Jonathan Casillas: I compared McCown to Brees because of intangibles


Buccaneers linebacker Jonathan Casillas said recently that he saw a lot of similarities between Bucs quarterback Josh McCown and Saints quarterback Drew Brees, which came as something of a surprise to those who have seen Brees run one of the league’s prolific offenses while McCown has been bouncing around the league as a backup.

At the time Casillas, who played with Brees in New Orleans, said that he saw the similarity in “not just the way [McCown] throws the ball, but his approach to the game.” He reiterated that comparison on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Sunday while making it clear that the two players have not achieved the same heights on the football field.

“I can’t compare careers, of McCown and Drew Brees, that is not something I was doing, but as far as being a professional, anyone who knows Drew Brees, or came in contact with him, I think he sets the standard,” Casillas said. “To see somebody with similar characteristics to that, like a McCown, is astounding,” he said. “That is all I was saying. A lot of the tools, the intangibles that go into making a quarterback is more important than the tangibles.”

Casillas said that he also thinks Mike Glennon has the intangibles to be a great leader, but emphasized that the Buccaneers don’t have a quarterback on Brees’ level right now. That puts them in the same boat as most of the other teams in the NFL, but they really just need McCown or Glennon to provide better play than they received last season in order to take a step forward on offense. Casillas thinks the quarterbacks have the tools to give them that and we’re getting closer and closer to finding out if he’s right.

14 responses to “Jonathan Casillas: I compared McCown to Brees because of intangibles

  1. “McCown reminds me of Brees. I mean . . . they’re both bipeds, right? Uh, carbon-based forms of life? I’m pretty sure neither of them have ever killed a dude, just to watch him die. So, they’re like twins and all.”

  2. This is insanity for some many reasons but mostly a) he had 1/2 of a good season b) Cutler is getting credit for his “best season ever” and I think people are confusing McCown’s stats as stats “Cutler would have had, had he been healthy”.

  3. “Well they are both white. And they are Quarterbacks. So yeah i think Josh could definitely have an MVP caliber season and take us to the SuperBowl.”

  4. So basically he’s saying the comparison is based on no actual facts at all, just what the voices in his head are saying to him. There’s a guy I want on my team.

  5. A qb that could have started for the terrible Vikings last year and would be starting for them this year. They need all the help this year just to stay close to the other three teams that will finish above .500

  6. Since Brees’ first years with the Chargers, when he was considered somewhat of a bust, as he was not living up to his potenial, he has matured to the QB he is now. HE really didn’t start lighting it up until his trade to the Saints. The same may be true of either McCown or Glennon.

  7. So basically some LB that no one has ever heard of and is going to get cut in training camp thinks McCown is as good as Brees? Got it.

  8. Bears fan, here.

    Last season, I watched McCown in the early part of the season be one of the best team cheerleaders I’ve ever seen. This is BEFORE Cutler went down, mind you. McCown was on the field after great plays congratulating Cutler, Marshall, etc. I’m hard pressed to think of a more energetic backup QB.

    Whether he can turn that 1/2 a good season in Chicago with Brees-like professionalism into a Brees-like season down in Tampa remains to be seen. That’s why the play the games.

    For what it’s worth Josh, I hope you’re doing well in Tampa. I hope you lose when you play the Bears, of course, but I wish you well otherwise.

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