Ron Jaworski: Matt Cassel is the worst starting QB in the NFL


Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski is unveiling his annual ranking of the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks, and the list started with Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel. And not because Cassel is the best.

Jaworski labeled Cassel the worst starter in the NFL.

“My 32nd rated quarterback entering the 2014 season is Matt Cassel,” Jaworski said on ESPN.

According to Jaworski, Cassel isn’t well suited to new Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s system because Turner needs a quarterback who effectively uses play-action passes, and Cassel doesn’t.

“Turner’s offense starts with the run game. With Adrian Peterson in the backfield, Cassel’s 66 quarterback rating last year on play-action passes just wasn’t good enough,” Jaworski said.

Jaworski hasn’t always been so down on Cassel; in 2008, when Cassel was filling in for Tom Brady as the Patriots’ starting quarterback, Jaworski praised Cassel as a “sure thing” and told NFL general managers they’d be wise to trade a first-round draft pick to acquire Cassel from New England. (The Chiefs ended up trading a second-round pick for Cassel.) But Jaworski is down on Cassel now.

The good news for the Vikings is that even if Jaworski is right, Cassel won’t be the starter in Minnesota for long. It’s just a matter of time before he loses the job to Teddy Bridgewater.

199 responses to “Ron Jaworski: Matt Cassel is the worst starting QB in the NFL

  1. This is only true is “Coked up Johhny” doesn’t end up being named the starter for the Browns in training camp.

    The next Ryan Leaf for sure.

  2. Debatable with a few guys, but if he’s not the worst starter, he’s in the running

    But who cares? Outside of Matt Cassel himself, who would be upset by that? Everyone in the Vikings organization (and I would think the fan base), knows what Cassel is. A placeholder until Bridgewater is ready. So what’s the difference is he’s the worst starter?

  3. Everyone knows that Cassel is not a quality QB. Thanks for sharing the obvious.

  4. Lucky for the Viking fans, Jaworski was just ranking the starters which by definition limits the field to 32. Had he ranked all Qb’s on all rosters, there is strong chance that Cassel, Ponder and Bustwater would all rank between 85th to 11oth and that’s if he is feeling charitable.

    The Vikings played well when they had a real NFL Qb (2009) except for the fact that they overlook his propensity to throwing killer INT’s in championship games. “Come on man, this isn’t Detroit” will live in infamy.

  5. As a Vikings fan I know it’s fairly obvious Cassel isn’t the greatest starting QB, but he surely isn’t the worst.

    So you’re telling me whoever the Jags or the Raiders trot out to start games is better than Cassel? No f’n way.

  6. I find it amusing that so many people are underestimating the Vikings this year.

    They’re not going to be in the Superbowl by any means but you can bet that plenty of you will spend an angry Sunday night this season wondering how your team lost a “gimmie” against the Vikings.

  7. Someone had to be last and quite frankly, he’s basing that on the fact that Cassel does play fake well……. he doesn’t. Can’t really disagree with that at all.

    I’m not going to go all crazy and bash Teddy Bridgewater just because I’m a Packer fan. Fact is Bridgewater needs time to develope and Cassel’s still the best option their right now.

  8. I forget who made the observation about former players being commentators, but he was right.

    He said, “The longer a guy has been away from playing the game, the dumber he gets.”

    Jaws fits that description to a T.

  9. Why not just start Bridgewater right away? Think about it…… likely is it that Bridgewater is worse than the worst starting QB in the NFL Because if he is, the Vikings are in for a very long season.

    Bridgewater will never take the Hamburger Helper Big Hands endorsement away from Kyle Rudolph, we all know that, so what else does he have to play for?

    Put him in…Day 1.

  10. he is pretty bad. his real issue is that he crumbles in the clutch. he has had a few moments that may suggest otherwise but for the most part he will throw it right into the lap of a defender on a screen or will get so nervous on the sideline he can’t manage to put his hat on.

    but the worst? I would argue that there are plenty who have done less than matt cassel. what has EJ Manuel done to suggest he is any better? stuff like this makes me question jaworski because there are far bigger question marks out there. Hoyer? really?

  11. Jaws isn’t considering that Cassell has yet to play a full season for Vikes or even start in Turners offense.
    Moving along from another pundits ill gathered information.

