Titans keep talking up Justin Hunter


Earlier this offseason, Titans wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson said that Justin Hunter “can be the receiver that puts us in the playoffs and helps us win our division” this season.

That’s a pretty big responsibility for any receiver to handle, especially one who caught just 18 passes in a rookie season that saw him serve a one-game suspension for violating team rules. John Glennon of the Tennessean wondered earlier in the offseason if the expectations were too high for Hunter and Hunter’s teammate Michael Preston responded by comparing Hunter to one of the most prolific receivers in NFL history.

Preston called Hunter “a young Randy Moss” and explained this week why he put Hunter in such company.

“I know how great a player Randy Moss was, and in my mind, there’s no reason Justin can’t be the next greatest player … I just want to be there to support him. I know he’s going to grow, make a great leap this year, and impress the city and fans with his talent,” Preston said. “The one thing that stands out to me is the way he attacks the ball – and his leaping ability. Of course, he has to make the same type adjustments I had to make with height, staying low and being physical at the line. But the thing that stands out is the way he attacks the ball and how he’s able to make that big play at any moment.”

Comparisons to Moss are about as premature as calling a book the greatest you’ve ever read after the first word. While there’s plenty to like about Hunter’s size and athletic ability, he made nowhere near the impact that Moss made as a rookie and needs to show he has the hands and consistency it takes to have any career at the professional level.

For now, the talk sounds like the offseason hype machine running amok. Hunter will have plenty of chances to prove otherwise this season, though.

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  1. Justin Hunter should have a great season, but I think people forget how great Kendall Wright was in 2013. The guy had 1,079 yards and 94 receptions. If he had just found the endzone more (twice), Wright would be the talk of mini-camp.

  2. First Tyrone Calico was supposed to be the Titans’ Randy Moss … Then Kenny Britt … But the only thing those two had in common with Moss was sketchy character. Thankfully, so far, Justin Hunter is giving the impression he’s cut from a different mold than those three … hard working and team-oriented. Here’s hoping his big-play ability reaches its full potential–and quickly!

  3. I agree Hunter still has a LONG way to go before he should even be in the same conversation as Moss, but it’s funny that his WR coach at UT (Charlie Baggett, who actually coached Moss as well) said Hunter was the best talent he had seen since Moss.

    Here’s to hoping they’re right.

  4. Hunter was a beast in college until he tore his ACL, then he had a pretty good season in his first year back from it, better than UT teammate Cordarrelle Patterson actually.

    The Moss-like talent is there, but what a lot of people don’t give Moss credit for is his his football instincts & intelligence. He understood the game & knew how to play it, combined with his physical tools made his one of the greats. Hunter has the same physical tools, time will tell if he has the same instincts.

    I do think Hunter could be in line for a large uptick in production, but probably not Moss-like… yet.

    And to the commenter above, K. Wright has gotten some love this preseason. I’ve read several stories about how he hasn’t dropped a pass this offseason, about how he shed like 10 lbs to become more explosive, etc.

    I’m liking this young group of WRs.

  5. C’mon man…. Let’s face it he ain’t no Randy Moss. He has a lot going for him and a lot of “potential” but he is no where near a Rabdy Moss. And this is coming from a UT/Titans fan that watches every single game!! I still think Hunter is another yr away from being considered a top WR. His biggest weakest right now is route running, catching more balls thrown his way and his confidence in which he is lacking. Give him another 1-2 yrs and a decent QB and he could b lighting it up.

  6. camcameronsucks says:
    Jul 17, 2014 8:08 AM
    Pretty sure this guy was on the Ravens’ practice squad and didn’t do crap

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    Odd. Couldve sworn the titans traded up w SF last yr and drafted him in 2nd rd. i think even cam cameron knows that.

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