Brian Hoyer isn’t thinking about what his teammates do off the field


After LeBron James announced he’d be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday, Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer tweeted that he appreciated that James wrote that “everything is earned” for athletes in Northeast Ohio.

It wasn’t hard to see why such a thought would resonate with Hoyer, who is trying to remain ahead of Johnny Manziel as the starter in Cleveland. On Saturday, Hoyer again mentioned James when told Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan that he’s not looking for “anything to be handed to me” and that he’s looking forward to competing against Manziel. He also said that he hasn’t been paying attention to any of Manziel’s off-field exploits.

“Not really. I’m not really focused on my teammates, what they do in their off life so that’s none of my business,” Hoyer said. “They can make those decisions on their own. All that matters is that we come back ready to go for the season.”

Hoyer said his knee is totally healthy after last year’s torn ACL and that he’s been throwing to Browns receivers Andrew Hawkins and Charles Johnson during the time off before training camp in order to be as sharp as possible when his competition with Manziel heats up later this month. He’ll need to be to remain on top of the depth chart and it’s clear that Hoyer isn’t taking that spot for granted.

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  1. There are a ton of Browns fans who are hoping that Brian Hoyer blossoms into a great QB. He is, as Ray Farmer has said, way ahead of Manziel at this point. Hey, he’s been in the league 6 years (not 6 weeks) and sat behind Tom Brady in New England for three years just like Aaron Rodgers sat behind Favre in Green Bay. Here’s hoping he has a great camp, stays healthy and carves up Pittsburgh in week one.

  2. I read the quote from Hoyer and then matched the picture up with when he said the word team “teammates”

  3. Unless your team has posted a winning record every year for the past ten years, you don’t deserve to dump on bad teams such as the Browns.

    But if your team has posted a winning record every year for the past 10 years, you would be a true fool to bother with ragging on a losing team when you have a winning team of your own to brag about.

  4. Hoyer lives and breathes the Patriot Way that he learned in Boston.

    Manziel is the latest version of Ryan Leaf.

    You do the math.

  5. It’s going to be fun watching them battle, but they need a #1 receiver to toss the ball to.
    A bloodthirsty defence, two serviceable QBs, an above average O-line, an elite tight end and a solid core of RBs, but no number 1 receiver. So close, maybe next year.

  6. Unfortunately for him Johnny Football has been given everything thus far in life.

    Don’t expect that trend to end until after he is given your job Brian.

    (Rooting for Hoyer btw)

  7. Hoyer learned from Brady. He showed last year, when given the chance he can plAy well.
    The difference is Hoyer wants it and is putting in the time and preparation.
    manziel gives the impression he is going to be given it. If the Cleveland coaching staff does not make Manziel earn it he will likely be a failure.
    Fore Cleveland’s sake let there be a true QB completion and let the best QB play.
    If Hoyers wins fans will be happy

  8. How can you not root for this kid over Manziel. I hate the Patriots, but they did teach him right.

  9. Cut by 3 teams, beat out by Skelton in Arizona. 7 wins as a career starter. Believe me don’t get to excited about him. All of the previous general managers and coaches are not wrong. Manziel is the starter.

  10. Hoyer has the right attitude about his craft. Johnny will learn or lose (on his chances).

    If you’re jealous of Cleveland, Ohio, their sports teams, or any of the individual players, just be glad they’re not your city, state, or teams. Meanwhile, we’ll embrace them and support them. They’re our problems.

    My Grandmother used to say, “Sweep your own porch before worrying about what’s on your neighbor’s.”

  11. Not a Browns fan BUT Hoyer looked good in limited action last year & seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He should start every game imo unless Johnny Spoiledbrat looks like the next coming of Peyton Manning. Let the kid sit and see what it takes to be a professional.

    No problem with him going to Vegas in his off time, but the best thing for him would be to do everything possible working on his craft. And that means keeping a low profile & studying film, throwing balls to his WR’s, etc etc

  12. Brian Hoyer is clearly the better NFL QB, right now at least. Serious, mature, professional, with a strong arm, quick release, and good decision-making ability. A lot to work with there.
    By contrast, Manziel, at least so far, has exhibited a sort of laissez-faire attitude towards coming into the NFL and trying to quickly establish himself. Kinda puzzling attitude, it seems.
    If I were running the Browns, I know which QB I’d be counting on at this point…

  13. B. Hoyer
    59.4 % completion percentage
    1,231 career yards
    7 Td’s
    6 Int’s
    1 fumble
    77.4 career rating

    Manziel was drafted for a reason, & it doesn’t seem far fetched to think Johnny can take the starting spot this year at some point from this lame duck..

