Whitehurst says Locker is “primed to have a heck of a season”


Titans quarterback Charlie Whitehurst was signed this year not only to back up starter Jake Locker, but also to help teach Locker the offensive system of new coach Ken Whisenhunt, whom Whitehurst played for last year in San Diego. Whitehurst thinks Locker is going to look great in this offense.

Whitehurst told the Tennessean that he expects Locker to look better than he has before.

“Part of my job this year is to help guys in the new offense,” Whitehurst said. “At the backup quarterback spot, you have to be ready to play if called upon and that is my first priority. I have been doing my best to help Jake and he has helped me in this process. We’re helping each other. I think he is primed to have a heck of a season, and if need be, I’ll be ready to play.”

This is a make-or-break season for Locker, who is heading into the final season of his contract. If he looks as good as Whisenhunt thinks he will, Locker will get a lucrative contract in Tennessee or somewhere else next year. If not, this may be the last time Locker enters a season as an NFL starter.

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  1. The Titans will forever be cursed for passing on the great, Future Hall of Famer Teddy Bridgewater.

    While the Minnesota Vikings will flourish with their new QB and have multiple winning seasons and lombardi trophy’s in the next decade.

    The Titans will struggle with Locker who can’t stay healthy.

  2. “The rest of my job is to stand here, holding this clip-board, looking like our Savior…”

  3. When your plan is to have CHARLIE WHITEHURST ‘teach’ your starting QB, you know you’ve got football genius ‘the Whiz’ as your head coach. 3-13.

  4. Charlie Whitehurst went 12 of 30 for 97 yard with an INT against a terrible Browns team in 2011 and lost 3-6. If need be, sign somebody off the street.

  5. this is, obviously, very subjective– a “heck of a season” in Charlie’s mind is not what most would consider a “heck of a season”

  6. Look forward to seeing how Locker responds now that he’s under an NFL-caliber coaching staff for the first time.

  7. What only Charlie Whitehurt, myself, & a few individuals in the Titans organization with “need to know” access found out, is that Locker completed the process of becoming a vampire this offseason so that he heals instantly from injury. However, he did not take into account that 15/16 games will be played in the daylight. Doh!

  8. Jake is going to shock a lot of people this year. With a sturdier front line he will have more time to pick apart defenses and hopefully not take too many hits. A lot of people forgot how good he was playing at the begining of last years season.

  9. The three injuries Locker has had in last two seasons were all freak injuries, not the kind that linger and reoccur. There is no reseason to believe it will happen again and no reason to believe a healthy Jake won’t pick up where healthy Jake left off last year. #TitanUp

  10. “I’m the Whizz, nobody BEATS ME”-Seinfeld

    Coach Whizz will be beaten by just about everyone until he can find a suitable quarterback. I for one actually thought Locker would be very good in the NFL, but it has not happened. Remember when draftnicks thought he would go #1 over-all? That would have been dreadful.

  11. I agree with Whitehurst. He has a lot of experience watching talented QB’s play in front of him, he knows what he is talking about.

  12. I think Bishop Sankey will help out a lot, at least we don’t have “dancing with the stars” CJ back there dancing anymore. And with having a decent offensive line, along with Justin Hunter taking a big leap this yr, to go with our very dependable N.Washington, and K.Wright it could b a very good yr…..

  13. Locker has looked like a decent QB with upside whenever he has been healthy. He just hasn’t been able to stay healthy. There is potential there, especially since that division isn’t especially strong.

  14. What is up with these backup quarterbacks and quarterbacks who should be a backup ( Henne) speaking like all knowing gurus. Don’t they realize there is a reason they are backups and spend their careers holding a clip board…they aren’t that good. Scary to think Clip Board Jesus is starting to become the voice of the NFL…yes the guy who makes up a story he lost a arm wrestling match to a kicker for the heck of it…weird

  15. Locker is a very good quarterback. What he isn’t. is durable. Put some muscle on this kid and he’ll be just fine. Otherwise, he’ll break early and often.

    Teddy Bridgewater is going to be a bust. Remember his pro day? When he missed all his targets? Yeah, hate to break it to you but that the TB your going to get. Locker doesn’t suck, did you see his record before he got hurt last year?? I think Whitehurst is right, Lockers going to have a break out year and is going to get paid big money next year. Last year the Titans did ok, they went 7-9 with Pickspatrick!!! Dude was throwing ints left and right!!! And they still managed to do ok. With Locker at the helm all your people are going to be real surprised. Look out for Sankey too!!!!

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