Adam Carriker shows he’s rehabbing with 505-pound deadlift


We haven’t heard a lot recently from free agent defensive end Adam Carriker, who was cut by Washington in March after he missed 30 consecutive games over two seasons as a result of repeated problems stemming from a torn quadriceps tendon that required multiple surgeries. But Carriker wants to make sure the NFL doesn’t forget about him.

Carriker wrote a message on Instagram today saying he’s healthy and in good shape, and as evidence he posted a video showing himself deadlifting 505 pounds for two repetitions.

“Each week a fan will ask how my leg is doing and when I’ll be back on the football field,” Carriker wrote. “My answer has simply been that I’m focused and working hard. Yesterday, I did the hex bar dead lift for 2 reps at 505lbs. #LargestArmsOnTheDLine is not just strong…he is healthy.”

The 30-year-old Carriker looks like he’s in great shape on Instagram, but there’s a big difference between powerlifting in shorts and the kind of explosive movements that a player needs to make to be an NFL defensive end. Carriker deserves credit for the hard work he’s putting in, but he still faces an uphill battle to sign with a team and get back on the field.

48 responses to “Adam Carriker shows he’s rehabbing with 505-pound deadlift

  1. What sort of moron do you have to be to refer to yourself as LargestArmsOnTheDLine ?

  2. if there is one thing I’ve learned from instagram is that people look better on it then they actually are…….this is specially true for girls.

  3. I watched the video. He pulled that 505# with no gloves, no straps and could’ve hit more reps (not that he should’ve).

    I’m pulling in the mid 300’s after being back to lifting for about 6 weeks after injury (torn labrums). I use straps and gloves and I’m hitting 50 this year. I hope to hit 500# in the next several months.

    That said this dude is STRONG, no doubt about it and that isn’t his max dead lift, he did it with ease! Good for him!

  4. Number of Super Bowl titles for the Redskins in 22 long, suffering, forgetful years. It’s only Logical.

  5. Damn…cant hate on that dudes a beast..Hopefully he can get back on the field.

  6. I weigh 168lbs and I’ve done 505 for one rep before, have the video to confirm.. If I was a skins fan I would ask him to come back with something actually impressive.

  7. Is it easier or harder to lift that hex bar than a straight bar? My gym only has the straight ones, but there is a regular who deadlifts 600 and the guy only weighs 185 or so.

  8. i weigh 200 i can do 2 reps of 425 and i rarely train lower back, i’d think him weighing 300 it’d be a bigger number.

  9. oh, and him using those side handles makes it easier and i’m far from boasting about being any good at deadlift, i’m pretty mediocre compared to alot lifters at it

  10. There are plenty of guys at your local gym who can out lift guys in the NFL. Ask anyone who had played at a high level, the best guys in the gym usually aren’t the best players on the field. What does your guy have from the neck up? Can your guy also run better, get off blocks better, read a play better…. You get the point.

  11. a professional athlete can have a nutritionist, chef, multiple trainers, world class equipment and has no responsibilities except to train/film as his “40 hour work week”.

    No local gym rat should ever approach a professional athlete in any regard.

  12. Not at all crazy, I used to do dead 525 (never played a sport), never made it look that easy and I’m short so that helps. Yeah, doesn’t really translate to the field though..

  13. while it’s still a big weight… it really isnt that impressive.

    He’s not using a normal olympic bar. That hex bar or whatever it is allows him to start at a higher distance off the ground. It’s almost as similar as a rack pull (not a true deadlift).

    I’ve been around 200lbs and have hit 5plates (or 495lbs). So I would think someone that weighs considerably more and is a professional athlete would showcase a bit more when they’re trying to impress people.

  14. And anyone who thinks what he’s done is a big deal, hit youtube up and type in “Ronnie Coleman deadlift”

    THAT’s an impressive lift!

  15. I don’t see why Adam Carriker isn’t worth a work out from an NFL team when training camp starts. I wouldn’t mind the redskins giving another look at him. If he truly is close to being 100% healthy again, he certainly can contribute as a rotational 3-4 DE

  16. You guys all missed the point. It’s not that it’s an impressive amount of weight for a 300 pound man, it’s that his injury is holding up very well. He’s been busting his butt to rebuild torn up quads. Wow, how did everyone miss the point.

  17. well as a personal trainer and recreational power lifter i will say that 505 for 2 reps with the hex bar isn’t particularly impressive, as i’ve done 510 for 5 reps with an olympic bar at 220 lbs., he is still making a valid point that clearly he is on his way to being healthy. furthermore, you have to realize that he is 6’4 or 6’5 which makes deadlifting SIGNIFICANTLY harder than someone who is say 5’9 as he is moving the weight a much further distance, and he has less of a mechanical advantage due to his height.

    as for the Ronnie Coleman comment, give me a break, he was juiced and hgh’d out of his mind like every professional bodybuilder it’s not a valid comparison at all. furthermore, deadlifting isn’t the most valued lift for a football player, explosive movements like cleans are a better test of the strength needed by NFL players.

  18. I think the redskins would be crazy not to bring him back at the Vet Min. After all they gave Tanard Jackson a third chance. Carraker is a solid DL, we could use him.

  19. People saying he’s not that strong for doing 505 at his size….he’s rehabilitating a torn quadriceps tendon. The deadlift is a posterior-chain movement, and by using a hex/trap bar, he’s focusing more ON his torn quadricep and his quads in general.

    This is because the hex/trap bar is more quad-dominant, whereas the “straight” Olympic bar is more hamstring/lower-back dominant.

    So in essence, the dude who has had a lot of trouble since he tore a quad muscle off the bone (a tendon is a muscle-to-bone connection) is currently pulling what a lot of people struggle to touch (500+ lbs) ….. in his rehab. In other words, while not at full strength/optimal health.

    Regardless, I think that the more important task to see Carriker complete would be his explosiveness off the snap in a training camp situation. That’s something that would be very concerning to me if I was a GM.

  20. If it was a HAMSTRING tendon that was injured then the dead lift number would mean more, but since the problem is a QUADRICEPS tendon I’d be more interested in how much he can squat.

  21. To everyone talking about how much “YOU” can deadlift, understand that Carriker has posted videos like this before… One in particular where he is BENCHING 500 lbs. I am sure that this was not his one rep max on deadlift. And also, no one really cares how much you can deadlift or could deadlift in high school.

  22. People are tripping in here, talking about how strong they ‘were’ back in HS when they ‘allegedly’ did a MAX REP of 400 pds or so at a Don Knotts weight of a buck and a half and less. This is being done as if what Carriker did proves they would be much stronger than him at his weight, size, etc.

    Re-read the title to the article.

    This article is about Carriker showing he’s REHABBING and on track, not that he’s showing off his max rep. He pulled that 505 fairly easily and it’s obvious he is training safe and could pull more weight than that.

  23. This is not impressive at all, given that he is an NFL defensive lineman. When I was in high school, I weighed 145 lbs, and I did 425 with a straight bar, I don’t even know what straps are, and I was wearing jeans.

  24. I love all the comments from these guys who claim they used to deadlift damn near triple their body weight. If this is true (and it’s not in nearly every case):

    1) You are/were a world class powerlifter who shouldn’t feel the need to tell everyone how strong you are/were.

    2) As others have said, being good at deadlifting does not mean you’re NFL ready or that we’re impressed.

    3) The best max of your life is not a fair comparison to deadlifting 505 x 2 with ease coming off of a very serious quad injury.

    4) Nobody here cares what you deadlift anyway

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