CBS will let individual announcers decide whether to say “Redskins”

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If CBS announcers don’t want to say the arguably offensive name of the Washington NFL team, they don’t have to. If they want to, they can.

That’s the word from CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus, who tells the Hollywood Reporter that although he hasn’t told his on-air talent what to say regarding the Redskins controversy, he trusts each individual announcer to make the right call.

“We haven’t talked to them yet,” McManus said. “Generally speaking, we do not tell our announcers what to say or not say. Up to this point, it has not been a big issue for us. Last year, it was simmering; now it’s reaching a hotter level. But we probably will not end up dictating to our announcers whether they say Redskins or don’t say Redskins. We leave that up to them and our production team. There are times when something becomes important enough that we talk to them, and between now and the start of football season we’ll decide what is the right thing to do.”

CBS is scheduled to air five Redskins games this season, and you can bet people on both sides of the issue will be listening closely to determine whether they’re refusing to say the team’s name, whether they’re continuing to say the team’s name, or whether they’re avoiding it other than when commenting directly on the controversy. Regardless, the fact that one NFL team has a name that some TV announcers will not say is another reminder that this controversy is not going away.

140 responses to “CBS will let individual announcers decide whether to say “Redskins”

  1. Ridiculous that it has even come to this.

    The name of the Washington football franchise is the Redskins, until it isn’t.

    Political correctness is ruining this country.

  2. I expect the announcers to use the name. If they can’t say the name of the peoduct they are describing, they shouldn’t have this job.

  3. Oh, but saying “Chiefs” and showing off the fans dressed up in Native American costumes would all be perfectly acceptable, huh?

  4. Daniel Synder’s neighbor filed a patent/trademark for the Washington Bravehearts… Now that is interesting stuff right there

  5. This is great. I can’t wait to see who the first announcer is to take a stand on this and not use the term Redskins….Only to have the previous seasons audio clips pulled up of them using the term 50bazillion times. I guess they just suddenly don’t like the term anymore.

    I won’t be listening closely.

  6. Sean McManus needs to take a stand one way or the other… he brings more attention to it on a game by game basis by not having a policy and it is not fair of him to put the onus on announcers… He can always change the policy later if he wanted to.

  7. This continues to be the dumbest ‘controversy’ on the public stage.

    No team would willingly name itself disparagingly. The word Redskins, in the obvious context of team name, is not intended, nor ever has been, to be disparaging.

    It should be obvious to all but the most obdurate meddlers, that this is so. And yet…

    Let’s say we want to describe the blunt end of a pin. We call it a pinhead. Let’s say we want to describe an obdurate meddler and we call him a pinhead. Same word, different meaning.

    It is entirely and without question the same with the word Redskins. In one sense it could be used disparagingly, in another sense it is nothing more than a team name. PERIOD.

    Liberty loving free people have the right to name their team. Pinheads have the right to be as ignorant as they wish. It is a shame that the pinheads are allowed to define national issues instead of being laughed down.

    Let’s all get a clue.

  8. Say it! This is so stupid!

    The lady that’s trying to sue the REDSKINS for 9 billion dollars lives on a reservation. The name of the high school football team on the reservation is the REDSKINS!

    This is a joke and unfortunately it is what our kindergarten country has become.

  9. While I strongly oppose changing the name, it is obvious that a settlement needs to be made.

    The people who haven’t had a problem with the name for the last 75 years that are suddenly up in arms about the name (because they were told to be up in arms about the name) would certainly agree that the “Washington Reds” would be an appropriate name.

    All the Redskins would need to do is drop the “skins” from their merchandise. Keep the logo, keep the colors, keep everything else. Drop the “skins”.

    Problem solved.

    Until a small, random group of people that find the color red insulting raise a fuss, that is.

  10. Upon further review, the following terms have also become offensive overnight:

    Fighting Irish (offensive to Irish)
    Vikings (offensive to Scandinavians)
    Dutch boy paint (offensive to the Dutch)

    The state of Indiana

    (All offensive to Native Americans)

    Yea, take a step back PC police- this whole thing is as stupid and ridiculous as it sounds… Its comical to really believe that anyone thinks that Washington is using the term “Redskins” in a demeaning manner. If you think its offensive, its because you want it to be offensive. Leave the name alone and move on

  11. It’s all about freedom of expression, and it’s refreshing to find that CBS supports the right of their on-air personalities to exercise theirs.