  14. Questions: If Hoyer emerges the starter after camp, does Manziel secretly hope Hoyer chokes in a manner that results in Manziel being the starter? Asked another way. Would Manziel rather his team finish 8-8 and narrowly miss the playoffs but with Manziel as starter, or would he agree with 11-5, 12-4, etc, with him as backup to Hoyer but the Browns getting into post-season? During such regular season and playoff run, does Manziel dutifully support the starter? We know any real Browns fan would rather the Browns win with whoever is the QB, and not to change just for the sake of giving Johnny a chance. But will Johnny be okay with being the Ryan Mallet…or will he fuss?

  15. I want hoyer to start for most of the above reasons. I like that we drafted manziel but im sure he wont be ready to start week one. Hoyer at least had to play through the bye week. (3 games) and see how he does. If he could win 2 of those, he starts for the remainder of the year. Go browns!

  16. Hoyer is classy and intelligent. Easy to root for.

    Hard seeing him or Johnny being successful with their WR corp. Again 2 play makers max on the offense Cameron and Tate assuming Tate stays healthy. Hard to score when u only have 2 weapons.

    Personally I think it’s best if Johnny sits for the year unless injury forces him into action

  17. Not laissez-faire attitude. The kid believes in working hard and playing hard. So?

    And to the comment that Manziel has had everything handed to him, does that commentator having something against wealthy people? Three things for sure: Manziel did not have the starters job handed to him at A&M; he faced really stout competition there against Jamail Showers. Two, he did not have the Heisman handed to him. Three, he was not just handed the ability to create the most excitment on the field the last two years. The kid works his rear off and is a tip top athlete.

    And to the comment about Ryan Leaf, that commentator is delusional. Johnny Manziel did not play in the whimpy conference that Leaf played in. He played against the best conference by far in the land against the best competition. And you know what the coordinator for the Crimson Tide said about him. That person, Kirby Smart, said Manziel was by far the greatest player he had ever coached against. And that includes Cam Newton.

    Think about that you haters out there. The kid may not start at the beginning of the year because there is quite an adjustment to be made but we know a couple of things for sure: if you just look at pure physical talent JFF is way ahead of Hoyer. The kid is just an amazing athlete. The Browns should feel luck to have him. He’s smart and works very hard during the times when it counts. And not just that, he lays it on the line. That play last year when he ran toward the end zone against Dee Ford and the rest of the Auburn defense — I’ve not seen a star quarterback run like that since Joe Kapp! He has the athleticism and the brain power to be a true star at the NFL. It may take awhile because such an adjustment from college QB with 2 years experience to NFL QB is not made overnight. But mark these words — give the guy and a couple of years and look out! I’ve never seen a more competitive player and one who hates to lose more than JM. Due to all these qualities his lifts the play of everyone around him.

  18. Greenwave, go back and look at the last two A&M games vs. LSU. It only took about 1.5 quarters For Chief to figure him out. If I am a NFL DC, that’s all I need to see. Defense is about containment on the edges, which LSU executed pretty well. Manziel will see plenty of that going forward, let’s see how he handles that…

  19. Ohio kid living the dream, quarterbacking the browns. He’s is going to win this competition easily. Manziel’s first start will be if Hoyer gets hurt or underperforms.

  20. As a backup he only came in when his team was doing really bad (IE his first regular season appearance with New England when Tom Brady was getting his tale handed to him by the Browns)

    As a starter his stats look more like

    840 yards
    6 Touchdowns
    3 interceptions
    83.4 QB rating

    and most importantly a 3 -1 win loss record on historically bad teams (Cardinals and Browns)

    If he stayed healthy and consistent his stats last season alone would have made him better than Robert Griffin III.

    What I don’t understand is the speculation. Cleveland named him the starter prior to the draft and SAID they were going to draft a QB so it’s not like they found out they were drafting Manziel when his name was called on draft day. Normally if a competition is fake the backup QB is the one being strung along to think he has a chance to light a fire under a struggling starter who might have gotten comfortable in his position. Manziel would be the youngest starter in the league if he played this season and Hoyer did nothing to loose the job so who would the Browns be helping by stringing Hoyer along by promising a starter role (and offering him a contract extension) with no intention of starting him?

    If Manziel starts that means that kid is the real deal and the Browns coach has even said as much talking about how great Hoyer is. I’m pretty sure everyone in the Browns font office saw what the shelf life of front office failure was in January.

  21. Hoyer is saying all the right things because he has 0 room for error. One bad week or a bad couple practices and he is a backup again.

    Have a hard time seeing the passing game doing much this year. Teams are gonna grind down on the TE. And I’m not sure but everyone else’s 3,4 and 5 WR would keep much pressure off.

