Hernandez loses effort to suppress evidence in Lloyd murder case

Getty Images

The contours of any murder case are shaped by a string of rulings regarding evidence that will and won’t be introduced at the eventual trial.  On Monday, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez lost the first battle regarding the proof that will be available for use by the prosecution during the Odin Lloyd murder trial.

According to the Associated Press, Judge E. Susan Garsh rejected a request to suppress evidence harvested from the video surveillance system installed in Hernandez’s home.

Judge Garsh determined that police had reasonable cause to believe that the video surveillance system “likely captured the images of whoever entered, left and returned to Hernandez’s house in the hours immediately before and after the shooting,” justifying the issuance of the search warrant that collected the evidence.

Hernandez’s lawyers argued in part that the warrant was too broad because it permitted the recovery of images captured inside Hernandez’s home.

The trial currently is scheduled to begin on October 6.  Hernandez faces two other murder charges from an unrelated shooting in July 2012.