  12. The PC Agenda continues to be pushed no matter that a MAJORITY of Native Americans, much less the rest of the country want the name to be kept. What about the Chiefs? Ms. Blackhorse wanted that name changed as well.

  13. It’s 2014 and we’re still a racist society. This name is rediculously offensive and Washington should be forced to change it immediately. Go Cowboys.

  14. Yes, lets focus in the mascots of pro sports teams instead of the various injustices and inequalities that plague the indegenious people of this land.

  15. If it’s okay for the Resident of the United States to repeatedly call anyone from the Taxed Enough Already party “teabaggers” then I’m saying REDSKINS!!!!!

  16. How is CBS airing five Washington games? Don’t they only broadcast NFC teams when they play at home against an AFC team, which will only happen in Washington twice this year?

  17. I think it’s offensive that American Indians use the term “Native American”. I am Native American but not American Indian.

  18. Clearly the announcers who use the name will get attacked on Twitter. I hope some will support those announcers. I will definitely be keeping track of those who are conspiring with the evil PC crowd and not using Redskins.

  19. Way to cave in to the PC Police.

    Nobody in power have the Stones to stand up to this ridiculous issue anymore?

  20. We’ve reached the tipping point. Before you know it, the networks will have policies forbidding the use of the team’s name. Snyder may as well face facts. The league can force his hand.

  21. He’s doing a hex-bar deadlift which is biomechanically similar to a squat. It pulls more quad into the movement. Granted seeing him do a front squat or something probably would have been more pertinent to the injury he had. 505 isn’t a ton of weight by any means, at his body weight, but the fact that he can do it shows he’s rehabbing and making some sort of progress. Good for him!

  22. Bottomline: If I hear an announcer use that racist R-word term on the air, I will immediately change the channel.

    I do not condone racism, and neither should you!

  23. If u don’t like the name redskins and don’t want to support the team then don’t watch and don’t buy their stuff. Oh and by the way, this CBS announcers thing is going to increase their TV ratings for those ppl who are so fixated on the name and possible name change so they can hear if the announces use the name or what the call sounds like if the name is strickin

  24. Look out Jeep, the left-wing extremists are coming for the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee next.
    In fact, every state, county, city, town, street, river or creek with an American Indian name should be changed.
    If the American Indians want the rest of the country to forget about their heritage we should oblige them.

  25. You can like or dislike anyone’s comment on whether there should be a name change. But there will be a change, this is 2014.

  26. It’s a shame there are so many ignorant people in this country. Native Americans don’t like being mocked, nor does anyone else. Dan Snyder is a greedy, gutless dunce with NO class

  27. Great idea CBS. Now the bleeding hearts who protest for a living will target every announcer who says Redskins.

  28. What would they do if the REDSKINS hoist the Lombardi?? I want this to happen every year but now it’s just to rub thier PC faces in this bs campaign they’re waging!! HTTR

  29. as soon as i hear an anouncer claim they will not use the word, say it on accident and then apologize i will be changing the channel.

  30. Interesting. This could go to an all new level. If I were the Redskins, I would refuse access to any media member refusing to use the teams name on air or in articles. No RGIII, no Orakpo, no Gruden. Deny them the ability to cover that which they won’t speak. Perhaps the NFL might cut off their access all together. It could get quite ugly.

  31. I heard Peter King won’t use the word Redskins. Any self-righteous announcer who refuses to use the word Redskins probably wouldn’t give a dime to a Native American organization, charity or cause.

    If you feel that strongly about it, break out your wallet and give without announcing it to the whole world.

  32. According to our progressive overlords “redskins” is insulting, but “rednecks” is hilarious and preferred to describe people they hate. The whole thing is ridiculous.

  33. Any announcer on CBS that decides NOT to say Redskins is doing a disservice to the audience. Keep it real or keep it moving.

