Oakland approves A’s lease, with modifications the A’s don’t like

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The baseball-football battle in Oakland continues to move from simmer to boil.  Which perhaps isn’t the best metaphor when it comes to a stadium with a periodic sewage problem.

Via Matthew Artz of the Oakland Tribune, the City Council approved the 10-year A’s lease that the Raiders had opposed, with modifications that the A’s oppose.

The money and the major terms didn’t change.  But the Oakland City Council has added language making the city and Alameda County immune from liability for lease violations committed by the Raiders.  That pressure point underscores very real tensions between the A’s and Raiders regarding the future of the O.co Coliseum.

The Raiders don’t like the A’s lease because it would delay the timetable for tearing the venue down and building a new stadium.  And that’s apparently setting the stage for concern that, down the road, a courtroom battle between the two Bay Area teams will unfold.

It won’t get to that point if the A’s don’t accept the revised lease.  A’s President Mike Crowley said the team is “disappointed” by the situation, but that the organization will “have to take a look at it and talk about it internally.”

If the A’s ultimately decide they don’t like it, there could be an issue.  At least one member of Oakland City Council doesn’t seem to be willing to blink.

“There seems to be this pattern where everyone wants the city of Oakland to be on their page,” Dan Kalb said, via Artz.  “Maybe they’re used to seeing the city of Oakland get pushed around.  I think there needs to be some clarity that developers or team owners need to be on our page.”

Another member of City Council stormed out of the meeting at which the vote was taken, expressing concern that the A’s would leave Oakland if the lease isn’t finalized.

“It is more nonsense,” Noel Gallo said, via Will Kane of the San Francisco Chronicle.  “The City Council is full of nonsense.”

Balanced against Gallo’s concern that the A’s will leave was the worry, as expressed loudly by fans attending the meeting, that a lease for the baseball team will result in the Raiders moving.

“Don’t do the lease!” Raiders fan Brien Dixon screamed, via Artz.  “This guy is never going to work with you. He doesn’t believe in you guys.”

So, basically, the situation is and continues to be a mess so big that the fresh flow of raw sewage at the O.co Coliseum would be regarded as a welcome diversion at this point.

53 responses to “Oakland approves A’s lease, with modifications the A’s don’t like

  1. Fun negotiating tactic … “We can’t make them both happy so we will just piss them both off!” … Do the A’s have other suitors? I think the Raiders are relatively close to going back to LA!

  2. Billionaires primed to battle for massive corporate welfare to fund play toys while the rest of the economy is primed to reentered recession. Welcome to the continued corruption of the US political system. What a joke.

  3. Only people who care about baseball are old people.

    This is a silly thing to say. Close mouth, open mind.

  4. I like the A’s but I love me some Raiders. The A’s want out and are only signing because they have no options. Build a new football stadium.

  5. Bring the Raiders to Jacksonville. Since we are amongst the leaders in season tickets sales now we can probably support two teams.

  6. Neither team has any real leverage right now. There is option somewhere else that is ready for either team to step in. Both teams are handcuffed for the near future. Hopefully some big dogs with deep pockets step up and step in to push this along. Both teams are long overdue and deserve new stadiums.

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The A’s are winners. The Raiders are losers. The priority is keeping the A’s. Let the Raiders leave. They are an embarrassment to Northern California anyway.

  8. The current Mayor/administration have done nothing but make Oakland worse and are a blueprint as to what not to do when running and managing a city. If both the A’s and Raiders leave Oakland will lose a lot of tax revenue and jobs. Knowing that it seems certain individuals are playing power games or trying to create propaganda for electoral purposes instead of pure merit for themselves. This shows you that elected officials are acting on their own best interest instead of for the people that elected them. God help us all!!

  9. Am I the only one that doesn’t get why the two teams don’t pool their resources and build a stadium that suits both their needs? With all the technology we have today, they can’t find some sort of solution that allows for a football field on Sunday, and can be removed and roll back to being a baseball field on other days? I mean we can have hockey games in June for cryin out loud….

  10. The Raiders need a new FOOTBALL ONLY new stadium and the A’s need a NEW baseball only stadium like Camden Yards. This current venue satisfies neither.

    Problem solved….where the money comes from is a another story.

  11. Both owners could build their own stadiums if they wanted to. Nothing more than begging for public assistance.

  12. Do the modifications make it easier for the Raiders to build a new stadium at the site of the coliseum? I believe it originally gave the A’s 2 years to get out after the Raiders sign a deal to build. That would be my concern, because the Raiders couldn’t start construction until probably 2017.

  13. As a Northern California native, and a fan of both teams, I don’t mind if the A’s move because they’ll probably stay in the area, but I doubt that would be the case for the Raiders if they decide to move.

  14. Raiders are losers, A’s are winners?? I do agree that the Raiders are bad, real bad. However the A’s haven’t won a World Series since 1989, or an AL Pennant since 1990. Yea they’re doing good this season, but c’mon lol.

  15. Let’s see. The A’s use the stadium for 81 games a year, plus the playoffs.

    The Raiders use it for 8 games a year, plus 2 slightly attended pre-season games and no playoff games.

