Source says evidence indicates Pounceys did not assault accuser


Although police are investigating after a man claimed early this morning that he was assaulted by Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT the preliminary evidence indicates the Pounceys were not involved in the alleged assault.

The Pouncey twins were having their annual birthday party at the Cameo nightclub in Miami Beach on Friday night and into Saturday morning. A man named Ricky Vasquez posted several messages on Twitter and Instagram saying he was assaulted at the club by four bouncers and the Pouncey twins.

Vasquez said he went to the hospital for medical treatment that included 10 stitches.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the situation but have not confirmed that the Pounceys are the subjects of the investigation.

57 responses to “Source says evidence indicates Pounceys did not assault accuser

  1. If they didn’t have public birthday parties where any moron can wander in, they couldn’t be falsely accused of things like this. It is all part of the showing off done by some players. The same ones who are broke 5 years after leaving the league — if they aren’t in jail.

  2. If they were not so darn likable people wouldn’t crash their birthday parties.

  3. Honestly, after the “Free Hernandez” thing and the Dolphin’s locker-room fiasco I wouldn’t trust either of these guys any further than I could throw them (which at this stage in my life isn’t very far). But if they are being falsely accused they don’t deserve to have their names smeared for something they didn’t do…they do a sufficient job with the things they actually do. I hope the media will show the proper restraint until more information is at hand.

  4. livenbreathefootball says: Jul 12, 2014 2:13 PM

    If they didn’t have public birthday parties where any moron can wander in, they couldn’t be falsely accused of things like this. It is all part of the showing off done by some players.
    I am going to hold off on this one until things become a bit clearer than mud.

    I see nothing wrong with players celebrating their birthday as long as they are doing it in a responsible manner. Players are never going to be in bed by 10 PM every night after their snack of milk and cookies. Not like either of them are QBs either where complete dedication to film study, etc is required.

    I would wager the Pounceys were in a roped off or VIP area so lets hear the other side of the story before pouncing on the Pounceys.

  5. So what say you, all those who hate such “nice” things to say about the Pouncey’s?

    Hatred causes one to prejudge without the benefit of facts. On the other hand people in denial don’t need facts to be biased.

  6. Save for some questionable judgement in wearing that ridiculous “Free Hernandez” hat, Maurkice hasn’t shown himself to be a trouble-maker.

    I would certainly hope that continues to be the case here, particularly in light of the fact that the Steelers just inked him to a big money contract.

  7. Vasquez was very likely actin’ a fool, and since it was the Pouncey Bros’ party I’m guessing they asked the bouncers to deal with the guy. After he gets roughed up by the bouncers for whatever reason, he decides to tell police the only names that he knows of off-hand…the Pounceys.

    I could be 100% wrong, but I highly doubt the Pouncey bros would be throwing down in public and putting their careers in jeopardy. This smells like a money-grab to me, and Vasquez knows he won’t be cashing in off of the bouncers.

  8. People deserve to be able to have a birthday party out on the town with friends if they want one. All people do, even football players. I think golddigging drama queens suck.

  9. Some people are suddenly eating crow.
    Disclaimer: The above statement is in no way a direct insult to the way a crow would taste if eaten, or meant , said person that ate the crow is a bad person/transgendered or not/Animal lover (not that there s anything wrong with that)

  10. After injury, Maurice has worked hard to be ready to play this year and is looked upon as a leader by fellow linesmen. A much different story than Mike’s , whose teaming with Incognito to bully fellow linesmen and trash talking have been in the news for a long time. The charges against the twins sound phony, ‘four bouncers and two pouncers against Vasquez’? My bet is that Maurkice will come out as the good guy.

  11. I know they are young and in the “indestructible stage” but considering how high profile they are, they make some questionable/dumb choices.

  12. I get people are allowed to have public party’s! Even Pro- Athletes! But for the life of me? I just can’t understand why these guys just don’t get it? Not just Football players!! All Pro’s! why put yourself out there like that!! Unfortunately when they decided to sign on the dotted line!!! They no longer are your average Joe!! Why can’t they get it in there heads that people will do anything to try to get a piece of there pie??? Why?? I mean why even make it available?? Unfortunately when you play in the NFL the same rules don’t apply to you as if you we’re the average Joe!! Fair or unfair?! That’s just the way it is!

  13. A 5’6″ dude is allegedly jumped by 4 bouncers, and two 300 lb NFL offensive lineman, and only ends up with a shipped tooth, and 10 stitches? I smell BS.

  14. How about we wait until the police get done looking at the security cameras and talking to the people who witness this deal. Of course we have the usually fools who know all the details first hand, or as I like to write ” there is no cure for stupid ” Bill

  15. NO one commenting has any idea what happened, if anything. So grow up and wait to see. Is everyone here in 3rd grade?

