Alex Smith hoping to find the right answer for extension


Alex Smith found a soft landing spot in Kansas City last year, and now he wants to call it home for a long time.

The Chiefs quarterback told Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star that he wants to get an extension done, and the sooner the better.

I’d love to have it done,” Smith said. “I love Kansas City, I love the coaching staff, the players, . . . But when you’re talking about this many years and that type of deal, you want it done right. You want both sides happy, and you want it to be something that is going to last and you can play out. A lot of things go into it.

“With that, there’s still plenty of time. I still have a whole year left. And who knows what will happen?”

Smith’s entering the final year of his deal, and it’s hard to gauge what his market is relative to other recent quarterback deals. They could always franchise him a year from now for a short-term fix, but that would require working a new deal with linebacker Justin Houston before then.

While it’s easy to look at Smith as merely functional, he’s done the part which he can control. It’s good enough to go 11-4 for a team that went 2-14 the year before, moving his record as a starter the last three seasons to 30-9-1, while playing efficient, smart football.

That’s better than other “more talented” quarterbacks such as Tony Romo or Matt Stafford or Jay Cutler, who have all checked in with new deals worth $18 million a year or more.

“We’re getting pretty close to where I’m not thinking about any of that,” Smith said. “But certainly when you’re talking about comparables and what the marketplace is for a quarterback, certainly you’re looking at that, and I feel like my body of work of the last three, four years is right up there with a lot of those guys. No question, when you’re trying to put a value on something like that, you look at a lot of stuff.

“But real soon come Sunday, all that stuff is going to get turned off for me.”

He didn’t rule out negotiating during the season, but the reality is the Chiefs have to decide soon if he’s going to be their long-term answer at quarterback.

And if that’s their decision, then paying him market value shouldn’t be the issue.

44 responses to “Alex Smith hoping to find the right answer for extension

  1. As a Broncos fan I hope the Chiefs do give him a long term big money deal because it would be a huge mistake and set them back a few more years. Alex Smith is a solid QB who can lead a team to the playoffs if he has a good team around him. He is not a championship caliber, franchise QB. We all know this by now, he wants to be paid like an elite QB and he is average at best.

  2. He’s a class guy, underrated QB and the Chiefs will get a long term agreement worked out. He deserves credit for not being a whiny biatch like about 95% of the NFL as he tries to get a long term deal done.

  3. Has any QB been more overrated..ever? THE definition of average but who makes smart throws. Will ONLY win with a great to elite defense and a good to great running game. Will never win a real big game

  4. Give him a fair extension. He won’t put up gaudy numbers, BUT he has been efficient the past 3 years, and he rarely turns the ball over or throws INTs… in fact, he has thrown only 17 (5, 5, 7) in the last 3 years. Eli had like 28 last year.

    And I think he broke out in the playoff loss to INDY this past season, and he didn’t have Charles either. Romo, Stafford, and Cutler WISH they had a playoff game like that.

    He’s not gonna be “elite,” but he is efficient. Don’t overpay, but be fair.

  5. The more you know about football, the more you appreciate Alex Smith. Pretty simple.

  6. Alex Smith plays smart efficient football. He is pro and team player to the bones, an underrated athlet, a “just win, baby” type of guy in a humble way.

    But he isn´t as fancy as the other QBs who cashed in bigtime.
    No bible tattoos on a crackhead body, no “original” throwing technique in an arm that delivers some TD no matter how many interceptions in between, no son-in-law face which touches the owners heart (hi JJ).

    Alex Smith was in the playoffs the last three years, carried two teams on his game managing shoulders. How many times did Romo or Stafford this for their franchises? How surprising are we that Flacco was mediocre at best last season?

    About time that Alex cashes in for his unromantic but efficient career.

  7. You all forgot the chiefs drafted Arron Murray the only reason Murray do not go earlier because of the knee injury he suffer last year the chiefs are taken a wait and see attitude make good sense to me

  8. I would take Alex Smith over Kaepernick, Romo, Stafford, Flacco, Matt Ryan or Cutler. And they ALL are getting paid right now.

    He is a winner.

  9. The Ravens didn’t open up their paycheck for Dilfer, and he won a lot of games with them. I sense K.C. is going to go down that road. Too many teams are overpaying for mediocre QBs. Move on and find a better replacement (like the Ravens, 49ers, etc.). There isn’t going to be a very big free agent market for Smith, so why negotiate against yourself?

  10. Bring in Vince Young..
    This would be the best insurance policy a team could ever have…
    (NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    It would definitely upgrade the team’s quarterback pool…

  11. blacknole08 ..that is because 87% of his passes are within 10 yds of the line. I think he is capable of much more but Reid seems content to keep his passes short. I think it remains to be seen if he can lead a team all the way. He nearly did it with SF but KC isn’t SF. If the coming season is a so so for the Chiefs, I think he will end up as a backup somewhere.

