Bruce Irvin’s hip feeling better, but no sure thing for camp


For a team with a Super Bowl trophy in its hands, the Seahawks haven’t had many issues to deal with this offseason.

And one of their biggest concerns appears to be dissipating.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, it appears defensive end/linebacker Bruce Irvin is recovering well from hip surgery in June.

Irvin tweeted out the latest update as eloquently as possible: “Rehabbing sucks! But man my hip feels 100 times better!”

Previously, he was viewed as the Seahawks player who might need more time and might not be ready for training camp.

“Bruce is going to be up against it a little bit,” head coach Pete Carroll said earlier this summer. “He’s had a fantastic recovery already and he is going to work his butt off to get back. But we are going to have to wait and see.”

If he’s well, he could compete for a starting linebacker job with Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith. Of course, the best use is probably to move him around and to take advantage of his pass-rush ability.
But before they can do that, he has more rehabbing ahead of him, which he apparently does not enjoy.

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  1. Great football team
    most ignorant fanbase of all time..
    well since 2011 cause thats hiw long there fanbase has been around

  2. For a team with a Super Bowl trophy in its hands, the Seahawks haven’t had many issues to deal with this offseason.


    That’s assuming there are no PED issues lurking behind the scenes.

    My money says they are.

  3. I still don’t know what to make of this guy. He didn’t seem to have great pass rushing skills and relied on his speed more than anything as a rookie. He bulked up last off season and moved to more of a traditional linebacker after a 4 game suspension for “Seadderall”. He was pretty mediocre as an every down linebacker and Malcolm Smith started taking his snaps. Bruce has 2 more years to prove he was worthy of the 15th pick but so far I’m not impressed. Thank god for the new CBA and the rookies making less money or this guy would be under consideration for final cuts.

  4. norcalmafia says:
    Jul 14, 2014 7:42 AM

    Great football team
    most ignorant fanbase of all time..
    well since 2011 cause thats hiw long there fanbase has been around

    Yep, you’re right, the Seahawks fan base hasn’t been known for much anything nationally until recently. Not like the NFL made a rule banning excessive crowd noise due to the noise in the Kingdome back in the ’80s or anything like that. It’s funny that you mention 2011. That seems to be a date many of you “hardcore” Niners fans use. Maybe it’s because that’s the first time this millennium the 49ers did anything worth mentioning in the post season. I wouldn’t presume to say that’s when an entire fan base of a team was formed. That would be ignorant.

    Oh and if you want to call Seahawks fans bandwagoners, sure go ahead. But start back in 2004. I know it might be hard to acknowledge this, but this is the Seattle Seahawks division. Over the last decade the Seahawks have a regular season record of 88-72 ,

    a post-season record of 9 – 6,

    6 NFC West Titles
    2 NFC Titles
    and a 1-1 record in the Superbowl.

    The Niners on the other hand have been hot garbage until the last few seasons.
    75-84-1 regular season record with a
    5-3 post-season record with only:
    2 NFC West Titles
    1 NFC Title
    and 0 Superbowls.
    Jim Harbaugh is 1-3 in Conference Championships and Superbowls, Pete Carroll is 2-0.

    So in case that was confusing for you, the Seahawks have triple the amount of division titles in the last ten years, double the amount of Conference Titles and Superbowl appearances, and of course the most recent Lombardi resides in Seattle. In case you forgot.

  5. denverdude7 says:Jul 14, 2014 8:18 AM

    For a team with a Super Bowl trophy in its hands, the Seahawks haven’t had many issues to deal with this offseason.


    That’s assuming there are no PED issues lurking behind the scenes.

    My money says they are.

    Based on your postname my money says your still bumming out about the Super Bowl.

  6. SF Niners fan base…
    previously thought extinct since 1996.
    May have been brought back to life as zombies around 2012.
    Lacking in higher brain functions they need to be told by the Niner front office how to be fans.
    Due to lack of a decent QB, they are expected to disappear after December 2014.

  7. denverdude7 says:
    Jul 14, 2014 8:18 AM

    That’s assuming there are no PED issues lurking behind the scenes.


    Irvin is actually the only guy left on the roster who has had a PED suspension. The rest are on other teams (Allen Barbre, Winston Guy, Brandon Browner), or out of the league entirely (LenDale White, John Moffitt).

    Speaking of Moffitt, “denverdude”, the Broncos traded for that “PED cheat” last year. Denver also has a superstar on the roster who got busted trying to substitute dog urine in his sample. Might want to check the glass in your own house before you start throwing rocks.

    Oh, and one more thing: 43-8.

  8. Irvin is not guaranteed a starting spot this year. Korey Toomer is already ahead on the depth chart. Toomer, Marsh, Richardson and C. Michael will be familiar names at seasons end.