  22. I’ve noticed the media is lavishing positive attention on Hoyer all of a sudden. In order to stir up drama and controversy with the whole Manziel thing no doubt and get more website hits.

  23. Hoyer looks like the guy at the trailer park explaining to the local news lady how surprised he was that old Mr. Colfield, who lived next door, was running a meth lab and prostitution service from his home.

  24. Steelers would love to see Manziel week one. Hoyer is miles ahead of Manziel and the Steelers respect his talent. They tried to hide him on their practice squad back in 2012 in hopes of grooming him to be their #2 QB. Unfortunately, the Cardinals signed him of the Steelers practice squad when they didn’t have a spot to elevate him to their active roster.

  25. Brian Hoyer is from North Olmsted, Ohio, which is a Western suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. He played football for the legendary Chuck Kyle at Cleveland St. Ignatius High School. The N.F.L started in Canton, Ohio in 1920. He learned class long before he played for the Patriots… Just sayin.

  26. Not a Browns fan, but I wish Hoyer much success. Looks like he’s saying and doing all the right things… Which is bad news for Johnny Football. It just means he’s going o look more foolish and take twice as much grief for tootin’ it up on the town with Justin Bieber.mKid hasn’t even taken a single snap and he’s already blowing it.

  27. Many on here want to see Hoyer succeed but he is a journeyman QB who will last as long as the team starts/keeps winning. The prospect of 2 losses in a row and the huge army of Manziel fans fuelled by razzle dazzle will be calling for a change just like the Tebow fans did to Orton in Denver.
    Cleveland is desperate for the Browns to succeed and Johnny Football craves the attention. He loves it. It is inevitable that he will take over. The only question is when?

  28. Face it folks, there only two ways this can possibility end up. Either the 75 year old message of how hard it is to play NFL football will be confirmed and Johnny and his Mazielistas will fail;

    or Manziel will dispel the myth that in order to succeed as a QB, it takes uninterrupted devotion and concentration to the craft.

    This is strictly PASS/FAIL. No grading on a curve.

  29. nawlinssaints1956 — JM played those last 2 regular season games with a fractured throwing hand. That was a lucky break for LSU and Mizzou. Obviously it impacted his game — his passes were way off. Many QBs wouldn’t have even played with that kind of injury.

  30. @greenwave81 you’re forgetting one thing. Manziel did achieve all those things you listed, and he didn’t get it handed to him. However, he did all that in COLLEGE. How many Heisman winners have been busts? How many college stars have amounted to nothing in the pros? Johnny needs to start focusing more on football and less on his social life, or he’ll be another Matt Leinhart or Ryan Leaf.

  31. Come training camp will it be like the Mark Sanchez / Geno Smith story? That is, will Johnny accept tips from Hoyer, or will he be like Geno? If Manziel wins out the starting job and really messes things up through week 4, 5, or 6, do the Browns go back to Hoyer? Can they really even do that? That is, the Browns coaches, GM, and owners can’t switch from Johnny once he’s in because that’s a public admission they busted another #1 pick on a bad QB. So they better make sure Johnny’s ready before he’s put in to start. This puts undue pressure on Hoyer because the crowd will chant for Johnny on the first back string of downs. Not a good situation for Cleveland at all if Hoyer plays average. Even worse if they switch to Johnny plays average or poorly.

  32. Of course a lot of Heisman busts. A lot of busts across the board from players who were stars in college vs players who don’t make it in the NFL. No guarantees for Johnny but I would not bet against him.

  33. Cut by 3 teams, beat out by Skelton in Arizona. 7 wins as a career starter. Believe me don’t get to excited about him. All of the previous general managers and coaches are not wrong. Manziel is the starter.

    NE cut Hoyer in a roster move to elevate another player because of an injury. PIT signed him to practice squad to learn their offense. Ariz. signed Hoyer off PIT practice squad and pressed him into service a week or 2 later with little knowledge of their system. Skelton didn’t beat him out. He was just the last man standing as Cardinal QBs were dropping like flies. Hoyer was let go late in training camp after ARIZ signed Palmer. Hoyer didn’t have a full offseason to learn CLE system yet preformed well when pressed into service. With a full offseason with the Browns methinks this guy is going to surprise a lot of people. Im going to take a late round flyer on him in my fantasy league. JFF just going to have to wait.

  34. Manziel is the best thing to happen to Cleveland since Haslam flushed Joe Bummer and Mike Dumbturdi down the toilet!

  35. To greenwave…another thing about Manziel. He took some ferocious hits in college. How might he handle those in the NFL? A guy who’s only about 5-11/200.
    I seem to recall another athletic Browns QB, namely Colt McCoy, who was bigger than Manziel, who got laid out by James Harrison, which effectively ended his tenure with the Browns, and as a starting QB in the NFL. Just saying.

