More tests coming for Jermichael Finley

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Free agent tight end Jermichael Finley still hopes to find a team willing to take a chance on him and his fused neck this season.

According to Tom Peliserro of USA Today, Finley will undergo further testing on Wednesday in attempt to prove his medical stability after a neck injury suffered against the Cleveland Browns last October ended his season and put his career in jeopardy.

Finley will send the results of the exams to all 32 teams to show he’s recovered from the injury and is ready to get back on a football field. He was officially cleared to return to football activities in May.

Finley has received interest from his former team, the Green Bay Packers, in addition to the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the Seahawks are now set at tight end following a contract restructure for Zach Miller and are no longer pursuing Finley.

Finley said the Steelers have tendered offers but not for the value he is seeking. The catch for Finley is he has a $10 million tax-free disability insurance policy waiting if he doesn’t play football again. In order to make returning to football worth it, Finley has to find a team willing to give a contract enticing enough to forgo the $10 million he can still collect.

“If I quit the game right now, I can take tax-free money, and that’s a difficult thing that I’m going through with myself,” Finley said.

Finley still wants to play and the market for his services could expand when injuries begin to set in during training camp.

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  1. Well at least he was smart enough to set himself up with appropriate insurance to give him the option to decide how to control his financial future. I still think the NFL should make a more concerted effort to explain to these young multimillionaires the benefits of salting money away for tax-free cash value provisions, whether in the form of DI policies or cash-value life insurance which is even more exciting and more flexible for the longer-term estate planning decisions.

  2. Newsflash JMike – You weren’t worth the 2 year/12 million deal GB gave you after 2011. And that was when you were completely healthy. IF you were to get a deal, it’d be a “prove it” incentive laden completely non-guaranteed 2 million a year type AT best until you proved yourself completely fit for an entire 16 game season.

    In other words – 10 mil ain’t happenin.

    You won a Super Bowl. Played on some great offenses. Collect your insurance money. Retire. Spend time with your kids. Get your degree in business from the McCombs school in Austin. Live healthy.

  3. Take the $10,000,000 and retire. Your long term health isn’t worth the risk of plaing again.

  4. There is no need to risk his health, I hope he does the smart thing and takes disability insurance then goes on and lives a long, happy life with his family.

  5. As a Packer fan – All I can say is – let him retire and get his 10 mil. The guy is a cancer and a ‘me’ first guy.

    I don’t care about his speed. I don’t care about his ability. He drops too many balls and is not a team player. Get your money and retire, big boy. He’s just one guy that ‘never got it’ in GB. Team > me.

  6. walk away while you still can. it’s been a good ride & you have a ring. we’ll miss you but do the right thing. you’ve had several warnings & each injury has been more serious than the previous one.

  7. It has to suck man. I know all great athletes feel like they’re Superman, but it would be hard to pass up the tax free check. Then again you look at Peyton with all his neck probs, and came back like a man possessed. This is a little more then a coin flip.

  8. We truly hope the man is healthy — but also hope he does not do anything to jeopardize that health.

  9. Reminds me of the old game show Let’s Make A Deal. Monty Hall tells Finley, “Jermichael, behind one door is a Super Bowl ring, behind another is a long NFL career filled with concussions and possible brain issues later in life, and behind the third door is a much more serious neck injury where you’ll be in a wheelchair the rest of your life. Oh, by the way, here’s 10 million dollars tax-free for you to just walk away and live a very comfortable life without any health issues.” Now I know football is his life, but still…

  10. The insurance might be as much of a reason that Finley retires than the injury. Even if Finley clears these tests, its going to very difficult for him to get even a 2 year, 10M contract. It would likely be heavily incentive laden as well. Considering that the TE franchise tag cost is 7M who is going to pay Finley even that? Say someone would pay Finley the 7M per, with taxes, agent, etc he still would probably be slightly under the 10M for the two seasons.

    Between the injury itself and the insurance, i think Finley is done. He is/was a highly talented player who left some on the table with drops but was a key part of a productive offense. I wish him well.

  11. I think I have this figured out:

    Finley can walk away tax-free with $10M. He would have to earn approximately $13.5M, before taxes, to have $10M take-home.

    Graham was franchised at $7M. If Finley received a two-year contract for $13.5M, he would be earning nearly the same as Graham, which isn’t going to happen.

    Finley can reasonably expect an annual contract somewhere in the $4M-$5M range (or less.)

    In order to get his $10M back, he will need a three year deal at $4.5M+-…..=$13.5M

    Bottom line: Nobody wants this guy on a three -year deal. One year at $5M, tops. No team will risk more than that.

    The decision is his……take the money now, or risk his health and earning power by getting back on the field for the sake of pride. No team is going to step up to this plate.

  12. Dude, $10 million tax free? Buy a condo in Hawaii and kick back with a steady supply of Mimosas.

  13. As pointed out on the radio this morning, is that insurance money a sure thing? They pointed out that, since he was cleared to play and he was offered a contract by the Steelers, the injury wasn’t career ending. At least that’s what the insurance company can say. We all know how much insurance companies like to keep their mitts on their money.

  14. Finley, just circle “c” for all scantron questions. You have the highest probability of passing that way.

  15. If he has medical clearance and offers from teams how would an insurance company pay him? These two fact would indicate that he has the ability to play and a team that would hire him and negate a claim to a permanent football injury wouldn’t it?

  16. Come to Minnesota, We Will let you pass out water and towels to the real football players and we also may let you fly with the team to a road game or two!!!

  17. “ariani1985 says: Jul 15, 2014 1:23 PM – Come to Minnesota, We Will let you pass out water and towels to the real football players and we also may let you fly with the team to a road game or two!!!”

    You are right!!! Minnesota is where all of the washed up ex-Packer players end up. Just like the Vikings will save a lot of money on their new stadium by not having to build a trophy room, they save money by not having a scouting department – they just sign whoever Green Bay gets rid of.

    There really is no cure for AVATAR Syndrome. AVATAR is ‘Aggravated Vikings Anticipatory Traumatic Abandonment Syndrome’ and ALL Viking fans suffer from it. The worst symptoms of AVATAR set in about the 2nd week of the season when the Vikings are mathmatically eliminated from the playoffs. Look at the bright side, there’s always next year’s Preseason Superbowl Championship for you AVATAR sufferers to look forward to.

  18. Jermichael, like so many Packer players before him, goes out with a Superbowl ring to cherish, and championship Packer memories to share with his friends and family.

    The Green Bay Packers.

    Better football for better people.

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