Roger Goodell: NFL to hold 2015 draft in Los Angeles or Chicago


In a break from tradition, the NFL won’t hold the draft in New York next year.

Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated Thursday the league will choose between Los Angeles or Chicago as a host site for the 2015 NFL Draft, according to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.

“We’re focusing solely on Los Angeles and Chicago now,” Goodell said, the Times reported.

According to the Times, Goodell said a decision on a host site was slated for “late summer,” but he noted the league could take more time if needed. The commissioner said that New York’s Radio City Music Hall was not available for the event in the times needed next spring, thus taking the United States’ most populous city out of the mix, per the Times.

Goodell also said the league was weighing ways to “strengthen the last day” of the draft, with the commissioner noting the idea of clubs perhaps even announcing last-day picks at their headquarters was among those on the table, according to the Times.

Goodell reportedly made his remarks at an event for CBS, which will air “Thursday Night Football” in 2014.

97 responses to “Roger Goodell: NFL to hold 2015 draft in Los Angeles or Chicago

  1. It’s got to be Chicago. It’s a much better pro football town than anything in Southern California.

  2. I’m not saying this out of anger, but after this past draft, I truly believe that I will no longer watch the draft. I may watch round one, but I’m still ticked at myself for losing those two other days of my life. No lie. Of course, I chose to watch. Not anymore.

  3. Why in the world would you put it in Los Angles?.. They can’t even support a team, even though we all know how bad the NFL and Rodger want one there.

  4. Radio City is a great place to hold the draft, but its good to change things up every once in a while. Let’s see how LA or Chicago works.

  5. The steelers will be one of the first teams to draft as they spiral downward since Tim Tebow beat them years ago. O winning seasons and o playoff wins since then.

  6. L.A…. no football team

    Chicago, lucky if you make it to the draft without getting shot….

    And you thought they were crazy for wanting to put a team in London.

  7. They could do just about anything to strengthen the last day. By the middle of the 5th round, ESPN and NFL Network pretty much stop paying attention to the draft and turn it into what is basically Sportscenter Live. The talking heads talk to talking guest heads about the first round picks while actual live draft coverage has been reduced to a news marquee on the bottom of the screen.

    Not that anyone is left to watch the whole thing after round 3 anyway

  8. He’s going to get booed no matter where it is but it’s funny that he’s trying to run from it! The bigger question is “when will it be moving overseas?” Don’t think it wasn’t discussed!

  9. Not Chicago please. It would have to be held at United Center and both the Bulls and Blackhawks are going to still be using it at that time of the year.

    Plus, it will be a hassle for the reigning Super Bowl Champion Bears to act as host. (not really, I just wanted to shoehorn that in)

  10. I think I would go if it was in Chicago and within driving distance. Would be fun, but it’s not “plane ticket” fun; only “3 hour car ride” fun.

  11. Roger can hold as many drafts as he wants in L.A.
    The taxpayers still aren’t going give the NFL a free stadium.

  12. Chicago is the best choice. The west coast is getting the 15 Superbowl. Let the Midwest eat too.

  13. That last line was the best. Do the last day from within each teams draft headquarters in the home city.

    I couldn’t care less what city they do the first 2 in, but a chance to watch all 32 draft rooms for 5 minutes for 3 rounds is pretty cool and maybe would get me to watch that horrible 3rd day.


  14. LA? No team in 20 years and the worst sports town in America.

    Chicago? One real NFL team in 80 years– basketball town that knows nothing about football.

    Dallas? Bring the NFL draft home to the capital of football! Big D welcomes you to the real capital of the NFL!

  15. Something seems fishy. The NFL has had the draft at Radio Music Hall for years and then all of a sudden the Hall is booked? Makes the conspiracy theorist in me think the NFL is going change the draft date again and by booking it at a later date the NFL wasn’t able to give the Hall a solid booking notice hence the Hall is “unavailable.” But what do I know, I’m just a slave to the machine.

  16. jESUS, does anybody real care about this? Lets have a show of hands. Who physically shows up in the building on draft day? Im at work, listen to it later in the paper or ESPN after I put my kids down……..sorry NFL, the draft doesnt affect my life.