  34. I have no personal stake in this argument. I mean, yea I’m a Cowboys fan, so it’s been great watching all you R-word lovers squirm lol. However let’s face some truths. When the season starts, no one is going to care about this. And no one is going to change the channel if they’re not using the name. You’ll watch because you’re either cheering for Washington or whoever they’re playing. This issue gets forgotten every year after the season gets started. I’ll be surprised if it’s any different this year. I just hope Washington is better this year so we don’t have to keep hearing NFC Least.

  35. Shame on Sean McManus… his father would be ashamed of him….. get some guts… I am hoping this is just a PC thing and you are really telling talent to use name….. anyone not using name should be immediately taken off the air

    Not advocating stoning .. but we Americans need to really attack these ignorant Libs hellbent on destroying America…. stop being tolerant of these people that do not believe in America and try to force their misguided agenda on the majority of us…. did we not learn what PC can do to us all in last election?

    Enough of this. Redskins is not a slur, it is a name evoking pride, no matter what these libs wish to be the case.

    Hail to the Redskins! To hell with the Libs.

  36. For all those who insist that “political correctness” is ruining the country…

    do you think we’d better off making absolutely NO EFFORT to be more understanding of and compassionate towards one another?

    I mean, is that what you REALLY think? Just curious.

  37. Let’s try this out.
    “The Washington NFL Franchise First Down!”
    “The Washington NFL Football Team 5 yard penalty”

  38. I’m not a REDSKINS fan but regardless how this turns out I will forever call then the WASHINGTON REDSKINS, If you don’t like it leave.

  39. I don’t know about this. If I was the NFL, I would seriously consider either pulling the TV contract from CBS, or giving it to another network next go around.

    This is a branding issue and CBS is saying, “you don’t have to mention the customers brand in the broadcast.”

    Consider if Coke was sponsoring an event and the announcers were supposed to say the word “Coke” but they refused. That would be unacceptable.

  40. McManus sounds like a typical corporate manager. He wont define what the “right call” is, then will blame the announcers when they make the “wrong call” and terminate them for violating company policy

  41. “Regardless, the fact that one NFL team has a name that some TV announcers will not say is another reminder that this controversy is not going away.”

    No, it is just a reminder how stupid some people are.

  42. I believe the time has come for all of the people who believe in “change” to move someplace like North Korea, Russia or China. They will fit right in with those countries. You know, where Socialism/Communism is the LAW and people have no rights to speak their minds or opinions. It’s what the people clamoring for “change” want. Right?

    Well go ahead… it’s a “free” country. Actions speak louder than words.

    Hail To The Redskins!!

  43. are any of the people clamoring to get the Redskin name changed ACTUALLY Native American?

    seems like listening to the radio that MOST people that want to change it arent even Native American, most are people with a crazy opinion and want to be heard.

    I will second the guy that said Political Correctness is ruining this country!

  44. and I thought the word Dan Snyder was offensive. It wasn’t until he took over that the football team in MD became offensive to most fans.

  45. I’m sure that somewhere in the television contracts there is a clause that states what names the teams are to be called. This is a bad “kettle of fish” to open when new television contracts are coming up (and you only have a 1 year deal for Thursday night games).

  46. I imagine they will all start out saying washington then once all the hoopla settles and season is underway they will start saying redkins again.

  47. Okay, so the Washington Redskins started out as the Boston Braves. So changing to the Washington Braves could be a way to “preserve the franchise’s history.”

    The name became the Boston Redskins, named after the political group responsible for the Boston Tea Party. That group dressed up as Native Americans to disguise their identites while protesting taxation without representation. So, technically the team is not named after Native Americans but “freedom fighters” who dressed as Native Americans. At this point, however, that’s moot. It is no longer a name that honors freedom but instead an archaic term that holds a very negative connotation.

    This isn’t a matter of being PC or having your thoughts controlled. It is a matter of being respectful instead of being degrading.

  48. remember, CBS was the network than employed Dan Rather…. even after he was exposed as a fake journalist that misused and even faked film to mislead public and promote his lib agenda…. and CBS was complicit

    wish cable would put nets out of business

  49. I laugh at you all. ALL OF YOU!!! My tv is always on mute while watching any sports event…..since the day Joe/John Buck was hired by Fox Sports. Since when did a pantyhose sellin horse jockey ever….well you get the point.

