Hall of Famers, family and Jay Glazer among Hall presenters

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As usual, the group of presenters at the Pro Football Hall of Fame will include family members and football legends.

And then that other guy, who is legendary for other reasons.

Andre Reed (Marv Levy) and Ray Guy (John Madden) have chosen their Hall of Fame coaches to present them, guys who have presented several of their former players on the stage in Canton.

Defensive end Michael Strahan is letting longtime friend Jay Glazer of FOX present him for enshrinement, which should add some excitement to the proceedings as well.

The rest of the class has opted for family members.

Defensive end Claude Humphrey has chosen his daughter Cheyenne Humphrey-Robinson, linebacker Derrick Brooks (Decalon Brooks) and tackle Walter Jones (Walterius Jones) have chosen their sons to present them, while cornerback Aeneas Williams will be presented by his father Lawrence Williams.


19 responses to “Hall of Famers, family and Jay Glazer among Hall presenters

  1. Congrats to all the HOFs, especially Andre Reed. He has been snubbed for soooo long, it’s about time he gets his dues.

    As a N0les fan, though, I can’t wait to see fellow alums Walter Jones and Derrick Brooks be enshrined as well.

    Should be fun to watch!

  2. Top Hall of Famers (ever)
    1. Vince Lombardi
    2. Don Hutson
    3. Ray Nitschke
    4. Bart Starr
    5. Curly Lambeau
    Hon Mention: Reggie White

    All were associated with the Pack, the greatest and classiest team and holder of most NFL titles with 13!

  3. Man, if any of my family members presented me. They would most def insult a good portion of the audience. Then curse the day Jerry Jones was born for about 32 min. Thank goodness I’m fat!

  4. I don’t really get asking your family. Sure, they know you, but what does that have to do with your professional life?

    Never mind that family speeches are going to all be the same emotion but bland sort of thing. Strahan has made a great choice in going for someone who is not likely to take that route.

  5. Walter Jones baby! Best ever at his position.

    Played every game in 13 seasons. Never used pain killers either due to allergies with anti-inflammatory.

    5,700 snaps and called for holding just 9 times.

    Beaten for a sack 23 times his whole career.

    Mike Holmgren said he is the best offensive player he ever coached. Thats right even better than Joe Montana, Brett Favre, etc.

    Due to consistent franchise tagging he would just show up for week 1 and play like a All Pro right out the gate.

    “Frustrating. Demoralizing. Humbling.” is how is opponents describe him.

    His training methods consisted of pushing his Cadillac Escalade around the neighborhood to prepare since he was so good he didn’t need OTA’s or training camps.

  6. I’ve got to say, that if I was ever inducted into the HOF and was able to, I’d love to have my father present me. What an amazing thing to be able to share with the person that would have to have sacraficed so much for you to be able to be there.

  7. Jay Glazer…poor choice IMO. He writes about football, that’s it. He can spew stats and rhetoric but he never played the game or coached it.

    Strahan, how about your head coach, or even better your position coach?

  8. Oh great, got to listen to that idiot Marv Levy again.
    hey Marv, talk about all that wonderful Super Bowl moments….oh wait, you and the rest of the Buffalos do not have ANY

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