Report: Mike Pouncey clear of any bullying punishment

He’s still in recovery from hip surgery that could cost him the start of the regular season, and his birthday party made news for the second year in a row.

But Dolphins center Mike Pouncey is apparently clear from league punishment over the team’s bullying scandal.

So he’s got that going for him.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, the NFL indicated that Pouncey wouldn’t face any kind of suspension from the investigation, with a league spokesman saying: “I don’t anticipate having to address the issue again.”

Pouncey, Richie Incognito and John Jerry were all named in the Ted Wells report for a pattern of abusive behavior toward young linemen including Jonathan Martin.

Pouncey’s the only one left, and once he gets his hip well (and then goes through a “medical evaluation” the league requires), he should be back on the field.

That’s a relief, since he can’t stay out of the news otherwise. He was accused of punching a man at a club this weekend, though no charges have been filed. At least he had the good sense to not wear his “Free Hernandez” hat this year.

15 responses to “Report: Mike Pouncey clear of any bullying punishment

  1. Of course, there was no bullying. Just a privileged 300 pounder that can’t take certain words or he melts like warm butter.

  2. “Just cleared of bullying punishment! Can’t wait for the rookies to buy me some nice gifts.” – Pouncey’s twitter in approx. 2 minutes.

  3. Pouncy gets away with quite a bit…cannot stand this guy. He is all that is wrong with football.

  4. It’s kind of sad that this sort of news can actually be taken as “good news”. The bar has been set pretty low, so, congrats for clearing it, Mike.

  5. Why did it take so many months to give Pouncey a pass on the bullying? The Wells report was released towards the end of the season.
    There is more to this story. Why did the NFL sit on this for so long and ultimately nothing happened to Pouncey, Incognito or Jerry (except Cogs is now unemployed and last seen bashing up his Ferrari with a baseball bat). Big money was spent on the Wells Report but the Commissioner appears reluctant to do anything with the findings.

  6. It’s so hard to root for this team anymore. Even if you can put aside the 14 mostly unforgivable seasons since Marino. The terrible coaching hires. Awful ownership. An incompetent GM in Ireland. The turnstile at quarterback. When the dust settles and you see this P.O.S. as your ProBowler, you know you might need to start looking for another team. Thankfully I no longer live in South Florida and have to pay a yearly increase in ticket prices to watch an embarrassing product.

  7. So the white guy get pilloried by the media and is out of the league but the black guy gets a pass? Interesting.

  8. So I guess that means when he said he didn’t need a psych eval he didn’t, because he already had the psych eval….Now get yourself well, Mr. Pouncey!

    And what about Maurkice??? (He plays for Steelers so it doesn’t matter right?)

  9. By the way, the Miami Beach police department has already released it’s initial report on the birthday party incident and neither Pouncey was mentioned in it. If you’re gonna be a gold digger, always dig at the guys with the most gold right?

  10. “At least he had the good sense to not wear his “Free Hernandez” hat this year.”

    How do you you know? Were you there? Is there photo-proof?

    If not, you’ve stated your personal assumption as a fact. I’m not a fan of Pouncey, but accuracy should be a reporter’s goal, not tired and cliched attempts at humor. I was sick of Pouncey hat jokes eight months ago.

  11. Like I’ve said all along, “bullygate” was the most over blown matter in the NFL before and since. Now all you PC Pouncy and Fins haters can dry up and blow away.

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