A.J. Hawk grants fan’s wish for an NFL-style hit

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It wasn’t quite Mike Curtis on a rowdy fan or Rodney Harrison on a nerdy blogger or even A.J. Hawk on a pass-catching touch football player standing too close to a pond, but the Packers linebacker gave a football fan the experience of absorbing a hit from an NFL player.

It happened at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe.

The fan declares himself to be a “Michigan man!” presumably to persuade Hawk, who played at Ohio State, into lowering the boom.  Other fans goad Hawk into making the guy’s dreams come true.

And then Hawk does.

Hawk wasn’t even going half speed, but he delivered a solid wallop.

The lawsuit will likely be filed on Monday.

64 responses to “A.J. Hawk grants fan’s wish for an NFL-style hit

  1. I used to use a punching bag all the time and my gf one day decided she wanted to be a boxer and asked me to help her by sparring. I said no repeatedly, but finally she convinced me to do it. I made her wear head gear, a mouth guard and I used oversized gloves. The bout lasted about 4 seconds as I hit, maybe 40% power, and it nearly knocked her out.

  2. I remember when this guy was supposed to be “the second coming” at the LB position.

    He’s not terrible but he definitely didn’t live up to the Ohio State hype.

  3. I’m glad this was able to happen. For years, people have been begging the Packers to do some NFL style hitting. Until now, they were disappointed.

  4. AJ would be an all pro if he could get all NFL players to stand sideways in street clothes on game day. That will be his best tackle of the year.

  5. Best hit of his shabby career. Too bad Peterson/Forte/Bush get to run over him for 6 games this season as Green Bay finishes 6-10(at best) in the NFC North basement.

  6. I can understand the desire to feel a real NFL hit but no way would I be dumb enough to ask a linebacker to tee of on me. Those guys hit really freaking hard

  7. It used to bother me that Hawk never became a game-changer, as I had hoped and expected. But you know what, the guy is solid. He reads offenses very effectively and barks out the correct position orders to a very young and upcoming D. He took a pay cut that reflects his capabilities, and I find that admirable. He is on the field all the time, rarely injured. Yep, the guy is solid in my book.

  8. Good for AJ… The fans in Green Bay finally granted him his wish and allowed him to hit someone. .. that’s such a nice, heart warming story. .. Good for you AJ!!! You keep it up big guy!!!

    Now let’s go get some ice cream buddy!!!

  9. What a meat head. You’re a grown man at a golf outing and you do that?

    And Stephen Tulloch is a better mike than AJ so whoever said he’s the best LB in the NFC North doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  10. HJ, and i mean HJ, seams to be more dominate away from the pro’s. Maybe he should pursue that career path instead.

  11. Doesn’t matter what is posted theres always got to be some internet db talking junk about. Cool vid, solid player.

  12. Nice try magic… the guy that said it was 100% right… AJ Hawk isn’t even in the sentence with Tulloch… Don’t even argue the point, it’s actually not debatable.

  13. In fact, I’ll take all 3 LB’s from the Lions over AJ Hawk.

    Why is it that every single player the Packers have, according to their fans, are better than players who are clearly better all the time? Like yesterday with the idea you’d rather have Lacy than Peterson… lol

  14. I don’t know whats more shocking-that he made a tackle or that he was invited to play in a celebrity golf tournament.

  15. The guy wasn’t even looking when he hit him.

    It looks like all sides were agreeable to the incident so I don’t see why a lawsuit would be involved. It is not as if A.J. came flying out of nowhere in a rage and tackled the guy.

  16. What a dumb move by AJ – on so many levels. He should know better. While well intentioned, if either of them got hurt, it would not be such a cute story.

  17. Gotta love the smack from fans whose favorite NFL team boasts an empty trophy case. Come back and talk when the Vikings win a Super Bowl. Guess you will have to pass that assignment down to the grandkids.

  18. simplesimon1 says: Jul 18, 2014 6:47 PM

    Like yesterday with the idea you’d rather have Lacy than Peterson… lol


    Are you kidding? Id take Lacy over Peterson any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Lacy has way more long term upside despite how great Peterson is and has been.

  19. Hey Simple….remind us how many rings Peterson has. Might have found one in ’09 if he and the rest of the chokers didn’t fumble everything they touched. Lacy isn’t prone to running without the rock. He will help bring another trophy or two to Title Town.

  20. Peterson is will start the downslope of his career starting this season just like all of the good running backs before him did. The hits he delivers and takes because he runs too upright have taken their toll. With no QB, it looks like they will be hard to get more than the 5 wins they had last year.

  21. I would like to be hit full force by an NFL player. And that is so easy to say before it happens, isn’t it? I still would. (AJ went easy on this one…)

  22. Lol… so pathetic that these idiot green bay fans just have to think everybody who disagrees with their delusion is a minnesota fan… lol

    Im not. It makes no difference what team you cheer for… if something is wrong, it’s wrong.

    I heard this yesterday but without a doubt it works.

    Name any team in the north that would take lacy over what they have.

  23. Right about now that guy is having some beer with his buddies, talking about how he took a “hit” from a NFL player. Well, he probably already had a few beers when he challenged him.

  24. hyzers says:
    Jul 18, 2014 5:37 PM
    And Stephen Tulloch is a better mike than AJ so whoever said he’s the best LB in the NFC North doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Give AJ Hawk that Lion’s Dline and he’d disappear less often than Tulloch does.

  25. Hey simple Simon I would take the Packer team over the Lions any day of the week, let me hear you disagree with that? I also would take Lacy over any sorry rb you have.

  26. Any true football fan loved that video, that’s a great interaction between fan and player that makes the NFL so popular. The only ones who mock it are jealous fans of the Packers…one hint they wear purple, get a life.

  27. Peterson is a Hall of Famer and Lacy is a 2nd year player with lots of potential and a really nice rookie season to build on. Lacy is everything the Packers need him to be. Who is better this year? Peterson. Who would I rather have for the next 5 years barring injury? Lacy.

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