Ray Rice remains on deck for a suspension

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With the latest off-field incident for the Ravens happening this weekend, one of the team’s various 2014 arrests should result in a specific impact on the upcoming football season soon.

Running back Ray Rice has visited the league office in the wake of the resolution of assault charges involving the woman who would become his wife.  Eventually, discipline will be imposed, most likely in the form of a suspension.

Rice will have appeal rights.  To the Commissioner, who’ll make the decision in the first place.

The absence of a history of off-field incidents will help Rice.  The fact that he struck a woman will hurt him, especially if the Commissioner has seen the surveillance video of the punch that knocked out Rice’s wife.

In the end, a multi-game ban should be the assumption.  Anything less than that would be a surprise, especially since the NFL has been making a conscious effort in recent years to increase its concentration of female fans.

The sooner the Ravens know, the sooner they can make plans for however many weeks they’ll not have Rice on the roster once the regular season begins.

60 responses to “Ray Rice remains on deck for a suspension

  1. He’ll get some sort of game suspension. He and some Ravens fans will whine about it not being “fair” – all the time ignoring the fact that he really should be in prison.

  2. 650 yards, 4 tds, 3 ypc isn’t hard to replace.

    That said, I wish the punishment would be worse than a PED suspension but it’s a money league so 3 games at most

  3. No doubt he deserves a suspension..i would assume the same that was given to Big Ben sounds about right…but doesn’t it alarm anybody else the power the commish has..judge, jury..and executioner ..then he hears the appeal?..wow..way too much power for one man to have..not to mention he makes close to 30 million a yr doing it..and then he says player salaries are out of control..lmao

  4. Why is Goodell waiting so long to discipline him? Did Ray Rice buy an NFL team? Why is he being treated like an owner?

  5. it was a first time offense. for everyone saying that he should be in prison- people with a domestic battery charge typically dont go to jail for a first time offense.

  6. Thankfully he just beat his future wife unconscious, rather than getting caught smoking weed more than once.

    Otherwise, he’d be in big trouble.

  7. 1phillyphan says:
    Jul 13, 2014 10:55 PM
    No doubt he deserves a suspension..i would assume the same that was given to Big Ben sounds about right…but doesn’t it alarm anybody else the power the commish has..judge, jury..and executioner ..then he hears the appeal?..wow..way too much power for one man to have..not to mention he makes close to 30 million a yr doing it..and then he says player salaries are out of control..lmao

    1 4


    King Roger earned $44 million last year.

    He laughs at almost $30 million.

    Old Rog earned $29 million by the end of August.

    Am using $29 million as an amount that is almost $30 million.

    Assumed a calendar yr business cycle when saying August.

  8. Just think, if the punishment for each of the arrested ravens included community service, there’d be enough manpower to erect 100 statues of Lewis, Harbs, Rice, Jimmy Bread, etc.

  9. Suspend him for the entire season…and give his pay to his ex-wife.
    But of course Rice has union protection, and they will make use of every excuse in the book to keep Rice’ union dues flowing to the NFLPA.
    Rice chose to knock out a woman, and he’s a “big bad NFL player”. IMO he is a coward, if the woman was angering him then he should’ve walked away, but he didn’t.
    Make him regret his choice, a choice that goes beyond football, so that he won’t make the same choice when he is out of football.

  10. Typical raven’s fan….”it was mostly her fault.”

    Newsome should be fired immediately for keeping him on the roster, and Rice should do time.

    Classless GM and player.

  11. Still no evidence he “hit” a woman or anyone else.

    But yes, indo agree that the league should really stop twiddling their thumbs and the suspension should have already been announced.

    It’s wrong for everyone to drag this out and the NFL just makes itself look even more foolish by doing so.

  12. bassslaper says:Jul 13, 2014 11:05 PM

    Ravens fans are ALL wagonjumpers!

    Seriously? They’re one of the youngest teams in the league, but some of the most die-hard fans.
    Compare that to say, the majority of Seahawk fans who can’t even tell you who Mack Strong is.

