Goodell suggests Levi’s Stadium as option for Raiders


The 49ers unzipped the Field of Jeans for its unveiling on Thursday and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell used the moment to suggest that the stadium could also become home to another NFL team.

With the Raiders’ status at O.Co Coliseum in doubt with a year left on their lease because of squabbles with civic authorities and the Oakland Athletics baseball team over the future of the site, Goodell suggested they could solve their problem by shacking up with the 49ers at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

“They have to make that determination, whether they’re in a new stadium in Oakland or whether they feel that it’s best to join this stadium,” Goodell said, via the Bay Area Sports Guy. “We’re working on that, and that’s one of the decisions they’ll have to make.”

Raiders owner Mark Davis has been asked about the possibility of playing at the 49ers’ new digs in the past and he’s never shown much interest in that scenario. He couldn’t be forced into moving into the stadium and the 49ers couldn’t be forced to take on a tenant, but the league made a loan of $200 million to build the stadium and Goodell probably wouldn’t have floated the idea if it wasn’t something that the league wanted.

If nothing else, a short-term rental at one of the few viable options for keeping them in the Bay Area would allow the Raiders to get out of their current mess and give them time to formulate a plan to build their own stadium without worrying about what the A’s might be doing.

92 responses to “Goodell suggests Levi’s Stadium as option for Raiders

  1. then I guess when the Niners meet the Raiders in the regular season….that’s going to be the game that is in London

  2. If the Raiders/49ers fans can’t handle being in the same stadium together, how in the world will they handle sharing one?

    Doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  3. from one dump to another… I heard Candlestick Park is an upgrade over the “O”… and just across I-80 Bridge.


  4. Why doesn’t the NFL build a stadium themselves in LA, and lease it to the Raiders?

  5. It is interesting that the Raiders have a huge national following and people talk about what passionate fans they have, but they rarely fill their stadium. Granted, it is a dump these days but the Raiders organization said fairly recent, they desired to have the NFL’s smallest stadium. Not something I would be proud of. I hate when teams move but made they should go back to Los Angeles or consider playing at Levi’s Stadium. Just my two cents.

  6. Every decent non- criminal resident of Santa Clara would not approve of this.

  7. They already play in someone else’s stadium. The idea is NOT to play in someone else’s stadium. And these two teams hate each other… well, the fans anyway. Horrible idea.

  8. Roger Godell is an idiot! What a stupid suggestion.
    The Raiders should work out a stadium plan with the city of Oakland.
    If they can’t get a deal approved in a very timely matter, then work with Los Angeles.
    The Niner faithful don’t want Raider fans and team in their city , and Raider fan and team do not want to play anywhere other than their own stadium.

  9. just like the sf giants didnt share their new stadium with the A’s, tthe 49ers wont share their new stadium with the raiders.

  10. The future trend is SITC. Which is Stadium-In-The-Cloud. This is a fully functioning stadium that costs 100 million to build and 5 million to transport. It has a life of 3-5 years and can bridge a team until their permanent solution or can be their permanent solution as they can re-up every few years. Genius, I know, Thank you.

  11. Raider fans can’t even afford to consistently sell out their dump in Oakland. How are they going to afford tickets which will start at $100+?

  12. Horrible idea, only acceptable if its a 2 year type deal while they figure it all out and get back to Oakland. Otherwise why bother calling one team San Fran and one Oakland? It’s futile and pointless and stupid.

    On the other hand, this is a major signal that Goodell and the NFL do not have them in mind to move to LA. So at least Raids fans can take comfort in the fact that the league wants them in the bay area. Their owner? That could be another story.

  13. So, the 49er season ticket holders pay exorbetant PSL prices, and the Raider fans get to use it free of charge? As someone who’s family coughed up $25k for the right to buy two tickets, I can tell you that they’d have a fight on their hands over that.

