Will Vernon Davis show up for training camp?

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With 49ers guard Alex Boone reportedly intent on holding out of training camp until he gets a new deal, the bigger question for the franchise is whether tight end Vernon Davis will do the same.

Davis has sent mixed signals in recent weeks regarding his intentions and his objectives.  Most recently, he created the impression that, if he doesn’t get a new deal, he’ll show up for camp after skipping the offseason program.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, at the present time, Davis would not be reporting.  That doesn’t mean he won’t show; with nine days to go, Davis can change his mind and change it back again a few times or more before the time comes to report for duty.

The 49ers reportedly won’t negotiate with Boone or Davis until they show up.  If they boycott camp, the team will be able to fine them $30,000 per day and also to pursue a portion of any signing bonus money previously paid.

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  1. hes the 3rd highest paid tight end in the league. again he has no leverage and has 2 years left on his deal. he has no leverage.

  2. “A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT”

    So Davis sent a message.

  3. Apart from looking woefully ignorant Seahack trolls also come off as insecure everytime they call the Niners – Santa Clara. As if it’s an insult, as if it doesn’t point out what a podunk town Seattle is.

    That they can’t fathom that San Francisco is the principal City of the Bay Area metropolis and that a stadium outside city limits yet within the vicinity, unmakes it SF. I guess the Cowboys, Giants/Jets, Bills, Redskins all need to change their name too.

  4. Its strange how poet never comments about the Niners. Ever. He knows SF would crush that purple defense

  5. watermelon1 says:
    Jul 12, 2014 7:17 PM
    It’s as simple as showing up the having a mysterious “injury” until they get a new deal. Fines avoided. Point still being made.

    Yup..till, you know, we invent doctors that can go “nothing wrong.” And when more then 1 say that you end up paying back parts of a signing bonus.

  6. He can hold out if he wants to. He makes his employers tons of money and hes a key piece of the their offense. It will be interesting seeing Kaepernick throwing to air.

  7. They play the Seahawks twice this season as always, do you think he wants that?! Really? He’s a no show no dough. Wants to work on his brand. Kelloggs brand ‘Frosted Flakes’. The breakfast of slackers.

  8. @braceyourselffor12

    You made a really good point about the insecurity of “Seahack trolls” right up to the point where you displayed your own ignorance about the “Podunk town Seattle”. I mean you really had a good point…but then you blew it by stooping as low (or lower) than those you were attempting to school.

    Let’s face it, we have arguably the best rivalry in professional sports right now. There’s no need to hurl ignorance and name calling insults at each other. We all live in the greatest country in the free world and we’d all stand up for one another given that fact. So let’s stick to the facts.

    Seattle is no more a “Podunk town” as any other metropolis in the U.S. In fact Seattle ranks as the 22nd largest city in the U.S., just 8 slots lower than San Francisco. So give us our props and we’ll give you yours and may our teams fight it out again next year for the right to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

  9. seahawkfanfrom1970s says: Jul 12, 2014 7:18 PM

    What a mess down there. Glad MY team has everyone on the same page.
    Paul? Is it really you?

  10. Yeah, SF is so dominant in the area that the regional hockey team is called the San Francisco Sharks. Wait, what?

    The new stadium is closer to Gilroy than it is to downtown. Hey, at least the garlic fries will be killer, am I right?

  11. Right you are trollhammer…. Right next door to great America. Maybe the Great America 49ers??!! Nah…. That would be an insult to great America

  12. Is it just me or did VD’s head not have quite the same dent in it before he met Bam Chancellor?

  13. And has idiot who commented on Seattle being a Podunk town ever been there? It’s painfully obvious he has not – it is anything but Podunk – it’s at the hub of cutting edge culture as we speak… And by the way…. I’ve worked in the Bay Area for years and Santa Clara is way closer to San Jose than San Francisco – it’s not even close to south city. So you can stop writing your stupidity trying to convince people that Santa Clara is part of SF – it’s more a part of San Jose!

  14. vancouversportsbro | Jul 12, 2014, 6:27 PM CDT
    I know who I’m placing my bet on to have first overall next year, the Santa Clara forty whiners.
    Vansportspro, how quickly you forget the amazingly awesome Stanley Cup win the Beantown Bruins had over our little team. You melted down like true Whiners.

    Go Bruins & Niners… LOL the image I remember is the balling on the streets…

  15. Vernon Davis must take care of Vernon Davis.

    Hold out for as long as it takes and squeeze every red cent out of those cheapskate 49ers as possible.

  16. Davis is already being paid as he should be.
    The guy is an idiot if he really thinks he’s going to get another new contract. There are a few guys ahead of him in line.

  17. Hey 5to46hawkfan,

    Seattle is a great town. I love the Met, Hunt Club and many other great area… It’s a bit too wet for me, but when it’s sunny it’s amazing like SF.

    Being from Marin County I’m bummed about the move to Santa Clara, but the South Bay is awesome.

    Just relax… All honesty, you guys are obsessed by us. You guys are always the first to jump on any 49er post.

    Let’s at least save our best stuff for the regular season.

    Oh, and if you truly want to be taken serious, dump the Canadians… They are lit up 24/7 on that Rainer Ale trash. We had to do the same with Fresno and Barstow.

  18. Don’t blame VD for not wanting to play for a team that has 0% chance of winning their division for the next decade. He’s just being realistic and practical.

