Goodell sees “tremendous demand” for the NFL in Europe

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The NFL says it has a large and growing fan base in Europe, and could have a team there within five years.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said on NFL Network that the league has had such success with its games in London that there’s no reason a franchise couldn’t call London home soon. Goodell did not say whether it would be an expansion franchise or an existing franchise moving across the pond, but he said he sees it happening soon.

“We couldn’t be happier with what we’re seeing,” Goodell said. “We actually couldn’t be more surprised by the tremendous demand for NFL football in London, in the UK in general, and frankly in Europe. So it’s not something that I think is 15 or 20 years away. It could be five or 10 years away.”

The NFL began playing preseason games overseas in 1986, but Goodell says it was the switch to regular season games in London in 2007 that laid the groundwork for having a team in London some day.

“The fans want to see more NFL football, and they want to see the real thing,” Goodell said. “They don’t want to see the ‘friendlies’ as they call them over there, which is preseason games. So we changed our strategy eight years ago and said, ‘Let’s play regular season games.’ And our clubs have responded very favorably. They’ve enjoyed the experience. So we’re anxious to do more of it. I see us continuing to play more games there, to focus on our television coverage there and expanding that, our other business efforts including licensing and sponsorship.”

It sounds like the NFL will have a team in London just as soon as the league can be convinced that team will be profitable. And Goodell thinks that’s in as soon as five years.

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  1. Goodell is trying to build a foundation for 20 years from now. It’s going to fail yet again. He should work on expanding the NFL on this continent first.

  2. Translation – The owners are greedy billionaires and want a lot more money (euros and British pounds are welcome) from making the product via TV and merchandise to be global and they consider Europe the best opportunity for expansion. 31 hogs are at the trough and they want more food. (The Packers public ownership can’t be dismantled but it’s a visible reminder).

  3. I’d hate to see a team in London just because the players won’t be to happy about it. A lot of players have already said they’d retire if they played for London…

  4. The fans need to get together and boycott buying anything NFL for a year. Games, Jerseys, etc.. When they end up with a deficit they will realize who really runs the NFL (the fans) and stop doing all this crap that is ruining the game.

  5. What a joke. American fans don’t want this. The players have already said they don’t want this. The NFL keeps ignoring what their fans want from their never ending greed. This is so stupid.

  6. The eagerness for revenue expansion will be born by the fans. This is a terrible idea but the lust for more wealth overrides everything. Roger is their messenger and at $44M a year, he is rewarded handsomely. He’s got a better job, greater income and more power than President Obama.

  7. It’s going to happen sooner or later even though the players and fans don’t want it. Although I don’t want a franchise in London, I rather have a existing franchise move to keep the balance of the 32 teams in tact. Sorry Jacksonville, but I would put money on their franchise moving across the pond. Put them in the AFC east (even though it would be ironic for a London team to be in the American football conference) and have them play the Patriots twice a year for the whole British vs Patriots game you know the media will play up. The dolphins will move to the AFC south to take the jaguars spot.

  8. There was a European football league not all that long ago and it failed. Perhaps try it again, and use Europe for the NFL developmental league and see if that works first. One step at a time Goodell, you idiot.

  9. First off, I am completely against having the NFL in Europe. Period.

    That being said, here are some thoughts;

    NFL-Europe would almost need to be a separate “conference” or “region” which plays primarily amongst itself. Maybe have European and American teams play one inter-conference game per year for flare. Then, following the Super Bowl (still only comprised of American NFL teams), have the European teams play a championship game (call it the “Euro Bowl”). The Euro Bowl champions then play against the American champions for some sort of Global Super Bowl, call it the World Bowl or Freedom Cup or something cheesy like that.

    I think we American fans were getting too hung up on the notion that a team in Europe would be just another “regular” team, which would induce a huge travel burden to themselves and their visitors. But if you consider it in this new FIFA/World Cup sort of regional format, it almost makes sense.

    Again, I do not advocate for this to take place, just that it’s relatively feasible with minimal impact to our red blooded American NFL.

