Cam Newton adds to his stable of endorsements

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The Panthers haven’t been able to sniff back-to-back winning seasons, but thanks to quarterback Cam Newton, they might at least smell better.

Via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Newton is being unveiled as the face of a new ad campaign for Drakkar Essence.

That means he adds L’Oreal to a stable of advertisments including Gatorade and Under Armour.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily (!) Newton admitted that the ads would probably be wallpapered all over his locker, but he hopes bringing back gifts to teammates helps.

“Everyone who comes out of the locker room is going to smell like new money,” Newton said.

Of course, Newton will get a whiff of plenty of that with his next contract, as well.

21 responses to “Cam Newton adds to his stable of endorsements

  1. A young, good looking guy with a “Magic Johnson smile”, who plays the most prestigious position in all of sports, should have even more endorsements.

    Winning will get him even more national recognition. Take a line from Al Davis and “just win baby”.

    Let the hating begin.

  2. Via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Newton is being unveiled as the face of a new ad campaign for Drakkar Essence.

    Drakkar was a great cologne…..back in 1996

  3. amazing

    Cam is simply not a good QB and has very limited skills and potential relative to other young QBs like Luck, RG3.. even Tannehill and Kaepernick, and maybe Wilson, have more potential. Cam is a game manager, with good bail out ability but not a big time QB.

    Hello Kitty!

  4. How can everyone still rag on the dude still. He’s put up numbers every season. He turned a 1-3 start around to a playoff birth while throwing the ball to Greg Olsen and a glorified punt returner. Cam is the real deal. He’s been the real deal for three years.

  5. LOL at Cam boosters

    Cam was about to be benched at game 4 last year when team made him pure game manager… he/team did well but do not be fooled.. he is not a big time QB or even a long-term QB

    he is a good game manager because he does have elite extend play/bail out ability due to size… like Big Ben, but he does not have arm of a Big Ben… and he is not very fast (other than for size) like an RG3 (in fact he would lose to Luck in a race)

    my question.. when he stops being game manager and tries to be more, what happens? Wish Panthers having so little talent, we should see this year.

    don’t be fooled here… I was a Cam fan until the BCS champ game (he sucked big time and I thought was 21pts to other team)

    Cam is not in league with Luck or RG3, and probably not with Kaep either….. and I think Tannehill and Wilson have more potential as well

  6. Just win some playoff games so i can get my money back out of the rookie autograph card of yours i overpaid for.

  7. Does that guy “politicallyincorrect” ever shut up? He is on every Cam article spewing his hatred towards Cam. It’s kind of weird if you ask me. It’s like a waits specifically for a Cam Newton article to come out and then gets excited because he can finally write something about Cam. That is kind of creepy, especially for a grown man.

  8. I agree with you “thisguy124”. “politicallyincorrect” is a troll who just enjoys ruffling everyone’s feathers. Even he is not so misguided to believe the trash he talks. Just skip over the comments with his name at the top.

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