Darren Sharper due in California court on Wednesday


The case against former NFL safety Darren Sharper is scheduled to move forward in a California court on Wednesday.

Sharper is charged with drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles last October and the Associated Press reports that there will be a hearing on Wednesday to determine if there is sufficient evidence for Sharper to stand trial. Sharper was originally held on $1 million bail, but a judge ruled that he should be held without bail after he was indicted on similar charges from November in Arizona.

Wednesday’s court schedule is also expected to include a hearing on whether Sharper should be extradited to Arizona to face the charges in that state before any trial in California.  Authorities in Louisiana, Florida and Nevada have also investigated Sharper for alleged sexual assaults, but he has not been charged in any case.

Sharper pleaded not guilty to the charges in California and has denied the other allegations as well.

22 responses to “Darren Sharper due in California court on Wednesday

  1. Man I hope this isn’t true, but the evidence looks bad. If he is really guilty, I hope money doesn’t get him out of this.

  2. I can’t believe this is one of the guys who helped me fall in love with football.

    At least Donald Driver and Ahmad Green seem to be good guys.

  3. Never liked him when he was on Total Access. When ever he was pared with another commentator , after he finished his point of view (without interruption) as soon as the other commentator started to speak he consistently interrupted. When ever that segment came on I would pause it and then fast forward a minute or two later skipping that segment.

  4. Darren Sharper, Mark Chamura, I think Green Bay needs to do a better job of evaluating character before drafting these guys that give their organization a permanent black eye.

  5. If he is guilty, I hope he never gets out but, I don’t understand how the judge can deny him bail? I mean this is America and he should be looked at as innocent until his is actually proven guilty.

  6. He was a choirboy in GB and life was about football. It took that ugly turn when he put on that lavender jersey and was involved in the love boat fiasco. I guess when a team has the attitude of a loser Sharper took it to heart personally.

  7. Darren Sharper is INNOCENT!!! He associated himself with the wrong people.! Those people were responsible for the rape and drugging of the women. Those people should be brought to justice— not DARREN SHARPER. He is INNOCENT!!!!

  8. Darren was an outstanding analyst on NFL Network. He brought football information and his experience to regular people like me, which was so easy to understand. I hope he gets past this quickly in time for football season. Please bring the we wrongful predators to justice!! It is not Darren!!!

  9. Question for the legal minds at PFT:

    Fans like to take shots at each other in the comments section regarding Sharper’s former teams, but he was actually an employee of the NFL Network when these events allegedly happened. For example, he was in New Orleans to cover a Saints game of the NFL Network when the incident there is alleged to have occurred.

    So, does the NFL Network have any liability in this case, since one of their employees was on assignment when these things happened? I’m guessing not, but you can sue anyone for anything these days.


  10. I don’t get the selfishness of this judge. She thinks only justice can be done in her state.

    So what the man has been indicted, or whatever, in another state. Give him a bond and let him deal with the matter with that state.

    If that state find him guilty, first, so what? The only thing that should matter is that justice is done.

  11. P.S.: I be they have their top Prosecutor on this case. Talk about a salesman selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo, some of these Prosecutor’s can make Jesus look like a serial killer. After all, that’s why he was hung on the cross, anyways.

    I imagine 30-40 years later, the world will look back and say, “Oops! Sorry Darren we were wrong.” Then we’ll have a 75 year old man walking out of jail.

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