  12. Jaws is an idiot. He hasn’t been right about anything in the last 20 years.

  13. the truth is, he will likely struggle and be replaced by bridgewater rather quickly. and good for minn maybe they got a franchise QB in teddy

  14. For the DA that said Chad Henne was worst if chad had the players that Matt had he would not be in the 10 but he would not be the worst. Think about it when Chad had all his players ie Justin Blackmon the jags was a team people looked at.

  15. And my 32nd rated QB analyst is………

    Ron Jaworski. How many guys has this bum been flat out wrong on?

  16. Jaws is an idiot, but this was obvious. Schaub is a close second.

    To put it in perspective, Cassel is the worst of the USC QB’s. And we all know how bad they are.

  17. It’s a toss up between Hoge & Jaws for being the biggest haters!! No wonder they are buried on shows that are not in prime time viewing anymore.

  18. While I don’t necessarily disagree. I question whether ESPN analysts other than Steve Young actually watch the teams they criticize. Literally every opinion someone gives on that channel can be summed up with the comment “because thats how it was last year”. Outside of Young, no one on Espn has ever predicted a worst to first team despite it happening yearly.

  19. Geno Smith? Chad Henne? Matt Schaub?

    Cassel won games over Ben Rothleisberger, Nick Foles, Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford last year. He’s not great, and certainly not one of the better starting QBs in the league. But the worst? Uh, no.

  20. This guy has become a loud mouthed clown that doesnt know crap from green paint

    not only is he a a disingenuous phoney. his worst sin is he now has become a bumboy lackie for Jon bon jovie in regards to to the Bills potential move to TO

  21. I think there are worse QB’s. He’s certainly not the best but probably not the worst either. The Vikings were a poorly coached team last year that had no idea what to do with their personnel. Frazier looked lost on the sideline and there was no play calling creativity. But who cares its all water under the Bridge now. (ha, see what I did there? Maybe I should write for PFT)

  22. Time may soon be coming when the entire Vikings Front Office needs to be cleaned out. Man they’ve made a lot of personnel mistakes, probably because ownership has focused on getting a new stadium.
    But few big-name players want to stay, the team will be playing outside in temporary digs (not very encouraging and statistically that’s like a kiss of death).

    So they will stink for the next couple years

  23. As an analyst I would rank Jaworski just behind Deion Sanders and slightly ahead of Warren Sapp.

  24. Someone had to be 32nd but where’s Fitzpatrick? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ted get some looks toward midseason. Of course he could be going big in camp and win a very winnable job.

  25. Ahhh our “roadkill-pelt-wearing neighbors to the east”, you humorous us really. There’s so much insecurity coming from east of the st. croix that its sad. You think you have something in eddie lacie but he’s simply ahman green 2.0, you think clay matthews is someone but he’s a liability who does what he wants on the field, and rodgers is one good crunch from your team not winning the rest of the season (as we saw last year).. Get ready for the 70’s-80’s style seasons GB… They are a coming!

  26. Of all the GM’s in the league, I have no idea how Speilman has kept his job for so long. He may be the worst GM in league history.

  27. There are probably 3 or 4 that are in the running for last place, and Cassel is one of them.

    Fitzmagic, Henne, McCowan are all in the same range.

    Palmer and Schaub have had some success, but they aren’t very good anymore it seems and they could be just as bad.

  28. He does have an 11-5 season to his credit.

    I wonder how many of this years starters can say that?

  29. This coming from a guy who said Colin Kaepernick will be the greatest qb of all time.

  30. Wasnt it JAWS that during preseason last year stated Colin Kaepernik will be best QB of all time. Come on now. Obviously he’s open to any subject matter as long as there is an extreme side to align himself knowing that with how the media works these days it will be a “news story” in itself. Atleast on all the online sports/mediaApp sites. Just another way to keep his name out there. Off subject but its very hard to see him as a NFL QB. He just seems like one of those pompous jerks that love to dish it out but can’t handle it coming his way. Oddly I usually enjoy listening to him though.

  31. Minnesota > Wisconsin and here’s how:
    Mn Walleyes > Wi Bullheads
    Mn Scandinavian Women > Wi “any kind of women”
    Minneapols/St Pau > Madison/Milwaukee
    MN Viking Royalty Colors > Wi Bugar Colors and Skunk skin hats.
    Mn Fans Originality > Wi fans same old 2 insults
    MN draws fans from MN, ND, SD, IA, Western Wi, Manitoba, & Saskatchwarn > Wi draws fans from the east half of Wi.
    Dante Culpepper Getting His Roll on > Aaron Rodgers “championship belt air hump”…

    I can go on all day

  32. So says the guy that also says Colin Kaepernick is going to be the greatest QB of all time. Schmeh.

    Jaws needs to back off on the extreme statements.