  12. The Ravens didn’t open up their paycheck for Dilfer, and he won a lot of games with them.


    Don’t be silly. Dilfer played half a season that year with a top 5 all-time defense. Their other option was Tony Banks.

    Alex Smith has played efficient football for 3 years straight and was having his best season in 2012 before the injury. Otherwise he might have led them to the SB that year instead of Kaep.

  13. How long did it take to win another Super Bowl for the Ravens after Dilfer? Alex is light years better. I hope he finds a team that knows football more than some of the fans posting. Absurd to go from 2 wins to 11 in your first year in a new system and be called efficient. Almost none of the QBs in the NFL could pull that off

  14. cri33 says: Jul 17, 2014 9:42 PM

    blacknole08 ..that is because 87% of his passes are within 10 yds of the line. I think he is capable of much more but Reid seems content to keep his passes short. I think it remains to be seen if he can lead a team all the way. He nearly did it with SF but KC isn’t SF. If the coming season is a so so for the Chiefs, I think he will end up as a backup somewhere.


    That’s not his fault. When you have injuries at TE, which Reid likes to use in his offense, and no WR to throw to consistently besides Bowe, who BTW had a poor season, you will have limitations.

    Similar situation in SF, except he had Vernon Davis to throw to — yea, you can say Crabtree, but he isn’t a dominate WR.

    Checking down and playing within the limitations of your offense and not forcing throws is smart football.

  15. joe2jerry says: Jul 17, 2014 10:03 PM

    How long did it take to win another Super Bowl for the Ravens after Dilfer? Alex is light years better. I hope he finds a team that knows football more than some of the fans posting. Absurd to go from 2 wins to 11 in your first year in a new system and be called efficient. Almost none of the QBs in the NFL could pull that off
    The 2012 Chiefs had 5 Pro Bowlers (I’m not counting their punter) and the next year they faced an incredibly easy schedule next year. A turnaround was inevitable.

  16. @esorscher”: “Alex Smith is a great QB”

    I’m sorry but Smith has never been a “great” QB. He has been in his career an average QB at best and he’s 1-2 in his 3 career playoff games.

    Unless he has a powerhouse defense to hold him up he’s not going to win many games on his own.

  17. The Chiefs drafted Aaron Murray for a reason. His only job is to sit, learn, and rehab this year. If they feel he is ready, he can take over next year. If they feel he needs another year of learning, they will franchise Smith for 1 year. I love Alex Smith as a QB. But, lets face it, he is not a consistent top 10 QB. He’s very efficient. Doesn’t turn the ball over. However he’s not going to win you games like the top tier talent does. Alex deserves around 10 mill a year.

  18. Good comparison is Andy Dalton.
    Both throw short.
    Both have good stats.
    Both have very good players around them.
    Both teams have a very good D.
    Both win and get to the playoffs.
    Then both flame out.
    5 years $50 million for each is about what they are worth …

  19. “Will never win a real big game” do not stand up to evidence. Last time we saw him play, a playoff, he threw 4TD and staked his D 38-10 lead. Very arguable if Charles wasn’t injured, his deep pass over the middle near the end lands right in the breadbasket, just like they practiced. What else could he do? And what about January 14 2012, one of the most exciting playoff games ever? You have to marvel at the accuracy on his passes in the last 5 minutes. He out-dueled Drew Brees. The D and the run game were definitely not saving him in at the end.

    I’m not saying he’s a superhero. But in the right system – which Andy Reid can totally put together for him – the man will make good on serious coin.

    They should pay the man. I bet he’d take Cutler or Romo money, and he’s shown better than them in the clutch. In the meantime they could position their roster well for the long term. Peyton can’t play forever and neither can Rivers, so the division is interesting over the next few seasons. An aggressive but fair deal with Smith bridges them for a couple years and into likely big bumps in the cap when they could hunt down their next QB with space. In the meantime, they have a QB who has brought teams to the playoffs and won games.

  20. He wants that extension done NOW because he wants a new contract before he gets his neck broken.

    The Chiefs blew up last year’s relatively successful o-line, retaining only Eric Fisher and Rodney Hudson as their vets. The former will be playing LT for the first time in the NFL and the latter has always been just meh.

  21. Not hating straight die hard niner fan here..I watched this guy his whole career..everyone loves this guy because he is a stand up dude..hes a very smart qb..but he will never win you a game and he wont lose you a game…hes just a solid starter you cannot give him franchise money..dude plays scared he always looks for the safe play he will never go for the win but he will not throw a game ending pick…KC has a solid team but Alex cant take you all the way..Not hating just beeing honest …If he wants big money let him walk trust me

  22. We had a glimpse of Alex Smith’s abilities in the playoff loss to Indianapolis, he deserves a raise and wants to stay. $15M would be fair, but Jay Cutler’s $18M contract, however questionable it may be,
    makes that unlikely. As long as agents like Tom Condon, who represents Smith, are around, the QB position willre continue to be highly compensated, regardless of a team’s need to pay other players, e.g., LB Justin Houston, who wants an increase before his rookie contract expires this year.

