Jimmy Graham “extremely happy” to get back to football


The Saints and tight end Jimmy Graham got a long-term contract extension done on Tuesday just ahead of the deadline for players slapped with franchise tags to sign multi-year deals with their teams, ending a protracted standoff about whether Graham should be paid like a tight end or a wide receiver in time for Graham to be a full participant in training camp.

The deal is a lucrative one for Graham and, as you’d imagine, he’s feeling good about getting the contract issue squared away before missing any of camp or the regular season.

“I’m beyond excited,” Graham said, via the team’s website. “I didn’t get into to football to learn litigation. I got into football to win games with my teammates, friends and coaches. I am extremely happy to get back to what it’s really about.”

With the contract questions settled, Graham can now focus on how he’ll celebrate any touchdowns he scores this season. Graham has celebrated previous scores by dunking the ball over the crossbar in a nod to his basketball background, but the league has outlawed such celebrations this season. Graham says he’s “trying to figure that out,” but promises he won’t fill the dancing void left when wide receiver Lance Moore signed with the Steelers.

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  1. Jimmy has a great shot at being a Saint for life. By the time his deal expires, we may not have a massive qb contract. His presence will be extremely valuable in helping a young qb succeed in the NFL.

  2. Just a suggestion but how about for a touchdown celebration he walk over to an official and hand him the ball, all while thanking his lucky stars he’s being paid millions of dollars.

  3. Jimmy Graham ran backward trying to get away from Kam Chancellor on a play against the Seahawks last season. Dude was talking trash to our secondary, purposely hanging around in our warmup area. Then, when it came time to backup the trash talk, Little Jimmy got punked. BIG TIME.

    Good luck with that signing, New Orleans.

    Jimmy Graham is soft so he’ll fit in with the rest of that soft team. Can’t backup the talk. Come on back to Seattle so we can show you some more love Jimmy boy.

  4. He’s just happy because he’s the highest paid TE in history, I don’t really appreciate players who try to hog all the money and not help out the team just a little bit…

  5. brokebackbrees…let me guess, your quarterback’s name is either Matt Ryan or whoever the hell the Vikings have under center these days. You’re right though…Brees takes a back seat to both those guys…what a joke. Go dig your purple horn hat out of the cellar.

  6. After all the shenanigans … I thought he would get more cash… 4 years $40 million seems like the Saints got a deal. But if Jimmy like it , I love it

  7. Yeah, Saints are so soft they beat the “tough” 49ers, blew out the “tough” Panthers, had the #4 defense, had the 3rd most sacks in the league, had the only team in the league top 5 in both defense and offense and played the Seahawks down to the wire at their house and basically moved the ball up and down the field at will. Yeah, that’s a soft team right.

  8. Funny how critics question JG’s toughness. Never do they cite the fact the only times JG was “shut out” he was playing with a torn Plantar Fascia. The injury has sidelined many players from all different leagues. JG didn’t complain or offer excuses and still finished as the league leader in TD receptions. Let’s wait and see what happens this year. Prior to the injury JG was a serious MVP candidate.

  9. Top 5 Qbs on non cheating teams:

    1. Manning
    3. Rodgers
    4. Cutler
    5. Bridgewater.

    Sorry brees, you don’t make the list because of your new and improved bounty program.

  10. You people’s heard what Jimmy Graham said he didn’t come to football for all this contract talk, its not the players its they agents they do the talking for the players. Jimmy Graham just want to play football he had know knowledge of how the NFL works but now he knows, I’m happy because he is happy that all that’s matters. People’s saying the Saints are soft if they was soft why did the NFL & teams saying they trying to hurt them are was it all lies. You guys knows for yourselves the Saints knocks helmets off when they hit you, come on now even some players loss their shoes after a hit the Saints put on them. After the bounty scandal the Saints backed off hitting because of the other teams crying this a contact sport this is 2014 let play real football.