    The pitfalls?

    You’d have to prop-up at least 8 or more teams throughout Europe or England. All things being equal, it would be mathematically ideal to match our 32 team layout, but you can build up to that in time. I think 8 would be a good starting point. England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, etc…

    The biggest hurdle would be garnering enough interest in Europe for this sport. We’ve already seen NFL Europe come and go in the past due to lack of interest, but it’s possible that with a lot of time, money and patience (mostly money), and giving the European teams something to actually play for (a chance at beating an American football team on an international stage for world supremacy) that greater interest could be attained than the old, meaningless now-defunct European league.

    Another problem is talent; where do these European teams acquire players and coaches? These countries don’t have generations of fans like they do with soccer (conversely, same problem soccer has had here in the states). All their best talent already plays a different sport by the same name. What’s going to compel a youngster in Germany to play American Football instead of soccer? You’d have to pay him better than soccer does, and soccer is already quite lucrative in those markets. The alternative is to take second-tier talent who are willing to shift from soccer to Football for a more reasonable salary, but the huge glaring problem there is that fans don’t want to watch second-tier talent. Again, see the old NFL Europe for evidence of that.

    You could ship off American athletes to Europe, and certainly that would occur anyway to some degree, but again, you begin to alienate the local fanbase if no one on the team speaks their language. And mostly, you’ll just end-up with second-tier American athletes in those markets accept for maybe a few big splashes here and there.

    All in all, it spells “FAILURE” to me and I think the investors stand to lose a LOT of money if they proceed with ANY form of NFL in Europe. The NFL itself should be relatively insulated from financial loss; it would be the team owner(s) which takes the loss, mostly, so what does Goodell care? House money in that instance.

  10. Here’s a simple campaign strategy for whoever runs for the next US presidential election…..simply state as part of their platform that if he/she is elected, he/she will make sure the government will take away the NFL’s nonprofit status if a team calls London home. That candidate would win by a landslide…and the NFL would stop this London nonsense immediately.

  11. Are you . . . Joking ?

    Of ‘course there is HUGE Interest .
    Sports-Betting is . . . “LEGAL” . . . in Europe!

  12. The NFL will be at best a secondary league in Europe, they cannot compete with Soccer……..I myself have zero interest in watching games played in London……..

  13. Once again, just for posterity’s sake:
    Money. Over. EVERYTHING.

    I hate the way the world’s going, and it’s going there faster than ever, every day.

  14. If football is so popular in Europe then why did the league have to disband NFL Europe? If they want to bring football back to London, Paris, Berlin than bring back NFL Europe as a spring developmental league but leave the pro game alone.

    Unfortunately, Goodell is the worst pro sports commissioner in history and is only concerned with image rather than the well-being of the NFL. No doubt he’ll force-feed this just as he is doing with expanding the number of playoff teams.

  15. Does anybody really think that the shield gives a rat’s youknowwhat about what the fans want?? That’s completely laughable. And talking boycott is just as comical…

  16. I have two thoughts about playing in Europe. First with all that is going on in the world, it would be hard to assure the players as well as the fans would be safe continuously living or traveling in that country. And second, the stadium would be filled with the same racist fans that make monkey noises/chants to the black players on the country’s soccer team. We don’t need that in our sport. And the players wouldn’t stand for it. As soon as the fanfare of having a team wear off they will start with those same chants. Don’t need it and I will stop supporting the league the day a team is placed there.

  17. If the NFL wants to form a “European League of American Football”, fine. Stock it with European players and American players on the cusp of making an American NFL club. It sounds a bit like NFL Europe, yes? But to take scarce home games away from American fans AND SEASON TICKET HOLDERS so the billionaires and millionaires can make more money, that my friends, is my complaint about the NFL. They treat the loyal fans like a bunch of cheapskates, then sneer at them and take games away without a second thought to their customers.
    How about a fan-based competitive league to the NFL forming IN THIS COUNTRY? Built on the Packers model of non-for-profit entities, the league could operate in college stadiums. The arrogance of the NFL is disgusting.

