get your money boone.

  36. Some years from now, after his retirement, Boone will get interviewed, and when he’s asked what he thought was his worst decision in his football career, he’ll say he wished he had stayed with a franchise that was almost always in the hunt for a ring, instead of switching to another team for a bigger paycheck.

  37. As a 9ers fan I say trade him..we are loaded on the O-Line, Jonathon martin, Marcus martin, joe looney or Snyder could all take that job..i would rather spend money on iupati,Crabtree and aldon smith

  38. myhawks1976 says:Jul 12, 2014 4:07 PM

    lurch61 says:
    Jul 12, 2014 11:41 AM
    For a guy that went undrafted and got his chance with and because of the 49ers, he is being a bit greedy. I say he should play out his current contract in good faith then either negotiate a better one or hit the free agent market. What the hell good is it to sign contracts if you do not intend to honor them?

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    And yet…. when Owners and GM’s tear up contracts and cut a player, no one has an issue right?????

    Jealousy is ugly… rise above.

    … surely you’re not serious right? Ripping up a contract means nothing that’s why players and the media make a big deal out of guaranteed money, because they’re guaranteed that portion whether they’re cut or not. So really owners and GM’S tearing up contracts doesn’t matter cuz the players really sign for the guaranteed portion of the contract knowing full well they may not see it through til the end. Your argument is a mute point.

  39. When are players going to realize that you can’t play hardball with management? Anyone can be replaced. The way contracts are structured may not be fair, but the players union agreed to those terms. The 2014 season will happen with or without Alex Boone.

  40. Booney. You are highly replaceable. Did you forget the Niners turned you from a scrub guard into an average guard. Adam Snyder or Looney make you replaceable.

  41. Alex Boone must take care of Alex Boone.

    Hold out for as long as it takes and squeeze every red cent out of those cheapskate 49ers as possible.

  42. He is making a stupid decision. He has no leverage. The Niners have a history of not negotiating with players who holdout. As big a star as Frank Gore could not get the Niners to negotiate with him while he held out a few years back. Giving in to Boone would set a precedent and encourage other players to do the same. The Niners also have a few players who can step in. He could also be suspended outright or spend the remaining 2 years of his contract on the bench.

  43. For the sake of Alex Boone, he needs to pay attention to the news coming out of camp that says Joe Looney looks great.

    If he waits much longer, he might be fighting for a bench spot on the roster.

  44. Y do you hate the athletes?the owners are the problem.just as your boss at your job wants you to work for as little as possible and its not like he’s a malcontent ,he just wants proper money for his services.come play for the hawks.rub it in there face!

  45. Boone is good, but not a super star. And O-linemen are rarely not considered expendable. He didn’t make the top 100 players (only 8 O-linemen did, and only Staley for the Niners). I think he screws himself royally if he doesn’t show.

  46. Lifelong niner fan here, and not a big fan of billionaire owners or their GMs, *BUT* he was a talented alcoholic in college who went undrafted. 49ers took a chance in signing, rehabbing, and helping him, but how soon he forgets that he might not have even had an NFL career otherwise.

    So, yeah, go ahead and sign with another team for more money…in fact, the Browns can probably provide you with all the personal support you need, Alex. Or you can at least make friends with your new QB and fall off the deep end in your “personal” time. What a disappointment.

  47. The Niners would love to see him not report to camp. That way they can fine him everything he is owed this year. Even if he returns, he won’t get his old job back, because the Niners are not going to start a guy who is not happy about his pay and may not give 100% on the field. OL is very important, because the game is won or lost at the line of scrimmage, and no team wants a starter on OL who may be tanking it because he thinks he is underpaid. Just fine him the max amount per day during training camp, and they don’t have to pay him for every game that he misses.

  48. I fell that this team is falling apart! Harbaugh needs to get this under control #SKA

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