Report: Mike Shanahan was close to deal with FOX


Redskins broadcasts on FOX this fall could have taken an interesting turn, as there are indications former Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was working on a deal with the network before it fell through.

According to Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan, FOX play-by-play man Dick Stockton told him he thought he was going to be paired with Shanahan this year, but that the plan never came to fruition.

“And he says, ‘I was supposed to be working with Mike Shanahan, but it doesn’t sound like he wants to do it anymore,'” Paulsen said, relaying his conversation with Stockton in an airport.

Paulsen said one of Shanahan’s representatives told him that Shanahan wouldn’t be doing games on FOX this year.

The idea of Shanahan calling the games of the team he coached last year — especially considering all the passive-agreessive drama between him and quarterback Robert Griffin III — would be particularly fascinating.

And it’s a shame we’re not going to hear it.

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  1. I just don’t see him being any good at announcing. The guy knows the game for sure, but he’s a man of few words, and his idea of “humor” is super dry and done out of necessity vs. coming from an interesting and expressive place.

    That said, I think it would be fascinating to hear what he has to say about the game, and would love to hear some hard-nosed criticisms about certain teams/players, etc. (Not just the Skins… I’m sure he’s got some gems on lots of different players/coaches, etc.)

  2. I heard he wanted the sideline reporting gig and got upset when Erin Andrews got it.

    Just as long as I get my probiotics update, that is all I care about.

  3. He will never Coach again in the NFL. Credit the Broncos owner for selling Snyder an enormous bill of goods for hiring Shannahan, saving Pat Bolen millions of dollars

  4. shanny is not even a likeable person ….he is boring and dry and murmurs a lot..why would they even pursue him ? I miss John Madden, he was a pretty good commentator, atleast entertaining..

  5. You want ratings? Pair Mike Shannahan with Jon Gruden on ESPN. I’d watch the hell out of that broadcast. Gruden would talk about the positives of darn near EVERY play, while Shannahan will chime in once in a while with a doom and gloom report about why that player is awful.

  6. I recall at one point in 2010, I posted on Facebook: “Am I the only one left in Nashville who loves both Jeff Fisher and Vince Young?”

    While I eventually came to my senses about Vince Young, I can’t help but wonder if folks in DC who like both Shanahan and RGIII are even more scarce.

    (“It’s a small world” side note: Jeff Fisher’s closest friend among NFL coaches has long been Mike Shanahan. Ironically, in Nashville Vince Young became widely viewed as the “villain,” while in DC fans were left siding with the quarterback.)

  7. As if the Fox Morning show could get any worse. Menefee and Jimmy Johnson are alright but the other 3 are unbearable. Howie Long is clueless, Strahan mails it in regularly and Bradshaw is beyond repair. Adding a rat faced, unlikable jerk who believes he’s better than he really is would pretty much convert me to full time CBS coverage. Joe Buck, Bradshaw, Tony Siragusa and Shanahan. Who the hell makes these decisions at Fox?

  8. He may have nixed the FOX deal because one of the teams have contacted him about coaching next year. Maybe Jerry Jones has told him if Garret falters again the job will be Shanahans. Just sayin. Geaux Saints!

  9. It would have been short lived anyway considering he’d never let the color commentary guys go off script, regardless if the game changed or not.

  10. Shanahan, 20+ years of salary cap cheating. Would have to look hard to find someone I would less want to see as a commentator.

  11. Interesting that rotoworld has the Redskins ranked at 15. I find their rankings much more realistic. PFT seems to let the name skew any sort of objectivity.

  12. Love him or hate him, we definitely needed a break from him….and he needed one, too.

    Maybe he can come back some day and try to save the Vikings franchise.

  13. “redskins win super bowls in strike shortened seasons
    giants win super bowls in non strike shortened seasons”

    Giants win Super Bowls by stealing cap space from other teams
    Redskins win Super Bowls without stealing cap space from other teams

    See, it works the other way around too!

  14. Shanahan and the Broncos paid players under the table to circumvent the salary cap during his Super Bowl winning years. How does a man with that little integrity continue to get or be considered for NFL related jobs?

  15. Another reason to not watch Fox games.

    First it’s the overrated erin Andrews, Dick Stockton never being good from the beginning, and now this guy???

    I thought Fox reached lows with Brian Billick and Heath Evans already.

  16. heard he turned it down because they wouldn’t give him full control of the entire network and all it’s subsidies.

  17. I don’t think he will be a good fit for Fox or any network. In fact, I don’t think he will coach in the NFL again. He only won two more games than George Seifert did in Carolina and I almost give Seifert a pass because with 9-11, it was sort of an off year.

    If you ask me, I’d just assume that Fox hires Greg Schiano as their announcer and pair him with Dick Stockton. Schiano will coach again, but he probably won’t be an NFL head coach and Stockton is on his way to the pasture.

    On a side note, if Jeff Fisher doesn’t do a good job with the Rams this coming season, I won’t be surprised to see networks talking to him about an announcing gig.

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