John Mara warns big offseason spending not a habit


Fans love seeing their teams spend money in free agency.

Owners don’t hold it in the same high regard, since it’s their money.

So it makes sense that Giants co-owner John Mara said this offseason’s “aggressive” expenditures in free agency would not be the norm.

It’s not going to happen every year,” Mara said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “We’re not going to have that kind of cap room every year. And listen: If you’re that aggressive every year, there’s something wrong with your organization. But you have to do it every once in awhile.”

In addition to overhauling the offensive coaching staff, the Giants brought in a pile of free agents, outbidding their neighbors the Jets for cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and making an early splash for guard Geoff Schwartz.

After watching last year’s 0-6 start torpedo them and having cap room, Mara decided to loosen the purse strings.

“I was the same idiot that said last year that [last year’s team] was the best team we’d had in years, but look at what happened,” Mara said. “Yeah, [the fans] do deserve better. And we did our best this offseason. . . .

“Now it’s just a question of doing it on the field. And we think we have the pieces in place, but until we start playing games, it’s just hard to tell.”

If it doesn’t work, it certainly won’t convince them to start throwing money around in the future to fix it again.

19 responses to “John Mara warns big offseason spending not a habit

  1. The Giants are a 3rd place type of team and that Criminal owner Mara still owes the Redskins 36 million dollars. This is why the Giants are where they are, they messed with God’s team. #HTTR

  2. You have to spend money to make money sometimes, Mr. Mara. Just ask your fellow billionaire and 1%er Jerry Jones, who spends money like there’s no tomorrow, and according to Forbes magazine his team is worth more than any other NLF team.

    Just think how much the Dallas team would be worth if it didn’t have an idiot for a General Manager.

  3. kev86 says:
    Jul 18, 2014 9:02 AM
    The most successful NFC team since 2000 is…..

    2 0
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    Cool story. Too bad they won’t be successful THIS year. Ya know…..the present

  4. All the haters know how big a Giant fan I am but I know my team is in big trouble for many years. John Mara tells the truth. There is no quick fix for the Giants and they aren’t going to be able to add any new players to replace the unprecedented number of superstars they’ve lost.

    It all started going downhill when Tiki Barber retired. Tiki made Eli into an NFL QB.

  5. I love seeing fans of other NFC East teams bashing the Giants. It’s awesome seeing the jealousy. The Giants have made 3 trips to the Super Bowl since 2000, winning two of them. All of the other teams in the East combined made it once, the Eagles in 2004, and we all know how that went.

    Eli Manning WILL rebound and finish just inside the top 10 QB’s this year. No Nicks sulking around and a new system will light a fire under Easy-E’s butt.

    Justinstuckrule – You can’t be a Giants fan with that Tiki line.

  6. What a classless comment to make especially to Giant season ticket holders. With all the fan support you get in the tri-state area combined with your teams net worth you should be at the max with the league’s salary cap every year.

    BTW who have you broke the bank on? you actually dumped more salary in the past two years than you signed.

    Why don’t you just go choke on your PSL money “MORON”

  7. You know what happens when a bad team gets a new OC? They take 2 more steps backwards…

    Sorry NYG fans you’re looking at 6-10 square in the face.

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