Donte Whitner: Browns shouldn’t cut Josh Gordon

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Browns safety Donte Whitner has heard people say the Browns should cut Josh Gordon, who was recently arrested for DWI and is facing a one-year suspension for violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. And Whitner thinks those people are wrong.

Whitner says that what Gordon needs is support from the Browns, not for the team to cut him loose.

“It’s a big blow to us. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t, it’s not a big blow,” Whitner said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “But the thing is, we have to rally around him. I know all the things people say — ‘he should be cut, he should be this’ — he shouldn’t. He’s a 23-year-old kid. He made some mistakes. A lot of people’s 20-year-old sons make mistakes. We have to help him, and that’s the bottom line. We have to help him collectively. It’s not going be one person that helps him, it’s not going to be two people that help him. I’m talking about from the front office, the coaching staff, the players and his whole family. We have to help him not only for football purposes, but for life purposes to get his life in order.”

Unless Gordon’s appeal is successful, he won’t play for the Browns until 2015 at the earliest. But Whitner believes that whenever the NFL says Gordon can play, he should play for the Browns.

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  1. 23 year old kid lol. Cut him and let him find a labor job. There are plenty 21 to 22 year old athletes that are adults who should get an opportunity to play professional football.

  2. I think what the Browns do with Gordon is up to Gordon, not the Browns. Lets put responsibility and accountability where it belongs. Gordon should be told – if he doesn’t know already – that if he were even a normal player he would be gone already. He has special talent but even those types of players are not worth it at some point.

  3. Dear Donte,

    I both agree and disagree with you.

    I believe the only way Josh Gordon gets back on track is to hit rock bottom.

    He, like many athletes have been coddled and passed along their entire lives. A wake – up call is needed to send a clear and unmistakeable message.

    The only way Gordon gets the help he needs is to seek it for himself. No one else can do it for him.

    It’s time for Josh Gordon to accept responsibility for his own actions and take steps to right himself.

  4. it is a TALENT thing!! The KID has TALENT!! No if, ands, or buts.. Why should the BROWNS cut him and in a few years he is back in the league lighting it up? It cost the BROWNS NOTHING to keep him while he is suppended. Get the kid some help.

  5. If I was Whitner, I would worry more about keeping my own spot on the team

    Or perhaps Whitner is auditioning for a future GM job, given the pearls of wisdom he has bestowed for us in the past

  6. Whitner says that Gordon needs the Browns? What about the Browns needing Gordon? It’s not like they didn’t offer him help after all the other times he messed up. They don’t owe him anything, especially after he’s completely left them out to dry this season with his repeated behavior.

    There’s a line between being nice and being a sucker. If the Browns do anything but cut this guy at this point, they are suckers. Gordon has really, really single handedly hurt the browns chances at being relavent this year.

  7. If Gordon wasn’t on Whiteners team, he wouldn’t care.

    Why else would whitener come to the aid of wide recievers, a position he wants to hit real hard but not be able to tackle, or cover.

    Whitener should enjoy his camp time more now, not getting burned by Gordon.

  8. No they shouldn’t, they should try and help the kid.

    If everyone on here screams about the organization when a player does something wrong, maybe it should be there to help the player get their life in order.

  9. No matter what analysts or teammates say, nobody can help him (whether he’s cut, traded, or signed to an extension) until he decides he wants to help himself.

  10. The problem I see with cutting him is how fast another team would sign him. He’s a good player, and things like this generally get overlooked unless you murder humans or dogs.

  11. Great idea – enable him so he can keep getting in trouble.

    He needs a smack upside the head and a dose of reality.

  12. Cue many totally judgemental posts by people who have made many many mistakes in their own lives.

  13. It’s a privilege not a right to play in the NFL or any professional sport.
    Would Whitner be saying the same thing if Gordon was a fringe player trying to make the roster? I somehow doubt it. Besides, he’s a teammate..what’s he supposed to say?
    Also as far as support..I’ve lost count on the number of arrets, failed drug tests, etc…where has the support been prior to this?
    He won’t be cut because of his talent and the fact that their are plenty of other teams who would pick him up…Not for any other reason.

  14. Whitner is saying that if Gordan isn’t on the team no one will help him? Gordan has had off field addiction related problems since college and the football coddling environment probably has made his issues worse. Gordan needs help but he also needs to help himself first.

  15. Nobody knows what’s going on in his life. However, you have to want help to be helped. It would seem Gordon does whatever he wants regardless of what others say to him or the consequences.

  16. There’s a fine line between helping and enabling, and it’s a wise friend, teammate, family member, employer who knows exactly where that line is.

    Gordon himself doesn’t know and couldn’t tell them.

  17. He should be out of the league. Nobody should be rewarded with an NFL contract if they continue to break the law. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. It’s time for the NFL to start making an example out of these players that constantly break the law.

  18. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Seems to be a lot of people on here who have never made a mistake in life. Sure Josh has screwed up more than he should have but the penalty has to fit the crime. Losing a years wages is clearly excessive and will only cause any problems he has to grow exponentially when what he really needs is help in getting his life in order. I wonder how many people on here have driven home when they shouldn’t have, exceeded the speed limit because they were in a hurry, texted while driving, etc. I don’t think that taking away your income for an ENTIRE year would help in alleviating these mistakes. NFLPA, get involved and help these players that obviously need it!