  33. Matt Cassel developed his playing style from studying Jaworski in his playing days.
    Quit hating Ron I don’t see a gold jacket on your back or a ring on your finger maybe you should look in the mirror.

  34. Matt will be as good as the talent around him! To be honest, there are only about 6-8 really great QB’S in the NFL so Matt isn’t that bad..

  35. As an optimist, this makes me feel pretty good about the Vikings. I mean, they went 5-10-1 lest year. And lost 3 or 4 games in the final minute. Add in the fact that (according to Jaws), they did it with the worst QB in the league and what’s obviously an even worse QB in Christian Ponder and one of those loses was with Josh Freeman, who can’t even find a job these days.

    Then add in the fact Bill Musgrave was offensive coordinator and only had about 6 designed plays. And the most outdated cover 2 defense that couldn’t stop a nose bleed. It’s a miracle these guys won any games. Must have some serious individual talent to win 5 games despite having the entire deck stacked against you.

  36. I think the Polish Rifle might be running out of bullets. Then again, he ought to know since he heard it a lot, especially after throwing 3, yes 3 interceptions to Rod Martin in the SB.

  37. Josh mccown, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan tannehill, Matt Schaub, chad henne, geno smith/Michael Vick, EJ Manuel, Brian Hoyer… The list goes on and on. There are a lot of bad starting qb’s in the league that could be considered the worst. Not thrilled with cassel but I’d rather have him as a 8-10 game placeholder than many of these guys

  38. I can’t believe Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t worse than Matt Cassel. Brian Hoyer has started and completed three games in his career. I know Cassel isn’t a top-20 QB, but he’s a solid veteran who has had success when he has some talent around him. If Jaworski had to win one game and his choice of quarterback was Matt Cassel or Geno Smith, is he really picking Smith?

  39. Lots of bad starters but I can’t say the worst definitively with guys like Hoyer, smith/Vick, tannehill, Fitzpatrick, locker, Manuel, henne, Schaub, etc. cassel is no star but for 8-10 games until teddy takes over as starter I’ll take him over a few of the guys above

  40. If Matt Cassel is the worst starting QB in the NFL and he went 4-3 last year while playing for a team with a terrible defense and a lot of injuries, how freaking talented is the rest of that offense? Don’t tell me it’s all AD because he missed two of Cassel’s starts (both wins) and almost all of a close loss in Baltimore (#phantompassinterference).

  41. As bad a analyst as Jaworski is he hit the nail on the head with this one Cassel is horrid ! I remember he was under pressure and threw an int on a freakin screen pass …. I mean he threw it to the guy lol. I’m a Chiefs fan and would rather have Elvis GrBac back than to see Cassel

  42. Matt Cassel is so wrong for Norv Turner’s offense that Norv Turner tried to sign him in Cleveland last year and pushed for him to be resigned by the Vikings this year. But what does Norv Turner know compared to Ron Jaworski?

  43. Ron Jaworski, NFL Live and NFL Matchup analyst: Superbowl XLVIII prediction – 27-24: “Fast start by Peyton Manning forces Seahawks to play from behind.”

    Cassel should be more concerned with the Vikings losing culture than the opinions of one Ron Jaworski.

  44. I really wish these so called “experts” would keep their opinions to themselves.
    These are the same ppl who had everyone thinking the Eagles were going to the superbowl a few years back.
    Do you honestly think that Norv Turner and the rest of the Vikings staff would have Cassel as their starter if they didnt think he was capable.

  45. Why does everybody hate Geno Smith? He was a rookie last year. How can you possibly say that Geno is one of the worst starters in the league if he came off of an okay rookie season? He is a rookie quarterback who had a shaky season.

  46. “Cassell > Weeden”

    What? Brandon Weeden isn’t even a starter. He won’t even be 2nd string if Orton decides to play for the Cowboys this year.

