Jimmy Graham decides to appeal after all

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Let the last minute negotiating begin in earnest.

The Saints have less than 24 hours to sign franchised tight end Jimmy Graham to a long-term contract, and now comes another curve.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Graham filed an appeal the ruling that he was a tight end and not a receiver for the purpose of the franchise tag.

Today was the deadline to appeal the ruling that cost him $5 million, the difference in one-year offers for receivers vs. tight ends.

A day ago, the appeal was deemed unlikely, which certainly creates the impression of a ploy toward a new contract than a desire to put the issue before a three-man appeals board.

34 responses to “Jimmy Graham decides to appeal after all

  1. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Saints and franchise player Jimmy Graham are “closing in” on a deal that would make Graham the highest-paid tight end in league history.

  2. It would have been irresponsible bordering on malpractice for his representatives not to file the notice of appeal while negotiations were still ongoing.

  3. Makes since, the 3 man appeal board is made up of “football” people where the arbitrator was someone outside of football looking looking at the labor deal completely objectively. With the appeals board there’s more a chance of subjectiveness influencing the decision since they all have past emotional ties to the “football profession”. I’m guessing this helps Graham out.

  4. Dude, you are a TIGHT END.
    If you were a receiver, you would line up against cornerbacks.
    but you don’t. Know why?
    Because youre a TIGHT END.
    Too fast for linebackers and safeties, but too slow for cornerbacks.

  5. How sad are pro sports when you have guys whining about not making a few more million to play a game while there are millions of people out there who are unemployed or are trying to scrape by on say, under 30k a year.

    What a sickening industry.

  6. Graham shouldn’t appeal because he’s greedy, but the owners can lockout players to strengthen control.

    Nobody who posts here is an owner or runs in the same circles as owners, yet there are so many that identify with them.

    Um, what could it be? Do you just hate the players or love the owners?

  7. If he truly wanted to appeal the ruling, he would have done so right away.

    Filing one now, when there is no way for the appeal to be heard before the signing deadline is simply irresponsible.

    He doesn’t deserve an expedited appeal because he took months to decide to go to arbitration.

    The Saints are already offering $2.5 mil over the franchise tag tender for a TE. Time to either sign a long term deal or the franchise tag.

    Otherwise he can go bag groceries instead of playing football.

  8. Graham is just doing the smart thing – adding some leverage to the negotiations closing up tomorrow. If Saints don’t sign him to long-term deal, they have the added worry that his deal under franchise tag could possibly grow to WR franchise tag in the unlikely event Graham wins appeal. Why in the world would Graham not file appeal to help a bit with his negotiations? Its borderline malpractice by his agent to not do so.

  9. I wish they would quit writing that it cost him 5 million dollars. The difference between the T.E. tag and W.R. tag is 5 Mill, it didn’t cost him that, he never had it to begin with, and he’s been offered 9.5 so the real difference is 2.5 million…

  10. His case is like a Prep Cook Claiming to be a Sous Chef because he helped with some sauces. Or, a Administrative Assistant claiming to be a Legal Secretary because she helped with some legal docs. Dude, your a Tight End who would fail as a WR. Yes, he has the right to go through the motions, testing the system & manipulating the negotiations to get all he can. That’s not the annoying part. It’s all the fools who think his argument has merit, because it doesn’t.

  11. When he signs his contract as the highest paid TE, I wonder what the miserable old trolls are going to whine about then. By the way, the Lombardi is still sitting on Airline Drive

  12. I don’t mind a guy trying to make what he’s worth for the short window of time you can be number 1 in the NFL. But I think he’s doing it the wrong way. Tell them to offer you a contract or you’ll leave next year. IF YOURE WORTH IT THEY WILL PAY YOU

  13. “His case is like a Prep Cook Claiming to be a Sous Chef because he helped with some sauces”

    No…It’s like the prep cook being given the opportunity to put some dishes on the menu…those dishes becoming wildly successful and the main reason people flock to the restaurant…and then the owner saying thanks but i’m going to continue to pay and treat you like a prep cook because you didn’t attend a fancy culinary school…

    That’s if you want to stick with silly analogy…

  14. mark4steelers-There is an NFL rule/by-law that states if you line up more than 50% oustside of your position it’s not that you are WR but you should be COMPENSATED as one. Who wants to do someone else’s job & not be paid for it? But a fool wouldn’t know that. brokebackbrees-Is it that you just hate the Saints for something in the past or you just like the brokeback title you have? lol

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