Titus Young arrested again

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Titus Young, the former Lions receiver whose personal life has spiraled out of control over the last two years, has been arrested again.

Young was arrested on a felony charge of battery with serious bodily injury and is in custody in Los Angeles, USA Today reports. Young also faces four misdemeanor charges in connection with the same incident.

Young’s arrest came just a day before he was supposed to appear in court in Newport Beach, California, where he is facing felony burglary and assault charges stemming from an incident last year.

The 24-year-old Young has reportedly been receiving treatment, and his father has said he has a mental disorder.

The Lions took Young in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft. He showed some promise early on, catching 48 passes for 607 yards and six touchdowns as a rookie. But he clashed with coaches during his second season and was cut by the Lions early in 2013.

101 responses to “Titus Young arrested again

  1. Something is seriously wrong with this dude, needs some serious help, I hope he gets it before he winds up getting himself killed.

  2. Que the get help for Titus so he can be picked up by my team comments. This young man needs to forget about football and go to a quiet boring place, maybe read some.

  3. You know what? I don’t even want to read a single joke or sarcastic comment about this young man. He is so troubled, and something very bad is going to happen to him or someone else. Here’s praying that it doesn’t. SMH

  4. Josh Gordon and Titus Young driving across the country in a 82 sheep wagon to give a lady back her suitcase she left at the airport..

  5. Sad to see someone spiral out of control like this. I’ve seen this happen and my friend is no longer with us. Unless Titus gets some serious help, I imagine he is on a similar path.

  6. How does someone get arrested 4 times and is still walking the streets? Give me a break already this dude is a bum get him outta here

  7. What a shame. If he’s truly got a mental illness that causes him to be violent, why not have him committed so he doesn’t hurt anyone else? Or himself?

  8. “Young was also charged with four counts of battery of school, park or hospital property. Those counts are misdemeanors.”

    Sounds like maybe he had a freak out at his mental health program and trashed the place.

  9. this guy belongs in mental health facility, not jail.. get this guy some help before he kills someone

  10. Well, I guess in the week before camp starts, the guys gotta go out unleash all of their remaining demons. They never learn; we see it time after time. Wait until this next weekend…the last one before all the training camps start. It will be a record of arrests. This is the weekend where head coaches get no sleep. Yes, we’ll see it one more time in six weeks, when camp ends and the make the rosters. Some will throw it all away then.

  11. The unfortunate thing is that our society makes it so that one is no longer accountable for their actions. It is always blamed on someone else. I hear things like this where these people blame others during their childhood. The abuses they endured and so on. That is simply a bunch of crap. You get to a point in your life when you can make changes in how you future goes. How you don’t want to become those who hurt you in the past. People like this guy shouldn’t be allowed in any sport. they need to lose it all. Lock’em up and throw away the key.

  12. This is just sad. If he brutally attacked someone, then I don’t have much sympathy for the guy, as that is inexcusable. But to see a young man flush his life down the toilet like this is horrible. Usually I mock these guys, but I’ll refrain this time. There’s something seriously wrong with Titus, and I hope he gets serious help before he or someone else loses their life.

  13. There are no proper mental health facilities. It’s the elephant in the room. We only have jails, and they’re full.

  14. Another solid draft pick at WR for the lions. Just another felon. This man needs to be locked up for a long time. He will have some p.o.s. Attorney that blames his behavior on concussions. His attorney then should be required to do the same amount of time for using a lame excuse that may get his client off.

  15. I guess speeding tickets (what Josh Gordons law run ins were for) is just a gateway to being a nut case like this guy.

    In other words if you’re comparing the two, there is something seriously wrong with you.

  16. And here, I’m afraid to leave the toilet seat up in fear of my wife saying something to me about it. Titus, I bet if you lived with her, you’d straighten your act up.

  17. This is how innocent people get killed. This guy is clearly psychotic and needs to be on max lockdown, whether that be in prison or a mental ward. 24/7 guard by men with guns. Nothing less.

    Does somebody have to die before he is taken out of circulation? Enough already.

  18. Poor guy, I wish him well!

    Now if some of my fellow fans would get some help and stop claiming to be a force in the NFC North, that would be great.