  19. I love it when the argument ALWAYS breaks down into a geography lesson. Lol. Who cares where the stadium is?! When fans were (still are. You got me there!) constantly making PED jokes you Hawk fans got all in a hissy. Again who cares?! No franchise is perfect. This is professional sports we’re talking about! Lighten up fellas.

    As for VD holding out…. c’mon, son. You’re already getting hella paid. Time to suit it up.

  20. Vernon Davis isn’t holding out. He was walking to camp and….. BLAMMO!!!!

    Kam Chancellor hammered him and knocked him out cold again. Concussion # 3 and now his brain is broken and he thinks he’s one of the wives on Basketball Wives. He doesn’t even realize the show was cancelled and Kaepernick doesn’t have the heart to tell him. So he just put on a dress and has been playing along for the last week. I think you can find then in San Jose shopping for mom pants with Hautbaugh.

  21. You know, if they start fining him for days missed, FanTex might have to do a margin call on his stock…

  22. 49ers fan here who thinks Seattle is a great area. Weather is only thing that would keep me from moving there. But do agree that it is not actually an insult to call them from Santa Clara. Southbay is the heart of tech industry in the entire world. Apple, Google, on and on. The move there was really smart. They sold out already and have made back the entire cost of the stadium in one year. That place will be a goldmine for years to come. Salary cap will keep them in line with player spending, but I think the 49ers will be once again one of the most valuable franchises in all of sports.

  23. Oh, and stop defending your city, Seahawks fans. Your team is top shelf, there’s no denying that, but the Marxists you elected will soon force you to pay 13 dollars for your Big Macs because of that asinine minimum wage they implemented.

    And no fan who has Richard Sherman on their favorite team should go around making fun of somebody else’s players.

  24. Can’t blame him for trying to get an extension after an “up” year with only 2 years left on the current contract. Because who knows which Vernon Davis will show up for those 2 years the Pro Bowler or Mr. Mediocre? If the latter shows up for the remainder of the contract he’ll be considered a veteran in decline and be paid accordingly. No one will remember the 13 touchdowns or the 16.3 YPC. from last season. Also I’d imagine a team as talent laden as the niners would be right at the cap limit for the next few years so where would the space to fit a rich contract come from? Seems to me he’s choosing money over Lombardi’s.

  25. A little irony happening here. In the November game against Seattle, Boone whiffed on blocking Bobby Wagner, resulting in Kaepernick getting tackled on the 2 yard line. If Boone even screens the LB, Kaep walks in untouched for 6.

    In the NFCCG a Seattle, Davis completely failed at blocking Wagner resulting in Kaep getting stopped at the 4 yard line on a 3rd down QB keeper.

    Vernon is a strange man, frequently contradicting himself. He’s a hell of a player, but no way do you pay him a dime Moore.

    Boone is simply a system fit. Bright guy, good football player but like an earlier poster said, Baalke has stacked the roster with depth. They’ll just plug in Joe Looney or Jonathan Martin

  26. politicallyincorrect says:
    Jul 13, 2014 12:06 PM
    I do believe that, as a country, we would be better off if we lopped off the 3 west coast states.

    Great idea! California is only the 7th largest economy in the world and the home to Silicon Valley and Hollywood. We don’t need it when we’ve got powerhouse states like Mississippi, Wisconsin and West Virginia!

  27. Why is it that on any given PFT article regarding the Niners, half the comments are from Seahawk fans? I find that kind of strange.

    If I cared enough, I’d go check some PFT articles regarding the Seahawks to see if the opposite is true, but I don’t care enough.

  28. Seahawk fans(THE TWELVES) would not get so upset about outdated trash talk involving Peds if it were true! Not one Hawks player has tested + for Peds, so instead of making up “trash talk”, just make sure its the truth. Any idiot can post lies about another team, but it takes the truth to really find out who the BEST really is!………………………….GO HAWKS!!

  29. I do believe that, as a country, we would be better off if we lopped off the 3 west coast states
    As someone who’s lived in California all my life I would welcome it.

    So just say goodbye to things like Hollywood, Silicon Valley, central California where this country gets much of its fruits and vegetables, high–tech Seattle, nine-time Superbowl champions, ten-time World Series champions, thirteen-time NBA champions, eleven-time college football champions, one of the busiest ports in the world at Long Beach, California, and the naval shipyards at Bremerton, Washington.

    Buh bye from the seventh largest economy IN THE WORLD, and that’s not even including Oregon and Washington.

  30. Also of course the 12th ped or The Elves, or whatever cute ever changing name they proclaim themselves to be now, would deny any ped suspensions.

    FACT-Leads league in positive test for peds since 2011 with 6.

    Richard Sherman-league determined positive test
    Bruce Irvin
    Brandon Browner
    Winston Guy
    John Moffitt
    Allen Barbre

    This is why you will always have an * by your lonely Lombardi.

  31. honestly VD is a great playmaker, but if he doesn’t show up oh well his lose.. Harbaugh took Alex Smith and turned him into an above average QB I’m sure he can do the same with his very stacked offensive weapons.. and whichever dummy wrote that they are old is just RETARDED.. they have so many top notch replacements from recent drafts they could field a team of backups and still beat half the NFL.. but hey seasons almost here how bout we just let the games decide how good they are.. GO NINERS..that is all

  32. Davis himself doesn’t even know what the F he is going to do. No play no pay. Boone also needs to get his ass on the field or the team should trade him. He is lucky he even has an NFL career. He needs to look back and think where he would be if the team didn’t give him a chance. I doubt he would enjoy working at McDonalds. Crybabies.

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