Greg Hardy accuser: He “told me he was going to kill me”

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Panthers franchise-tagged defensive end Greg Hardy was described by his accuser as controlling and violent, during his trial on assault charges.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, accuser Nicole Holder offered some startling details while on the stand Tuesday afternoon.

“When he let go of me . . . [h]e got on top of me and strangled me,” she said. “He looked into my eyes and told me he was going to kill me.”

She also described him slamming her into a wall, ripping a necklace off her and throwing it into a toilet, and saying during the course of the alleged attack she thought “at that point I accepted I was going to die.”

Voth’s timeline is full of more testimony from the trial, much of it salacious. (And we haven’t even gotten to the cross-examination.)

She had previously accused him of throwing her onto a bed full of guns.

The Panthers tagged Hardy prior to the accusations, but weren’t particularly inclined to sign him to a long-term deal prior to today’s deadline.

With more than 20 percent of their salary cap wrapped up in defensive ends with Hardy and Charles Johnson, the Panthers will have some expensive decisions to make in the future, but they’re not making any at the moment.

Tuesday’s testimony isn’t going to help his case, either.

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  1. Well, in all honesty, she can literally say anything she wants… doesn’t make it true. I just hope there are real facts and evidence to justify whatever ends up being the verdict. Can’t stand the he said/she said stuff that actually has an effect on the outcome of things like this…

  2. Maybe these teams should start shying away from offering so much guaranteed money upfront. There seems to be a lot of buyer’s remorse going on in this league. Every year it’s another pair of piles of players and teams that are very upset about some of these deals. If only there was a better compensation system that worked for the benefit of those that deserve financial rewards at the expense of those that do not yet still scoop it up.

  3. Lucky he doesn’t play for Jim Harbaugh, who says that laying a hand on a woman is the one thing he won’t forgive a player for. Well, except for Perrish Cox, Chris Cook, Eric Wright, Carlos Hyde…….

  4. I love pro football like no other sport. But there is no way in hell I would want my daughter to EVER date or marry an NFL player.

  5. He’s a big man. If she “accepted [she] was going to die” I’d imagine there’d be some pretty horrific pictures of hand prints on her neck, and bruising throughout her body from being “thrown onto a bed of guns” and “slammed” into a wall. Read a lot on this issue here on PFT and have yet to hear of such picture evidence.

  6. All I could hear when I read this post, is those cows from The View running their yaps about how “there is no reason to ever hit a woman!”

    Like comedian Bill Burr says; “No reason? I agree you shouldn’t do it but no reason? have you ever met a woman before? I can think of 10 reasons right off the top of my head right now!”

  7. Could be true however with a certain lady finally admitting that her rape charges against a certain musician were false, and many many many many other either celebrity or local or personal cases I know of where women straight out lied about violence/abuse, know of some that beat their self up. I’m going to wait for more evidence.

    I mean it could be true. She could also be a woman scorned. Also her resume is akin to a Kardashian, jumps from famous guy to famous guy. It is what it is but a shame that serious situations can’t be taken at face value because of manipulative people.

  8. This girl got mad because he had an after party with other chicks at his crib. And she wasn’t invited. She barged her way in and went after him. If Hardy were to have layed a hand on her, she would’ve been bruised up and battered. Especially if he threw her onto a bed of guns. She had no marks on her. The 911 calls you can hear Hardy telling her to leave and leave him alone. She is a woman scorned. She goes after athletes and celebrities. She is a big reason when a woman really gets beaten, many people don’t believe it.

  9. thestrategyexpert

    He does not have a long term deal. Sign 1 year franchise tag.

    Two other note. 1. If he’s found guilty Jerry Richardson will send him packing. JR has a history of showing a very low tolerance for these actions. 2. From what I’ve read sounds like her story…is just that a “story” not based on fact. Here’s the 911 call
    In a recorded 911 call, Hardy can be heard asking for them to help remove the woman from his home.

    “My friend brought a girl home. She won’t get out. We’re trying to get her out of my house,” he told operators. “She keeps running back in every time. My neighbor outside just witnessed everything.”

    “She’s trying to hit me with her heel. She’s trying to hit me with a shoe.”

    Hardy then yells and cusses, saying she just broke some glass inside the apartment.

    “She’s trying to hit me with another shoe, I’m behind the bar. I’m not touching her, my manager is restraining her,” he said.

    “She won’t let me close the door and I can’t touch her to get her out. She’s literally kicking and scratching. She’s hit me in the face twice and I’m trying to stay away from her. Can you please send somebody too help me?”

    Hardy can then be heard saying “don’t let her go, don’t let her go.”

    He tells the 911 operator that he doesn’t need medic, saying she’s hit him in the face, but he’s not bleeding, but he’s a little swollen.”

    Hardy can then be heard yelling to someone in the apartment that “you shouldn’t have hit me, you shouldn’t have hit me.”

    At least one woman can be heard yelling in the background of the 911 call.

    “She’s refusing to leave, she told me to break her arm when I asked her to leave,” Hardy said. “What should I do? Should I leave? What should I do? She’s like, she’s very crazy.”

    The operator asks Hardy where he is and Hardy says he’s inside the apartment and the woman is standing at the door and won’t let him leave.

    He says they had been trying to get the woman to leave for an hour.

    “I’ve asked her to leave a thousand times and she hit me in the face, twice. I’m trying to walk around her, I can’t walk through my kitchen, there’s glass. She broke glass.”

    That’s when emergency officials asked if there has been any drug use.

