Texts from Belichick to Hernandez (33 pages) included in evidence


The Patriots have worked extremely hard to distance themselves from Aaron Hernandez since he was first charged with murder, with owner Robert Kraft saying they were all “duped,” and coach Bill Belichick retreating to the safe haven of grunting about football.

But they still had to talk about their former tight end to Massachusetts detectives.

According to Jenny Wilson of the Hartford Courant, the statements from both Belichick and Kraft were among the pieces of evidence turned over to Hernandez’s defense attorneys, and made available Monday.

Prosecutors also turned over 33 pages of text messages between Belichick and Hernandez between February 2013 and May 2013, the four months leading up to the shooting death of Odin Lloyd.

That’s a load of communication between a coach and a player, especially a coach who doesn’t appear to LOL very often.

Detectives also interviewed director of football Berj Najarian, director of player personnel Nicholas Caserio and strength coach Moses Cabrera according to the list of documents which are entered into evidence.

The evidence also includes rental contracts for dozens of cars, going back to 2011.

100 responses to “Texts from Belichick to Hernandez (33 pages) included in evidence

  1. This case is like an onion, the more layers you peel, the more it smells.

  2. BB “Aaron, did you watch those Dolphins practice tapes yet?”

    AH “Yeah coach, sure did. also took care of that other thing we discussed”

    BB “Great, be sure to get rid of the evidence”

  3. Aaron Hernandez’s defense requested these as they are trying to attest to Hernandez’s character. They want to say “look, Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick say he’s a good guy so he couldn’t have been the one that did this”. Same with the scouting report. The Patriots don’t want to help the defense and they sure as hell don’t want to give up anything regarding team operations.

  4. I would be shocked if detectives didn’t interview Kraft,Belicheck and many other coaches. As for the text messages that’s a non story until we know what if anything of importance is in them.

  5. Talk to Belichick with microphones and cameras, and you’ll barely get one-word sentences.

    Use a cell phone, and you won’t be able to get him to shut up.

  6. What happened to the gag order? Most people want to know what is going on, but I dont think anyone wants to know at the expense of this guy possibly walking. Who the hell is talking about all this stuff?

  7. Aaaaand this is precisely why Belichick doesn’t want to turn over his proprietary scouting reports, offering instead to let the defense lawyers view them privately at Gillette Stadium.

    He might as well just publish a copy for every team in the league with his own commentary, as the information will automatically get leaked out the second it’s out of his hands.

  8. Lets just hope Belichick didn’t have conversations about covering up evidence with Hernandez. Don’t think so cause sure we would have heard by now but if he did this is going to get extremely messy

  9. BB- ‘Gronk said you were killing it at the club last night’
    AH- ‘snitches get stitches’
    BB- ‘huh?’

  10. Aren’t players and coaches supposed to be separated for a few months until OTAs?

  11. I expect these 33 pages to turn up on Deadspin or SmokingGun within the week. Should make for some interesting reading. Maybe not quite as interesting as the Incognito/Martin texts read, but interesting all the same.

  12. Other than 13 year old girls, who texts 33 PAGES of texts to each other?

  13. Seems Bill knows a bit more about technology than “Myface, yourface, whatever…”

  14. Investigators are going to discover that BB was a co-conspirator in the murder of Lloyd.

  15. If Bill had anything to do with this you think they’d ever find the body? C’mon now… He owns a boat. Too easy

  16. Grulks nailed it on the head. As much as we all want to know what is in those texts, it’s in everyone’s best interests that nothing gets leaked that could potentially let anyone who is guilty, off on a technicality.

  17. Not 33 text messages between the two….33 pages of text messsages between the two. I didn’t realize those two were that close. And if you think thats normal behavior i would say no its not. That would mean just the active 53 man roster would be just short of 1750 PAGES of text messages. Pages. That does not even include the coaches. Hope he wasn’t driving and texting. Associating with a murderer is one thing …texting and driving is where I draw the line.

  18. I wonder if any of those text messages occurred around the day of those murders. Talk about taking coaching to a new level.