    I’d worry about keeping the A’s happy.

  16. This is Oakand politics at it’s worse. The stadium is a joke around the league of both teams. You have a site that can suit both teams and the idea of Coliseum City or whatever they call it is great and would be copied around the country.

    Instead the city continues to show it’s incompetence and the building of these venues today has skyrocketed. The A’s don’t even like the new deal for God’s sake!!! If both teams leave, which is a realistic possibility, then what??

    Oakland has an opportunity to become an international sports city. Instead it’s on the brink of losing both teams and for what???

  17. Oakland is a war zone with moronic people running it. Raiders need to get some help from LA people and move back down. Play at the Rose Bowl until new stadium built.

  18. I have no idea what motivates the A’s in this battle. They had approval from MLB to move, with the idea this provided leverage for a NEW stadium to get built to keep them in Oakland — but instead they basically folded and just asked for the status quo, an ancient crappy stadium?

  19. Regardless of the outcome of this lease..the most important thing is that the words “New Raiders stadium” is constantly in the head lines and seems to be a relevant issue. So hopefully it keeps gaining momentum and the topic doesn’t just fade away like it has in the past.

  20. well it is difficult to make sense out of nonsense….the challenge is complex. The raiders wants their terms, and the A’s want theirs. The city of Oakland want theirs, and Alameda County probably just wants out entirely but the city won’t let them.

    Lets get to the the A’s. If they could go to San Jose, they would leave today, and if the City of San Jose anti trust lawsuit against MLB wins, the A’s are moving, as their 10 year lease had an escape clause every year. The Raiders on the other hand want to stay in Oakland, but need to come up with some $$$$…so bottom line is it’s time for Colony Capital to step up , and show the money….money talks , bs wals.

  21. Oh sure, there will be a new Raiders stadium for sure. But in Oakland? If I were Mark Davis I’d have already given up on Jean Quan’s band of doofuses.

  22. what I still want to know is where to the raiders plan on playing if they tear down the stadium in 2015, thru 2018? i have heard santa clara which is actually closer to Oakland than SF so who knows.

  23. Santa Clara would make the most sense, but I’d prefer AT&T Park myself – the I saw a Cal game there when Memorial Stadium was being redone, and somehow that baseball stadium has the ability to completely remove all traces of the pitcher’s mound when they set it up for football.

  24. Two professional teams from different sports playing in one place is so 80’s! They both are billionaires and should NOT be getting financial assistance from the city. The should have to pay the city portions of their income to be used to cleanup Oakland.

  25. two professional teams from the same sport playing in one place is so 2015……..just ask the jets and giants

  26. if the raiders tear down the current site in 2015, and need a place to play thru 2018 put thumbs up if it should be or thumbs down if it shouldn’rt be

    Santa Clara

  27. build a new stadium for each team…one for football only and one for baseball only

  28. This isn’t about public funds to build a stadium for either the Raiders or A’s – its just about the city authorizing them a space to spend private money.

  29. Raiders could thrive in San Diego, they’ve been craving a football winner for 55 years… Khalil Mack>Chargers

  30. Hey look the Raiders need a new stadium, when the toilets don’t work and it’s not worth throwing money into the dump it’s not a hard choice.

    If the A’s wan’t to stay let them, but don’t force the Raiders just because one team is too cheap to build a new facility. Oakland doesn’t have the money to help build a new stadium as well, and that means at least one team is leaving.

    Raiders leave

    A’s stay


  31. I thought I was reading about the Seattle City Council. Good luck Oakland fans. You’re going to need it!

  32. We Alameda taxpayers are STILL paying for the monstrosity that Al Davis demanded the Coliseum constructed. The owners of the A’s and Raiders are multi billionaires in leagues worth tens of billions. Build your own damned stadiums and develop the land around the area. In the surrounding area, it’s just useless warehouses. There is a a major freeway right there with the BART train and buses on the other side for great public transportation.

    The area is dead and everyone either just takes off or continues to tailgate. Put in shops and bars revitalize the area.

  33. Sorry but I would love my Raiders back in L.A. They desperately need a change of scenery. If your gonna overhaul the team, might as well go all out. This isn’t the 80s any longer when gangs ran L.A. More fanz will attend if they have a more controlled environment this time around. So Cal has plenty of Raider fanz, just ask the Chargless how we pack they’re house…haha

  34. I am pretty sure the city still owes over 100 million dollars on the current stadium. I guess they may be able to roll it over to the next stadium if they built a new one. I am not sure that is a good idea in these economic times. The Raiders should have put more effort into sharing a stadium with the niners in my opinion.

  35. I hear Candlestick is available! No seriously though…it might not be too late for either team to jump in as a major player in the Candlestick Point redevelopment project. I know that the plans are in, but the SF parks and recreation service is apparently losing $4 million per year (which is a massive shortfall) as a result of the the 49ers moving. I’m sure they can find a few acres for a nice new stadium now that they are feeling the effects of the lost 49ers revenue.

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