    “I think she’s on coke or something,” Hardy said. “I don’t know, I don’t know. She’s been drinking, I don’t know what she’s on man. She’s….She will not stop coming at me, bro.”

    The public police report lists alcohol as an “incapacity” for the victim, but does not mention alcohol for Hardy.

    There appears to be about 40-seconds of confusion when the 911 operator asks if there were any weapons involved. Hardy keeps responding with who else was there and witnessed the incident.

    “No, she keeps swinging her fists and her heels,” Hardy can be heard saying. “I have one of her heels now. She’s trying to fight my manager.”

    “She’s trying to come at me bro, don’t let her do it bro,” Hardy said. “Please hurry.”

  10. All the idiots on commenting on here taking up fo him smh. Yeah it would be so shocking if a pro athlete did something like this. It’s never happened before.

  11. So I did some research and Hardy called 911 first to report her…I never condone domestic violence, but why would he ask the police to come retrain her, if he was at fault?

  12. Not guilty. Another crazy chica on a smash and grab trying to make life difficult for a ball player who wanted no more to do with her. He listened to Dr. Dre. You can’t make a hoe a housewife. All the evidence supports his story and the pictures and descriptions of her “sustained injuries” reads more like a list of marks a 6’4″ 290 pound man would leave on a woman for trying to restrain her, as an aggressor. If I can see it, the justice system shouldn’t have a hard time.

    Nicole Holder skipped her court date to obtain her protection order… How afraid for her life was she? In cross examination the defense attorney asked outright if she was thrown against a wall or choked, asked the defendant to rise and then showed the photos. You do the math. Was he trying to hurt her or restrain her? Hmmm…. anyways. On to the next PC witch hunt. Women are pretty unscrupulous sometimes too.

  13. Panthers fans should look at the bright side of this. If he is out of football for a while, at least the Panthers biggest hole is no longer at WR.

  14. First off, this is the first I’ve heard about this story so all I know about it is this article.

    Secondly, the accuser had me until I read “She had previously accused him of throwing her onto a bed full of guns.”

    A “bed full of guns”?!?! That just sounds like BS….

  15. alexb1234 – the other background you need to know is that the accuser’s occupation is Professional Celebrity Girlfriend. She dated Hardy for a little while, then she started dating Nelly, who owns a small piece of the Charlotte Hornets. Then she came back looking for Hardy, who had moved on. She is one of those women who just wants to be the girlfriend/wife of someone rich & famous, so she can be rich & famous, and never have to stoop to the level of actually working for a living. Her story about the violent encounter with Hardy has changed twice already, and she didn’t even bother to show up at the first court hearing.

    Now, Hardy throwing a necklace down the toilet? I want his autograph for that. What better way to deal with a gold-digger than to flush away some of her gold?

  16. Sounds like a woman trying to get paid if those reporting on the 911 call are giving accurate descriptions. Women are just as big of liars as some of these athletes. Considering what happened to Brian Banks let’s let the truth reveal itself. Sounds like she is a wack

  17. it never fails – woman gets brutalized and guys immediately start blaming the woman. yeah she must be lying because the dude is good at sports. oh no, she’s dated other athletes? wow she must really be lying, or deserved it, or whatever form your distrust of women takes this time . . .

  18. I am an annoying Hawks and Ducks fan and I am trolling. That being said, if I was fearful for my life and someone threw me on a bed full of guns…. Well lets just say I would no longer have any fear.

  19. “she’s standing at the door and won’t let me leave”

    Ever heard of a swim-move? Perhaps an inside spin move?

    I mean, i’m no DE but I would like your chances of jailbreaking through a 130lb skank.
    He made her sound like prime Anthony Munoz.


  20. Marry her tonight! Nah, just kidding. He was just working on his “bull rush move”. Too soon …?

    Really, I hope she’s OK and that Hardy has learned a valuable lesson and gets treatment based on innocence or guilt and not public opinion.

    Domestic issues will always happen.

  21. So when are we going to get this 911 call entered into evidence where Hardy called for someone to come get his crazy girlfriend who was attacking him so we can dismiss this trial. Hate women who make up these kinds of allegations because it hurts the ones who actually get abused.

  22. Ray Rice is watching the suspension here closely… Whatever happens one would think Rice would get far less time to think about it than Hardy…

  23. Always be skeptical of these women and what they say…most of them just want a giant pay day just like the athlete does. Remember: duke lacrosse.

  24. Beating anyone man,woman or child is a bad juju unless your life is in jeopardy, but everyone,man woman or child will need a slap upside the head at some point(s) in their lives. Pain is a great educator. So no I don’t believe in beating women, but just like a dude, they too may need a smack in the chops to get them to get off of you. Women are equipped for violence more than men are. Yep,we have more strength, but they come with built in claws, fangs, berserker fury, deviousness, quickness, uncanny leaping ability and always have a weapon…shoes,finger nail files, pepper spray. This is especially so in the world of the hoodrat/groupie.

  25. “Scam’s lawyers can get him off and rebrand him as “model citizen”.

    That comment by a poster here shows an incredible lack of understanding of what is the biggest difference between the USA and all those countries we wouldn’t want to live in.

    Our legal system REQUIRES lawyers give their clients a vigorous defense. To those who can’t grasp that like the above poster, lawyers don’t accept only cases where THEY think the client is guilty or innocent and thank God that’s the case. Otherwise there would be no need for trials, judges or juries. Calling lawyers “scam” is both juvenile and silly. And for the record I’m not a lawyer but just like the poster if I needed one I would expect a rigorous defense.

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