    Smith has made north of $50M in the NFL, while Houston has made about 5% of that amount. If KC and Smith can’t reach an agreement, the Chiefs are likely to use Smith’s expressed desire to stay to put off finalizing anything before season’s end. Here’s guessing that Houston gets an extension, that Smith gets his after the season and that the team carries four qbs, barring a pre-season deal involving Chase Daniel.

  23. crappygovernment – Alex Smith is not Mormon. He was born in Seattle, raised in San Diego, and went to Utah, not BYU and never converted. Smith is a common last name of more than just Mormons. Utah isn’t all Mormon.

  24. Cincyfredo – Beating Brees with two TDs in four minutes is not flaming out. Scoring 44 points, 378 yards, 4 TDs, and 57 yards rushing without Charles isn’t flaming out. Losing because of two late game punt returner fumbles in the NFCC is not flaming out. Having the most TDs and highest playoff rating in three games is not flaming out. That’s Smith. On the other end, Dalton’s one TD pass in the playoffs combined IS flaming out.

  25. The bottom line is WINNING football games, Alex Smith when he is on the field has a tendency to do just that.

  26. Stiller43: Yes, there has been a more overrated QB, Romo. Making 18m+ per year. Alex has won at least as many playoff games, doesn’t fumble FG snaps, or throw 5 picks a game.. C’mon now.. Remember the 49ers v. Saints? Huge game.. Victory under belt..

  27. Watched his high school days, here in San Diego, along with his high school running back, Reggie Bush (nice team, huh?).

    Always have rooted for him in the. NFL.

    One thing to remember is that this kid ALWAYS had a new HC, or OC, every single year in San Francisco for like a decade, and just when personnel became consistent, he gets injured and loses his job to Kap, starting ALL OVER AGAIN with a new team in Kansas City.

    Overall, his numbers are average-to-above-average, but considering all the change he’s had to put up with, I’d say that’s the best he could realistically accomplish.

  28. The Chiefs have let great players get away for decades, due to their cheapness.

    Smith is definitely not great, but average instead.

    Watch these morons sign him like he’s great, that would be awesome.

  29. Thinking long-term, who would be with the team longer, Smith or Houston? I am guessing Houston, so if they can only pay one of them this year let it be Houston.
    Smith had a good year last year but still has question marks. Let Smith play the final year of his contract. If he has another good year, then resign him next year. If he shows that last year was a flash-in-the-pan, then don’t resign him, isn’t that why they drafted Murray?

  30. Oh and just for you Trollonto…

    Your Raiders are within $200k of the Chiefs under the cap, so if the Chiefs are cheap I guess your Raiders are too. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your delusion.

  31. Norcalmafia – Saying that he will never win you a game or lose you agame is regurgitated garbage, in my opinion. He won you the Saints game. When people say that Davis or other players won that game, I think that’s a double standard. He scored 4 touchdowns that game and two of them were in the last four minutes. His last throw was a clutch throw that he had to throw with anticipation. He could have taken the field goal but instead he threw the ball before Davis was open. People might say that is one game, but never is a strong word. If he has done it once, he cannot be said he won’t. Other quarterbacks may be more reliable in bringing a team back or carrying a team, but Smith has done it before. I would even say he will in the future, but that’s opinion, at least he might. That’s more than many quarterbacks can say. The other quarterbacks haven’t done it when it counts in the playoffs so they can’t say affirmatively.

    He also did enough in the Colts game to win. But I won’t count that because they didn’t. Kaepernick gets too much blame for the Seattle game when he was the only reason why they were in the game. The same thing goes for Smith and the Colts game. While he did not win the game, Smith was basically the reason for why they scored 44 points and were winning the Colts game. Defense was a big issue and Jamaal Charles could not run the clock out because he was out of the game.

  32. I would maybe give Smith a 4 year deal worth $55-60 million and $25-30 million guaranteed, since he is 30. This would essentially be a 2-year deal. For Smith’s talent level (good but not great), KC will not contend until they have built up a better team around him (secondary and receivers). I think we know who he is at this point, and he won’t be making any big leaps at this point like he did 3 years ago. There will also be better young options at QB coming out of college within the next few years.

    Mark my words, KC will not hesitate to draft a QB high if they stumble at any point over the next couple seasons. Look for them to sign Smith to a deal that they can easily get out of by 2017.

    I feel bad for Alex that he had probably the second best game of his career against Indy in the playoffs and lost. He had one bad turnover where he scrambled without protecting the ball properly and could have been better on the final drive, but other than that, played great football. I blame Andy Reid more for unbelievably poor game management. He somehow managed to blow their timeouts while they were playing keepaway offense with a huge lead and didn’t have them when he really needed them. Andy Reid is a great coach in terms of player and team development, but his in-game issues are well documented.

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