  18. If he’s seeing demand from fans, it’s not from the American fans. PFT is pretty good cross-section of fans & we seem to pretty much ALL be against it. He & the owners are blinded by greed.

    There’s a little city in Southern California, that has a fairly significant media market. They could maybe use a team?

  19. The only way the NFL can in my view expand into England for instance would be for there to be two teams there: One in London, playing in Wembley Stadium and another in Manchester, most likely at Old Tratford (home of Manchester United). You would need to have both teams in the same division, most likely as part of an expansion to 40 teams (to even out the eight divisions) that could also perhaps include a third team in England, but more likely the addition of teams in places like Toronto, Mexico City, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles (how the NFL can get a team there) and either Portland or Vancouver. That to me would be how you would have teams in Europe.

  20. Titansboro:

    Other than expansion to 40 teams, I don’t see the NFL following through so easily with a team in LA. The real problem with LA (even with this past season being the disaster it was) is that LA is first and foremost a LAKERS town and the only city where the NBA trumps the NFL. With the Clippers rising as they are, if the Lakers can regain their prominence, it will make LA even more difficult for the NFL, where they have mainly lived and died with the LAKERS for the past 30+ years.

  21. Watch Goodell have not only 1 but two teams in Europe. If you want more football, expand the league by two teams and have a team in Mexico. Why are you going to subject teams to travel across the Atlantic at least once a year within the division or once every four years within the Conference to play a regular season NFL game? It just does not make any sense.

    They should change Roger Goodell’s be to Greedy Goodell!

  22. Oh yeah how about placing a team in LA first instead of London considering that there may be a draft in LA. A draft in LA without a local team. Yeah, good marketing sense there. Dummies!

  23. That’s cool but, there’s the Atlantic Ocean to deal with…
    We don’t see the English Premier League setting up teams in the US, even tho there’s a demand for it here. It’s called exclusivity.

  24. Little by little the owners are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. I predict there will be a huge backlash from fans and players if the owners try to force this to happen. Plus the NFLPA would demand to renegoiate the current agreement to cover the extra expenses involved with living and playing in London.

  25. The only ones who can make this craziness stop are the fans. Stop buying tickets until this playing in Europe, having teams in London, etc goes away. I wouldn’t care if every game was blacked out just to see these guys realize what they are doing to the NFL.

  26. NFL Europe failed because it was an NFL munor league. Americans barely watched it, why would Europeans?

    I don’t get all the anti Europe and anti Roger sentiment. the only real hurdle with the expansion is logistical. The time zone differences makes it difficult for teams to play there.

    There is nothing about expanding there that “ruins” the NFL. I just dont understand this resistance people have to this…

  27. Goodell seems to see tremendous demand in things that increase the nfl’s revenue stream.

    18 game schedule, more games on Thursday night, and expanded playoffs.

    Too bad all of these ideas only serve to water down the league and erode a strong product.

  28. I can’t get the picture out of my head of Goodell stroking a white cat while giving these quotes.

    Maybe he is hoping for a salary increase to $100,000,000,000 after he succeeds with his world domination mantra?

  29. I just wish Roger would quit these trial balloons and focus on the game here in the States. It’s annoying and I’m growing tired of the noise.

    Mark Cuban just may be right…

  30. If a team did go to Europe I hope it would be an existing team. I don’t want to see anymore expansion teams. The problem with the NBA is there are too many teams and not enough talent. That leaves them with a few “super teams” loaded with stars and the rest is garbage. That’s why the regular season is terrible and it doesn’t start getting competitive until the playoffs. I would hate for the NFL to share the same fate due to greed.

  31. Face it fans, this is gonna happen. The logistics will be worked out later. The goal is in place and there’s nothing you, as American fans can do about it. It’s naive to think your dollar welds more power than the Euro or any other currency.

    I pity you if you think you can come between the owners and their money. That’s not how they got rich. It’s merely, unbridled capitalism.

