Alleged victim of assault says he’ll sue the Pouncey twins

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The man who has accused the Pouncey twins of assaulting him plans to go on the assault himself.

According to NBC 6 in Miami, 24-year-old Riquan James (who had identified himself in online posts as Ricky Vasquez) has announced plans to sue the Pounceys for injuries allegedly inflicted at the Cameo Nightclub on Saturday.  Steelers center Maurkice and Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, who were celebrating their 25th birthday at the club, allegedly taunted James.

“From there, somebody grabbed me and I got hit,” James told NBC 6.  “Somebody lifted me up and dragged me out of the club.  I was being beat up, I was getting punched and kicked.  A bottle hit me.”

Via NBC 6, James has alleged on social media that he was punched, that he has a chipped tooth, and that he suffered a cut that was closed with 10 stitches.  James also contends that the Pounceys used gay slurs.

We’d heard in the aftermath of the initial allegations that the preliminary evidence suggested that the Pounceys did not assault James.  Of course, that may not matter when the time comes to  pull the lever on the litigation slot machine.

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  1. I still can’t believe that this guy only got 10 stitches after apparently getting assaulted by over 12-feet and 600 lbs of Pouncey + 4 bouncers at Cameo in South Beach.

    Clearly these are millionaires at a club in SoBe who I’m positive were in a roped off area in VIP.

    How does this not sound like a money grab to everyone?

  2. Only 10 stitches after getting assaulted by 2 Pro Bowl centers and 4 bouncers at an extremely popular club in the heart of South Beach?

    This lie is almost as laughable as anyone who believes that the guy who is really named RIQUAN JAMES can go by RICKY VAZQUEZ.

    M O N E Y + G R A B

  3. I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t them. We have yet to hear either of the Pouncey’s deny any wrongdoing. Plus their character has already been proven to us. Sorry PFT, but I think your “source” could be wrong about this one.

  4. You know it is a money grab when the guy posts on social media everything about everything that happened and what he is going to do. If it were me getting beat up by a bunch of giants (or anyone) I would keep that stuff on the low-low. Why show your hole cards to the world? Yeppers, money grab.

  5. There will only be security footage if the plaintiff is lying. I lived in Vegas for 8 years and have seen some pretty wierd things happen without consequences in clubs. If the club doesnt protect VIPs, they don’t get VIPs anymore.

  6. Good luck getting the club to release any security footage.. they are under Zero obligation as this is a civil case. And only by court order would they have to release anything even if this were a police case.

    Not to say they wouldn’t or haven’t, but they don’t have to.

    However, if the tape shows the Poucy’s as not being directly involved, then I’m sure it will come out.

    As a club owner, you don’t bite the hands of the big spenders.


  7. .
    Now that we have the judgement portion completed, let’s quickly examine a few facts about the incident..

  8. “Somebody” assaulted this guy…if this is the case then he has no idea who assulted him, and not only should police reports be referenced, but hospital reports as well…only reason “somebody” would be the Pounceys is because after BullyGate Mike Pouncey is ripe for all sorts of allegations true and certainly false and after the Hernandez hat BS both are…and, oh yeah, both are rich…Hmmmmmmm….. Finally, why would a guy who just had hip surgery and a guy coming off surgery for a 2013 injured reserve injury get involved in injuring someone else? And didn’t Mike Pouncey say he didn’t get involved?

  9. It’s really unclear as to exactly what happened from anything reported so far. Maybe the parties should agree on 3 settlement numbers, one very low, one medium, and a very high number. Then spin the wheel and let fate decide and cut the lawyers out of the action. I’ll tell you what, since I’m an unbiased 3rd party (other than stories of assault really piss me off), I’ll build the wheel and monitor that the spin is fair and random, and I just take 1/6 plus expenses for materials, labor, and security detail just in case.

  10. @aomethinghappeninghere
    exactly my thoughts too. somebody means if this happened this guy would know exactly who assaulted him but he doesn’t. LIES is all he has

  11. yet another regular joe who has dollar signs in his eyes. see’s a bunch of millionairs and will do what he can to get money.

    funny how so many people deliver a verdict before they are even guilty of anything. good ol’ america.

  12. Why are so many of you people hung up on the number of stitches this guy got? You can get your butt kicked and not have any stitches. Is there some rule that says if six 200 lb. men beat you up you have to have a certain number of stitches?

  13. so the consensus here is the pouncy twins are idiots (as if they are the only idiot’s in the nfl) yet everyone here would love to have them on thier favorite teams.

  14. Of course he’s suing, that’s what this whole thing was about in the first place. I’ve got to believe that if there were evidence to support the allegation, charges would have been filed by now. And yes, Mike made a statement that he had no involvement in the incident, of course, that doesn’t make the news.

  15. Mike and Maurkice are the victims here. This is a likely extortion attempt and I have a hunch his attorney is seeking to negotiate. Hopefully the truth will come out.

  16. Pouncey #2 is like the icing on the cake for Dolphin fans. The cake of course is made out of 14 years of total crap.

  17. coltzfan166, mike showed his character during bullygate, but the free Hernandez thing was made out a bigger deal then needed. Yes it looks like he is guilty but there is nothing wrong with supporting a friend or family member. I highly doubt if more info was out they would’ve done the hat stunt.

  18. jshawaii22 says: Jul 15, 2014 4:45 PM

    Good luck getting the club to release any security footage.. they are under Zero obligation as this is a civil case.


    um, this is exactly opposite of how the law actually works. subpoenas are issued in civil lawsuits around this country on a near constant basis. a subpoena is a court order to testify, or to produce evidence described. a failure to comply with a subpoena can result in criminal sanctions. our legal system literally could not operate without this feature.

  19. jshawaii22 says: Jul 15, 2014 4:45 PM

    Good luck getting the club to release any security footage.. they are under Zero obligation as this is a civil case.

    Said the non-lawyer who knows nothing about civil litigation and opened his mouth to prove it.

  20. Cameo is an old theatre with an extensive and modern security system,
    But… In this day of WSHH, cell phones and social media why is there no footage of this from the public?
    You mean to tell me that on the corner of Washington Ave, at a high profile event, at a popular SoBe club that no cell phones we’re being used for texting, calls or selfies to quickly capture a fight between 600 lbs of NFL Pro Bowl types and an apparently not so discreet defendant.
    I’m sure there was shouting and a scene was made.

    No matter what you think of the Pounceys this is purely about one thing.

  21. so the consensus here is the pouncy twins are idiots (as if they are the only idiot’s in the nfl) yet everyone here would love to have them on thier favorite teams.

    No, I can honestly say I would not like to have either on my favorite team. So, I guess you may be in their “idiot” club huh?

    Go Hawks

  22. Doesn’t matter how this issue ends. It’s only a matter of time before those two idiots get in trouble for something else. Tick tock……

  23. What have these two guy ever done that you would be proud to have your son do, besides helping you retire with all their money. Go Riquan or Vasquez, or whatever your name is.

  24. For the Colts fan – You say you’re not convinced that the Pouncey twins didn’t beat a man because they haven’t said so publicly? What a clown you are. Neither was named in the police report because neither had a hand in the assault. Only one Pouncey has questionable morals-do some fact checking or, well or continue being an internet clown.

  25. This ‘who am I ? Where am I ?’ Chipped tooth drunk doesn’t merit attention. On the other hand, Maurkice Pouncey has proven himself a leader among his teammates and has earned the respect of Steelers. Another pro bowl ahead for Maurkice, another name change (most likely a number) awaits the chipped tooth drunk.

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