    Just because we swept the Bears doesn’t mean anything. The Bears have kicked our butts for years, lets win the division 1st and move on from there. Minnesota has better chance at winning the division then our Lions!

  19. There’s one thing I just don’t get: If this guy is always getting arrested…how is he always getting arrested?

    i.e. When you get arrested, don’t you get put in jail?

  20. Golden Tate and big mouth rookie Eborn kid are not gonna make a big difference for the Lions. Tate is heavily, heavily overrated. He’s not Jordy, he’s not Alshon. He is slightly better than Cordell Patterson.

    Their fans think they are going to make a difference, but they haven’t been in touch with reality since the 50’s.

    Lions finish 3rd or 4th in the division. 2nd, if and only if Green Bay or Bears flop big time.

    Everyone knows that the Bears and Packers have the best chance at winning the NFCN.

  21. This kid should be DONE. No more chances for him, and I don’t want to hear “he’s sick” or “he’s disadvantaged” or any of that crap.
    He made poor choices after weighing the pros/con of each choice. There are too many deserving young players out there who should take his roster spot.
    Young should rue the consequences of his choices, either jail or he takes his place amongst the dregs of society.

  22. Why doesn’t HE or his PARENTS pay for psychiatric care for him? Why does everyone demand that a former employer cover those costs? Don’t blame the Lions or the NFL.
    Blame the kid himself and his parents for not helping him when he needed it.

  23. Man, Titus Young is a sad story. It’s a shame to see a young man with so much potential throw it away by getting mixed up in the wrong kind of lifestyle. I hope for his sake that he can switch the track he’s on.

  24. “Another solid draft pick at WR for the lions. Just another felon. This man needs to be locked up for a long time. He will have some p.o.s. Attorney that blames his behavior on concussions. His attorney then should be required to do the same amount of time for using a lame excuse that may get his client off.”

    That’s how the legal system works. You can just make affirmative defense claims with no proof and presto, you get away with violent felonies.

  25. This is no longer a story about an NFL player. Just merely another human being in need of some help.

  26. As much as I hate to say it, cause I am totally about personal responsibility and feel the Pharmaceutical companies have gone way overboard…

    Some people need to take their meds.

    No way somebody can be that stupid.


  27. Wasn’t there once a time when guys like this stayed locked up? He’s going to either kill somebody or get himself killed waiting on his many trials to take place.

  28. I hate to see people with special talents that get the chance to make a lot of money doing what they do, through it away, guess I am jealous because I don’t have the skills to do what they do, but wow most of them make more in a week than 90% of the people that wait their tables or cater their parties or mow their yard or drive them around, etc. etc. make in a year or 2 years. I hope he gets what he needs to not hurt people anymore, bad choices happen, but come on just look at what you threw away, with the God given talent you had ….a 6 year career would have let you party the rest of your life, and you just couldn’t see it

  29. Mental disorder? It’s called immaturity, selfishness and lack of respect for other people. But hey, why should he be responsible for his actions. Let’s just say he’s sick.

  30. Once you leave the NFL, you don’t exist anymore. Where can he get help that he would get if he was still in The League?

  31. Tutus, c’mon man. Seriously, I know my fare share of truly mentally Ill people. I can not name you 1 that manifests in this behavior. Please stay on your meds, try and get in on concussion suit, and get yo self some weed. Bingo, all good.

  32. He needs something. Jail will NOT help him, he will become completely worse in there.

  33. Mental disorder or not, Titus Young does NOT belong out in society. Lock him up in an institution or prison. Get him the help he needs before he’s allowed in society. He’s clearly danger to himself and others.

  34. Titus has serious health issues, at this point it’s not about football. It’s about getting this guy help he has his whole life in front of him praying for this man. People need to look at these athletes as human being first rather than athletes they are human and deal with everyday situations.

  35. Many serious mental health issues have an onset (first major symptoms appear) in a persons late teens or early twenties. People can mock Titus Young, but as a mental health professional, I can tell you that its likely he has a serious mental health issue. His behavior was/is so erratic that a bi-poilar manic episode or signs of paranoid schizophrenia seem likely. Either way, I don’t think this is another case of a player being an idiot and simply making bad decisions. This SEEMS to be a warning sign of a serious mental health problem. I hope for his sake, and for the public at large, the people around him and the courts see it for what it is. I’d love to see him back on the field some day. He’s got some talent. Now he needs some professional mental health help.

