Mike Wallace: I may get back there for kickoff returns


When the Dolphins signed wide receiver Mike Wallace to a lucrative long-term deal before the 2013 season, they were trying to add a No. 1 receiver to their offense.

Wallace’s first year in that role produced 73 catches, 930 yards and five touchdowns, none of which led the team and came with occasional bouts of frustration from Wallace about the way he was being used in Miami. The Dolphins hope that a new offensive coordinator and improvement on the offensive line will lead to bigger things from Wallace and the entire passing game, but Wallace is open to finding other ways to contribute as well.

“I might get back there for kickoff returns,” Wallace said, via Sky Sports. “I just want to be on the field making an impact for my team. I’ve always wanted to return kicks ever since I’ve been in the NFL. … At this point of my career, I just want to get the ball in my hands and make some plays.”

There hasn’t been any other word out of Miami about Wallace returning kickoffs, so it may turn out to be that Wallace’s big role on offense precludes special teams work in the regular season. That’s what happened when Wallace returned kicks for the Steelers in the preseason, but it may be something to watch if the Dolphins are unable to maximize Wallace’s production as a receiver again this season.

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  1. “I might get back there for kickoff returns,” Wallace said, via Sky Sports. “I just want to be on the field making an impact for my team.

    In other words, Miami is trying to get their moneys worth from that ridiculous contract they gave him last year.

  2. It would be a great way to utilize his speed and ability in the open field. On the other hand, it would be a great way to get him hurt on the one or two times the ball isn’t kicked out of the back of the end zone.

  3. Really kickoffs? Most of those go to the back of the endzone now. You’d think he’d be tired of being over thrown?

  4. It’s hilarious the way everyone wants to slam Wallace , and slam the Fins for paying him what they’re paying him , and the guy had a career high in receptions his first year with Miami.
    They would have won at least two or three fewer games in 2013 had it not been for Mike Wallace.

  5. The problem is you have to catch the ball before you can return it and One Trick Wallace has hands of stone.

  6. saying mike Wallace set some record for the fins. yes, in a new NFL where they pass at a rate that is just unbelievable. 4k yard seasons are had by guys like Josh Freeman. meanwhile Dwayne Bowe is on pace to be the chiefs all time leading WR. he was also paid was too much. does this mean like Wallace that it justifies how mediocre he is?

  7. Thigpen was trash at returning kicks a season ago. I’m all for Wallace getting some work back there. There is a greater risk of injury but that’s football at the end of the day.

  8. He’s probably going to have a big year at WR with the new offense, so you don’t want to jeopardize that with a chance of getting him injured. On the other hand, he’s one of the fastest guys in the league and could possibly be dangerous on kick off returns. Besides, most of the kicks go for touch backs these days, and he could get hurt playing WR as well. I say go for it.

  9. It is certainly not Wallace’s fault that old man Sherman (former OC) never lined him up anywhere different or even ran plays to his strength. THe bottom line is Tannehill does need improvement in the timing of his long ball, but that is not so much on Wallace. As for the comments about route running not his fault; stone hands? He only had 4 drops all year, one of the lowest rates of WR with over 50 attempts. Finally, the One Trick Pony thing always makes me laugh. 4 of his 5 TD’s came from throws under 15 yards. Is he worth the money, maybe? Especially with other WRs and a Line that can Block. Considering we beat YOUR (Pats, Jets, Colts, Bengals Steelers) teams with crappy talent you should always fear the Dolphins.

  10. If I’m Jimmy Graham I’m taking a peek at Wallace’s contract. Then I’m firing my agent.

  11. ghjjf says:
    Jul 15, 2014 3:23 PM
    The problem is you have to catch the ball before you can return it and One Trick Wallace has hands of stone.
    Too bad Wallace dropped just 3 passes in 141 attempts last year, genius.

    Of the 27 players targeted at least 120 times, Wallace’s diminutive 2.1% drop rate ranked 2nd only to Larry Fitzgerald’s 1.5%.

  12. As a Dolphin fan he has been the biggest disappointment ever! Doesn’t catch with his hands and if the ball isn’t perfectly thrown no way he makes an attempt to fight for it.

  13. Philbin knows we need a kick returner but has done nothing to fix these problems what ever it takes to make a winner in Miami again I AM ALL FOR IT!!! All the “experts” think this team will be dead last in the division but I think they are all wrong!!! Do or die Philbin pull all the stops or you are gone!!! Prove them all wrong…GO FINS!!!

  14. I like the fact that they are planning to move him around. It sounds like they are finally trying to play players to their strengths. Can’t wait to see the outcome.

  15. The main problem with Wallace is he out runs “No Thrill” Tannehills passes. Tannehill last yr was 7-35 in pass attempts over 25 yds. Not to mention that idiot OC Mike Sherman placed Wallace on the same side of the offense on every play. Unbelievable!!

  16. Of course anything can happen at anytime, but I don’t think it’s worth the much higher risk of a blown out knee, for what…. maybe he returns 2 all the way all season??
    Just not worth the trade-off.

  17. The only route Wallace will run well is the one to Taco Bell. No one mopes more than this guy when times are tough or the ball isn’t being thrown his way.

  18. pats fans trash talk wallace but would all love him in new england!! hes gonna have a great year this year watch 50 days away fron kickoff and miami is going 1-0

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