Cam Newton catching up with his receivers before camp


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was unveiled Friday morning as a cologne spokesman.

The more important work this week was making sure his offense didn’t stink.

Since his offseason ankle surgery kept him out of OTAs and minicamp, Newton is catching up by working out with his receivers before training camp begins. You know, the receivers who are brand new since last season, given the mass exodus this offseason.

We’re trying to fill in the question marks, and it starts with these days,” Newton told Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. “No distractions.”

That was the extent of Newton’s comments, but not of his work this week.

He took two of the backup quarterbacks, nine receivers and a tight end to a training complex in Greensboro, N.C. owned by Panthers receivers coach Ricky Proehl (who wasn’t there). Together, the group worked on developing some chemistry, bonding after workouts over meals as Newton tries to put his stamp on the team.

“This is like a brotherhood, and you need everybody in this group to go,” Panthers rookie receiver Kelvin Benjamin said. “Just a like a car, we need every part of this to keep it going.”

It will only go as far as Newton drives it, as it will take more than a few nights in a hotel and some throwing sessions to catch up on the work he missed.

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  1. I just read the PFT cologne article, and not a single commenter made a “It’s got bits of real panther in it” joke. I know it’s summer, but we have got to pull this thing together before the season starts you guys.

  2. I gotta give Cam Newton some props. I want to give Cam Newton some props.

    When he was first coming in the league I thought he would be another Jamarcus Russel. That phony smile of his + his demeanor just made me think he would get that 1st paycheck, put in the hours he was absolutely required to put in, then head home to his mansion + ladyfriends and disappear into…wherever it is guys that don’t last in the NFL go.

    His first few seasons only solidified my beliefs. Moping on the sidelines. Poor body language after games. Losing records.

    He took a lot of criticism for those things and has responded like a mature adult…like a true professional. He’s answered those questions, adjusted his behavior to be more of a leader and put the Carolina Panthers on his shoulders.

    Props to you, Cam Newton. Carolina fans should be excited. He’s proving with his actions that he is a winner and that he is a leader. If he continues on this path, I can see a lot of success in Carolina’s future, regardless of who their WR’s are.

  3. For all of you saying the team is terrible because their wr’s stink they are going from Steve Smith and Brandon Lafell to Jason Avant and Jerricho Cotchery. Is that really a decline?

  4. Steve Smith (35 years old) = 64 rec – 745 yards – 4 td

    Brandon LaFell (27 years old) = 49 rec. – 627 yards – 5 td
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Jerricho Cotchery (32 years old) = 46 rec – 602 yards – 10 td

    Jason Avant (31 years old) = 38 rec – 447 yards – 2 td

  5. Reality check. Steve Smith carried Cam and the offense for Cam’s first two NFL years regarding to leading the team. Last year Cam finally stepped up and did fairly well at being a leader, though some of his numbers fell off a bit and Smith was still clearly the real leader folks looked up to. With Smith gone, Cam’s going to have to step up more. Can he do it? Doubt it. Not to mention, Hardy will leave a hole if he doesn’t play this year or will be a distraction if he does. Nothing looking good. Lose-Lose.

  6. With Steve Smith gone you will see a happier more free playing Cam Newton. Steve demanded the ball and it took away from what Cam need to do to be label as a great WR. Cam now have 3 QB friendly WR, and a TE that’s his favorite target. Benji will surprise a lot of people this year because he’s a better WR then a lot of people give him credit of being. Carolina passing attach is a vertical attack that’s exactly what he brings to the tablet Jason and Jerricho are to sure handed WR whom will come up big on 3rd down. I honest think Carolina is a better team this year then they where last season. JStew back and we added to a power run attack. 10-6, 11-5 season. The defense is going to be even better

  7. Cotchery caught 60% of the passes thrown to him while Smith caught 58% and LaFell caught 57%. Cotchery did not have as many attempts because he was the same team with Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders. Avant was on the Eagles (enough said). Underwood, Pilares (healthy now), and Dickson (TE) are as good or better than Ginn (hurt) and Hixon (hurt). With the addition of Benjamin, the Panthers receiving corp is considerably better than last year.

  8. The people who leave negative comments generally are

    A) butt hurt saints fans or,

    B) mindless sheep whose only knowledge of the Panthers comes from ESPN

    The only hole in the team I would be concerned about is LT, not WR.

  9. Cam is really stepping up and becoming a mature professional and leader of this team. People want to always hate on him for one reason or another and yes he’s made mistakes in his past, but it’s nice to see him grow into a true pro QB.

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