  50. This Redskins thing is a blessing in disguise. The current administration, their wacko supporters, the PC police, and their media lapdogs have finally gone too far and have awakened the beast.

    The left will be sent back to their Prius in short order come 2016. Unless they can come up with enough dead people to vote for them again.

  51. Politicians and celebrities are just using this as a platform for national attention in the media. Everyone is just pushing their own agenda . This isn’t about being offended, it’s about money and politics. Find a new platform, and stay away from our football team. HTTR

  52. The name is EXTREMELY offensive and should be changed. Just because they’ve “always” been called the Redskins doesnt make it okay.

  53. Any broadcaster who doesn’t want to use the name Redskins shouldn’t be assigned to broadcast their games.

    This is political correctness run amok. It is beyond ridiculous.

    Why is this happening? Because some self-appointed PC police have decided that because they are offended by the name, everyone else should be as well, and anyone who isn’t offended is considered an evil bigot.

    This garbage needs to stop.

  54. Chris says:
    Jul 17, 2014 9:57 AM
    Hail to the Redskins.

    Fail to the Media/Political Correctness.
    I am a Pats fan and am pretty close to purchasing a Redskins piece of merchandise just so Snyder makes money off it. But I really like this phrase and it would look great on a t shirt. Kudos, sir!

    I’m pretty sure that if some word is actually slur, 100% of people of that race/ethnicity all agree it is. Not so with “Redskin”…hence it is not a slur except to the “united states of the perpetually offended”. If you’re offended by a word, get over it. Being offended is not harmful to your health or well being. And if you think it’s that big of a deal, I’d say you have had a pretty sheltered pampered pet type life.

  55. cybersqueak says:
    Jul 17, 2014 1:37 PM
    How many Washington games are on the CBS schedule, one?


    From the article: “CBS is scheduled to air five Redskins games this season…”

  56. The first thing that needs done, is to make sure that our children are not attending schools at any level that have offensive names like REDSKINS and any other that are offensive to someone or some group.

    It is ironic that this conversation is even going on as it is and not one thing is being done to protect our childrens’ psyche, self-esteem and values from the threat that is now existing. Everything is centered on the pro football team.

    Which, for the love of humanity, is more important to stop? children attending institutions of hate, or a pro football team name?

  57. What a joke: this moronic issue has somehow officially become a crisis. After 80 years or so, it’s now suddenly become the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

  58. I can’t express how much I enjoy seeing these comments from people who are upset that the redskins name might get changed. I can’t help but wonder how many of you are the same people that post on conservatives comment sections on other sites crying about how “the liberals are destroying America “

  59. weepingjebus says:
    Jul 17, 2014 11:16 AM
    According to our progressive overlords “redskins” is insulting, but “rednecks” is hilarious and preferred to describe people they hate. The whole thing is ridiculous.


    No professional sports teams would call themselves the Rednecks, apples and oranges. I don’t care what happens with the name. But I think it is funny that people who passionately support keeping it keep asking why non-native Americans are speaking for Native Americans on the issue. I don’t see any Native American groups lobbying to keep the name. Maybe that would help keep it for you. I also don’t think it is a PC or majority issue, if some natives find it offensive, it is. Give me thumbs down, but please show me a Native American group that is outraged the name might change.

  60. How many of you bozos touting the “if you aren’t a Native American” argument ALSO believe Brett Favre can’t comment on having reservations about his hypothetical son play football?

  61. Love him or hate him, you all need to side with Snyder on this one. If he caves and changes the name to appease the PC Democrats, then it’s going to be open season on all NFL teams and private businesses.

    Remember when PETA protested the Green Bay Packers in 2000? PETA wants Green Bay to change the nickname because they find it offensive…don’t believe me? Look it up on your Google machine.

    Or how about the atheist in California who wants to remove the “under god” phrase from the Pledge of Allegiance because he finds it offensive? Is he going to go after the Saints, Angles, and Padres next?

    This isn’t funny anymore, our freedom is at stake.

  62. Pretty gutless move by CBS, the announcers all work for and represent CBS so the company should decide the policy, not leave the announcers to catch all the heat

  63. Those who don’t use the name will be hailed as “brave”, while those that use it will now be cast as “racists”. This has become a great country, huh?

