Texas launches effort to shut down Deion Sanders’ charter school


It’s been a turbulent year or so for the charter school founded by Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders.  It’s about to get even more turbulent.

According to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas/Ft. Worth, the Texas Education Agency has “started the revocation process” against Uplift Fort Worth, which sponsors the Prime Prep Academy.

Sanders acknowledged the situation on Twitter, accusing the co-founder of the school of being a “Crook and Heartless [sic],” and that the co-founder “hustled the state out of [$]45,000” for a food program.  Sanders said he would repay the money himself if that would allow the school to continue to operate.

According to 105.3 The Fan, however, the situation deals with something other than money for a food program.   Per the report, “some of the concerns centered around some 400 computers, bought with federal money, that instead of going to students were sold for profit.”

Sanders has not been accused of any wrongdoing.  For now, the question is whether the school will continue to exist.  If significant federal money was misappropriated, it’s fair to assume that the feds will get to the bottom of the situation — especially when there’s a pretty big fish swimming around in potentially corrupt waters.

26 responses to “Texas launches effort to shut down Deion Sanders’ charter school

  1. It only depends if Deion is a conservative or a liberal. If a conservative, they will put him in jail or make his life hell. If a liberal, they will turn a blind eye.

  2. These charter schools should all be shut down especially ran by celebrities who don’t know a thing about education and have never taught a day in their lives. The for profit charter schools are a waste of tax payer money and should all be closed. Privatization of public education does not work no matter how much money people like Deion or Bill Gates or anyone else throws at these failing schools. Deal with the real issues in kids lives and that is home life and poverty.

  3. I’m not sure how long the school has been in existence, but I’ve never read anything positive about it.

    All I’ve read is about the problems with the quality of education, how corrupt the school is, or eligibility problems that the students there face when trying to compete in D1 Sports.

    At some point, Sanders needs to quit being a hype man and actually evaluate whether or not the school is helping or hurting the students who go there.

  4. As the schools owner, how can Prime not be complicit? ?? He didnt question whether 45+ computers paid for with tax payer money disappeared to??? Or where 45,000 in cash , also tax payer money, a grant so the kids could get free lunch also just all of the sudden vanished into thin air??? You could argue Prime is multi millionaire n wouldnt need money, but sometimes the rich are greedy as hell!!!!!! No way Primetime wasnt aware of the missing money n CPUs. Sanders could end up in a federal prison over stealing from the govermemt. Id most certainly give his black ass the harshest sentece allowable by law.

  5. Must be the monaaaay…pay The Man his money Prime Time. Does NFLN have any other sleaze bags on its roster(Irvin, Prime, Saap, Sharper)?

  6. If Sanders is willing and able to make restitution and make all other things right, the TEA should support his efforts. 1100 students.

  7. Prime Time needs to reimburse the Fed for monies used illegally so Obama can take his man-wife on another million dollar vacation, the last 4 weren’t that good.

  8. I’m not a fan of Sanders but until evidence emerges that he was involved in the computer and lunch money issues he should be given the benefit of the doubt. And as far as charter schools are concerned, all the local ones here have been very successful in educating our kids compared to the schools run by the teacher unions. There is a long waiting list of students waiting to get into our charter schools here.

  9. Like religion… It’s a scam. Always has been since it inception . Have to be a complete fool to think otherwise.

  10. I don’t agree with the assumption made by an earlier poster that all charter schools run by athletes are crooked. There is at least one exception…the Andre Aggasi charter school. However, that is because he and Stefi Graf play an active part in the daily running of the school. It sounds like Deion has no idea what’s going on in the Prime Prep Academy. So, whether he knew about all these problems or not since it bears his name I’d think he’d have some idea what’s going on in the school. That means he’s either an idiot for not having a clue what’s going on or he’s complicit in selling the computers. Since he made a statement that it’s about a food program it makes me wonder if he did know what’s going on and is being dishonest about the problems.

    I don’t really care about the school and whether they close it down or not. I do find it despicable that adults are selling computers that should be used for education for children. That is unpardonable. If the school can’t be trusted to be a school and actually educate students instead of a way for people to use it for their own personal gain then it needs to be shut down permanently and they need to file criminal charges against those who have committed those acts of fraud.

  11. I am so sick of conservative haters making gross insults against the president and his wife. If you Republicans make any claim at all that you are a serious political party that is capable of leading a nation of 350 million diverse people, then you need to corral these trolls that you have unleashed. I disagreed with George W. Bush, but I respected him and his office and never felt that it was fair game to disparage his wife and family. The Bush’s are fine people, if somewhat misguided politically.

  12. Charter schools have got to go! They are sucking public schools dry, which I think most Americans were taught through. There’s nothing wrong with public school education if it gets the popper support it deserves from local, state and federal governments

  13. Oh how nice it is to see the fingers pointed at Sanders instead of him pointing at others.

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