Joe Montana teases what could be a new football video game

With LeBron James announcing his decision to return to Cleveland, Friday would have been the perfect day for a bad-news dump.  From Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana came on Friday some confusing news that ultimately could be very good news for the many football fans who have grown weary of the same-old Madden franchise.

Montana twice tweeted an image of himself in video-game form, wearing a uniform that doesn’t match the colors or logos of any current NFL team.  The tweets each contained the hash tags “youvewaitedlongenough” and “joemontanafootball16.”

The tweets are being widely interpreted as a tease for a new generation of the old Joe Montana Football game from the Sega Genesis system.  Because EA holds the exclusive license for NFL video games, it’s unlikely that a new version of the Joe Montana game would have NFL team names and logos and current player likenesses.  Which means that, even if the game plays better than Madden, most fans won’t be inclined to buy it.

If the game is good enough, maybe the developer will be able to get the NFL’s attention.  The league previously told PFT that the EA hammerlock lasts a couple more years.  Perhaps a superior product will result in a partnership with the league that would make more money for everyone — and that would make fans looking for an upgrade to the Madden game very, very happy.

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  1. All-Pro Football 2K8 had a physics engine that was far superior to any Madden game ever made. Hopefully another version of that game is being made, but with more expansive game mode options.

  2. Madden desparately needs competition. Same old stuff every year with updated rosters and little cosmetic tweaks here and there is a shame given how much profit EA makes off the franchise.

  3. I can’t wait to lead the Chicago Cheetahs to victory over the San Fransisco Shakers in the Championship Bowl! I’ve waited long enough!

  4. Don’t know why the NFL wouldn’t endorse a new video game? They’ll get the “juice” for it whether it succeeds or fails. Competition is always a good thing.

  5. As much as everyone including myself says “same old madden” there is not much more u can do. The graphics go as far as the consoles will let them and u cant change button layout on it nba 2k or black ops….or u technically can ruin the game doin that. Maybe on the joe montanna game more replays, commentary, and intangibles but im not sure what more would be an enormous change. At least someone is trying to see what happens.

  6. Since EA Sports holds the rights to all the NFL Team names for game purposes, it would be a great time to change all the offensive names of the present teams. Redskins to Politicians (still offensive maybe), Chiefs to Managers, Vikings to the Daffodils and Crocus (still keeping the purple and yellow theme). Would love to hear the new and less insensitive team names.

  7. I’m thirsty for a fresh new football game, hopefully a Montana game can quench my thirst! EA sports games are the same every year, and their servers are THE worst in the business

  8. That would be good because Madden has gotten old and stale to the point where I don’t even bother anymore.

    I have skipped two in a row now, and we are coming up on 3.

  9. Please, let it be true. 2k Sports made an all-pro football game a few years ago that had a better game engine than Madden but tanked in the ratings due to not having NFL teams. I hope the long reign of terror and mediocrity by EA is coming to an end.

  10. An official partnership with the NFL isn’t really add big a deal as it’s made out to be. If the developers make our ready for users to edit rosters, uniforms, and team name, then within days of the game’s release, there will be downloadable patches to put real-life players, teams, and unis in the game. The folks at EA have forgotten the importance of the intricacies of football, and it will end up being the reason they lose their dominance of the NFL video game market. Hopefully.

  11. Not a gamer, but the NFL should allow some competition in the football gaming world so the companies are pushed to make better products that equates to a better consumer experience.

  12. I used to play a lot of Madden, but the game itself just didn’t evolve enough as the years went by. Last I saw they’re doing a little better with this, but my main complaint for the longest time revolved around gang tackling (or lack there-of.) For instance…a RB carrying the ball would run into a LB, and a certain preset tackle-animation would commence(depending upon the angle of contact). Once that animation started, other defenders who were approaching the RB would stop dead in their tracks, as if they couldn’t help tackle the ballcarrier once the LB initiated contact. Sometimes the RB would break a tackle and once that particular animation started, the rest of the defenders were incapable of affecting the RB in any way…until the animation was over.

    I know that programming all of these minute details into the game is very difficult, but if you’re gonna basically hold a monopoly over NFL football games than you better put out a product that is worthy of the $60 that millions of us will be giving you.

  13. Or maybe he’s touting a flag football game with himself as the commish. It also could be a fantasy football game too. Or maybe a skills athletic competition.

  14. Let’s hope the NFL ditches EA. It’s been the same game for at least 3 or 4 years except updated rosters. I’m still debating if I’m even going to shell out the $60 bucks for this years game. It would be the first time in many many many years I won’t buy it.

  15. Why can’t it just be an open competition like with every other sports video game franchise? How can a league that has made millions off of the spirit of competition be against that?

    Madden is awful.

  16. Joe going into the children’s toy market?

    It may not be well received because elementary school kids in that market probably have never heard of Joe Montana.

  17. I was never able to figure out why all pro football 2k8 didn’t sell well. Playing with guys like barry sanders should be something everyone wants to do. I still the game myself though. Hopefully this is an NFL 2k game as well.