  47. Lots of misinformation here from a couple places. First, I’m not a Vikings fan, Chiefs fan, Texans or Raiders fan. But neither Schaub or Cassel are bad QBs at all. I think have just slumped. Second, no one knows if/when Bridgewater will take over. That’s the plan….sure. But isn’t it always? Case in point: Ponder, Couch, Weeden, Gabbert, Freeman, Leaf…

  48. Vince Young and Colt McCoy are both better than Matt Cassell. But then again we’re talking about the Vikings.

  49. I have confidence in Geno Smith to show all the haters that he can get it done. Maybe not this year, since Vick has the starter position looking his way. But Vick is also 34. So after Vick, I hope that Geno can get in done in New York. Geno was such a high draft prospect in the 2013 Draft, but dropped as time went on in Mock Draft boards. Geno Smith has what it takes to be a great NFL quarterback, but he needs a little time.

  50. Cassel is better than Fitzpatrick, Hoyer, Geno Smith, Schaub, Henne, Manuel, and Locker for sure. I think McCown will take a huge step back to reality this year as well, but I won’t put him under Cassel until he proves me right.

  51. I know I’m biased as a fan of the team, but that’s just too low. He’s certainly in the bottom half of the league, maybe even the bottom quarter, but there’s at least a couple of starters that he’s better than.

  52. I am a fan of neither Cassel or Jaworski, but, Matt Cassel’s lifetime QB rating is 80.5 which is fairly decent. Jaworski’s is 72.8 and, in fact Jaworski had only one season in which his QB rating was above 80.5 so, perhaps, Jaws should just shut up !

  53. An old burned out QB judging someone else is a joke! ESPN has gotten so ridiculous no one watches them anyway. Jaws does this for the shock effect, because the game left him years ago.

  54. This can only be viewed as good news for Cassel.

    Everything Jaworski has ever said about QBs (in his ratings) has turned out exactly the opposite as he says. For instance, last year his big controversy was saying Colin Kaepernick was a much better QB than Russell Wilson and that it wasn’t close. So uh…. yeah. I fully expect Cassel to play lights-out for the Vikings now, and maybe even get them to a Superbowl.

  55. Minnesota has a pretty good QB situation. Let’s face it, Teddy is gonna start sooner than later. Bridgewater was labeled by some scouts as “the best QB prospect in the last decade not named Andrew Luck” shortly before his “disastrous” pro day. Cassel > any other 2nd string QB in the league, and Ponder > any other 3rd string QB in the league.

  56. I like Jaworski’s comment and more importantly, PFT’s posting of this comments primarily for the reason that it will upset the guy who comments on every article saying that the Vikings rule and whatever team the article is about sucks. But all of that aside, I don’t think Cassel is a bad placeholder until they decide to go to Bridgewater.

  57. Jaworski makes a pretty nice living as a professional football analyst. Is he the greatest of all time, no. Has he ever been wrong before, yes. Cassel has made a very nice living for himself with the help of Belichick franchising him and then of course KC throwing crazy stupid money at him, considering the dude never started a college game. Somebody is missing something but it ain’t Cassel.

  58. Tough to fathom, but I think Jawarski might actually be a worse analyst than he was a QB.

  59. Jaws is good at one thing, not knowing what he is talking about. Being a Chiefs fan, I would have been ticked if they traded a 1st for him, I wasn’t even happy with the 2nd. I loved the 2nd pick for Smith, and I actually think Cassel is the Vikings best bet this year to start. If I had a dollar for every time Jaws said something about a QB, and he was so wrong….I could retire.

  60. Tell Ron to remember who the hell was our QB two years ago, SORRY-ASS Ponder. You telling me that Ponder’s pass and play-actions were better than Cassels? Listen it’s still not even training camp and people will make all kind of silly observations and reports based on what is on paper, but when the season starts I doubt anyone will remember this article. Plus, Geno Smith, Fritzpatrick, Schaub, EJ Manuel, Jake Locker, Chad Henne, Mike Glennon, I think that some of these QB’s can aren’t not better than Cassel, eh?

  61. Jaws should just shove it where the sun don’t shine… In a league where Geno Smith, Chad Henne, Carson Palmer, Matt Shaub, EJ Manuel, and Tanehill start, I don’t think you could possibly say that. Cassel had two bad games last year out of something like 6 or 7. For a born and bred backup, that’s pretty legit. I’m fairly certain that strictly by the numbers, if you measured up Cassel and Matt Ryan last year, Cassel would be better (though certainly he had some extenuating circumstances).

  62. Are Viking fans really trying to sell us on Matt Cassell?

    Cassell/Ponder are so bad they took Josh Freeman off the street and started him the next week.

