Malcom Floyd has “no doubts” about his health


The last time Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd played in a game, he was carted off the field with a neck injury that would end his season.

There were questions about whether it would also end his career, a fear that was put to rest this offseason when Floyd was able to return to the field for spring workouts. Floyd experienced no setbacks during those practices, which is a good sign mitigated by the lack of hitting during those workouts. Floyd isn’t worried that things will play out differently once contact is back on the table.

“I’m confident right now,” Floyd said, via U-T San Diego. “I don’t have any doubts in my mind right now. It was just a fluke event.”

Floyd is a success story just for returning from such a severe injury, but he could also help create success for the Chargers on the field if he’s able to play at the same level. Philip Rivers bounced back in 2013 and his chances of holding onto his gains look better with Floyd joining Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates and the rest of the Chargers receiving options.

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  1. “Everything is normal, we plan to do nothing yet again this year.” Floyd said

    Choo choo!

  2. I’d claim injuries too if I had to play for this garbage team. How do they still have team? No real fans, ownership sucks and weekly blackouts.

    Floyd and Rivers should come play for a real team, the Raiders.

  3. I’m glad to see he’s atleast back and running routes-I was@the game he got hurt and it was definitely scary. Still don’t know if D.Ryans should have been fined but things happen in Football & it’s just good to hear he’s back..and so far so good. He’ll be a boost to SD’s WR corps(If he can stay on the field) and if Rivers can keep his game@ the level he played last yr, and what he’s capable of-Add in D.Freeny back, Melvin Ingram(idk spellingOLB USCar)back for a Full season, Donald Brown will be a nice complementary back for the fragile R.Matthews& your Sproles replacement=D.WoodHead(Last yr showed how much of an impact he can make-screens&check downs) K.Allen n DJ Fluker will only continue to improve..I can see them in the WildCard Race.
    Haha that was funny, I have to admit & I’m not even a chargers fan( Eagles Fan here)
    I hope Carr becomes a quality QB, bc if ANY NFL deserves a Franchise QB, it’s Oakland. Signed A LOT of older FA’s who just chose the$-Tuck,A.Smith, Woodly(who I personally like-ESP across from K.Mack coming off edge if they run any3-4 looks), MJD, J.Jones-most are past their primes but over pay and bring in for leadership I guess? Then the whole LTackle situation..ALOT could change/hinge on this draft class

  4. M80 is a reliable target (when healthy) and an awesome teammate. If he is able to stay on the field he will be a starter and that means that the depth on the WR corp is pretty good. At TE Gates still has something left, and Green is an up and coming star.

  5. Raiders are the biggest losers in the league. This will be their 12th straight year without a winning record. Somebody cut their mic, they don’t deserve to speak.

  6. If the Raiders are the biggest losers in the league how pathetic are the CHokers who’ve never won a thing? When the Chokers actually win something then you can chirp. That’ll guarantee we never have to hear from any of you losers again.

  7. @ raiders fan…

    If you suggest that Rivers and Floyd go play for a real team the raiders than the raiders cant be a real team if they need Rivers and Floyd (among other players)

  8. @phillyb60
    Good insight. Can always rely on good insight from an Eagles fan , unlike a Charger bandwagoner who thinks they’ve won a superbowl at one point and time…oh, thats right, they never have.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say we overpaid if the veterans perform. I guess you can say that about any player. MJD will be the most interesting to watch IMO. Raider Nation is excited for this year!

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