  9. Hey norcalmafia, The Hawks have been around since 1976 and retired the 12th Man Jersey in 1986 due to the outstanding support of its fan base even with limited success on the field to that point.

    Have fun driving almost 60 miles to your new stadium, the Field of Jeans.

  10. Seahawk fan didn’t exist prior to 2012. I’ve been a season ticket holder since 76 and have maybe seen 5 Seahawk fans total in almost 40 years of going to every game. Unlike the seahawks, The steelers, cowboys, 49ers, packers, and even the browns fan base are die hard and represent at opposing teams stadiums.As far as retiring a 12th man jersey, that’s e what teams with no history are forced to do to try and energize the fan base. Maybe if they had HOF type players they would retire those instead of texas’s 12th man jersey. BTW, my commute is an hour shorter now.

  11. BTW, my commute is an hour shorter now.

    Yes, it is one hour closer for those who live in trailer parks in Salinas.

  12. i still can’t believe how badly in denial the whiner fans are (all 3 of them?).we’ve owned the nfc west since entering it. And hey you, denver fan, 43-8. That score will live on forever. hahahaha. peyton manning, huh!might as well suit up elway!hahahahaha!

  13. and btw, i’ve been a hawks bandwagoner since 1980.diehard!and believe me i would have loved to see the super bowl score be 80-0 against the denver donkeys just to watch the look on elways face.

  14. Diehard Seahawks fan do not exist. It’s like the yeti, Sasquatch, or the Loch Ness monster. People would like to think that they’re real but we all know that they aren’t. BTW, the 49ers have sold out every game since 82. I’d hardly call that a bandwagon. I went to a game in Seattle 3 years ago and it was 50% 49er fans there.

  15. Fact. Seattle stopped selling tickets to fans outside their zip code because opposing teams fans were outnumbering Seahawks fans.

  16. I’ve lived in the bay for most of the 2000’s. 49er “fans” were nowhere to be found before 2012. They even missed out on most of their 13-3 season because they were that apathetic towards football.

  17. Fact. 49er fans couldn’t afford to go to the game because they all work at Mcdonald’s, Walmart, or the Mcdonald’s inside of Walmart. So they used the Seahawks ticket policy as an excuse.

  18. That’s why every game has been sold out since 82. I bet seattles sellout streak doesn’t even start in the year 2000. Prior to 2012 their fans were too busy shooting up and killing themselves to attend the games. No wonder Seattle is the suicide capitol of the U.S. I’ve been to 8 games in Seattle and every time there was 50% 49er fans there.

  19. Lol Seattle’s not even in the top 20 most suicidal cities. There’s like 3 NorCal cities in the top 5 bahaha. Living here for so long I completely understand why. I was going to games at the Stick for years before it got so obnoxiously ghetto and full of wannabe gangsters that I just decided to stop. When I went back in 08 it was like a baseball crowd. Plenty of open seats and the tickets were dirt cheap. And as usual nobody even really paying attention to the game. Just a bunch of fat yokels from Sacramento or whatever hick NorCal town, getting drunk and screaming obscenities at the refs whenever the other team makes a play. I doubt that’s changed since the last time I went.

  20. When I went to a game in Seattle they had to train the fans when to make noise when the other team had the ball and be quiet when they were on offense. That was just three years ago but that 12th man thing is kinda cute.

  21. That’s funny. Didn’t the 49ers have to do that for you guys just last season? Sent out instructions in the mail and everything? They also had to tell you that it’s classless to cheer injuries and do the wave while an injured player is being carted off the field.

  22. It amazes me how Whiner fans have 2 lie about stats and attendance at games just 2 try and make their team look better! Seattle has one of the best fan bases in sports! The kingdome was selling out when we went through the darkages! We have not been around as long as Whiners, so having more HOFers means nothing!! The only thing that matters in any sport is “What Have You Done For Me Lately”!!! And Im pretty sure you all know the answer to that!……GO HAWKS!!

  23. Still doesn’t change the fact that Seahawk fans are weak. 99.9% of them didn’t exist prior to 2012, they stole the 12th man from Texas (how original), they throw food on injured players from other teams that are being carted off the field (real classy),and as soon as things don’t go your way your fan base will disappear. Just like they did for the supersonics. Im guessing that it won’t be long until Oklahoma city has a NFL team.

  24. Oakland is a nicer town than Frisco.

    Santa Clara 9er’s – the has beens of the NFL. All you hear is “remember when we were good in the early 90’s?” —

    1994 – the last year the 9er’s won anything. Dumb and Dumber was the top grossing movie and Blind Melon’s “No Rain” was MTVs top video.

    Ha ha. SF blows.

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