Only four unsigned rookies on Bastille Day


In honor of former Giants executive George Young, Happy Bastille Day, everybody.

Young was famous for downplaying early anxiety over contract negotiations for rookies, saying “Nothing ever gets done until Bastille Day.”

Now with some teams within a week of reporting to camp, that staple of NFL wisdom has gone by the wayside, as 252 of the 256 NFL Draft picks were signed well before the mid-July holiday.

Only four unsigned draft picks remain: Browns cornerback Justin Gilbert (eighth overall), Titans first-rounder Taylor Lewan (11th), Jaguars wide receiver Marqise Lee (second round, 39th) and Dolphins tackle Billy Turner (third, 67th).

To be honest, there’s little reason for those deals to not be done, and as team officials filter back in from vacation, they should get taken care of.

The Titans were late to finish last year, as Chance Warmack was the final first-rounder to sign.

19 responses to “Only four unsigned rookies on Bastille Day

  1. Yeah… it doesn’t surprise me that darin gantt mentions and/or celebrates Bastille Day.

  2. Again congratulations to the Bears who were the first to get their picks signed before Memorial Day.

    Honorable mention to the Packers who got all their draft picks signed by Flag Day.

  3. Titans fans are already “respectfully suspicious” of Taylor Lewan due to the first round pick’s sketchy personal life. In light of the fact he’ll be battling Michael Oher for the starting right tackle position, I highly recommend he not hold out like Chance Warmack did to start training camp last year.

  4. I don’t understand why Justin Gilbert holding out.

    He was one of SIX defensive backs taken in the first round, and it was arguable if he was even the second or third best in the group behind Dennard and Fuller.

  5. Under the new CBA, absolutely no reason to have unsigned rookies at this point. And yet the Titans have an unsigned rookie at this point. Again.

  6. For those who keep saying “There’s no reason to have unsigned rookies under the new CBA”. While the amount of money is capped for rookies under the CBA the amount which is guaranteed is still a matter of negotiation. Many agents are trying to get their rookies “Bust insurance” where the team still owes the contract even if the rookie is released.

  7. For the most part, guaranteed money is slotted as well; there is an issue with offset language that can be a negotiating obstacle, but it’s strange how most of the other teams can get it done while the Titans are always lagging behind.

  8. Wow!!! the Bears are going to need another trophy case for all those awards they keep earning for getting their draft picks signed so early.

    …wait, they don’t give out trophies for that do they? Oh well, I guess you just needed something to celebrate.

  9. To the fin fan, the answer is not usually but I will still root for them until the day I die and as horrible as it sounds I’m also steering my young children towards being Dolphin fans as well.

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