  64. If the majority of people including athletes, coaches, commentators, sponsors,
    and the general public truly thought this was a racist issue the name would have been changed long ago. If the media deems this as offensive as other racial issues people wouldn’t support it I.e. Donald Sterling and the Clippers. If one believes that a course of action or word is so offensive and morally wrong they would go beyond simply not using the word but rather organize to promote their belief…players wouldn’t play, coaches wouldn’t coach and announcers wouldn’t announce. The bottom line in this instance is that the Redskins name is meant to show strength just like all other mascots. No team at inception chooses a symbol or mascot that represents weak, offensive, divided or disparaging characteristics. If you want so badly to believe the name is offensive see how many still watch, still work for the organization, and still buy the product. And not just the redskins, every team in the NFL watched on Sunday supports the Redskins – it’s revenue sharing league.

  65. I wonder how many people out their who are offended by offensive remarks are “ALWAYS” politically correct in their daily speech? My money says that when no one is within ear shot, they use offensive language to describe someone or something. And we all know if your telling jokes about someones nationality, your are using offensive language. Years ago, we laughed when we watched Mr. Magoo, Fat Albert, the road runner and Willy coyote, and the list goes on and on. When you lose the ability to laugh in life about funny stuff, you shorten your life span. Wake up world and laugh a little, life too short to be a prude.

  66. Announcers have no business injecting personal agenda into a broadcast. If they can’t say the name “Redskins”, they should simply be assigned to a different game that week, and it wouldn’t be an issue.

    If you read between the lines, though… it points at Nantz being the one who doesn’t want to say it, because CBS has Thursday night as well as Sunday broadcasts, and 2 of the 5 Redskins games are on CBS Thursday and NFLN Saturday – which means Nantz (or Simms) wouldn’t be reassigned from those games.

  67. The name of the team is the Washington Redskins.

    Who gives them to right to call them anything else or ignore the name?

    CBS advertisers are in the same boat.

    Only Dan Snyder can change the name.

  68. Don’t you wish we had the same rights and demand CBS get rid of their announcers.

  69. Conservative champion Ted Nugent calls the President of the United States a “subhuman mongrel” conservatives snicker, he’s just being honest. Conservatives have race issues, although they won’t admit to it, and that sports fans, is what is wrong with this country.

  70. To me as a part Native man I find the 49ers the most offensive name of all. 1849ers Forcibly removed and mass murdered Native Americans during the Gold Rush but they somehow keep managing to fly under the radar.

  71. Oklahoma means Okla-humma in Choctaw Native Language. Translation: Red People. If Red People is good enough for a US State than it’s good enough for a ballteam. Red Mesa, AZ. high school: 90%+ Native American: Mascot Name… Redskins. Native American owned Theater in Oklahoma: Redskins Theater. Annenberg Poll: 90% of all NA’s don’t care or support the name. Oh yeah, I’m part Cherokee. Chief Wahoo? yeah, might be a bit offensive but Redskins? Nope.

  72. Oklahoma means Okla-humma in Choctaw Native Language. Translation: Red People. If Red People is good enough for a US State than it’s good enough for a ballteam. Red Mesa, AZ. high school: 90%+ Native American: Mascot Name… Redskins. Native American owned Theater in Oklahoma: Redskins Theater. Annenberg Poll: 90% of all NA’s don’t care or support the name. Oh yeah, I’m part Cherokee. Chief Wahoo? yeah, might be a bit offensive but Redskins? Nope.

  73. I have a suggestion for the people who claim to be “offended” if you don’t want to hear the hosts or announcers say Redskins don’t want their watch games or watch NFL Highlights.Let the people who are fans of the REDSKINS and NFL enjoy the games in peace.

  74. How stupid can CBS be? The team is the Redskins until they officially change the name. They’ve been called that for decades, but suddenly you are giving announcers the option of not using it because suddenly it’s become PC trendy to say the name is degrading. The word “redskins” IS a slur–but native Americans either accepted it or never seemed to have a big problem with it for decades. I don’t think most of them do now, but others have climbed on the name-change bandwagon.

  75. “123 comments” at this point is actually 200+, but this site only posts those that either fit their cute little name-change crusade or are not harsh on the other “support the name side”.