  14. In Australia a number of football teams share home grounds. (Better facilities being utilized by more makes sense). In the US I’m only aware of the Giants and Jets share facilities.
    The Raiders have been playing in one of the worst stadiums and they don’t own it. While the 49ers have a magnificent brand new stadium effectively just down the road.
    The Commissioner is just stating the obvious. It makes sense to share a facility. No, it’s not in Oakland but why should Raider fans be subjected to having the worst? Would the Raider fans prefer the team to be relocated to another city?
    For Goodell to come out publicly and make the shared stadium suggestion, I think that he maybe doing some ground work for the team to be relocated to LA, again.
    The Raider fans in Oakland won’t like that but they are effectively being warned.

  15. Geese, what is this, Brazil? A city worthy of owning a team needs to have a facility as a true home field. Build it, or move the team.

  16. So the 49ers and Raiders could not play each other in preseason due to fan violence, but now they can share a stadium?

    Keep up the good work Roger!

  17. Some people posting here act like the teams will be using the stadium at the same time…who cares if Raider fans and Niner fans don’t get along? They won’t be there at the same time just like the yaren’t in Northern NJ.

  18. Isn’t there a public park nearby they could play at?Its nicer than correctional facility

  19. Why am I suddenly hearing the theme from “The Odd Couple” in my head?

  20. longsufferingkcfan says:

    The last time the Raiders made the playoffs was two years before Facebook existed. Just saying.

    The last time your team won a championship, which is all that matters, the Beatles had not yet released “Let It Be”.

  21. The 49ers didn’t include a 3rd locker room in the stadium design for no reason. They wouldn’t mind collecting a rent check from Mark Davis.

  22. returntoexcellence says:
    Jul 17, 2014 4:46 PM
    They already play in someone else’s stadium. The idea is NOT to play in someone else’s stadium. And these two teams hate each other… well, the fans anyway. Horrible idea.

    You need a history lesson, the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum was built for the Oakland Raiders who started using it in 1966. The Oakland A’s didn’t even exist back then, they were known as the Kansas City A’s. They didn’t move to Oakland until 1968.

  23. Well, Raiders and 49ers meet this season and we’ll see again why they can’t share a stadium.

    Since the Colliseum should be demolished (seriously, it’s a complete s-hole), it would be better if the Raiders move to Los Angeles and the A’s to San Jose (the second part the Giants didn’t allow), but no way they can’t stand staying there.

  24. schmitty2 says:
    Jul 17, 2014 4:44 PM

    Every decent non- criminal resident of Santa Clara would not approve of this.


    So, Five people would not approve of this?


  25. While I understand the negative response to the idea, stadiums right now cost upwards of $1 billion to build, and every time one is built the taxpayers (and typically the fans who don’t even have a vested interest) complain about building stadiums for billionaires. Wouldn’t it be remarkable to make better use of the assets that are available, and save taxpayers’ money? It doesn’t seem like a completely bad idea to me.

  26. Never happen! Only way possible is if it was temporary as they build new stadium on current Oakland site.

  27. Move the Faiders back to LA. having 2 teams in the Bay Area and none in Los Angeles makes no sense at all.

  28. The Raiders should move in with the Browns…

    That way The Factory of Sadness and the Factory of Madness can try to under perform each other.

  29. Raiders screw up their opportunities with stadiums for decades and now the league is suggesting that the Niners share the stadium they haggled for? That’s like me building a house and my dad telling me to let my brother move in and share the master bedroom.

  30. Raiders ain’t moving to LA. No new stadium there and Davis ain’t selling controlling interest in whomever builds that LA stadium. Goodell and the NFL ain’t even trying to relocate a team there.

  31. I have a lot to say but I’m just going to say this…The politicians in Oakland are idiots, but that’s what I say about most politicians. Too busy looking out for themselves instead of what’s important. I’d hate for the Raiders to leave Oakland but what choice is there?

  32. Any city that is unwilling or unable to support their NFL team is not long for the NFL world. In today’s sports world the team owner holds the cards. An NFL team is a hugely desirable commodity. If Oakland sincerely wants to keep their team they better pony up. I’m sure Portland would gladly kick in to attract an NFL team along with a dozen other major AMERICAN cities. Personally, i would stay the hell out of L.A. for the simple fact that they showed no interest in the Rams or Raiders when they had 2 NFL teams. Not only did they lose 1, they lost them both dye to lack of support. Why would any owner want to move to a city where you have to generate interest? There are plenty of cities that without sell out instantly.