  16. So these two clowns celebrate their birthday every year in a high-end nightclub in Miami? Not only are they inviting trouble like this, but what a waste of money that they’re not guaranteed they’re always gonna have (see Vince Young).

    Seriously guys, grow up. A backyard barbeque with a few close friends is how a lot of us adults on a budget celebrate our birthdays. You should try that next year.

  17. We should reserve judgement till the facts come out… No matter who it may be…


    …..said no Steeler fan, EVER, about Ray Rice…

  18. What is with the choice of picture? Shouldn’t it be something more positive given the headline?

    I would have thought they would have gone to Denny’s instead of a club. Don’t they still have a free milkshake on your birthday? This way they get two!

  19. theravenlives2 says:
    Jul 12, 2014 4:56 PM
    We should reserve judgement till the facts come out… No matter who it may be…


    …..said no Steeler fan, EVER, about Ray Rice…


    Steelers fans arent the only ones bashing Rice. Everyone does because hitting a girl is not a nice thing. And just for the record, I dont belive about this Pounceys assault because Mike just got a surgery and Maurkice just got a nice new contract. Doesnt make a lot of sense. But Mr. Rice had some video of him dragging his now wife out on an elevator and there is video of him knocking her out.
    Or do you still think Rice’s wife passed out and Rice was sooooooooooo tired he dragged her out of the elevator?

  20. We should reserve judgement till the facts come out… No matter who it may be…


    …..said no Steeler fan, EVER, about Ray Rice…

    Hey Einstein the facts came out…..he plead for pre-trial intervention which all innocent people do….or just Ravens. The video was enough evidence of his lack of humanity towards another human…let alone his future wife to be. Sorry skippy no sympathy here and it’s not apples to apples.

  21. Gone for a while and return to find the Pounceys accused of pouncin’ on someone. Say it ain’t so, Maurkice!

    Then again, I’d think if a guy were attacked by four bouncers and two Pounceys he’d need more than 10 stitches.

  22. My source says “he fell – bonks his head and starts bleedin’ like a stuck pig – whaddaya gonna do??”. He says the police should just “Fuhgettaboutit”.

    So there’s that.

  23. I certainey hope If Mike was doing some beating on someone he was doung it with Crutches. (Post Hip Surgery). I am sure this is a non-story, but if Mike Pouncey is not recovering; as a Dolphins Fan this is a bad story. Bad enough he will miss most of Sept.!

  24. Alright, done a little googling and apparently this was a huge event actually promoted by the club, so there was probably plenty of security there. This guy was thrown out of the club by the bouncers. According to him the poor lil fella was just standing there minding his own business and everybody jumped him. Right! Yeah, that’s totally what happened, I’m sure of it. Oftentimes it’s the person sniveling about everyone else who was the entire problem in the first place.

  25. Pounceys are scum… I don’t care how you get rid of them… just get rid of them….

    be wary of anyone associated with Urban Meyer; for every Tebow there are 2 pounceys

  26. False accusations won’t tarnish the image of the greatest, classiest franchise in the history of the nfl.

  27. jimmy53 says:

    That source wouldn’t be their agents would it?

    Well, you know the investigators aren’t contacting PFT. So yeah an agent would sound about right.

  28. Hey politicallyincorrect. What about that upstanding citizen Fred Davis, who after an assualt and battery charges was still on the roster of that weak organization of yours, the loser-skins. You didn’t have anything to say then about him or the the dysfunctional skins keeping him on the roster. He would probably still be on the roster had he not been indefinitely suspended the day before he was busted for DUI. Hypocrite hater.

  29. Jesus, what is wrong with these people? Dont they know, nothing good ever happens after midnight? Go to sleep, take care of your bodies.

    SI had an excellent article on retired pro athletes this week. Did you know that 78% of all retired NFL players have filed for bankruptcy or are in dire financial straights?

    Sad state of affairs.

  30. My sources say nothing good happens at 4am, especially on the back-end of an NFL player birthday party. Probably a lot more than sing happy birthday and cut the cake here.

  31. That dude’s lucky Aaron Hernandez wasn’t around…bad things happen to people who mess with the Pouncy’s when that dude’s nearby.

  32. Pouncey twins at a night club on Miami Beach having a birthday party. Probably spending tons of money. Does anyone really believe the nightclubs bouncers are going to rat out the Pounceys in favor of some “joe” off the street who is spending no money?

  33. The Steelers are turning into the Cincinatti Bengals of the AFCN.

    Funny how you spoke too soon, but you are a Raven and good judgement is not in your DNA

  34. FinFan68 says: Jul 12, 2014 5:43 PM

    Is there anything more pretentious than throwing your own birthday party?


    Being a Raven fan and thinking your organization is classy.

  35. Vasquez said he went to the hospital for medical treatment that included 10 stitches.


    Vasquez is lucky “Doc” Wallace wasnt involved in the scrum or stitches would be his least concern!

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