  17. I didn’t know that radio city was the only venue in NYC that was capable of hosting the draft. Don’t make a poor excuse Roger just say you want to move it to L.A. To try and drive up interest in acquiring a team.

  18. I wish they’d spice draft weekend up some. Nothing against the clips of guys working out and highlights after a selection but what’s cooler than watching a 300 lb lineman run a forty? Some models in shoulder pads playing catch!!!!! If only the XFL wasn’t so short lived. They’d have known how to do draft day right.

  19. thks roger for ruining thousands of peoples april/may calendars with nothing too do in nyc but see a knicks,nets,rangers,lslanders “if they are in the playoff races” and early season viewing of the mets/yankees “possibly losing”
    good luck chicago and LA lmao cant even keep a team or etc but they get thrown in the mix smh ugh
    why not philly or DC id rather get on the amtrak or greyhound south too those citys then go too chicago or spend/waste $$$ goin to LA

  20. Having it in LA is a slap in the face of all those cities, counties and/or states that footed the bill for stadiums. These places have a chance to recoup some of their money by hosting the draft but the NFL wants to have it in LA so that they can get those suckers to pony up in the future.

  21. I’m just happy it’s not in New York! Finally we don’t have to see more ” football royalty” joe Namath every year and crazy jets fans, oughta move this around… Let each city with a team host a year…

  22. Of course the NFL needs at least two cities to say maybe to. That way they can compete for the prize.

    The NFL will select the city that is willing to make the most concessions thereby giving the NFL the bargain they are looking for. Cheapskates.

  23. Pretty sure it will still be held in a theater with a big stage. They could hold it in Churchill, Manitoba — no one will be able to tell the damn difference on TV.

  24. Goodell should run for Congress…he has the same approval rating. NY is the place to be, especially for the players attending the draft.

  25. Everyone is missing the point. This has nothing to do with Having a Football team or not. Its an event. Its the glitz and glamour. Its the Celebrities and events around the draft. Thats why New York and LA are the 2 best spots. And I hate So. Cali but if New York is not available, LA is the next best (some may argue better) choice

  26. Since they’re giving our games to London, the least they can do is bring the draft here to Downtown LA Live! That place has become Times Square West! Awesome! Ask the ESPYS!

    Plus, if I’m a draft prospect and had to choose which city I’d rather visit for the first time, LA is it hands down. I’ve been to Chicago and it’s a great city, but people want to come where the stars are and the weather’s great.

    See ya in LA next spring.

  27. Over 2 months ago when everyone was getting excited about the leadup to the 2014 Draft, Gil Brandt on Sirius NFL Radio casually let it slip that next year it won’t be at Radio City Music Hall, it won’t even be in New York. It will be in Chicago and it will be held over 4 days, to maximize ratings and TV revenue. Some thought that the ex Cowboys GM was just going senile (I think he’s over 80), but because of his status inviting the top young draftees to the event, maybe he was already in Roger’s inner loop and told the truth. Shortly later he backed away from the certainty of his earlier comment but it sounded like he may have been better informed.

  28. You will get booed in both places also Goodell. You may get booed less in Chicago.

    We all know who pays the most will get the draft. Just like who bids the most gets the Super Bowl.

  29. The commissioner needs to apologize too those delusional cheesebay fans…But then, it may be less harsh to not say anything at all and let them think they’re entitled to the draft scene.

  30. it should rotate between all 32 NFL teams home cities! NJ gets it twice 16 years apart. why support LA when they don’t support football?

  31. What the NFL should consider would be to have the NFL Draft on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Kentucky Derby week (in 2015, April 27-29) in the infield at Churchill Downs in Louisville. That can be a huge win-win for both Churchill Downs (one of the most iconic venues in all of sports) and the NFL.

    While Churchill is a racetrack, they have an infield that easily could hold 50,000 for the first round on Monday and 40,000 or so for the second and third rounds on Tuesday and 20-25,000 possibly for the remaining rounds on Wednesday. Louisville is also centrally located within reasonable driving distance (for the type of person coming to the NFL Draft) of several NFL cities, including Chicago, Indy, Cleveland, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Nashville. That to me is why Churchill Downs, especially with their new mega screen would be where I would be seriously looking.