  13. Yes baltimoremike blame the woman. Fact is no real man ever hits a woman. Obviously in Baltimore that opinion isn’t held.

    As far as the commisher also hearing appeals. I think it is fair actually he has Been very consistent on all these type of matters.

  14. Getting smacked around by your fiance doesn’t seem as bad as getting raped in the bathroom by a guy you just met. I’d say 4 games with the possibility to reduce to 2 by being ever so good. It all depends on what is on the elevator camera.

  15. So funny how people think he should be in jail. First time offender that punches someone? Do you think that people go to jail for a bar fight? The fact that is a domestic elevates it, but not to jail! The League has to do something because it is domestic and they have been trying to get more female fans (good point article), but do you think he would be suspended if he knocked out a brother or male friend? This is all PR

  16. This is why the NFL management and Goodell are a joke. There is no legitimate reason for this decision to take this long. First of all this is a domestic issue which the NFL has no business getting involved in.

    Second if you are gonna suspend him what’s the hold up?

    Typical corporation screwing you whenever they can

  17. Too bad Bob Costas only cares about gun control. Zero tolerance for domestic violence would be a worthwhile commentary at half-time.

  18. National Felon League uhhh I mean the NFL will never change. See the commish on this? Hey NFL, stay out of it and let the cops and courts decide his prison sentence and not his “&$)( game suspension!! Seriously? Priorities all wrong.

  19. First get Ray Lewis’s lawyer, I hear he is pretty good. Second, appeal for the shortest suspension possible because you are guilty as hell and the videotape doesn’t lie.

    Then prepare for another season without making the playoffs.

  20. Ravens fans don’t care yet. They’re busy digging through the closet for the Orioles gear.


  21. Let the Raven organization decide how many games he should miss that way everyone will know what kind of values they have. My guess they would hold him out of the first snap in pre season and call it ok.

  22. If Rice is on deck then Irsay should be in the hole. Unless he doesn’t want to be in which Irsay will just call Goodell and tell him to skip him.

  23. If he’s gonna be suspended, then so be it. Nevertheless, it is unfair to the Ravens not to tell them what the suspension will be. The legal issue is settled (he and his wife are in pre-trial intervention), and he’s already met with the league to explain himself. The Ravens – as an organization – didn’t violate any league rules. The NFL needs to announce what the suspension is, and lets get on with it!

  24. It absolutely amazes me fans of the Ravens support this guy because he plays football for their team. Simply amazing…

  25. Weird. So you are telling me the league is going to levy a suspension after it figures out the price to be paid (the number of “games”) for knocking out a woman? Would the penalty be the same for knocking out a child or a pet poodle? How is it decided how many “games” are equal to punching out the lights of a woman? Leave it to the NFL!

  26. sportsfan18

    Wow, i didn’t realize he made that much money..Crazy.

    But what I said is true. King Rodger has too much control. Ray Rice deserves a suspension and will get one. In Big Bens case, he was suspended even though he was never found guilty in his case. So I would assume the suspension of ray Rice will be in the same neighborhood as Ben. Rightfully so. The bigger picture is Why is King Rodger waiting to suspend him? I say 6 games is about right. BUT, there needs to be some sort of a power change. King Rodger has too much power. there needs to be a commitee or a panel that determines a players fate. Not Rodger having full control of being the Judge, jury and executionor. Then to top it off..he hears the appeal too ?

  27. I love how Steelers fans defend Ben for his alleged attacks on women yet rice should be in jail. that being said, whatever rice gets he deserves. back to Ben…love how the Rooneys really put their foot down and gave him 100 million dollars.

  28. The alleged attack was after the contract signing for Ben. Video beating of a woman is clear evidence. An admission of guilt has also been established. Call it hypocrisy all you like, fact is one was accusation and the other is video proof of punching his then fiance in the face and knocking her out cold. For an allegation Ben got 6 games settled down to 4, just for the where there is smoke there is fire ruling by Goodell. Now Goodell has actual video evidence. Oh and for those that keep saying Rice is a good guy….good guys don’t punch women. You may as well call a pimp a good guy while you’re at it.