  63. Yeah, because Jaws says it, it must be true. Hey, how’s that Kellen Clemmons eval from back in the day lookin? Jaws, Kurt Warner, everybody has a list. Psst, we don’t care.

  64. Wow, so many uninformed football fans.. Most of you have not watched the Vikings play unless it was against you team, hence you have little to no idea what you are talking about. We had the worst coaching staff in the NFL the last few years, and flat out gave away so many games. Our offensive and defensive schemes were complete jokes with entire bars calling out the plays before the snap over and over. Cassel is not the worst QB, he’s not near the best either, but he is much better than Ponder and several other starters in the league. Those ripping Spielman really don’t know anything, the man has been a genius drafting 7 first rounder players in three years, all starters without mortgaging the future. Yes he missed on Ponder, but I’m happy with 7 good starters out of 8 in four years. Also we finally have a legitimate coaching staff and everyone healthy. We should be much improved, compete in the division and have a shot at a wild card at best.

  65. The Vikings approach their sacked Cassel in their rudderless ship. One Viking Ponders “at least they couldn’t raid our trophy case”. Another realizes the only thing keeping the enemy from the west at bay is their Bridgewater. Winter is coming…

  66. The Vikings went 5-4 in games that Cassell played last year.

    Jaws must think the rest of the Vikings roster is pretty dang good, if the worst QB in football could still get 5 wins in 9 games.

  67. Meh… Seems like this was an article just to generate comments about the Vikings – positive, negative, and neutral. We all know Cassell won’t last the entire season due to injury. The role is Bridgewater’s to lose.

  68. I’m guessing Jaws doesn’t consider the jaguars an NFL team or he just completely forgot they existed. No way in hell is Cassel worse than Henne.

  69. Jaws must think the rest of the Vikings roster Adrian Peterson is pretty dang good, if the worst QB in football could still get 5 wins in 9 games.

    Fixed it for ya.

  70. Why does an Eagles QB, who was average at best and couldn’t win anything of significance, even have an opinion that matters on national TV?

    That’s a serious question.

  71. Vikings had the 15th overall offense. You don’t get that by having the worst QB in the leauge. Plus Norv wanting him in Cleveland last year and wanting him resigned this year says something. Don’t get me wron Cassel shouldn’t be ranked a lot higher but for sure not last. Jaws was one of the crappiest QBs to play and even worse commentators. He’s even worse at making prodictions. Always enjoy when jaws says something and Gruden puts him in his place.

  72. Cassells numbers over his career mirror Alex Smith and neither are as bad as Henne. I have always loved McCown but at this stage of his career he is not better either. He was just on a team that is is hard to look bad on. Cutler IMO is worse then either lol. Fitz, Palmer, maybe Schaub too. The book IMO is also open on Hoyer. I just cant see Cassell last in this group. The guy is smart and knows how not to loose games. Im not sure what Cassell did to get this much hate really he was never a bad starter just had a few bad injury years. He is old that happens. I feel you can put him just below Smith really.

  73. Its Jaws professional opinion….that and a buck oh five will get ya a refill of coffee at 7/11.

  74. Not even close. Three of the four starting QBs in the AFC East alone are easily as bad as Cassel. Or worse.

  75. He is one of the best back up QB in the league, and as we saw last year is capable of winning of games.

    More over is the perfect bridge for Teddy. Cassel is just enough of litmus test, and isn’t so terrible that you have to rush Teddy to the field.

  76. Instead of calling Mr. Jaworski names for giving his evaluation, how about some of you post some statistics to indicate he is incorrect?

    1) Cassel may not even be the starter. He hasn’t proved himself better than Ponder yet.

    2) If he couldn’t start in college, who would expect him to start in the NFL?

    3) The viking snapped up Freeman for millions last year and immediately made him the starter ahead of Cassel and Ponder.

    4) Why get angry that Cassel is the 32nd ranked starter? It isn’t as if he was being compared to ALL NFL QB’s.

    5) ESPN is lucky to have actual video of Cassel for that Jaworski segment. Few people across the nation actually saw how Cassel performed with the vikings. It was informative.

    6) Whoever starts for the vikings, he will have an uphill climb to get to the top 30. He will have to prove deserving to be ranked higher.

