New owner likely will mean new key employees in Buffalo

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As both training camp for the Bills and the official process of selling the franchise prepare to open at nearly the same time, Tim Graham of the Buffalo News points to the only virtual certainty currently surrounding the team.

After the new owner arrived, a bunch of people will get fired.  Regardless of whether the owner is the guy with the “You’re fired!” catch phrase or someone else.

That’s the way it works in the NFL.  New owner hires new people.  The new owner’s people.  Hand picked through a vision for constructing a football operation that would include any of the current executives and/or coaches only as a coincidence.

The folks running the Bills know it.  They also know that the only way to save their jobs is to win the mob, putting together a team so strong that the fans would revolt if the new owner implements a new approach right away.

Regardless of what they say when explaining the move, that’s really why the Bills gave up a first-round pick and a fourth-round pick to move up five spots with the Browns for potential impact player Sammy Watkins.  It’s also why the Browns two years ago moved up one spot for Trent Richardson and burned a second-round pick in the supplemental draft on receiver Josh Gordon.  The powers-that-be knew that a new person would soon be holding ultimate power over the operation, and that anything other than a dramatic improvement in the team’s fortunes would result in pink slips flying like confetti in the ticker-tape parade that neither the Bills nor the Browns have ever had in the Super Bowl era.

The mandate for the Bills’ brass is to win enough games that the new owner won’t want to risk incurring the wrath of the fan base.  Even then, change is inevitable, unless the Bills become a consistent contender so potent that the new owner adopts a new vision based on not fixing that which ain’t broke.

31 responses to “New owner likely will mean new key employees in Buffalo

  1. Is there a bigger ego maniac on the planet than Donald Trump?

    I hope he’s not the one to buy the Bills. He’d make Daniel Snyder and Jerry Jones seem normal by comparison.

  2. Please, please don’t let that owner be Donald Trump. Just don’t think I could take seeing that photo at the top of the page on a regular basis.

  3. If Donald Trump gets the team, none of that will matter. He’ll surround himself with sycophant yes-men because he’s the genius of football.

    Everybody knows that.

  4. What’s great is bills fans talk all kinds of smack every year and they are always at the bottom of the division #noringsmafia

  5. The price and the risk factor associated with that trade was just too high given the foundation and structure of what they had set up prior to that trade. Any time you gamble on a risk you are going to have potential for a success or failure. It is not prudent to give too much credit for a poorly calculated gamble just because it happens to pan out. If the expected value before you know the outcome isn’t appropriate for the investment cost, then you shouldn’t reward one for betting on the long-shot when they weren’t being offered a high enough proportional reward. The name of the game is to give yourself the best odds and the best leverage you can obtain on your bets and your choices, so a shrewd evaluator of the personnel should conclude that this team wasn’t managed properly or responsibly.

    They sure are going to need a hot start to keep their jobs secure as the new owner should be doing everything in their power to make sure that this franchise is set up with the best possible people you can find, and those people are the ones that best understand how to win at this game better than the rest. Find those people whether they are on the team now or not, and put them in charge for the sake of aggressively pursuing the best possible future outcomes!!

  6. If Trump buys the Bills then next season they will do Hard Knocks Apprentice version and Trump will get to cut players on TV.

  7. Unless the Bills make the playoffs this year (which isn’t happening), Doug Marrone is out, Doug Whaley is out, and EJ Manuel will either be traded or be forced to compete again for the starting job.

    Don’t believe me? Just look at the Raiders after Al Davis died. Hue Jackson fired after an 8-8 season. New GM (aka the 1st GM), and they ran Jason Campbell out of town in favor of Carson Palmer, which has all worked out so well.

  8. That the new owner will put his own people in place is pretty much a given, except if Terry Pagula buys the team. When he bought the sabres, he left the GM and coach in place, until the team imploded. If he takes the same route, Russ Brandon, Doug Waley and Doug Marrone may stay on, if he likes the direction that the team is headed. So, obviously, this year is crucial either way.

  9. I hope Trump is the owner. A shakeup is long overdue.

    I’ve never watched one of his tv shows, so they don’t bother me one bit.

  10. coltzfan166 says: Jul 13, 2014 4:58 PM

    Don’t believe me? Just look at the Raiders after Al Davis died. Hue Jackson fired after an 8-8 season. New GM (aka the 1st GM), and they ran Jason Campbell out of town in favor of Carson Palmer, which has all worked out so well.


    Good story. That reality thing is a bit different though. Jackson (having appointed himself as GM in the vacuum after the death of Al) brought Carson Palmer to town in attempt to save his hide following an injury to Campbell.

  11. Another thing you failed to mention?

    Terry Pegula is the leader, and if he wants the team then it’s already a done deal.

    When he took over the Sabres, he let the coach and GM stay for an extra year or two, so he could evaluate their work.

    That’s what good owners do…and you failed to mention that possibility, given how well Whaley and Marrone have rebuilt the roster and culture completely in 2 years.

    They have been able to get decent free agents to come to Buffalo, and they have landed 2 very big defensive coordinators.

    Bad GM’s and coaches don’t accomplish that…nor do they take a team who uses a dozen QB’s in a year to a 6-10 record, while sweeping the Dolphins with Thad Lewis…or a comeback over a playoff team like the Panthers. It doesn’t happen.

    Doug-squared is a very good combo…and it’s sad you people fail to recognize it. Don’t forget, plenty of teams wanted Marrone…very good teams like the Eagles and Chargers. Whaley grew up in the Pittsburgh organization, he’s very good.

    Keep sleeping and crapping on Buffalo though…we’ve always had our backs to the wall, it’s us against the world…that’s fine.

    You’re all going to be surprised.

  12. I just hope he’s the new owner 1) so theyll continue to suck and 2) they keep showing they tommy boy-esque hair flop fiasco from that NE game

  13. I hope trump buys it. That would be fantastic.

    And you know his head coach would be someone like Rex Ryan. Lol.

    Marrone is a really good coach. Hope he gets a chance to stick it out

  14. The Bills have a coach and a GM that have turned over the roster and added a lot of talent and depth. If EJ plays well not great but will ( and I believe he will)folks are gonna be surprised. They

  15. I think it’s hilarious that you people think Donald Trump could either outright afford or establish enough credit to buy an NFL team. The man almost certainly owes more than he’s worth and with his recent conspiracy theory loony tunes behavior, he is a pariah in most business circles.

  16. Um, two things:

    1) Trump has no chance; it’ll be Pegula or the group that hasn’t been named in the media

    2) The staff will almost assuredly stay, from Brandon on down to Marrone.

  17. Terry Pagula will be the buyer and he will keep staff in place for a couple of years to see what they do with it. lets face it this staff is tied to EJ if he works out they walk on water if he fails they are gone

  18. Curious if any of the other NFL owners have ever filed bankruptcy in order to avoid paying debts like Trump?

  19. PLEASE DONT LET TRUMP IN!!! On the other hand it would be fun watching the other 31 owners chew him up and spit him out. He aint got the kahoonas for the NFL>

  20. The Patriots are blessed to have the Jets, Dolphins and Bills in their division.

    Now Buffalo is heading for an ownership fiasco just when it looks like the Bills are putting something together and heading in the right direction.

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