    The world is an untapped income stream that will be mined. Do you really think the owners didn’t watch the World Cup? Quietly, they are still working on getting football into the Olympics.

  32. I had the great pleasure of seeing the Vikings Steelers game at Wembley last year. I met people from all over Europe there to enjoy the game. I think I saw a Jersey from every team. Giants fan from Scotland, Lions fan from North England, Steelers fans from Mexico, etc.
    It was an incredible experience. If your team is playing, Spend the money and go! It was a once in a lifetime trip.

    That being said, A team in London will fail. Goddell sees $$$$$$$$$, Thats it. NO free agent will want to sign there. Its a terrible idea.

  33. Kills me how ppl actually think Goodell is behind this.NEWSFLASH:HE WORKS FOR THE OWNERS!!! get mad at the owners,not the messenger ppl.pretty simple.

  34. Goodell see’s $ and nothing but $
    He is rather funny when he talks about the fans and how it’s all about the fans.
    Then you see the direct tv thing come out yesterday and you once again realize he’s a lying money hungry pig.

  35. I want to legally bet on NFL. Pass the law and I will support a London franchise. It’s a joke the Brits can wager on football and I cannot unless I go to Vegas or delaware (parlays/teasers only…..weak)

  36. Natelan69; many good points but if the NFL does go global it will add just one team at a time. Too many roadblocks to just jump in with any multi team league but I can see one (1) NFL team being successful in London now and just maybe more teams many years after my death.

  37. Goodell sees dead people as well…

    Goodell also saw $43M go to his bank account last year..

    not a good, sincere, or well meaning guy

    there are not enough QBs now… NFL should contract if anything…… exp to Europe makes no sense logistically…. people there still think soccer is a sport

    wake up Roger, take a vacation for a couple years, spend your money and leave the NFL alone

  38. If/When this comes to a vote in the years ahead…everyone who is a season ticket holder (myself included) needs to call their season ticket representative and forewarn them that you will be cancelling your tickets if a London team is voted through. Ask them to pass it on to their higher ups. I realize that ticket sales are marginal in all of this, but nobody likes seeing half empty stadiums on their 60 inch flat screens.

  39. If a new team suddenly appeared on your doorstep, would you change your lifelong allegiance to your favourite team?

    Thought not.

    Same goes for NFL fans in Europe.

    This is the real reason Roger’s grand plan is doomed.

  40. Said the commissioner who is so incompetent that he can’t even find a way to get a franchise into our nation’s second largest city.

    If you want NFL football to catch on in Europe, Europe is going to have to start producing it’s own NFL players.

    There is no college football in Europe, and the last developmental league the NFL had was based in Europe, and that never caught on. The problem is that the players from that league, just like the players in the NFL today, were/are Americans.

    You are NOT going to get American players who want to play for a franchise overseas. There are also tax issues and logistics issues too numerous to go over in this short space.

    An NFL franchise in London is a bad idea that needs to be buried once and for all. When Europeans care enough about American football to start playing it in their high schools and universities, things will change. Until then, Goodell’s pining is a waste of time.

  41. I was in Mexico last year during the NFL playoffs and watched them on TV. There is a huge interest in the NFL there. That is the place for expansion.

    Goodell just wants to be able to write off his trips to London, Paris, etc.

  42. The NFL’s COO just said that Mark Cuban was right about oversaturation and you want to put America’s pastime overseas? What about a team or two in L.A. Roger? Take care of domestic soil and leave Europe alone. The failure that was NFL Europe should still be resonating in their heads and a prime example of why this is a horrible idea.

  43. There’s plenty of reasons why an NFL team would never survive there actually. Just because Goodell ignores them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  44. “A lot of players have already said they’d retire if they played for London…”

    You’re right. Nobody wants to play for the London Sillynannies.

  45. Lets make teams travel across 5 time zones multiple times a year. Sounds really great for the well being of the players. Great work Goodell.