  77. Why is Jaworski just hailed as some QB guru? He was mediocre at best as a QB. I would take ESPNs’ QB evaluation more seriously if someone like Joe Montana or Dan Marino did it because they are Hall of Fame QBs. On an unrelated note, what does Teddy Bridgewaters’ hand size matter? Jim Druckenmiller had 11 inch hands and he was a total bust. And Aaron Rodgers’ hands are 9.38 inches, .15 inches bigger than Bridgewaters’. I highly doubt that .15 inches is the difference than bust and success. Some bigger issues are accuracy, game intelligence, maturity, and the ability to read a defense.

  78. Jaws is a joke. He has repeatedly shown that he has no idea what he is talking about. He offers no real insight, and clearly has no ability to evaluate QB’s. This is but one more example of that. Does he even remember being so high on Cassel when he was with NE? He has done the flip flop on other QB’s as well.

  79. Oh good one Jaws.

    I’ll fill that next “Bon Jovi won’t move the Bills out of Buffalo” in the DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD folder.

    How does this moron have a job?

  80. Jaworski has gradually become an absolute “debbie downer”. Jaws, dude, please start saying something nice about somebody!

  81. cardmagnet says:
    Jul 14, 2014 5:15 PM
    Ron Jaworski is the worst analyst on television.


    You’ve obviously never seen Jameel Hill.

  82. Manuel is a rookie that had numbers comparable to Lucks rookie year, albeit 10 games. Smith is also a rookie that went 8-8 though his interceptions were through the roof. Rookies! They should not be in the conversation until a bigger body of work is presented. Cassell had 1 good year and parlayed that into a mega contract with KC, LOL! Yeah, he’s not very good, but outside AP has nothing to work with and questionable coaching. Henne, Fitzpatrick, and pick 6 Schaub are right there with him.

  83. Cassell isn’t that bad…how about Brady Quinn jimmy clausen hene Matt Flynn…I could go on, so compared to these losers cassel is an all star

  84. thefiesty1-seriously?!?!! Vince young and colt McCoy better than cassel? No way. Vy is out of the league and idk where the hell colt is at or his loser brother

  85. slick50ks- if USC qbs are so bad then why is Sanchez cassel Barkley and Palmer still in the league? If anything the other college programs haven’t done a good job in sending qbs to the nfl

  86. The worst starting QB led the Pats to 11-5. And a 6th-rounder led them to three titles.

    It’s so blatantly obvious that it’s always been the system up there.

  87. Vikings went 3-13 in 2011 – and wound up evaluating and coaching the North roster at the Senior Bowl. The quarterbacks on the North squad were Kirk Cousins, Kellen Moore and Russell Wilson. If Spieldope was such a great evaluator of talent -why did he pass up on Wilson in the 3rd round and take Josh Robinson at 66th? Furthermore, why not trade up to get Cousins with the 4 – 4th round picks. Granted they got Kalil with the 4th pick and Smith at 29th but to pass over Wilson and Cousins. Shameful. After all – the QB situation in 2011 was pathetic: Ponder, Rosenfels, Webb (McNabb) and 2012 was no better: Ponder, Webb, Thompson-McLeod. Oh yeah – Josh Robison replaced Winfied. How’d that work out?

  88. Cassel did well in the NE system… wonder what would happen to Brady if he went to another team…

  89. billbrasky72 says:
    Jul 14, 2014 7:47 PM

    Tough to fathom, but I think Jawarski might actually be a worse analyst than he was a QB.

    I’m only 22 I didn’t see Jaws play but it puts my mind at ease knowing he sucked it really explains a lot…like I said on the last Jaws article this guy lowers your football IQ every time he speaks

  90. OK JABBER JAWS,,,Explain to me how this same kid in 2008,,,played 15 and 3/4 games on a moments notice when brady got hurt,,,,who never started a game in college, threw a helmet on and won 11 games?
    Come on we know the answer,,,,,be a man!

    IT’s not the QB it’s the system,,if you can take a 6th round (pick 199) scrawny back up QB from michigan,, and at a moments notice, throw him in for a HOF QB (bledsoe) and now he has 3 rings and is 1st rd HOF. IT”S THE SYSTEM, and the THE COACH.

  91. It wasn’t long before the article read that first Cassel was a sure thing ….

    Jaws was a mediocre Qb at best and he carries the same stigma to his new career as a NFL Analyst joke.

  92. What do you expect from a team that employs 3rd-stringers as starting QBs? Jaws was being generous by only ranking him 32.