  33. longsufferingkcfan says: Jul 17, 2014 4:48 PM

    The last time the Raiders made the playoffs was two years before Facebook existed. Just saying.
    The last time the Chiefs won a playoff game, nobody in China had an Internet connection. The Seahawks made the playoffs after a 7-9 season. Making the playoffs is not a measure of success. Winning a playoff game isn’t either, but if you’re a Chiefs fan, you should start there. Just saying.

  34. The last time the Chiefs won a playoff game, nobody in China had an Internet connection. The Seahawks made the playoffs after a 7-9 season.

    The last time the Chiefs won a playoff game, nobody in China had an Internet connection. The Seahawks made the playoffs after a 7-9 season, then beat the Saints, the Super Bowl Champs from the prior year, in the first round of the playoffs.

    There, I fixed that for you.

    Go Hawks!

  35. Think of it this way, if they paid you, would you let a raider fan borrow a pair of your jeans? No. You would worry they would not wear underwear and leave skidmarks.

  36. Even though 49ers and Raiders fans got into a bad fight several years ago where people got shot???

    Btw, if a far place was meant for the Raiders … why not LA???

    After all, that’s the most beloved NFL team in the LA market.

  37. That made sense when they were building it since it’s pretty difficult to get a stadium built in California, but I think Davis Jr has said no on this idea. Also, it would make the Raiders, which despite the current buffoons running their organization is one of the league’s pillars, look like some 2nd class citizen if they latched on at the last minute without being involved in planning the building of it. That happens with the Jets with the Giants, and they actually were part of that stadium plan every step of the way.

  38. The Raiders should move to San Antonio. The Alamo Dome is an older stadium but it would be a lot cheaper to renovate than building a new stadium. Hell, San Antonio might even build them a brand new stadium. The economy is good in TX, no state tax, & the Spurs and Raiders both wear Silver N Black…

  39. I was at the ceremony today- it seemed like an off-handed remark. It will -never- EVER happen. BTW, the stadium is truly outstanding.

  40. A little contractor info. here. Take it for what its worth. The City of Santa Clara is very receptive to this option and say to be prepared for it to happen. BUT the 49ers are holding a lot of good cards and would want a kings ransom to let it happen. 50/50 is pretty strong but how I read it. The A’s are the wildcard

  41. Raider fans already have an inferiority complex. I can’t imagine them paying top dollar to watch their team play in a stadium that is covered in 49er colors, has a 49er fan walk, a 49er museum, an seats engraved with the 49er logo. They blew their chance to make it a two team stadium a long time ago and are pretty much screwed.

  42. Per Bing Maps, the distance from Oakland to Levi’s Stadium is 39 miles.

    Bing Maps also reports that the distance from San Francisco to Levi’s Stadium is 43.5 miles.

    FACT: The new stadium in Santa Clara is closer to Oakland than it is to San Francisco.

  43. 49er faithfuls watch out for seachicken fat in our ship again. wanna b us but cant, your the most hated team nationally, its an Bay- Area affair; SEA Yo beak out

  44. The Claranettes vs the Claratins?

    They currently aren’t allowed to play each other in preseason games and I’m sure the League will be on needles and pins while they play this regular season…I don’t think it’s possible for them to share a stadium on a regular basis.

  45. Does Goodell seriously get paid 44 million a year to come up with bad idea after bad idea. What a license to steal for this guy.

    This is just a flat out horrible idea. Here’s an idea Roger why don’t u take less pay and apply it and your other corrupt owners and pay for a new stadium for one of your other owners instead of making tax payers and cities fund your stadiums. It’s amazing how these greedy SOBs never want to pay for anything out of their own pockets

  46. there is enough money in the bay to build another venue on private money/investment…city of oakland might be broke but the cali/bay area is home to more billionaires than any other area in the world. so somebody can step up with a dime

  47. Fak No!! Just come back to Los Angeles already. Oakland can’t handle pro teams.

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