  36. No way will Hoyer beat out Johnny Manziel for the starting job. Johnny has been all a first round pick and face of the franchise is supposed to be. He’s spent weekends studying the playbook, going to bed early, community volunteering, charity, humble acts of kindness, encouraging his team mates and kid fans to go easy on the party life, work hard, study hard. Meanwhile, what’s Hoyer done? Yessiree, seeing what I’ve seen so far, if I have to lay it all on the line as a Browns fan, I’m trusting it all with Johnny. Agree? Thumbs up.

  37. steelerdeathstar — huge difference betwen Manziel an McCoy. Manziel is a way better athlete. So that means he is really good at avoiding hits. He learned his lesson at that Auburn game IMO. And really, those guys in the NFL will be comparable in size to the Auburn guys if look at it proportionately. What do I mean by that? Those AU players were really big … about as close you can come to being NFL size and not be in the NFL. That said, NFL guys are bigger, but guess what: JFF is getting bigger as well. So proportionately it will be comparable. Here is the other thing that Manziel has going for him that neither Hoyer nor McCoy have. In fact, its a talent that is so rare its freaky. The guy seems to have eyes in the back of his head. Much like Michael Vick, he has this incredible awareness of what is going on around him so he avoids hits.

    Last year when he got slammed by the Auburn defenders, that was different … that was a deliberate up the gut run. Really surprised he did that. And the hit on his hand was not due to anything other than a freaky thing that happens to most QBs at one time or another. After he released the ball his hand slammed against a defender’s helmet — fracturing it.

    Manziel will have a long career if he plays his cards right, even though he is a running QB. He just has to know this Joe Kapp runs up the gut and that sort of thing are out. Instead, only run when the coast is clear and slide before the defender gets a chance to hit him. If anyone can do that consistently and avoid hits its Manziel. The guy is practically a sevant when it comes to knowing what people are doing around him.

  38. Hoyer said his knee is totally healthy after last year’s torn ACL and that he’s been throwing to Browns receivers Andrew Hawkins and Charles Johnson during the time off before training camp in order to be as sharp as possible when his competition with Manziel heats up later this month.

    Johnny can you hear me?

    Apparently not. Kind of tough to get extra reps in from 2500 miles away isn’t it Mr. Boyziel?

  39. I’m hoping Hoyer does well. I’m definitely one to pull for teams like the Browns. Gonna be pretty hard to do if that loud mouth Johnny 8-ball gets the keys. Like to see him stuck riding the pine for a couple years and see if that puts him in check.

  40. I’ve never seen more haters in one thread in my life(well except for rg3 articles). Greenwave81 for the most part is spot on! How could anyone that actually OBJECTIVELY watched Manziel, not admit to his immense talent/potential? The reality is that Manziel is far more talented than Hoyer! And I actually thought that Hoyer played very well in his limited action last season. But to assume he’s a no-brainer to keep Manziel on clipboard duty is a bit prematurely presumptive isn’t it? So lemme see here, we have a career journeyman coming off a ACL, versus the 1st ever Freshmen Heisman winner coming off of 2 ridiculously productive seasons with a fresh chip on his shoulder for sliding in the draft and being out drafted by Blake Bortles!!! I’ll put my $$ on JF. Oh lets not forget the Lebron factor, do you think its a mere coinckydink that he is signed to Lebrons management company and both of them will be playing and bringing hope to Cleveland? Ofcourse JF will be starting for the Browns, unless he plays absolutely horribly in pre-season.

  41. I’m in the Hoyer camp. I hope he makes “Johnny Farceball” into the next Tim Tebow.

  42. warjag55 says: Jul 13, 2014 11:18 PM

    What I think is interesting is will the Cleveland fans give Hoyer a chance. He almost has to be perfect.


    Cleveland fans aren’t the ones having the debate. Hoyer is a hometown kid and VERY popular there so most want him to succeed.

    As a matter of fact if you google the local Cleveland newspapers opinion poll of who should be their starter in 2014 between any of the top QB draftee’s (including Bortles, Carr and Bridgewater on top of Manziel). Hoyer won by a landslide (out of 20,000 votes Hoyer got 15,000+)

    Cleveland might be the only city not caught up in “Johnny Football mania”. It’s the national media and bandwagon jumpers that are pushing for Manziel. Browns fans just want their team to win games as it should be. As Lebron said, Manziel is going to have to earn it as if he starts right away and struggles he WILL get boo’d and they will be chanting for hometown hero Hoyer.

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