  46. Basketball and hockey are infinitely more popular sports than football in Europe. If you can’t support any european team in the NBA or NHL, you certainly can’t support a NFL team.

  47. Travel would be a problem. Imagine if a European team made the playoffs on the last week of the season and then had to fly to say Seattle for a Saturday afternoon playoff game or vice versa. I am not convinced the interest is there to begin with. It is sort of like soccer in this country. I got into the World Cup like many other people, but it is more because it is a novelty here. The audience may be growing a little but there still is not a large national interest. In London, they will fill up a stadium because it is an event that will only occur once or twice a year. Put a team there and the interest will die down quickly.

    The league needs to worry more about this continent. If you want to go outside the United States, try Mexico or put a team up in Canada first. Los Angeles still wants a team and there are many NFL cities with stadium issues threatening moves. How about focusing more on that and stop allowing owners to hold cities hostage?

  48. I’d wait if I were Goodell. In some of those countries when they talk about “throwing the bomb,” “a battle in the trenches” and how it’s “a war out there,” they aren’t referring to American football.

  49. What the NFL needs is s a new version of the developmental league that they HAD in NFL Europe before. Make it a spring league with 6-8 teams, give them 2 divisions and a playoff game, and have the Winner play the “Euro Bowl” vs. the previous year’s Super Bowl winner in as a replacement to pre-season game 3 or 4 here. Pay the US players a full game check and give people a reason to watch a preseason game.

    The problem with NFL Europe in the past and startups like XFL, etc. that have come and gone is they kept shifting teams around, not paying players, etc. They need to invest money in it and strategically find solid locations to play, setup
    TV contracts, etc. If Goodell wants this to succeed he needs to manage this better then they did with NFL Europe.

    You can make the complaint that it would be “Second Tier players” or “Leftovers” but the reality is the NFL could still use a developmental league. Any of these college kids could use the experience especially OL, CBs, etc. Maybe if actual NFL teams own rights to the players on NFL Europe teams and pay part of their salaries it would help too. That could offset some of the cost for NFL Europe teams. If you could “call someone up from the minors” in mid season to fill in for an injured player it would also help NFL teams.

  50. Fair disclosure: I’m British

    Now here is why it will happen:

    1. London instantly becomes the second largest market for the NFL both by population (9m) and GDP ($0.9T, NY is $1.35T – LA is the US’ second largest with $0.77T). You can make the greed argument but money talks and there is a lot to be made here.

    2. Creating a new franchise here would make it viable to create another new one in LA, thereby appeasing them (again, accessing a big new market).

    3. Creating two new franchises makes an 18 game season viable. Three divisions of 6 in each conference playing home and away, play the other 2 teams finishing with the same record in the same conference, and then play one of the divisions from the other conference. 18 games.

    4. There are 180,000 American expats living in the UK. Absolutely, this is only a quarter of the number of residents in Jacksonville but there is sufficient domestic demand to more than match the shortfall.

    5. The Wembley games sell out immediately. That tells you that the demand is there.

    6. I just went to America a week ago and was surprised to find that I knew substantially more about football than the resident Americans did. Do not believe that we do not know anything about the game, just as I do not believe that you are ignorant about Soccer.

    7. London is right up there with New York and Hong Kong (both of which I have spent time in) and probably Sydney too as one of the greatest cities in the world. Frankly, having worked in Detroit I find it hard to fathom that a player would rather go there than come here.

    8. To whomever questioned the safety of the UK: the UK is incredibly safe. There were 551 homicides in 2012 (most recent data I have). In the US that year there were 12,765.

    The primary reason why the NFL will expand to the UK in the near future is that it makes business sense to do so and it achieves many of their stated objectives. However the cultural side of things should not be ignored. London is a great city and anyone who has been here will tell you that (probably in great detail).