  36. Chicago fan here. Sincerely hope he gets better. As much as I dislike the Lions I’d rather he turn into the next Jordy Nelson who beats my team twice a year than a talented young man who loses his life way too soon.

  37. Look at Titus Young’s interviews from just a couple years ago. He was a well spoken and promising kid. It is sad and unfortunate this has happened. I dont think many saw this coming

  38. canetic says:

    canetic says:
    Jul 14, 2014 8:14 PM

    Your move, Josh Gordon.
    676 thumbs up vs. 28 down. 96%, really. Comparing a guy who likes weed to his financial detriment to a guy with serious mental illness? I hope this reaction to the first post was just a lot of knee jerk bs.

  39. For those who are unaware (and judging by some of these posts there are many of you), the mental health system as a whole in this country is woefully inadequate and ill equipped to deal with people like Titus Young.

    This country is full of people like Titus Young that you never hear about. The mental health system is not equipped or in many cases allowed (you cannot just force someone to take their meds) to deal with them effectively so they end up breaking the law and becoming the criminal justice system’s problem.

    His football playing days are over. What he needs is a strong support system to help him want to help himself and to get the proper care. Unfortunately, what he seems likely to get at this point is a jail term that will do nothing to help or rehabilitate him.

    Praying for you, Titus.

  40. “Dude needs serious help. No way this started after he pro. You feeling me Boise State!”

    Young was frequently in trouble during his time at Boise State. He frequently missed workouts and argued with coaches. He was forced to sit out the first quarter of the 2007 Hawai’i Bowl for an undisclosed violation of team rules.

    On October 11, 2008, Broncos coach Chris Petersen suspended Young for at least three games, again for an undisclosed violation of team rules. Two weeks later, Petersen extended the suspension indefinitely; in Petersen’s words, Young and the Broncos “just need some time apart.” He didn’t play again for the rest the season.

    Few colleges set the bar of responsibility higher than Boise State, and few are as willing to hurt the team to help the student. Coach Peterson (with Washington now) has always put players education and personal growth at a premium.

    Sadly, some people you just can’t help.

  41. He has a mental health issue and pretty obviously needs to get some professional help. No team is liable because he hasn’t been on a roster in a long time. State governments don’t have the funding to be able to offer these services to the needy. Most are broke. It appears that Titus is just good for a headline each time he screws up.
    The NFL is just focused on maximizing the owners’ profits and now most are billionaires. There appears to be no mechanism to help the guys who lose their way. Titus is still probably in his mid 20’s but his future without any help appears to be either jail or death. Nobody appears to give a damn.
    The sad thing is that many mental health issues can be successfully treated by taking a daily tablet.

  42. “this guy belongs in mental health facility, not jail.. get this guy some help before he kills someone”

    Actual, Prison is my bet. The guy didn’t have a violation, he has multiple violent felony’s.

  43. norcalmafia says:
    Jul 14, 2014 8:22 PM

    Josh Gordon and Titus Young driving across the country in a 82 sheep wagon to give a lady back her suitcase she left at the airport..


    This might be one of the greatest posts ever!

  44. So sad. This kid had so much talent. He burned Richard Sherman for a 46 yard TD one time and just ran right past him. I hope he gets some help before he or someone else gets seriously hurt.

  45. To the first poster…you can’t even compare Titus Young to Josh Gordon.

    Titus Young – Burglarizing and beating the crap out of people

    Josh Gordon – Doing what everyone else on the planet has done before

  46. @ugadogs21 says: Jul 14, 2014 8:24 PM

    Dude needs serious help No way this started after he pro. You feeling me Boise State!
    Actually this happens to young men between the ages of 14 and 24, so it could have began anytime, no one is at fault. Sometimes it lies dormant and then something triggers it.
    My youngest son suffers from the same condition and no one saw the break coming. He was a good student with a 3.7 gpa and was an above average high school Basketball player and then one day he snapped.
    So count your blessing and pray that it doesn’t happen to your family.

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