Patriots announce Armond Armstead has retired


Defensive lineman Armond Armstead had to take the long route to get a chance in the NFL, but it looks like his stay in the league will end without playing in a regular season game.

The Patriots announced that Armstead has retired after spending all of the 2013 season on the Reserve/Non-Football Injury List. Armstead signed with the Patriots after spending one season with the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL, where he landed after leaving USC after suffering a heart attack while he was a player for the school. He had an undiclosed infection last summer that led to surgery and his spot on the NFI list, although Patriots coach Bill Belichick indicated it was unrelated to the heart issue.

“It has been a pleasure being around Armond, as he gave everything he could to play for us. Armond worked extremely hard since joining us last February. He’s had a lot of adversity personally that he’s had to deal with – unusual compared to most other players – but he’s always had a great attitude, worked hard and really did everything we asked him to do. While it is unfortunate he will not be able to play football, Armond is an outstanding young man who has a very bright future in whatever path he chooses,” Belichick said in the statement announcing Armstead’s retirement.

Hopefully whatever is forcing Armstead from the game won’t get in the way of that bright future.

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  1. Gracious, lengthy statement about a guy who never made the field, which is weird considering how evil and emotionless Bill Belichick supposedly is around here.

  2. Good speech by BB on his departure. Not as romantic as 33 pages of texts, but good nonetheless.

  3. Really sad, his CFL highlight video on YouTube is incredible.

    Hopefully he can coach kids (if he wants to stay in football) because he had great footwork and hands

  4. belichick releases a glowing human-esque statement about some nobody player minutes after prosecutor’s office mentions secret texts between him and murderer aaron hernandez are said to being investigated.

  5. Total bumout for a talented prospect. Truth be told I had closed the book on him when I found out that he wouldn’t be ready for OTAs and kind of assumed he just didn’t want it bad enough. Even if that had been the case I wouldn’t have blamed him. Heart issues are scary.

    Best of luck in whatever comes next.

  6. If this guy didn’t have a heart attack when he was 21 he would’ve been drafted in rounds 3-5. Unfortunately, the USC medical staff was incompetent. My guess is he retried because his law suit with USC required him never to play football again in order to get the settlement money. I’m sure it will be in the 10-20 million range for “forfeited wages”

  7. coach gave him an unbelievable ‘letter of reference’ to anyone who is listening or interested in having this guy be part of their “team”.
    i dont think Coach throws around compliments early or often.

  8. Vikesr4reel(not)…Wrong… 2 Super Bowl since Spygate just didn’t win them… Lost both by a total of 7 points…At least get it right if you want to babble!!!
    Pats got a good shot at another appearance this year too … Enjoy another lousy regular season…poor Peterson… Barry Sanders part 2

  9. Geeze – how badly did the Jets cheat (not to mention the other NFL “never wuz” teams) to earn the bad karma of going so long without a Super Bowl!

    The Jets haven’t win since before Man walked on the Moon. Heck – they remain tied w the Houston Oilers for eastern conference titles!

    They must have made the football gods angry!

  10. That picture is perfect! He was nothing but a myth around here, like the abominable snowman. So why would I get to see his face? Because he doesn’t exist!!!

  11. I can see all the losers dragging Spygate out twenty years from now. Give it up, haters, it’s irrelevant now, and forever more.

  12. Spygate will be relevant for as long as the Pats SB wins* are in the record books. You shouldn’t be mad at trolls about spygate, you should be made at your coach for cheating tarnishing what was thought to be a great team. There will always be doubt, Goodell ensured that by destroying the evidence.

  13. Armstead sent Bill a note on the back of a napkin. It said:

    ‘AA retires as DL of the NEP’

  14. It’s a great time to be a Pats fan. When most dynasties log in their last SB win, you never hear from them again. But the Pats have been to 2 SBs (losing both by a combined 7 points), and made 3 additional AFFCG appearances since turning over an aging defense and since the league made sea changes in rules governing how defenders can cover / hit WRs.

  15. “Spygate will be relevant for as long as the Pats SB wins* are in the record books. You shouldn’t be mad at trolls about spygate, you should be made at your coach for cheating tarnishing what was thought to be a great team. There will always be doubt.”

    Nope. Not with all the coaches who came out and said it was nothing. There was no in-game benefit and the only way you could benefit was if you played the team a second time in the same season and that team didn’t change its signal calling. And it only benefits the offense. When the Pats won their titles, it was the defense that carried them. Brady had not yet evolved into the star QB he is now.

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