  51. Ok I know this is probably a cash grab trying to get more money but all the people saying they should add Europe teams into a developmental league know it well never work unless the London/Europe teams are real teams with a chance of being real world champions(for once in nfl history since they are “american” champions ATM) and this is the only way for NFL to truly evolve into a world sport( afterall power athletes come to America already to become nfl players eg Ezekiel ansah was a top 10 pick as a international player with little experience in college)

  52. Moved back to the US after 3 plus years in Europe. I love American football and found it almost impossible to find on tv in a bar. If there is a demand I really didn’t notice one. I asked many, many people if they had an interest in our best game.. Found only a couple of people with a passing interest only. Best of luck NFL.

  53. I tell you this, the NFL didn’t become such a massive success by always saying “can’t” and “don’t” and all the other negativity coming from almost everybody here.

    Any great business takes chances. Some work, some don’t, but they never just sit on the status quo or listen to the constant drone of naysayers.

  54. Yes Europe is clamoring for NFL football in much the same way as NFL fans are clamoring for an 18 game regular season as stated in the letter you sent to ticket holders.

    Roger please stop telling everyone what we want. If you really want to know, why don’t you just listen?

  55. As a Australian fan of nfl I would love to have games here again (we had 1 preseason game 9-10 years ago) places like Brisbane and Sydney already have stadiums built that would perfectly suit nfl games while also being in a tropical paradise that any person/player would love.

  56. So what would they say in the UK if those in power there wanted to move the DC united to New York. They wouldn’t like it. Look man Europe doesn’t like us so why cater to them. Stupid, how about secure the boarder here and have a team in Mexico City. Then perhaps we could help our country out a little and Mexico by creating some revenue across the boarder and giving the people down there more reason to stay. Like Polaris has done.

  57. Why don’t we just tell the Brits that the pre-season “friendly” games are regular season games and end this stupid debacle.

    If the Europeans really liked American Football, the NFL Europe wouldn’t have gone belly-up.

  58. To all lamenting the “greed” of the NFL owners: Read the CBA, it requires the owners to MAXIMIZE the income to the league to benefit the salary cap and the players. Not to agree with Goodell on the matter, but, he is required to investigate/implement any option that might increase the revenues of the league by a contract with the NFLPA.

  59. There is the opinion out there that the NFL would never actually move a team back to LA. The threat of relocation to LA is too good. It provides leverage for NFL owners to get their current cities to do what they want. We’ve all read the articles about the real or “tremendous” demand for a team in LA yet nothing ever seems to gain traction. Perhaps the owners are realizing that the LA card has been played too many times and the prospect of that deal is taking on a real “boy who cried wolf” vibe. So, on to the next. “London! We’re definitely putting a team in London!” The owners keep perpetuating that rumor (as we’ve already been hearing from the likes of Kraft and Jones) and boom, new leverage for the next decade.

  60. Goodell sees a lot of things that aren’t there.

    I think there’s a phrase for that – Blind Ambition

    In his case, that blind ambition could also be termed Fool’s Dreams.

  61. He’s totally correct as long as by “tremendous demand” you mean “almost zero coverage in any European media.”

  62. You guys will eat it up. You will keep buying NFL tickets, jerseys, video games, and you’ll keep watching it on TV which will be PPV within the next 10-12 years. Work your tails off all week and give your money to millionaires. The American way.

  63. Soccer has more of a chance of succeeding in the US than American football does in Europe. Football was more popular in Germany than England, but still failed. Give it up Roger.

  64. American football is to Europe what soccer is to the United States. A novelty sport at best that only gains national interest during the World Cup/Super Bowl

    As far as I know, American football does not have wide youth participation in Europe, therefore only a small handful of European born players play in the NFL (kickers notwithstanding).

    The logictical nightmare of travel for just one team would seem prohibitive on a weekly basis. There is not enough talent or interest to justify putting 4 or more teams over there. So at best these teams will be populated with taxi squad players, old washed up players, or players drafted who will sign with a US based team for opportunity they get.

    An impratical idea that stinks of great that is destined to failure. Also known as a “Goodell”

  65. I’d love to see what market research company told him there is “Tremendous Demand.” Sounds like it could possibly be one based out of Amsterdam.