  19. when Bill talked about execution, he was referring to the offense, Aaron

  20. Wow! I am shocked, amazed and bewildered at the same time!

    Knew you can’t believe a word that Belichick utters!!

  21. Darin,
    “That’s a load of communication between a coach and a player, especially a coach who doesn’t appear to LOL very often.”

    what would make you think he doesn’t have close communication with his players?
    The media never seems to get it. You guys have no idea what goes on with players and coaches. What they tell you is not what actually goes on. I find it comical that you guys never seem to get it.

  22. Coach BB or Coach .38 revolver? But when asked about the text messages to Hernandez Coach .38 says …Never heard of him. When these two are cleared I can’t wait to see them together on the sidelines again.Maybe after a game they can catch up with a cold one at that 1st bar ..never know might just bump into each other there.

  23. AH ” hey coach remember when you had to hide all that evidence to cheat the superbowls?”

    BB “yes”

    AH “can you help me hide some evidence from those murders Rob made me do?”

    BB “okay here’s what you do”

  24. I know those who hate Belichick as well as those conspiracy theorists are going to claim that Belichck was some how involved in the murders. But I doubt anything of worth is in there, from the sounds of this detectives have already poured through the text messages and if there was anything implicating him we would have heard about it A LOT sooner than this.

  25. I guess one lesson learned from this is if your out drinking in Boston I highly rccommend not accidently bumping into somebody and if you do immeadiatly buy everyone a round of drinks. And don’t say anything about the N.Y.Giants…

  26. Even with Coach .38 behind bars the Pats take the AFC East. The only stat that matters is how many times Tom got laid. If he’s happy they win the division.

  27. Looks like Bill is is writing the rules again to suit himself. Now here come all the Patriots fans saying “every coach does it” with absolutely no evidence to back it up. Does Belichick even know how not to cheat?

    Under Article 21, Section 2(a)(ii), players “are not permitted to participate in . . . group or individual meetings with coaches” before the start of the team’s official offseason training program.

  28. jets and ravens fans talking smack??? Seriously better check both your teams, especially ravens…viking and steeler fans….laugh at them. At least one of your teams should make the playoffs before you start poking the bear.

  29. This becomes really amusing if Belichick is directly or indirectly implicated.
    33 pages of text messages in the off season is a helluva lot of texting from a non communicative guy like Bill and I bet that none were on crossing routes. The big question is whether Bill was advising Hernandez re hiding/tampering with evidence and being obstructive to the police investigation. What did Bill and the cheese factory know?
    While Belichick controls all communication out of New England, he is not above the law.

  30. NFL has protected and actually marketed the Pats and its ownership… they destroyed the cheating evidence….now this…this needs to stop

    Pats are perhaps the lowest class org in the league, certainly there with Steelers, Bengals, Dolphins and Cowboys

    Pats knew what Hernandez was and did not care… the “I was duped” excuse of Kraft and BB is a bunch of hoey… they know what they are doing…

  31. What a bunch of morons….. Did all you idiots joking about this MURDER OF AN INOCENT YOUNG MAN Realize that someone lost their life in this mess & that someone has a MOTHER a FATHER SISTERS BROTHERS & so on. what a bunch of idiots bet you would not be on here joking if this was one of your relatives..

    Just an FYI..
    I’m sure every coach talks/texts with their super star players on a regular..#WAKE UP LOSERS

  32. If they are ever made public I suspect you’ll see Belichick taking a strong interest in trying to encourage Hernandez to develop character and abandon those elements from a tough upbringing that he and Kraft felt could lead to his downfall

    In granting him the contract extension they did they basically gave Hernandez the ability to leave those elements behind. I suspect Belichick and Kraft went to great lengths to encourage Hernandez to do exactly that.

    The haters will find a way to spin that against the Pats, but this organization encourages all its players to be good people

  33. Prosecutors, please note: The texts saying “destroy the cameras” have nothing to do with the murder investigation. Strictly football related.

