Cowboys top NFL teams in Forbes value rankings


The Cowboys might be stuck in perpetual 8-8 purgatory, but they’re champions at turning a buck.

Even though it seems like forever since they’ve been pertinent in the postseason, they’re still the most valuable NFL franchise, according to rankings compiled by Forbes magazine.

The Cowboys are valued at $2.3 billion, which, as Darren Rovell might point out, is $2.3 billion per playoff win since 1996.

They trail soccer giants Real Madrid ($3.44 billion), Barcelona ($3.2 billion) and Manchester United ($2.81 billion), along with the New York Yankees ($2.5 billion).

Forbes pegged their stadium naming rights deal with AT&T at an estimated $500 million, with a combined $220 million in sponsorship and premium seating revenues

The Patriots ($1.8 billion, eighth), Redskins ($1.7 billion, ninth) and New York Giants ($1.55 billion, 10th) were the other NFL teams in the top 10.

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  1. These are undeniable stats that prove the historic Minnesota Vikings dominance in the NFL during the Super Bowl Era :

    We are one of only 3 teams in the entire NFL with at least 18 division titles.

    We are one of only 5 teams with an overall winning percentage of at least .551.

    We created the now popular trends of the NFL with the first dominant defense (Purple People Eaters) & the first mobile Quarterback (Fran Tarkenton)

    While the NFL has cheated us out of multiple Super Bowls (The early 1970s, 1998, 2009) We would have easily had the most Super Bowl rings in the NFL.

    All these stats prove how great the historic Minnesota Vikings franchise is.

    Bow down to us, you lowly peasants.

  2. The Vikings are the team that made the worst transaction in the history of humankind, trading a bunch of picks for a shot running back. We should also continue to mock them endlessly as the team who has made the most conference title games without winning a Super Bowl #loserfranchise

  3. Amazing. This typifies what’s wrong with the country. Mediocrity is rewarded if it has enough publicity.

  4. I guess this shows that success does not equal profitability. I know the Cowboys had a dynasty going on in the early 90’s, but they haven’t won a Super Bowl in 19 years. They haven’t won a playoff game in 5 years.

  5. I don’t know who’s more pathetic… the cowboys, the redskins or the losers that leave crazy comments about their favorite team on every post.

  6. Success does not equal profitability?

    Wow why is everybody so shocked about how money works in this country, this is America, you don’t necessarily work to earn or deserve money, you MAKE money in America, and earning and deserving it are only 2 of the ways you can do that.

  7. The Cowboys will continue to be worth the most, but until Jerry figures out how to manage the roster under the salary cap (or trusts someone else to do it) they will never win another Super Bowl.

  8. They are hardly “America’s Team” but if you want to hang your 10 gallon hat on that,good luck.

  9. I like when the Vikings visited the Giants for the 2000 NFC Championship Game with Culpepper, Carter, Moss, Smith, etc and left 41-0 LOSERS. What a great day for Wellington Mara and Giants fans.

  10. 2.3 billion only means something to the owner, the fans would rather have a team that can get over .500. Im sure Seahawks and Ravens ownerships are content with a few hundred million less in value and a fresh Lombadri trophies.

    Face it all NFL teams are ridiculously profitable, some “ahem, Jerry” just would rather focus on that then hiring a real GM and putting a winning team together.

  11. Those soccer teams (with the exception of Arsenal) have all had massive domestic and Champions League success in the past decade. But it looks like worth doesn’t equal quality here at all in the USA. Which makes sense. After all, we are the ones that made Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney the two highest earning musicians in the US last year.

  12. Clippers and Lakers aren’t worth $1 billion together. We are talking NBA franchises here. The NBA revenues streams pale in comparison to the massive NFL revenues.

  13. gotta give it to Kraft …1.8 Billion on a team that was in Schaeffer Stadium with one of the worst franchises going with Jim Plunkett running the option …season ticket holder buys team turning them into that….Gotta love it if you are a true lifelong fan like myself………

  14. BTW

    Pats have some things in common with Cowboys.. outside cheating they have not won a thing.. only diff is that they are in a horrid division in a weak conf so they win more in reg season and playoffs

  15. Loyal fan base that shows up to buy official gear, keeps the cash rolling in. Consistently large draws for TV ratings does too. Not fans of two bit teams that troll wildly untrue statements on internet articles. Some of these guys make Jay Carney’s statements look plausible.

  16. Anyone that is still scratching their heads of Jerrah saying he’d rather be popular than successful can stop wondering. Where do you think those revenue streams are pointed? That’s right, directly into his pockets.

  17. And yet, for all that value, they refused to pay to get “” as the team’s website. If you don’t know what “” takes you to, try it in your browser. Just don’t be drinking any kind of beverage, because you’re likely to spit it all over your computer.

  18. I thought illusion equating to reality was for P.T. Barnum not Forbes magazine.

    The Cowboys ranking is based purely on fumes. The days when they were truly a consistently marquee franchise was gone forever after Jones fired Tom Landry. And all semblance of a winner was gone permanently when he drove out Jimmy Johnson.

  19. That’s all Jerruh cares about….$$$ and butts in the seats.

    That’s why I have not stepped foot in Jerry World to date.

  20. Change the name to New Jersey Giants and New Jersey Jets and they are instantly off this list, what a joke!

  21. Its amazing that most of a teams worth is predicated on the city size in which it is located but yet a team like the Packers with a population of 100k can once again dominate Minneapolis and the queen franchise is quite humerous.

  22. The big difference I see among these teams is that not only are the Patriots one of the youngest teams among the group, but they had no significant early success to build on, and they competed in the north east where prior to their existence, the Giants were basically New England’s football team. What they have done in the last 20 years is amazing. I don’t think anyone has more wins, more playoff wins, more division and conference championships, and Super Bowl appearances and wins than the Patriots since Kraft came out of the stands, bought the parking lots, leveraged that into the stadium purchase, leveraged that into forcing the team to stay in New England and honor the stadium deal, and ultimately buying the franchise outright. It’s an amazing story, but the sad truth is that all this NFL stuff is over priced. What has happened with ticket sales is a reflection of what has happened in our economy. The have’s have so much money, they control the stadium for corporate entertainment purposes, and the have not’s, Joe Football Fan, has to forfeit a couple of weeks wages to take a family of four to a game, never mind season tickets. It’s disgusting and I can’t get myself to buy anything the NFL sells. However I credit Kraft for not hijacking the tax base for a stadium, using his own money, and not using seat licensing. The Pats are clearly the best of the bunch.

  23. Good to see the top 3 spots taken by soccer teams. Puts the NFL in its place and shows they have a long long way to go before they become the “it” sport. Soccer rules and it will always rule!!

  24. Sounds like this valuation is behind the times. The best marketing program is a winning team so the Cowboys are likely not gaining in market share right now…

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