  66. No offense to Europe, but get your own league. I’d rather see Goodell push for a team in Mexico or Canada. Canadians have been taking the CFL very seriously, for longer than England, so an NFL team would be perfect there.

    Not to mention ITS CLOSER.

  67. LOL @ The idea of expansion. There’s only about eight teams with real starting QBs as it is. I could not imagine watching two more third stringers start on Sundays.

  68. I think Goddell should go to Europe and take Bob Kraft with him. They should invest all the money they have and make a go of it….. If not, Shut the hell up….

  69. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said on NFL Network that the league has had such success with its games in London that there’s no reason a franchise couldn’t call London home soon.
    If so, I would seriously question his deductive skills. The average fan could come up with at least 10 reasons why it isn’t a good idea. There may be a short-term revenue boost (I doubt it) but there is no question it would be a disaster in the long run. Just sell the TV rights as is to Europe. I would bet they are trying to get another mega TV deal and that would need a “local” team in Europe and games played during local “prime times” instead of the middle of the night. Pipe dream. If fulfilled it would definitely detract from today’s game in N. America (the true revenue providing area for NFL football.)

  70. As I’m thinking of this nonsensical idea, how will the NFL work with the following

    At todays exchange rate, 1 Sterling Pound is equal to $1.71 US Dollars. Will the London team’s cap be adjusted to make the difference?

    Englands tax rates are significantly different than the US’s. Some states (FL, TN, etc) have no state income tax. How will that be reflected?

    Some players already have a criminal record attached to them, what happens if England refuses to allow entry to a star player (cough-Ray Lewis-cough)? Chris Brown & Mike Tyson have been denied entry for example, and plenty of NFL players have done worse. What happens if Team England draft a player who eventually gets denied access?

    In the name of safety, it is reported long plane rides while suffering from the effects of a concussion can make the symptoms much, much worse. A flight from NYC to London is almost 8.5 hours, a West Coast team can tack another 5-6 hours on top of that. A flight from Seattle to NYC is about 6 hours. Will they get sued after the additional length of flight?

    Sticking with safety, any team going over will have a shorter week, which they’ve been trying to avoid. The London team will seemingly have short weeks half the year, and that is assuming they don’t play any primetime games for a super short week.

    Speaking of, that team could never have a home Monday night or Sunday night game as that will be what 1am over there?

  71. I just hope the Eagles can win a superbowl before the NFL is ruined for good. I just want to see a superbowl win before the owners take down the golden goose because of their greed.

  72. They’ll lose interest as soon as their team loses a few games. They’d rather have soccer.

  73. Quietly, they are still working on getting football into the Olympics.


    You are delusional; American football will never be an Olympic sport.

    In case you haven’t noticed, we are the only ones that really play it. And no, what they play in Canuckistan doesn’t count…

  74. He sees a franchise there in another 5 years. I see my self not caring about football in 5 years.

    This is America’s game that should be played in America.

    Europe had it’s shot with the NFL Europe. Let them start another league or maybe they can market coming to America to watch a game but their own Franchise. Where does it end?

  75. Why do people get so angry about this? It won’t effect your team anymore than playing a Monday or Thursday night game then a Sunday game the next week. Adding a new team has no baring on what happens here they’ll have there own fans and stadium and everything. It makes financial sense, no one will cry if they have to play there. It gives the USA another market from which to pull income. Oh, and brush up on your history, LA. is out of chances for a while. I don’t know if it is the large amount of professional teams that play there or something else. L.A. Had two teams that ran from the city as quickly as possible. Enjoy your Stanley Cup, both of your NBA teams, and the MLB stop crying foul anytime the NFL talks about expansion and doesn’t call begging you to let them come they’re.

  76. I voted for Obama. I like soccer. And I would love to watch a football match played in London. I support the NFL European Expansion. Hail Goodell and his Goodellism! Long live the king and creator of the BETTER NFL.


    🙂 see it? hehe

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