  34. they were sharing pics of their girlfriends – the gun moll of hernandez’s and the “lady” belicheet cheated on his wife with

  35. It’s really sad after all these years people still try so hard to make the Pats out to be what they wish they were to feel better about themselves. Ignoring any facts, especially if it praises the Pats. They ignore those and speculate the negative stuff and only talk about that. Then it escalates like a bunch of 1st graders playing telephone.

    A man was killed you people are making jokes at his and his families expense as well as the Patriots. A first class organization run by some of the finest in this league. Are you really that desperate to convince yourself and others to make yourselves feel better. Check your facts took because a lot of them are wrong or twisted and it’s just sad. You all need to get a grip and stop hating so much, nothing you all say means anything if you’re going to constantly showcase ignorance.

  36. Can you picture BillBel on the stand?! Judge, prosecutor, Defense, Stenographer, trying to interpret, ‘ummm, mumble, something, golf, france, dunno, frap, costco, shishish, mumb, scant Tom, cisco iron brady, alpha, comatose, linguistics, frenetics, espionage, egad, marbles,snort,ummmm’uhhhhhh, sumpin?’ No further questions your Honor.

  37. Other than the possibility that Belichick was communicating with one of his now former players during a portion of the off-season where no communication is supposed to be going on (*wink *wink), those texts are going to be very dull.

  38. What would AH possibly tell BB as evidence? He’s not going to tell his coach in a million years–but it makes all those in the know nervous. Looks like a ruse by the prosecution to me. That is, whoever knows who committed the murders doesn’t want the prosecution to find out any concrete evidence from any other source. Life in prison lasts a long time, so you can always count on a d-bag to rat out another d-bag when his own tail is on the line and his account becomes less valuable if the prosecution doesn’t need his story. Can’t risk the plea bargain going away. So it’s going to come out. And whoever killed Odin Lloyd and those other guys…will never breathe free air again.

  39. Billichick: Don’t tell me you took pictures of the scene.

    Hernandez: It’s okay, I used SnapChat…the images disappear permanently.

  40. The Pats run is over. Brady is washed-up and the game is passing BB by. Patsies fans are dreaming if they think Brady has more than a year or two left, last year he was sore-armed and avergae at best. And now they’re woefully thin at every skill position too. They’re an 8-9 win team at best, if that.

  41. Bruce G. Owens Jr says: Jul 14, 2014 5:39 PM

    Looks like Bill is is writing the rules again to suit himself. Now here come all the Patriots fans saying “every coach does it” with absolutely no evidence to back it up. Does Belichick even know how not to cheat?

    Under Article 21, Section 2(a)(ii), players “are not permitted to participate in . . . group or individual meetings with coaches” before the start of the team’s official offseason training program.

    Any comment on Manning meeting with his OC Gase this summer? No, didn’t think so.

  42. FYI… I’m not so sure all the other coaches have 33 pages full of text message to their star T.E. all around the time he is committing two murders.

  43. Hernandez had shoulder surgery that offseason and was rehabbing fast enough that he took part in the minicamp. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is a major part of the context to 33 pages of texts.

  44. There’s always a ton of crap turned over by the government under discovery rules.
    It doesn’t mean anything in particular.

  45. All of you idiots posting prognostications of what’s in those texts, really ought to take more time reading the words in the article. Who acquired the texts as evidence?

    “…among the pieces of evidence turned over to Hernandez’s defense attorneys,…”

    Do you really think the defense team would retain evidence damning the accused?


  46. God you Pats haters are an angry bunch. Do you really think that BB would want to have a murderer on his team? Do you really think he wouldn’t have turned him in had he known about AH killing someone? Do you think BB would talk openly about it on a text if he had some type of knowledge? Of course you don’t, you just hate him, the Pats and everything associated with them.

  47. Only the Pats fans post here thinking its not suspect for their head coach to be texting over 33 pages worth to their star T.E. all around the time he’s committing 3 murders. Then calling out the other posters for lack of sympathy towards the victims families. A head coach that needs to be investigated and their hypocrite fans that need to show the victims families that they are more important than their football team.

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