DeMarcus Ware: I feel stronger and faster than I have the last two seasons


DeMarcus Ware slipped to six sacks last year while missing the first three games of his career, developments that combined with his large salary to grease the skids for his exit from the Cowboys after nine years with the club.

Ware quickly signed with the Broncos, but last year’s injuries and the nagging ones that impacted him in 2012 create some reason to worry that Ware may not be able to reach the same levels that he has in the past. Ware has dropped weight as he expects to stand up more this year after spending last year with his hand int he ground as a defensive end, though, and he’s explored alternative medical techniques like cupping to help him get back to where he wants to be.

“I feel better than I did the last two years going into the season,” Ware said, via the Denver Post. “Stronger, faster. I feel flexible.”

The Broncos aggressively overhauled their defense this offseason and they are counting on Ware and Von Miller to put some of bite into a defense that was missing it as last season came to an end. Both players are coming off injuries that required surgery, however, and that’s going to leave their prospects up in the air until we’ve seen them in action this summer.

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  1. What would you expect him to say? “I feel like crap, and Denver wasted their money”?

  2. Dallas made the right move to let Ware go. He hadn’t made a big play on a big down for 3 years down there. I believe the move to Denver, a bonafide contender, will breathe new life and ambition into this guy and I think he’ll have a productive stint with the Broncos. Probably even get himself a ring!

  3. While with Dallas Ware was always tired in the 4th quarter when we had big leads. He was ‘The Houdini of the Fourth Quarter” I challenge any Cowboys fan to tell me a big play he made in the 4th quarter of a game? Ware was he? lol

  4. Demarcus Ware is still an Impact player to call him washed up is an insult to him, the DE/OLB position the ghost of the G.O.A.T. Reggie White… the Broncos got an upgrade at that position… see in Dallas you only had to worry about Ware so of course you slide all protection to him and schemes were design to stop him, but now ( in church we would say but GOD) but now you have to attest for Von Miller too…It wouldn’t surprise me to see D. Ware break the sack record or Defensive MVP this season…Indeed..

  5. To the challenge of D Ware’s 4th quarter performance question…

    The single 4th quarter D Ware showing-up-in-a-big-moment came several years back in the Dallas vs. Undefeated New Orleans game.

    The Cowboys came out and punched them in the mouth. New Orleans methodically came back, and was down to the last series in the 4th quarter with a minute or two left. The Saints were in Dallas territory moving the ball well, and Demarcus Ware sacked Drew Brees and forced a fumble effectively ending the game and handing the Saints their first loss of the season.

    Great time, but that’s really the only one I remember. Thanks for the good times.

  6. Between Demarcus ware, aqib talib and peyton manning (lost all arm strength), the broncos may now have the most washed up players in the nfl.

  7. Anyone who compares Demarcus Ware to Reggie White needs to have their head examined. Ware is washed up and his stats and performance prove it. Even 2 years ago when he had 11.5 sacks, his impact was negligible. A lot of those were garbage sacks or the only time he was really heard from in the game.

    Injuries and the Ware and tear of the NFL has taken it’s toll on him.

  8. If Dallas resigned Ware, media and haters say stupid Jerry Jones. Denver signs him for more than what he was owed in Dallas and media and haters say the move was genius. Hated to see him go, but it was time.

    Just like Hatcher. Same context as above. And look he is already injured needing knee surgery.

    Good moves by Dallas.

  9. rfedorick says:
    Jul 18, 2014 11:37 AM
    While with Dallas Ware was always tired in the 4th quarter when we had big leads. He was ‘The Houdini of the Fourth Quarter” I challenge any Cowboys fan to tell me a big play he made in the 4th quarter of a game? Ware was he? lol

    Honestly, I loved the guy. But I can only remember two game changing plays he ever made. The pick6 on Vick right before halftime vs Atlanta that broke the Falcons always breakable spirit and the sack / fumble recovery against Drew Brees as time expired.

    I wish the guy well, but I got so sick of him chasing Eli around and never getting to him.

  10. “DeMarcus Ware: I feel stronger and faster than I have the last two seasons, thanks to the new meds the Bronco’s gave me”

  11. The cowboys defense has much bigger problems then the lose of Ware. I think he is a class act by NFL standards and I wish him well and hope he has enough left in the tank to help his new team win it all.

  12. @zack2482 -He was already singed and was cut. He was not a free agent to resign.. This is a mistake by Dallas no matter how you look at it.

  13. @Robert831,

    Yes you are correct. He was on the books for close to $13 mil. So if Dallas kept him at that salary, again the media and haters would say Jerry made a mistake of keeping him and holding on for two long. He was a shell of himself over the past two seasons.

    Why is Denver’s move looked as genius and Dallas not. Time will tell, but Dallas did the right thing of not paying him that salary for a soon to be 32 year old DE.

  14. Ware is a future HOFer, but I don’t know if he still has anything left.

    I’m curious to see how he performs in Denver, 2013 was a letdown for a player that was always solid despite al mediocrity surronding him.

  15. The poet Schelense once wrote, ‘The tree/it bleeds/run river/uphill weeps.

    He might as well have been reading Jerry Jones’ mind.

  16. Life long long Cowboy fan here. I will say it was time for Ware to go, he was no longer worth the money he was making. I can not even tell you how many times the last 2 to 4 years in critical situations late in the game you would be looking for Ware and there he was standing on the side lines not helping his team. Do I think he was a great player? No, Do I think he was a good player….yes. Someone earlier said he was a future HOFer, I do not see that at all.He was dominant his first few years in the league but like most players now days, once he got his big contract, his dominance stopped and looked like his desire to give it his all went away.

  17. I think some of the posters in here are a little confused… It’s Seattle that pumps their players full of PED’s, not Denver. You saw the Super Bowl, right?

  18. Okay – 31 replies so far and nobody has asked: What the hell is “cupping”?

    I’m embarrassed (but not ashamed) to admit that I don’t have a clue, unless it pertains to acupuncture which is, technically, not a ‘medical’ treatment. Not on this half of the planet anyway.

    So – HELP! – Anybody – What the hell is “cupping”?

  19. Oops – missed the word “alternative” – my bad. So maybe “cupping” actually does refer to an acupuncture technique. Sorry for the intrusion!

  20. Hey tootitan – Cupping is actually an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which localized suction is created on the skin using glass cups and in it original form heat. As the air in the cup cool the suction gets stronger drawing the area into the cup. Imagine if you can a huge hickey given with a cup. The suction draws blood to the area and the theory is the added blood flow aids in healing and rejuvenation. I have heard many say they have experienced great relief of pain and improved healing with the practise. There are those who mock the ancient techniques, I however have enjoyed positive effects from acupuncture thus would never knock it till I tried it.

  21. Ware has yet to demonstrate he can play his position without jumping offsides every play. At Dallas he was offsides on nearly every play – it takes no talent to play that position if you have a head start.

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