DeMarco Murray ready for an increased workload

Getty Images

In his first three NFL seasons, Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has averaged about 180 carries a year. This year, Murray says he’s ready for a much bigger workload than that.

Asked if he could handle 300 carries this season, Murray told FOX Sports, “If they decide to do that with me, of course. Whatever they decide to do with me, I think I can handle it.”

Murray likely would have had close to 300 carries last year if not for a midseason thigh injury that caused him to miss two full games and see limited action in two others. But that’s why Murray’s workload has been limited throughout his career: He struggles to stay healthy. Murray says he believes he can protect himself by changing his running style.

“You just have to take care of your body and know when to go and fight for that extra yard or inch and know when not to,” Murray said. “That’s something about just being a smarter football player in general and knowing when you’re helping your team and when you’re hurting your team.”

When Murray went down last season, the Cowboys suffered: Although Murray ran for 1,121 yards and averaged 5.2 yards a carry, all the Cowboys’ other running backs combined for 326 yards and averaged 3.5 yards a carry. Keeping Murray healthy for 16 games, at 15 to 20 carries a game, would go a long way toward bolstering the offense in Dallas.