  93. TheWizard says:Jul 14, 2014 5:49 PM

    He does have an 11-5 season to his credit.

    I wonder how many of this years starters can say that?


    The team got to 11-5. Not just Cassel. Brady got 5 more wins the year before with the same team. That’s like the difference between 11-5 and 6-10. You’ve seen how he’s done as a starter for other teams. Not very good. He never was. He had one of the best teams ever at his disposal in 2008. Still didn’t make the playoffs though.

  94. Coming from the Jaworski it means next to nothing. He long ago pissed away any credibility he had. He makes people forget how bad Joe Theisman was in the booth.

    Still waiting for the potential of the “Greatest QB in the history of football” to win a title.

  95. Jaws watched every…single…passing down for every starting QB this season. I think he’s pretty qualified at this point to rank the QBs. However there is a bit of a “Chad Henne conspiracy” because I actually heard Jaws say he would love him as a back-up for the Eagles.

  96. Come on Jaws. You wont lose your job by bashing a NY player. Geno Smith isn’t in the top 40.

  97. I thought Ponder was the starter for the Vikings. Shows how much I pay attention.

  98. truenorth84 says: Jul 14, 2014 5:45 PM

    Ahhh our “roadkill-pelt-wearing neighbors to the east”, you humorous us really. There’s so much insecurity coming from east of the st. croix that its sad. You think you have something in eddie lacie but he’s simply ahman green 2.0, you think clay matthews is someone but he’s a liability who does what he wants on the field, and rodgers is one good crunch from your team not winning the rest of the season (as we saw last year).. Get ready for the 70′s-80′s style seasons GB… They are a coming!
    Ahman Green 2.0? Heck yeah I’ll take that. In eight years in green bay he had 8,322 yards – 54 touch downs, and a 4.5 Y/A. Insert foot in mouth.

  99. JAWS IS A MORON!!!
    It is comical reading the comments, how many times do fans have to hear these guys change their tune before they lose all credibility and get fired for being totally wrong! Pathetic! How long would a mechanic last if he kept putting the tires on backwards???? Zero accountability

  100. Jaws is definatly wrong here. Bridgewater, Vick, Cousins, Mark “butt Fumble” Sanchez, Orton, Bortles, Manziel, Hasselback, Matt Moore,..all backups are better then Cassel. So Jaws is wrong. saying he is the worst starer ( if he even starts and I think he won’t) is a correct statement. As far as worst QB and naming him #32 is wrong He should be ranked #41

  101. Jaws watched every…single…passing down for every starting QB this season. I think he’s pretty qualified at this point to rank the QBs. However there is a bit of a “Chad Henne conspiracy” because I actually heard Jaws say he would love him as a back-up for the Eagles.

    Your basing all that viewing on last year’s offense, and last years coaching staff. Until it is known what Cassell can do under a new OC and new offensive personell there is no one who can say he is worst, best, or somewhere inbetween.

  102. My comments are about Matt Cassel, not Jaworski. I am amazed at how badly Cassel has played since he took on what had to be the toughest job in football … replacing Tom Terrific in 2008 when he (Brady) was in his prime. Cassel did an incredible job and, I think, took the Pats to the playoffs. Unheard of for a backup QB who had never started a game.

    As a reward, Cassel was then traded to KC. He was injured in 2009, had a pretty good season in 2010, and it’s been a downhill slide since. Now he’s w/ one of the worst teams … the Vikes.

    Worst in the NFL? I don’t think so. He’s not worse than Sanchez, Geno Davis, Chad Henne, and even Matt Schaub last year. A major disappointment, to be sure.

  103. That seems a little harsh. I think Cassel is better then Geno, Schaub, Fitzpatrick, Manuel, Hoyer and McCown. I mean I’m a packer fan and the Vikings (especially Greg Jennings for that matter) were a lot better then with Ponder in the lineup

  104. I respectfully disagree Jaws. Cassel is better than
    Geno Smith, Hoyer,EJ Manuel,Chad Henne,Thad Lewis, Fitzpatrick, Schaub.

  105. I can’t say I disagree. I don’t think Cassel is horrible though. Others up for consideration could be geno smith, henne, bradford, tannehill, hoyer, Carson palmer, locker. I mean they’ve all played good at some point in their careers but all lack consistency much like cassel (who has QB’d a team to the playoffs) unlike some others on this list. Just a thought

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