No long-term deal likely for Brian Orakpo


The deadline to sign players with franchise tags to multi-year deals is on Tuesday afternoon and it looks like it will pass without any big news for Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo.

Rich Tandler of reports that the two sides started the negotiating process with a big gap between their thoughts on an appropriate contract and that they haven’t made much progress toward bridging it over the intervening months. Assuming things remain that way through the deadline, Orakpo, who signed his tender, will have a salary of $11.45 million in 2014.

The Redskins could tag Orakpo again in 2015 at a cost of $13.7 million or they could take another whack at reaching a longer deal. Orakpo would be an unrestricted free agent if they pass on both options, but he doesn’t feel he’s trying to prove anything by playing out the year on the franchise tag.

“I have to prove myself again, huh?” Orakpo said. “I don’t have to prove myself to anybody. I’m already proven in this league. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. That goes for fans, that goes for media. Anybody. I’m well-proven in this league. If it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out, but I don’t have to prove anything to anybody.”

Orakpo had 10 sacks last season and 39.5 over the course of his career in Washington.

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  1. Hey Rak tell them to pay you for every move you have on the field. As a tackle knowing that all you got is a bull rush does not help your cause of a big contract, you had zero sacks in the division. So yeah unless your name is Manning or Brady or Reggie White then you dont have to prove yourself.

  2. Good, but not great player. Can only get to the QB by getting around the tackles outside shoulder. If tackles gets out in time and takes that away, Orakpo is a non-factor in the play.

  3. I think most Skins fans feel he has somewhat underperformed during his tenure here. Until he does prove his health and consistency in games he’s not worth a huge contract that could damage us for years to come.

  4. long time Redskins fan

    I don’t like Rak’s attitude and, if Murphy looks real, I say sign Kerrigan and let Rak go next year, using money elsewhere

    Yes, Rak, I’m a fan and YOU do need to prove something to me and others, inc. teammates…. you have been injured, you are primarily a one move pass rusher…. I question your commitment and toughness (we had a crap season last year, yet should have beaten the hated Cowboys at end of season… all we needed was a little pass rush on one play…… you had a boo boo but were not injured, yet you choose not to bother… even teammates said you were fine and normal immediately after the game)

    So Rak, do you job this year.. you are being overpaid… and prove something to us all!

    Incredible that guys like this still exist.. and worse, Rak appears the “nice” guy… I cry bullcrap.

    Hail to the Redskins!

  5. Well Brian, it’s difficult to name a pro bowl tackle that you’ve beaten for a sack. Lets not forget the four sacks you had against the great Jamarcus Russell either. Step up when it counts, like oh per say a third down once in a while, and you’ll be paid handsomely for it. Sorry bud, but as of right now in my experience of seeing every game you’ve played, it looks like you’re built like Tarzan but you play like Jane.

  6. If they didn’t owe DeSean 32 million over the next 4 years they probably could’ve offer something. Would be a shame to let this guy walk for the Skins.

  7. Buffalo would love to fix the 2010 draft blunder with Aaron Maybin, and instead select Brian Orakpo.

    Time to dump the Washington Warriors and come to Buffalo.

  8. I’m a REDSKIN fan with mixed emotions on this..Above average (yes)(barely), hard to replace (NO)..would it kill him to learn another move or two? average 15 a year then we will talk money..

  9. Health is the only reason keeping him from a long contract.

    And unfortunately for him, health has always been an issue, going back to his college days at UT.

    So he actually does have something to prove, whether or not he likes it.

  10. If the skins let one of the few bright spots on their defense walk after the year, they’re foolish.

  11. We dont overpay players here. You have to earn the right to be a Redskin for a long period of time. Thank god I root for the flagship franchise in this league. #HTTR

  12. Orakpo has like 6 sacks in two games against the Raiders.

    It took him like 3 years to get one in a divisional game.

    So, yes he still needs to prove it.

  13. It’s hard to give Rak a long term deal because of the injury bugs that lurk within him. For the Redskins, it’s not about him proving himself. It’s about him staying healthy. As a fan of the Redskins and Rak, I hope the two sides are able to come to some sort of compromise. We need him and we need him healthy.


  14. He wants elite money without elite production. Good luck with that one, guy. Maybe you can talk about all the moves you’ve been developing during the offseason again only to just bull rush 98% of the time and then beg for the holding flag like you always do.

  15. You always need to prove yourself my man!! You only can bank on your rep for so long, NFL- not for long – duh!!
    Signed- chad Johnson , TO, Vince Young

  16. I think it would be a huge mistake if some way the Redskins let Orakpo test free agency. I like Kerrigan, but he is more of a pure power rusher, that doesn’t have that quick twitch explosion. If you let Orakpo walk, you lose a good pass rusher with a better speed/power skill set.

  17. You may get overpaid from another team thirsty for a pass rush, but 10.5 sacks isn’t the mark of an elite pass rusher. Good, not great.

  18. Dan Snyder is the ultimate […obscene…]. He only covets players on other teams and denigrates players he already has.

  19. I thought in the NFL you pretty much were proving yourself every year, every game, every play. Why all this hostility about proving yourself? If you are saying that your play can slip and it’s ok, you should still get paid because “you proved it in the past” well that is just not a very good attitude.