  19. Someone needs to remind Donte that this is a business, and in business you don’t dump millions of dollars on a guy that is one failed drug test away from getting kicked out of the league

  20. Maybe the browns should put their foot where the sun don’t shine… Instead of changing his diaper again

  21. Josh Gordon like alot of Athletes are human like all of us and they make mistakes. I don’t think the Browns should cut him. Buddy Ryan cut Chris Carter because the rules were different back then, Carter was cut so he could avoid sanctions that were about to be dropped on him. He was going to be suspended. So Ryan cut him. Back then if a player wasn’t on a team…he could avoid a suspension. It also gave Carter a reality check. I don’t see where cutting Gordon would do him any good. They need to get him in rehab though and get him some help. Is Gordon a Lawrence Phillips or is he a player that can turn his life around. I hope for Gordon’s sake he looks in the mirror and makes the change. But, put him on a short leash and let him know..ANY more incidents even a traffice violation..he’s gone from the Browns and probably the NFL

  22. They need to cut him in order for him to realize the severity of his choices and his “problem”. But once cut, they should offer him full support of the organizations personnel, equipment, doctors, etc., etc. Whatever he needs in order to turn his life around. If he chooses to take it and successfully complete his rehab they can then choose to resign him or not.

    The other option they could consider (if it still frees up a roster spot) is to suspend him and his contract indefinitely, offering him the same support noted above. If he completes his rehab they can activate him to the roster.

    But one way or another he needs to lose his current salary as that is sure an enabler, and help him get the help he needs. Then his decisions can guide his direction.

  23. Listen Josh Gordon IS a KID.
    he makes stupid mistakes.
    Josh is not a MAN.
    He did not join the military at 18,
    Josh does not have to get a real job beacuse he HAS ability to play a game… A GAME!!
    This is not life and death, like a stunzeed5 in Afghanistan (THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE BY THE WAY)
    BUT Josh is a KID

  24. I guess you good folks would abandon a friend with issues, or a brother with problems. I hope your pals know what true buddies you aren’t when they fall upon a bump in their lives. Don’t help, just tell them to go away and figure it out.

  25. Didn’t he learn at Baylor??? or the first and second time he got suspended from the browns???

    Your all wasting your time, cut him – he will be in the CFL or on the streets soon.

  26. As a Father and a Bengal fan, I agree with DW on this subject. Too many people are willing to dump our young people who struggle with life’s challenges. If he’s been influenced by a wrong headed group of individuals, then counter it with good level-headed people. I’ve helped many young people going in negative directions. I’d like this one to be helped, too. This kind of stuff goes way beyond sports, but professional organizations in sports have a lot of tools to save a life…dam it, use them!

  27. Only reason Browns won’t cut him is he has a very team friendly contract right now.

    I personally think he should be dropped. Since it came out that he might be in for a full year suspension he has had not one but two instances of drug or alcohol abuse dealt with by the police.

    The kid either doesn’t care, or can’t control himself. Either alternative does not play out well for his future career. All the talent in the world but can’t stay sober. Kid needs rehab, and he needs it bad.

  28. mymanmccoy says: Jul 14, 2014 6:59 AM

    Unless Gordon’s appeal is successful, he won’t play for the Browns until 2015 at the earliest.

    And you know this how?
    Boy, I don’t know, maybe the fact he’s currently suspended for the entire 2014 season if the appeal isn’t successful?

    With each day I am more and more convinced the commenters on this site are some of the stupidest people on America.

  29. Wow, so many people here saying that being 23 doesn’t make you a kid anymore. I know plenty of people older than him whose actions keep me from considering them men. Someone’s maturity and sense of responsibility makes them a man, not their age.

    With that said, I can see the validity of the arguments from both sides. Neither outcome would surprise me and it shouldn’t surprise anyone else either.

  30. iloveagoodnap says: Jul 14, 2014 11:40 AM

    mymanmccoy says: Jul 14, 2014 6:59 AM

    Unless Gordon’s appeal is successful, he won’t play for the Browns until 2015 at the earliest.

    And you know this how?
    Boy, I don’t know, maybe the fact he’s currently suspended for the entire 2014 season if the appeal isn’t successful?

    With each day I am more and more convinced the commenters on this site are some of the stupidest people on America.


    Really??? Last anyone checked Gordon hasn’t been suspended for any length of time and has participated in all of the Browns off season activities up to this point.

    “Stupidest people in America” – 1
    Guy who takes website speculation as fact – 0

  31. I dont understand why teams dont just restructure contracts for drastically reduced salaries so that the support structure can stay in place. He is for sure worth 1 roster spot – especially with them being recently expanded.

  32. If some of his teammates and coaches want to help Gordon out on their own time, great, but the Browns shouldn’t be obligated to cut him a check while he tries to get his life together. The Vikings tried that approach with Chris Cook after he (allegedly!) choked out his girlfriend and all it did was spark resentment among some players.

  33. Beyond the fact that the Browns should try to help this kid get his life in order, there’s absolutely no reason to cut Gordon.

    Worst case, Gordon misses two full seasons and gets his life together (which is actually best case scenario). By the time he gets back on the field, he’ll be 25 and not even in his prime. No reason for Cleveland to let him go, morally or strategically.

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