    Post this PFT, I dare you.

  76. As I read through the many posts regarding the name Washington Redskins (note the capital W and the capital R as those words are considered formal names/noun), I wonder if those opposing the name as racist deem the individual folks of this country as to having a racist name as well. Using white pages, I found Mr, Mrs, Ms Redskins and quite a few Mr, Mrs, Ms Blackskin. Are these folks to be deemed racist because of their surname? Are any companies sending those folks mail and addressing it to them racist for using their birth name? Just food for thought for all those offended folks out there. Oh, and one other item I am curious about. Did this controversy really start because some woman was offended by some drunk fan touching her hair? Really?

  77. jjackwagon says:Jul 17, 2014 10:07 AM

    I think it’s offensive that American Indians use the term “Native American”. I am Native American but not American Indian.

    True story. I used to work with a white man who was born in Africa. He became an American citizen many years ago. One time he filled out an application for employment and when it came to the place where they ask you your ethnic background, he filled in “African-American” When he was interviewed, the interviewer asked him why he filled in “African-American” and he told them “I was born in Africa and I am an Amercian citizen”

  78. Dedicatedskinsfan: Yes! Her name is Susan Harjo and she felt offended that a fan touched her hair at a game at RFK so she made it her lifetime mission to fight them.

  79. Whoever it is that is pushing for this name change is doing it ONLY for attention/money. If the name of a sports team is keeping them from living their lives or performing at their jobs (which they likely do not have) and asversly affecting their personal relationships, they need to be put in a mental hospitle.
    Is the name of a SPORTS TEAM in a real life fairy tale world effects you so much where you take time out of your life to file suite against the team, you need to get your priorities strait. As a nearly pure blood Cherokee (yes I have Red Skin) I can honestly say I have real life responsibilities that makes it difficult to squeeze in (racial outrage) into my everyday life. These various Indian nations that are involved with this suite need to focus their attention on things like educating our people or feeding the many of us not as fortunate as them or myself.
    We are a strong people full of pride and stoic bravery. To be portrayed as a bunch of overly sensitive people who’s “feelings” get hurt easily does not reflect correctly on our heritage.

  80. I wonder if there is any legal ramification that the NFL or the Redskins could take if announcers and the station which has purchased the rights to broadcast a game fail to promote the product and refer to the team by any other name than the one they have.

    I am sure a clever lawyer could look through all the legal language and see if there is some sort of breach of contract or some sort of defamation of character took place.

    So what, CBS is sure their announcers will “make the right call,” because if they make the wrong one that person will be fired.

  81. Thanks Defscottyb..

    Do you know or has it been published as to what the fan said to Ms. Harjo that offended her so much? And how in the world are the Washington Redskins responsible for fans’ actions? If that were the case, every franchise in the NFL should be sued due to stupid people.

  82. My question is this, if they call them Washington’s Pro football team, will they talking about the Seahawks or the Redskins? my head is hurting already thinking about it.

    If they really have such an issue with saying the Redskins why would they call the game in the first place?

  83. This is just ridiculous. So is Phil Simms supposed to apologize for calling the Redskins the Redskins even though he played against them for years calling them that and has broadcast who knows how many games by them since his playing days ended? What’s Phil supposed to do in situations like this? Refer to them as the team he used to call the Redskins?

  84. Agreed, until it’s changed, they ARE the Redskins regardless of whether or not you agree with it (which I don’t). But in the end, they’re name is the redskins, it’s not for CBS or anyone else to dictate whether or not they’ll not call them by a name.

    Having said that, there’s no reason the announcers can’t chose to say “Washington” in stead of “redskins”.. it’ll be odd to see what they plug in for “I’d be interested in seeing how the… uh, how Washington …blah blah”..

  85. Actually, it’s the morons who say that “political correctness is ruining the country” who are actually ruining the country.

  86. HTTR
    Hail to the Redskins!
    — The football team, duh, not the racist innuendo that PFT, CBS and Peter “high n mighty” King say it is. If they think it’s racist, then they must know it is. But me? I do not see color. I am color blind. However, in my mind, I see colors flushing.
    What I do not see is the Redskins football tema being an affront to Native Americans.
    I guess they know me, more than I know myself?

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