  11. brokebackbrees-You obviously hadn’t heard of Belichick getting caught & the Patriots’ organization paying his fine so Brady is out & NO EVIDENCE was ever proven to make The Bounty Program charges stick so keep riding the pine brokeback. lol The Saints really are a pain in your butt huh? lol

  12. “Why do you ponder passing, this isn’t Detroit man…this is the Super Bowl!”

    Never gets old…it can’t when you’ve got fans like ole brokeback…they serve as constant reminders of that beautiful night! I still love going and watching you tube videos of the purple horn hat reaction to Favre’s typical meltdown pick…man I love that stuff.


  13. RegisHawk says:
    Jul 16, 2014 1:41 PM
    “We’re not playing the Seahawks in the regular season? I’m HAPPY!”
    Hopefully the refs won’t allow the Hawks to cheat with Pass Interference on every play this year like last..

  14. It gets better ole brokeback…you have to watch your team get destroyed again this season in the superdome…that’ll be like the 3rd or 4th time in a row…Saints have 2 little brothers: falcons and vikings.

  15. sb44…easy on the cheating talk. We don’t want to ever sound like viking fans. 🙂

  16. Seems like all brokebackbress does is constantly hang out on Saints articles. I guess he wants to see what a true professional football team looks like instead whatever he calls his team. He is obviously the only person that still thinks that “bounty program” is funny or hurtful. It’s amazing that he hasn’t realized that the only person he is entertaining is himself lol.

    Oh and to logicalvoices I had Reed on my fantasy team last year and was good but he is no where near the level of Graham.

  17. One more thing ole brokeback:

    We find it laughable how desperate your team was that season…you go and sign your arch nemesis, intra-division QB in Brett Favre then tout him as if he’d always played for your lousy organization…then he (and Adrian Fumbleson) lose the game before your very eyes just as he had won them against your team for so many preceeding seasons! Blahahahahahahahaahaha!!

    WHO DAT!

  18. There is nothing as sweet as the tears of Vikings fans.

    The only way they can feel better about their team is to try and discredit their superiors. Honestly, it’s really rather flattering when you think about it…

  19. Nothing accomplished since the Super Bowl? How about making the playoffs every year with the only exception being the year SP was out. What did your team accomplish during that time frame? Oh I know, multiple losing seasons and multiple early picks in the draft. That’s cool if that’s what your team thinks is important but we try and win championship around here, not get early draft picks and still suck.

  20. Nothing accomplished, unless you like 13-win seasons, 11-win seasons, rewriting the offensive record books and being a perennial contender. To paraphrase your most hilarious moment of agony, “THIS IS NOT MINNESOTA MAN!! THIS IS AN ACTUAL WINNING ORGANIZATION!!!”

  21. I really don’t know who is worse between Seahawks fans and 49ers fans. Vikings fans are just sad.

    Jimmy played more than half of last season with a painful foot injury, and he played the season before with a wrist injury. The guy has crawled toward the endzone with three people hanging onto him. Internet tough guys calling him soft though.

  22. yeah, look no further than a hit to Warner’s shoulder after he threw an interception. Yeah, that’s really sinister right there.

  23. Just win games, Jimmy. Everyone, and then the Superbowl. That’s better than anything money can buy you.

  24. Big talk from fans of teams that will not play the Seahawks during the regular season. Let’s see…what are the odds they’ll make it to the post-season…

    Saints – maybe; we can settle this then.
    Vikes – no; guess you’ll have to settle for talking tough on a message board – seems to be your team’s secret weapon.

  25. If you want more proof that the Saints took the fight out of the Vikings organization as a whole, Look at what they’ve done since. Nada. Just trade AP while hes decent. I feel sorry for him to have to stay on such a below par team.

  26. logicalvoicesays says:
    Jul 16, 2014 1:37 PM

    Jordan Reed is pound for pound the best TE in the sport today and it isnt even close.


    Jordan who?

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