  32. Philly fan here and I would not give anything to LA. They do not deserve anything. They are fair weather fans that’s why they don’t have a team. Chicago gets my nod

  33. Chicago has gun control laws so people are easy prey to criminals. It would be interesting to see how many are ventilated and how many die of lead poisoning during the draft.

  34. Chicago has a vintage downtown venue, a rabid fan base, tradition and if you believe some of the experts, will by this time next year have a team that is not only pretty good, but fun to watch.

    Chicago also has a history of getting screwed by the league. So my money is on L.A.

  35. L.A. has no team, what sense does it make to have it there? I could care less what “stars” make an appearance. Four days is far too long, even two is a stretch.

    As far as the shootings in Chicago, stay home. If you’re in the areas where the vast majority are getting shot, you’re most likely up to no good. Nothing to see in those areas for tourists or locals, unless you’re buying something you shouldn’t, or up to no good.

    Bottom line is, I could care less where it’s held, or even held 100% online.

  36. Like or dislike Roger he is the man in charge.

    When I hear disrespectful fans boo him at the podium on draft day I can’t help but think of a bunch of trolls, like on this site are the idiots doing the booing. knock it off it makes the NFL fanbase look like a bunch 5th grade boys. Be a man and put a sock in it, your mom would smack you in the back of the head if she saw and heard you acting 12 when you’re a 42 yr. old grown man.

    Respect……or walk on home boy!

  37. Should come to Cleveland. We’re getting everything else noteworthy to come here.

    #cle #hatersdontknow

  38. bobnelsonjr says:
    Jul 18, 2014 7:59 AM
    Chicago has gun control laws so people are easy prey to criminals. It would be interesting to see how many are ventilated and how many die of lead poisoning during the draft.


    And here we see the definition of ignorance.

  39. I agree with others who say the last day of the draft is basically worthless. The poor kids who get drafted on that day get ZERO coverage, it’s all just the talking heads re-hashing what happened the two days prior. A total waste of my Saturday to sit in front of the tube when I can get just as much info of value checking a draft tracker app on my phone every hour or so.

    With that in mind, why would ANYONE advocate stretching the draft out to a 4th day? That’s just insane.

  40. I hate the way the draft is conducted now go back to it being on sat & sun. Thursday night are not good and friday night are even worst. Give us something to do on sat then watch a bunch of guys that may or may not make the team.

  41. Holding it L.A. would be insainly wrong. How much tax payer money is used to build most stadiums either trough a direct tax increase or giving huge discounts on tax rates for the teams, and Goodell thinks that is acceptable. Also he should talk to the guys that ran the World Football League about the tremendouse interest in American football in Europe. I’ve ignorantly been someone who has somewhat fallen on Goodell’s side on many issues, but after years of installing subjective game rules that leave it upto the refs to use their judgment on penalties, totally screwwing up this years draft and the insistence of screwing over 2 fan bases a year, (currently and appears to be heading to be more), by playing games in Europe. Not to mention the short sited idea of adding 2 more teams to the playoffs that would surely make more money in the short term but would soon start cutting down the money made in the regular season by make many more games pointless to even play, this guy needs to go and soon before he does to much harm to fix.

  42. Awesome, NFL draft in LA, where half the resident population still does not know that they don’t have a football team anymore.

  43. Either one would be pretty good. Chicago has great fans and would also draw fans from Indy, GB and Detroit.

    LA is not a good football town for a team, but there are fans from all NFL cities there and they’ll come out big time for that.

    Neither choice is as good as Vegas though.

  44. If it’s in LA, most of the audience will have left by pick #24. Don’t think they want that…

  45. The reason I don’t watch the third day of the draft is because they chop it up with soooooooooooo many commercials! They’ve made it absolutely unwatchable. They’re going to ignore the issue of commercials and keep trying something cosmetic.

    The NFL is like Al Davis’s last few years with the Raiders: first, destroy the franchise with questionable decisions; next, blame it on something/someone else. “Oh, people aren’t watching the Raiders? fire the coach. That’ll fix it.”
    “Oh, people aren’t watching the third day of the draft because of all the commercials? hire some dancing bears and juggling clowns. That’ll fix it!”

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