  29. actually troy it was twice. and if the Rooney family was so concerned then why didn’t they just cut him. I will tell you…because it’s a business. nothing more and nothing less. which is the same reason rice is still a raven. as far as his suspension, whatever he gets is fine by this ravens fan. he did what he did and there are consequences to be paid. but let’s not forget…every team has issues like this. this off season has been awful for the Ravens. and its embarrassing. hopefully we all get to go back to discussing football soon

  30. True Scoobie. There is one major difference. One is an accusation(s) and the other is full blown video proof. Guilty as charged The amount of suspension should not be an issue as he should be in jail. I have commented that if a player is cut for being arrested that it should not count against the cap. That money should be allowed for free agency.

  31. thanks for your response troy. as stated earlier I am not defending rice at all. he did wrong and whatever he gets he gets as far as his suspension goes. but under the ways of our legal system we both know He would never see jail time. did u know the township where this happened wasn’t even going to press charges. the indictment came from higher up in the state. pretty sad. anyways, hope you are well and enjoy your season…just not too much

  32. He was an active and influential member of the community doing a lot of good work with the Ray Rice Charitable Fund. A single, very bad, mistake eliminates that and leaves a void where his charity otherwise would step in. That’s the punishment he will see and it will last far longer than a prison term.

  33. Ok no one really knows what happened in that elevator! Everyone has only seen him pulling her out.. You all are assuming he punched her, well that is one thing that didn’t happen. What you had was 2 very drunk people having a slap fest, unfortunately when Rice slapped her she fell back and hit her head on the back of the elevator, that is why she passed out.. And I got that from a very good source. What Rice did was wrong and yes he should have a few game suspension.

  34. Is there actually a video of Rice knocking out his wife? Or are you referring to the video of him dragging her out of the elevator. I am not excusing Ray Rice here, but I am just wanting the facts to be straight here.

    How can something hurt Ray Rice that doesn’t exist?

    I agree it was a messed up situation and the end result certainly does seem that Rice struck his then fiance and knocked her out. But none of us were there and we really don’t know how this all played out. There is no video of the actual incident (at least if there is it was never shown). He should be suspended at the very least. I certainly won’t be cheering Ray Rice on and I think whatever suspension he gets from the NFL isn’t enough. If the end result was him simply rearing back and slugging his wife and knocking her out, then he’s lucky he’s not in jail.

  35. That is a scary thought Scoobie but unfortunately it does not surprise me. As for the we don’t really know what happened “we weren’t there” people, I also wasn’t in Dealey Plaza November 22nd 1963 but I know what happened regardless of the different theories. Good Luck Ravens Fans! Off the field activity is often the harshest on a team. Is frustrating because as a fan ya can’t help but think “it’s not hard to live life without getting in trouble with the law.”

  36. troy43mvp

    The reason why you know what happened that day is because the whole thing was caught on tape. There is actual evidence of what happened, but there is no evidence on tape of who actually pulled the trigger. All you know for sure is that Kennedy was shot in the head and killed.

    If there is actually a tape of Ray Rice hitting his then fiance and now wife, it hasn’t been released to the public yet. As I said before, the only thing that has been out there is him pulling her unconscious from an elevator. While that doesn’t look good at all and suggests obviously something happened, we don’t know the circumstances around what happened.

    Apparently he hit her and she wound up unconscious. They were both drinking.

    So, it could be he just hit her so hard he knocked her out. Could be they both were slapping each other, and he is pushing her back away from him and her being drunk she fell and hit her head and then was knocked out. While both scenarios don’t sound good, one sounds a whole lot worse than the other, doesn’t it?

    I am not excusing Ray Rice. I am just exploring theories. There are only a couple of circumstances when I think it is okay to put hands on a woman. That is when she has some sort of weapon and it is a matter of life and death, she might do something to herself if you don’t act (trying to commit suicide), or she’s trying to hurt somebody else like your children etc.

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