The Giants are No. 18 in PFT’s preseason power rankings


The Giants have been a remarkably stable team since Tom Coughlin took over as their head coach in 2004, eschewing big moves in favor of staying the course and rarely responding to downturns with more than a shrug.

This offseason, though, the Giants went a different way. In the wake of their embarrassing 0-6 start and 7-9 record, the Giants spent the offseason as one of the biggest players on the free agent market. They also made a change at offensive coordinator, bringing in Ben McAdoo and the first major change in scheme of quarterback Eli Manning’s career, and parted ways with longtime stalwarts like Justin Tuck, David Diehl and Hakeem Nicks.

The result is a team that looks much different than the one that won the Super Bowl a few years ago and one that will need to come together quickly if they are going to bounce all the way back into a playoff spot. It’s an interesting attempt to rebuild and contend all at once, although it is one our panel thinks will ultimately leave the Giants out of the postseason for a third straight year.

Check out the preview and let us know what you think of the Giants’ chances this season.

21 responses to “The Giants are No. 18 in PFT’s preseason power rankings

  1. Wow…what are the odds that an impartial assessment of NFL teams would land both NY franchises next to each other…astounding!

  2. They brought in a bunch of mercenaries to give in one last shot in the Tom and Eli era. Won’t work. They have to do a much better job of drafting going forward.

  3. I agree these are a joke. The giants were horrible last year. Already have injuries in their secondary, lost Nicks, switch to a new offense, and will be better than last year???… Anyone have last years rankings to see how far off they were last year.

  4. I’m a big Giants fan. I like seeing people believe in the Giants but I don’t get this rank. The Giants already threw in the towel on 2014. They’ve lost every good player they had from the great shutdown duo of Corey Webster and Aaron Ross to my man Justin Tuck. I hope they get to at least 4 wins in 2015 but it will be tough.

  5. Justintuckrule you to acting like you’re a Giants fan because if you were you know that Webster is washed up. Throwing in the towel just be quiet, no the Giants aren’t.

  6. Has there been a more successful NFC team since say…2000? I count 3 trips to the super bowl and 2 championships.

  7. Frankly, where they are rated makes no difference to me what so ever. we all get crazy before things start to happen. Who cares what they”re rated. I”m interested to see how the new changes in roster affect the team play and how the new offensive coordinator prepares his offense. Remember one thing though, it’s not how you start the race, but it’s how you finish. That’s all that really matters…..isn’t it?

  8. The Giants won 7 out of the last 10 with the worst amount of injuries in the league, with the next closest team a distant 2nd. After a while, I couldn’t even name half of our starters on the O-line and our RB’s were castoffs from the depths of NFL free agency.

    I love this ranking – count the Giants out and we play our best football. As a diehard Giants fan, I wish they’d rank us 32nd every week…

  9. Most of the interesting news is from the Players,Coaches,Teams & Fans that are not even part of the preseason talk!
    Wait until about week four.

  10. For once, I do agree with this illogical character, the Giants are ranked way too high. I believe they were ranked at the bottom 10 when they won their last two SBs. As always, and I’m sure illogical will agree, the skins should be top 5 and ranked way higher than the Giants. Big Blue should be 25 at best to make another run this coming season.

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