    Orakpo is a decent player — a legit starter — but he’s not a superstar or anything. I’d like to see the Redskins keep him but they should definitely try to either a.) see if he’s gonna play like a beast this year or b.) if not, go for a good value deal…

  20. Play all 16 games, get 10 or more sacks, go to the Pro Bowl, & you’ll get a big deal…..Otherwise, I say franchise him again next season….Let him PROVE HIMSELF….heh heh

  21. He’s right. He doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone. Unless you count proving that he can stay healthy and develop additional pass rushing moves.

  22. For years, Redskins fans would say “but he gets held every play” – All pass rushers get held. The great ones figure out ways to still get to the QB.

    Then, “he gets a lot of double teams” – When there is no threat on the other side, why not double team the defense’s “best” pass rusher. Still, great ones figure out ways to still get to the QB.

    And I think I saw a statistic that he’s only amassed six sacks against division opponents in five years.

    I might add that he has never sacked a Dallas Cowboys QB in his career.

    …he needs to prove something.

  23. Oddly enough I can’t find lists of past Top 100 but I think anyone not on that list has no right to feel content and proven in the league. That’s the reason he isn’t getting a big contract because the desire is lacking.

    In four years has he cracked the 100 once? I don’t think so. So even among peers he isn’t as proven as he thinks.

  24. Often injured, one move pass rusher, no strip move, lacks awareness dropping back. Yeah you have something to prove Rak and honestly if the rookie comes in and plays well you can go where you want. Kerrigan is leaps and bounds better HTTR!!!

  25. he’s not often injured, he got hurt in the last game of a season and then the 2nd game of the next, so has missed a season collectively…… seems he thinks he is a top 5 LB in the league when his production certainly says otherwise.

    get 15 + sacks this year and the skins will pay you.

  26. wish I’m wrong
    but probably not a guy worth big money beyond this year; if Murphy is good I’d let Rak go and use money elsewhere

    Rak is being overpaid big time this year; yes, he needs to prove he can stay healthy and that he is better than he appears to warrant a longer term deal, and even then, I don’t think he is worth paying as a top OLB/DE…. so, prepare for bye bye Rak

    some other advice…. don’t worry about proving yourself, have fun, play when you feel like it, don’t bother working on new skills or improving, you are in the league, I’m sure other teams will just pay you whatever you want………. I wish you well

  27. “We dont overpay players here. You have to earn the right to be a Redskin for a long period of time. Thank god I root for the flagship franchise in this league. #HTTR”

    Well there was Haynesworthless, but that was the Cerrato era. Orakpo shouldn’t be overpaid. And considering how we got a pretty good deal for DJax, I think we won’t. #HTTR

  28. I’m a huge Skins and I like RAK but he’s not an elite player yet. He’s very solid but not elite enough for a huge long term contract and he’s been hurt alot. If he has a big year than ok yeah sign him up. GO SKINS!

  29. Rak is a good Player but he is not a elite pass rusher . I have watched every Redskins game for the last 20 yrs which so I can give a honest opinion about Brian . His play on the field has been average to above average at times . He just dosent make the big splash plays enough. It’s true that in out division games he doesn’t show up big. He gets handled to many times 1 on 1 by the teams LT. Against Dallas he gets his ass handed to him by the LT Smith . Rak gets pushed up the field everytime and the QB steps up in the pocket and completes a pass. Now maybe if we had a better interior pass rush that would help Rak on his outside

  30. Rak needs to show this season that he can reach the next level of a dominate pass rusher and run stopper . Rak is limited in pass coverage but he has improved over the last few seasons . If he plays well this year we need to resign him . Off the field Rak is a true professional and a role model . Now days off the field issue really do matter when giving a player a long term contract

  31. There will never be a long term deal for him. All he does is complain about being held. Look… where I come from, you don’t complain, you don’t explain, you just find solutions.

  32. Some of Redskins fans are never satisfied . Why should we let out very on drafted player walk after this season and go play lights out some where else. It’s time to keep our guys and stay committed to them .?the old days of going after some other teams player should be a last resort . Let’s work on drafting good players and grooming them to be Redskins for life . We need to draft better to be a real contender . Orakpo will prove his value this season I believe and in this new system under Haslett will free him up to go after the QB.


  33. “I don’t have to prove myself to anybody. I’m already proven in this league. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody.”

    Well…that quote right there tells me why he doesn’t deserve a huge, long-term deal. He should be trying to prove something every time he steps onto the practice field, a preseason game, and of course the regular season games.

  34. When he sees guys like Paul Kruger getting the huge contracts two years ago ( and there are plenty of others )for 1 year of good production while he’s easily done better over his career I don’t see why its wrong for him to wonder why he can’t get his. Granted its just that Washington can’t afford it and they have other, though fewer options..I’m sorry fellow DC fans, I can barely name a handful of better DE that we’ve had since Charles Mann left and Orakpo arrived.

    Marco Coleman, Kenard Lang, Rich Owens, Bruce Smith. We’ve done terrible at addressing DE ( I know he plays OLB but he was drafted as a DE )

    It sucks that we’re gonna lose him but many skins fans, mostly the newer fans, don’t know what it was like to have a dominant Dline like we had in the early 90’s and in the 80’s and how it can affect the game. We’ve been desensitized to it.

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