Jaguars agree with second-rounder Marqise Lee

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The Jaguars agreed, with Marqise Lee, and then there were three.

Man, I totally feel like Dr. Seuss right now.

The news that sparked the rhyme came from Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, who said that the Jaguars second-round pick had agreed to terms and would sign his deal when he returns to Jacksonville this week.

That leaves only three unsigned members of the 2014 NFL Draft class: Browns cornerback Justin Gilbert (eighth overall), Titans first-rounder Taylor Lewan (11th) and Dolphins tackle Billy Turner (third, 67th).

We hope to find things that rhyme with their names before they sign.

28 responses to “Jaguars agree with second-rounder Marqise Lee

  1. Joe Haden will eat this guy for breakfast. Remember when all five of the Jaguar fans thought they were going to get Alex Mack. Mwah ha ha ha. Soooo dumb.

  2. Joe Haden will eat him up just like he did to Cecil Shorts last year. Oh wait a minute, Shorts broke Haden’s ankles to get wide open for the game winning TD, leading to Haden crying in the locker room hahaha!!!!

  3. The Jaguars are building a nice roster in Jacksonville. If their draft picks pan out this year (The x-factor is Blake Bortles) and if they can somehow get Justin Blackman back on the field. This will be one of the better teams in the league in 2-3 years.

  4. Gilbert, Lewan, and Turner
    are left sitting on the burner
    Browns made it clear to Justin they aren’t willing to lose their shirt,
    Titans rolled their eyes at Taylor and said, “Way, way too much, go on.”,
    Dolphins just laughed at Billy, “Pal you’re a third round pick, and not the quickest learner…”.

  5. I can already see the Justin Gilbert one…

    “The Browns signed Gilbert, before he went beserk, time to get to work.”

    Did Peter King haiku that??

  6. drfeelyouup says:
    Jul 16, 2014 3:19 PM
    Joe Haden will eat this guy for breakfast. Remember when all five of the Jaguar fans thought they were going to get Alex Mack. Mwah ha ha ha. Soooo dumb.

    Haha just like Cecil Shorts making him cry after the last time they played? Cleveland Fans are the worse. I get it the Jags have been horrendous for 8 years, but it seems like every year the Browns are the “offseason Champs”. Oh the ship is sailing the right direction, blah blah blah. We have heard it before year after year. If things were different there they wouldn’t have drafted manziel. Have fun with that.

  7. I was really hoping Philly would snag this kid in the draft, but having taken Jordan Matthews instead…I’m happy we passed up on Lee. Truthfully, I kind of feel like an idiot for not seeing just how talented Matthews really is. His speed is highly underrated, his hands couldn’t be any better, and he has Terrell Owens-type size. Matthews should have been a 1st round selection and I hope he carries that with him as fuel to prove to everyone that he’s the real deal.

    I like Jeremy Maclin a lot, but having seen the Eagles drop DeSean Jackson after a career year, it shows that nobody is safe on this roster. If Maclin so much as hiccups this season, Matthews will have his starting job and probably won’t let go of it.

  8. The jags were horrible lasylt year, and still beat the Browns… Cleveland.

    Browns fans should be more comcerned with their players who roll bills in bathrooms.

  9. You guys really letting yourselves get worked up by a few ignorant Browns fans that are trolling you? Should we also argue about who the tallest short kid in class is?

  10. Trust me I know what stupid morons other Browns fans are. They think every year they are going to be good and they suck as usual. Browns will be lucky to win 2 games this year

    Browns fans are as myopic as Ohio State fans. Both teams suck. Ohio State beats up on MAC teams then they play good and elite teams and get blown out

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