Dick Vermeil sees a “very successful” Jon Gruden return to coaching

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Dick Vermeil was 46 years old when he retired as the coach of the Eagles and went into broadcasting, and then coached the Rams when he was in his 60s and won a Super Bowl. Vermeil thinks Jon Gruden may do the same thing.

Vermeil said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he believes Gruden, who left coaching at age 45 and is now the commentator on Monday Night Football, may eventually come back and succeed as a coach, just as Vermeil did in St. Louis.

“No question, he’s a hell of a lot better coach than I am, and a lot smarter,” Vermeil said of Gruden. “I think he would be very successful. I hope he does come back, because I like him a lot.”

Vermeil said that coaches often regret walking away — and Vermeil himself regretted it when he retired from the Rams after winning Super Bowl XXXIV. Vermeil said he foolishly left the Rams because he wanted to spend time with his family and didn’t want to cut some of the aging veterans he had grown fond of. In hindsight, all he needed was a vacation.

“Poor decision — I made a mistake,” Vermeil said of leaving the Rams. “My family wanted me home and I was tired and I didn’t want to cut the squad and go into free agency and I thought at my age, to go out a champion was a great opportunity.”

Fortunately for Vermeil, he got a third shot in coaching when the Chiefs came calling a year later. Gruden may get another shot in coaching too. And he may find just as much success as Vermeil did.

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  1. Wow, someone heaping endless praise on Gruden. Usually it’s the other weay around.

  2. 2015- Gruden goes back to coach the Raiders… Dennis Allen takes over as Defensive Coordinator and Asst. Head Coach

  3. I dunno about that, Gruden has a pretty sweet deal going on right now. Fewer working hours, very little stress (comparatively speaking), long vacation every year, traveling to different cities every week, and the assurance that everybody knows just how smart he is about football and how much he loves absolutely everybody…

  4. As grateful as I am for Vermeil coaching the Rams to a NFL title, I will always wonder what could have been if he stuck around for a couple more years.

  5. I hope he does coach again if that’s what it takes to get him the hell out of the broadcast booth.

    He’s is always carrying on about how so and so is the best in the business, the next player mentioned is unbelievable and it never stops. It got so bad at one point he even called the Vikings a real football team.

  6. “To my family, I want to say I’m sorry.. retiring early to spend more time with you was a terrible decision.”

  7. Gruden may go back into coaching, but I think he is waiting for an ideal situation to go into. He’s not going to coach a team that’s coming of a 2 or 3 win season, he’s waiting for a talented team who preferably have their qb situation settled. He’s not leaving his comfortable, pretty low demanding tv job to go and coach a bad team for a few years before getting fired.

  8. Vermeil said he foolishly left the Rams because he wanted to spend time with his family… so it’s foolish to want to spend time with your family?!?

  9. In 2015 the band gets back together in Dallas; Gruden, Marinelli, and Kiffin. Depending on his performance this season we’ll see if Linehan plays keyboards in the re-union band. The Band of Brothers. The key to getting Gruden to front the band is his old bandmates, Mar and Kif. Nothing entices like the memories of the good old days. Following this upcoming season (which will be the worst of Garrett’s tenure and that’s sayin’ something) Jerry will be ready and convinced to re-unite the Power Trio.

  10. Gruden is just passing the time until Jerrah finally admits failure and fires Jason Garrett. You could see Chucky on the Dallas sidelines as early as 2015.

  11. You can make Gruden Queen of the May or Emperor of the Universe. I don’t care just PLEASE get him out of the broadcast booth.

  12. The Eagles will hire Gruden next year when they fire Chip after the 2014. It’s gonna be fun watching the battle of the brothers 2 times a year.

  13. Jon Gruden was actually overrated as a coach. After initial success, he had many bad years in Tampa Bay and was eventually fired. (People remember the Super Bowl victory but forget all the losses and his perennial failure to develop a QB).
    I think he has a great life at ESPN without the stress of coaching. He is the most knowledgable commentator and the pre Draft sessions with the QBs are riveting TV.
    He doesn’t need to go back to coaching and I doubt that he will.

  14. Jon Gruden – he who has severe man crush on Manziel – will be the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

    Manziel will start before week 6, and the Browns’ offense will still not be effective. Gruden has already gone on record that he could win with Manziel, and the Browns will give him the chance to prove it!

  15. “No question, he’s a hell of a lot better coach than I am, and a lot smarter,” Vermeil said of Gruden.

    Wasn’t dick vermil known for having one of the thickest offensive playbooks in the nfl? I can’t imagine what Grudens playbook looks like.

    “The Chiefs’ playbook includes more than 1,000 plays; the Chiefs’ offensive line blocks in more than 1,000 ways.”

    January 11, 2004
    PRO FOOTBALL; Force Propelling Chiefs Is Line’s Fearsome Five


  16. Nice to see a guy who has left the business making such class statements as opposed to so many jerks who do just the opposite.

  17. Over 8 seasons in Tampa record 57-55. Has NEVER developed a QB EVER! I challenge anyone to name 1 guy he drafted the developed! JUST ONE! Other than the Super Bowl year which the defense carried them to the offense was putrid that year starting QB Bred Johnson.

    Gruden will never leave that booth because he is smart and realizes he can’t coach that well in the NFL. His maxim better to be thought a great coach and make lots of money than return to the sidelines and remove all doubt of how crappy he was.

  18. I have to agree with some of the other posts…what is up with saying quitting to spend time with his family was a mistake? Maybe he needs to spend some time with Joe Gibbs and get his priorities straight.

  19. Retirement! Best thing ever. I don’t miss a minute of work. Enjoying life and smiling all the way to the bank.

  20. The “ideal situation” that Gruden is waiting for is going to be the exact situation that Vermeil walked away from. In other words, when a coach either wins a Super Bowl and retires, or builds a team that is ready to win a Super Bowl and is fired or walks away.
    Gruden will want all of the pieces already in place before he steps in. He’s not going to want to build a team from the ground up.

  21. he’s not allowed to come back until the Titan’s decide to fire Whiz.. then he may take his rightful place atop the Nashville skyline

  22. The guy is an insincere jerk. He was only good when the table was set and the meal was cooked. You knew he was lying when his lips moved.

  23. Or, maybe Gruden will follow John Madden’s path and become synonymous with NFL broadcasts. Maybe he might even end up with a video game named after him.

    The life of a broadcaster is exponentially easier than being a football coach. I understand Vermeil wanting to come back because he had never won a Lombardi. That’s a big calling. Gruden already has a ring. No need to come back for that.

    His long lasting legacy is likely from the broadcast booth instead of the sidelines. A more likely scenario for a later life comeback is Steve Mariucci. Mooch’s career mirrors Vermeil’s more than Gruden.

  24. Bank on it! Gruden will be coming home to Oakland in 2015. He will be given full anatomy to do what he wants. Reggie will be fired, Dennis of course will be fired, and Mike will bring back the coach he never wanted to leave OAKLAND. Gruden has his QB of the future in Carr and he has his defensive star to build the defense around. I just finished watching QB training with Gruden featuring Carr. Match made in RAIDER HEAVEN!!!!!

  25. Coming from the booth to a team, he’ll might be closer to a Matt Millen than a Dick Vermeil…

  26. Vermeil doesn’t give himself enough credit. He’s a really good football coach. I don’t think he would’ve won a Super Bowl if he never retired with the Eagles. It took him to slow down and trust his assistants to get the job done.

  27. Vermeil was a great coach

    I don’t think Gruden was a very good coach, though I hate him much more as a broadcaster/cheerleader

    I wish Chuckie had stayed at Hooters, cooking up the wings

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