  18. EA Sports does need some competition to keep them from getting even more complacent. The control they have over NFL games is not good for the marketplace

  19. The EA Sports deal is bad for everyone. Madden is okay, but without any competition they are completely stagnant. If the game doesn’t change much from year to year, there’s no sense in buying the latest version.

    Frankly, I thought that ESPN NFL 2K5 was just as good, if not better, than the Madden game of the time. And it was about half the price. But we’ve been locked in to “Madden or nothing” ever since, and as a result I’ve bought a new NFL game as often as I’ve bought a new console.

  20. I’ll buy Montana’s game whether it has the NFL logo slapped across it or not. EA’s greedy exclusive licensing agreement with the NFL eliminated their gaming competition and gave them no impetus whatsoever to create anything more than a roster update year after year. Allowing only one company to develop games for the most popular sport in the country was a travesty from Day 1–time for EA to step aside and let someone else (2K Sports?) have a turn at the reins.

  21. Madden does get old cause its the same every year but I still buy it cause its the only way you can play with real life players and an update of your new team and feel what its like to see what they are gonna look like that year.. Even though you always kick ass and somehow your team always doesn’t doesn’t do that on the field lol.. But still always good times

  22. I doubt that when the contract ends EA loses rights, the NFL would be smart as a league to invest in 2k sports and maybe another smaller company. Nobody should only have to stick to madden, even though I like the game, I’ll admit, it does get stale by the end of the season…

  23. Their needs to be something because madden is a watered down recycling version of the same football game forever. Their should never be one company who can make a football game. Tecmo bowl and ESPN also had good video games. Then some loser gives madden the only license for the NFL. Yeah sometimes games are in the NO FUN League as well.

  24. I wouldn’t care if Joe Montana’s new game was a Lego football simulator, anything beats the crap Madden has been rolling out for years now! Bring back Tecmo Bowl!

  25. Maybe this new game will actually…you know…play like REAL NFL football and not arcadish garbage that only sells because little kids who dont know what real NFL football looks like shell out money for it because there is no other alternative.

    And maybe this new game will actually improve year to year, and not take out features and reintroduce them 2 years later as “revolutionary new features”.

    EA is garbage. At this point Id be willing to buy any other football game if it meant pulling the license away from that joke of a company.

  26. No. What would happen is, that EA just buys the developer of whatever game that is.

    Also, you should stop lying to yourself about better products. The NFL cares about money first, second and a long time after that. Besides ActivionBlizzard, there’s no publisher remotely big enough to get into a bidding war with EA, let alone for one of EA’s most profitable franchises and one of it’s biggest brands.

  27. It would have to be very, very good to make an impact without having real NFL teams.
    Let’s hope it is.

  28. Create teams that have somewhat similar colors schemes, allow created players and allow roster sharing.

    Make it a really good game and let people trade created rosters that resemble the NFL and they’d drop that exclusives rights deal real fast.

  29. My 15+ straight years of buying Madden ended last year with no intention of re-starting anytime soon.

    What an absolute worthless piece of trash that game has become.

  30. Madden has become to predictable and boring. I’m sure many video gamers would welcome another game that didn’t reguritate the same play mechanics year after year.

  31. I used to play Joe Montana football for the PC for countless hours. I just hope a new version of the game doesn’t require four 5 1/4″ floppy disks.

  32. Count me in, I’d rather play a superior game either way, even if it’s high school football.

  33. I hope this game is able to rival Madden. At 17 years old, I love playing Madden, but it’s not very enjoyable left when certain plays & routes are broken. Since they haven’t had to worry about competition, they’ve been able to release the same game every year for the past few years.

  34. Could they make a game where you could just upload your own team and player names? That way some geek could just create a file
    with all the rosters and make it available to everyone.

  35. John Madden football is awful, they change a few hundred names snaz it up a smidge repackage and BAM, $60. Its the same game year in and year out people. with the same awful game play.

    ESPNs football game was a billion times better than Madden, EA knew it and took their ball and went home.

    Release the NFL rights EA. Your time has passed!

  36. The Madden franchise is garbage. I stopped buying it years ago. The 2k franchise was leaps-and-bounds better, but the licensing monopoly killed it. If the 2k series ever came back I’d buy it every year. Here’s to hope.

  37. Am I the only one who kinda likes Madden? The familiarity makes it easy to play every year. The AI has steadily improved and online play is good.

    I do not want to re-learn an entirely new game year in and year out. So any competition to Madden will fall into the same trap of building on the previous year and feeling “like the same game with new rosters.” each season.

  38. Backbreaker wasn’t a very good game, yet just it’s presence and real time physics based engine alone caused madden to finally make changes to the engine they’d been using forever. Play any other sports game on the market and then play madden and you will quickly realize how far behind it’s lagging in all aspects. EA dumps all it’s money into marketing when it comes to madden simply because it knows it can cause it’s the only football game in town. Competition is always a victory for the consumer. I wish the NFL would care about that but alas they got paid and that’s all that matters to them.

  39. As long as they still have the trash talk button…….your a cream puff…..ima get you……the 94 versions was my favorite

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