Greg Hardy found guilty of assaulting girlfriend

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Greg Hardy didn’t get a contract today, but he did get a conviction.

According Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Hardy was found guilty on both counts of assault on a female and communicating threats.

Judge Becky Thorne Tin sided with the testimony provided by Hardy’s accuser during the 10-hour trial, even though Nicole Holder admitted cocaine use the night of the incident.

He was given a 60-day suspended sentence, and 18 months of probation. He’ll appeal to get to a jury trial.

The Panthers defensive end will be subject to punishment from the league under the personal conduct policy.

The Panthers used the franchise tag on him, and are hooked to his $13.1 million salary. But they obviously weren’t working on a long-term extension prior to today’s deadline, since agent Drew Rosenhaus sat with Hardy throughout the day’s proceedings.

75 responses to “Greg Hardy found guilty of assaulting girlfriend

  1. Wow..big piece of Carolinas defense is gonna be may be the root of all evil but these women can be just as much trouble..

  2. Greg hardy you are joined at the hip with Ray “uppercut” Rice. Time either applaud the league or expose the hypocrisy

  3. Too much money, not enough edjumukashun.

    Maybe the NFL should create a penal league. Seems like half their talent will be there soon anyway.

  4. The song remains the same. Sigh. Hey Goodell, instead of spending every waking hour worrying about how to spend your 60 Billion in revenue sharing, getting a team in London and squeezing Wembly for every penny, and pushing back the draft and extorting cities to bid on the next one, look at your league. Murder and guns and drugs and beatings and it’s not just your players. Indy and Denver can attest. Talk is cheap Roger. This goes for you too NFLPA.

  5. Greg, I have an idea stop doing drugs and drinking excessively. Get back to football and take a hard look at yourself.

    I love your football skills, but those of us here in the Carolinas knows you are out of control.

  6. why on earth if you have the cash to work the system to full effect, would you ever take a bench trial in a criminal case?

  7. Athletes these days they either beat people up like hardy drugs like gordon or Roids like Adrian Peterson good think the raiders no the real way to play football and take care of themselves.
    Khalil Mack> Barr and clowney

  8. Panthers were so content to just make it to the playoffs… They didn’t seem to mind losing…

    There is a losing is acceptable mentality in Carolina… Probably a fun locker room to be a part of, but with or without this roid Rager, they will LOSE

  9. Absolutely ridiculous. Assuming the tweets from the people in the courtroom weren’t fictionalized, there is no way a coke head who claimed her weed magically flew out of her car with nothing but a few bruises (which were not confirmed at the site of the incident, but appeared later…) to show for a supposed physical altercation with a ~290lbs NFL player is more credible than pretty much every other piece of evidence that has been made public so far.

  10. I wonder what the Panthers’ options are regarding the tag. Is it too late to drop it and make him a free agent?

    He’s not going to lay for at LEAST the first 4 weeks of the season.

  11. Well fortunately for the team they didn’t gave to his request for a “crapload of money” as he put it a few months ago, cause then there would have been a high risk of more NFL Financial Shrinkage. It’s a real problem lately with how diluted the monies are for those that are part of the league and playing by all the rules. That’s too bad for everybody associated with the NFL except for those that get in trouble since they don’t have to take an unjustified extra financial hit. Oh well, maybe next CBA things can get worked out.

  12. No respect for this man. Completely different than ray rice who wasn’t found guilty and was being assaulted and hit a girl already drunk which contributed to the easy KO. Not condoning it just saying.

  13. As long as he is not going to jail, who cares? Kony Early will hold down the fort till his weak NFL suspension is over. Then it is “release the Kracken time”. Watch out NFC South! Kracken will be angry.

  14. Also, assuming he plays in 2014, will his prime-time intro take into account his new digs?

    “Kraken, Hogwarts….and Mecklenberg County Correctional Facility”

  15. Now that he has been officially convicted, regardless as to whether he appeals the ruling or not ( Hardy appealing the verdict after beating that poor girl n making her fear for her life instead of taking his medicine like a man & apologize to her just shows what a self centered Coward he truly is. Scum bag) He will be getting a lengthy suspension handed down by the commissioner. The NFL, especially Rodger Goodell, takes violent crimes like this against women extremely serious . Hardy at minimum will miss 8 games suspended this year.

    I think the Panthers are in for a significant regression this season. Carolinas secondary is considerably weaker this season & to top it off they will be without their
    Top pass rushing OLB as well as a few others. Hardy being an elite pass rusher significantly helped mask weaknesses in the Panthers secondary, with a unit significantly downgraded now add losing Hardy, thats gonna be tough on their pass defense.

    Carolinas offensive line is going to be very bad this year. They are counting on undrafted guys to replace Pro-Bowl left tackle Jordan Gross. Newtons blind side is goimg to leak badly, the unit as a whole is below average thks year. All of Newtons wide receivers are gone replaced by aging veterans who arent to good n e more, and definitely arent #1 or even #2WRs. Kelvin Benjamin eventually could be a #1 or #2, but he is the ultimate boom or bust prospect whos NFL game considerable development. Newton only has one receiver he knows he can trust fully and thats TE Greg Olson. Carolinas GM needed to get his inherited cap situation in order, which plays a fairly big role in the Panthers losing players but next year they will be in good shape, able to sign good FA pass catchers n of course draft em as well. The 2014 Panthers are going to be a 7-8 win tea, this season though, bank on it.

  16. Here is the chance to learn a lesson Greg, nobody cares the level of football player you are, never hurt the woman we are so lucky to share this world with, grow up dude!

  17. Assault = present threat to commit an immediate battery. (assault is only a threat).

    Battery = an unlawful or offensive touching.

    So, it sounds like he both assaulted (“I will kill you”) and battered (slammed her against the wall, etc.) her.

    Nice guy.

  18. Oh don’t worry he’s getting punished Jolly Roger will see to that. On another note how’s Irsays punishment coming along?

  19. He and Ray Rice should both be suspended without pay for the full season. It’s well past time for the NFL to take a hard line against violent criminals.

  20. And i am sure he will be on the field this year at some point. Yet a crazy old man has a multi billion dollar sports team taken a way from him because he made fun of people in an insensitive way.

  21. Sign me up for this guys public stoning! Seriously??? Let’s toot some rails and beat on women!!
    I wonder who will play QB for the prison squad, Adam Sandler or Burt Reynolds!
    We have this guy, ray rice @ running back, Chris Cook @ DB and Hernandez is a killer Tight End!!!! Sweet nelly

  22. I’m completely with Hardy on this. The verdict is garbage. This is all about a woman who wants to go to bed with celebrities and never have to work. Her lawyer started talking lawsuit before the courtroom was even empty. Some photos of her have finally surfaced. She is in pristine condition. There is no way on Earth that Hardy could have done what he said he did to her without her being seriously hurt. If he did everything she said he did, there would be very obvious physical signs even 2 months after the fight. This bogus verdict will get overturned.

  23. obamareallysucks says:
    Jul 16, 2014 7:23 AM
    Blacks are so evil
    And all whites are serial killers!

  24. The level of ignorance in these comments is staggering. Have any of you saying “he tried to kill her” “slammed her against a wall” “beat her” etc even followed the situation at all? Every shred of evidence presented painted a picture of a coked out psycho flipping out in his house and he and the others there trying to remove her from the premises. No beating, no battery, the only possible thing that could stick is assault in the form of he may have been yelling stupid stuff at her. There was absolutely zero evidence that he touched her in any capacity. She did more damage to him with her shoe than he or anyone there did to her.

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